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Fat Ass for the Taking

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Levi Jackson Fucks Zeno Kostas Raw

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you; but when I’m walking down the street and I get a glimpse of a dick print in some gym shorts I just want to get on my knees and investigate. So it’s not wonder to me why Levi Jackson gets down and fits Zeno Kostas’s sweet cock into his mouth.  Levi sucks on Zeno’s erect dick until its dripping wet.  Zeno touches himself, running a hand along his body and across his chest, playing with his nipples as he watches Levi blow him.  Zeno gives Levi head next, taking Levi’s whole dick in his mouth until he’s hard and ready to fuck.

They climb on the bed and Zeno opens his legs wide for Levi. Levi doesn’t hesitate. He pops his raw dick right into Zeno’s ass. Zeno pulls Levi’s body closer to him, forcing the dick to dig into him deeper. Levi’s balls slapping against Zeno’s delicious ass as he pumps him full of that fat cock.  Zeno get on all fours and has his ass bounced around as Levi pounds him. When they’re ready for release, Zeno gets a mouthful of Levi’s milky load before releasing his own.

Levi Jackson Fucks Zeno Kostas Raw

Revenge of the Bubble Butts

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Tyler Griffin And Zeno Kostas Flip

Zeno and Tyler have the best asses on this site right now. Period. I cannot wait to watch these trade cock and make their bubble asses bounce and as it happens, neither can they. The begin to go at kissing and stripping. After a tasty make up session, the boys quickly ditch their clothes. Tyler quickly finds Zeno’s cock and begins to blow him, helping it get nice and erect fast. He stands up in front of Zeno who takes a few ticks to admire Tyler’s physique. He kisses all over his chest and nipples before getting down on his knees and taking his cock down his throat. Zeno gets distracted by Tyler’s ass and decides to finger him and prep that hole for action.

Ready for some ass, Zeno bends Tyler over before sticking his porker right inside. Tyler’s bubble butt welcomes Zeno’s raw cock inside it’s warm goodness and opens up for every deep stroke. Tyler moans as Zeno pounds his hole, only slowing down to kiss Tyler from behind. They switch. Tyler puts Zeno on his back and fucks him to completion, making him cum all over. Zeno then allow Tyler to continue to fucking him from behind until he’s ready to fire off his own load. Tyler blasts his milky concoction all over Zeno’s hot cheeks and then licks it up! Hot damn!

Tyler Griffin And Zeno Kostas Flip

The Professional

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

I’m happy to see Zeno back and prepared to give us exactly what we’ve been missing. Zeno always brings that special air of professionalism to the screen.

Zeno gets things started, as usual, by pulling Chris into him. He rips Chris’ clothes off before finding his cock and wrapping those juicy lips around it. Once Zeno’s meat is on brick he lifts Chris’ leg in the air and pushes it right in his tight little hole. Either the dick is too big and is hurting Chris or Chris is loving every inch of that sausage packed in his ass; either way, the kid’s moaning is to die for.

Zeno flips Chris over and begins to bang that boy booty from the back. Chris’ face gets redder and redder with every raw stroke that Zeno delivers to his backside. Chris isn’t really used to getting fucked buy Zeno doesn’t care. “Oh, fuck yeah!” he moans while battering Chris’ hole. He gets Chris onto his back and pounds him until cum is squirting all over his chest. Zeno has no regard for poor Chris; he just continues to stroke away until he finally pulls out and blasts a creamy load onto his hole. How hot?!

Zeno Kostas Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

He’s Gay? No Way!

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Mikey And Zeno Flip Raw

I’m just as shocked as you fans are to learn that Mikey is actually gay. Really, who knew?…Anyway, today he’s been paid with the handsome Zeno Kostas is paired. They’ve got great chemistry and I’m anxious to see how they put it to use. They go right for the other’s lips and begin to make out passionately.

Afterwards, Mikey, with some enthusiasm, goes down on Zeno and sucks that sweet cock. Mikey plays with himself while he gives Zeno oral so that when it’s Zeno’s turn to give Mikey head he can barely fit Mikey’s monster dick in his mouth. Zeno’s up for the challenge as he tries he best to swallow as much of it as possible.

When the cock-sucking is done, Zeno preps himself to take Mikey’s large meat stick. Remember, Zeno isn’t a natural bottom. So when Mikey slides that dick in, Zeno has to brace himself and breathe deeply. Zeno moans loudly as his muscle butt takes all that Mikey can dish out. I’m shocked to see how much his ass can take when they switch positions and Zeno is allowed to ride it. After rimming his hole,  Zeno soon proves that he gives as good as he gets when he drives into Mikey’s ass. He fucks the cum right out of Mikey before blowing his own load!

Mikey And Zeno Flip Raw

Locks of Love

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Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields

Zeno Kostas is back and may I say he is sexier than ever. He’s gotten a haircut and has decided to put that face on full display. He’s in the studio along with Ryan Fields, and they are ready to get things started immediately. With the way Zeno looks, I’m sure Ryan wants to skip the talk as well! That’s exactly what they do. Zeno is already on top of Ryan when the scene starts. They’re kissing deeply as Zeno gently dry humps Ryan well straddling him. Zeno pulls Ryan’s pants off and takes his cock in his mouth, deep throating Ryan’s cock and getting it hard as he slobbers all over that it. The best blow jobs are the sloppy ones.

But it’s Ryan’s turn to make Zeno feel good and he gives some awesome head in return. He licks and sucks on Zeno’s balls and cock, washing them with his saliva.  He then bends over and Zeno uses his tongue and finger to fill his hole. That tongue works over Ryan’s hole, making him moan. Zeno replaces his tongue with his cock and then makes Ryan moan louder as Zeno thrusts deep into him. He fills Ryan up with raw dick and shows no mercy as he pounds and fucks him hard. Zeno smacks Ryan’s ass while he fucks it, switching positions to let Ryan straddle Zeno while Zeno pumps that cock into him until he unleashes his load between Ryan’s ass, giving him a creampie before sucking Ryan off. Despite biblical assertions, Loss of hair doesn’t equate to a loss of passion and stamina!

Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields


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Zeno Kostas Fucks Chandler Scott

Zeno is happy to be away from his workout schedule and other obligations. I guess he doesn’t see being in the BSB house and having to fuck beautiful guys like Chandler to Scott to be work…who would? The boys remove their shirts in order to show off and talk about their tats. Zeno, being the sneaky horny devil he is, seduces Chandler by delivering some soft kisses to his neck in the process. And we’re off. The boys begin to make out. Soon Zeno makes his way down to Chandler’s crotch and quickly puts the boy’s cock in his warm mouth. Zeno uses his veteran skills to deep throat Chandler, making him moan for more. Zeno gets sloppy with it, but Chandler doesn’t complain. The boys switch places allowing Chandler to sample Zeno’s cock. Chandler’s not sucking for long before Zeno is ready to get at his ass.

Zeno starts by gently fingering it, using his saliva for lube. He eventually replaces his finger with his tongue. When his hole is primed and ready, Zeno shoves his cock inside and immediately begins to pound away. Chandler takes the anal beating with enthusiasm. Chandler has to love the feeling that cock. Even when he’s on his knees, he takes the pummeling from behind with sheer ecstasy etched on his face. Zeno doesn’t stop; not until Chandler has blown his load all over himself. This sight, makes Zeno cum almost simultaneously. Talk about being in sink! This is the way to vacation, fuck a cute guy and get paid to for it.

Zeno Kostas Fucks Chandler Scott

Hungry Hole

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Kyle Porter Bareback

Zeno has been getting the twins confused but today he’ll get to know one inside and out. I have a feeling that Zeno has been looking forward to this because he quickly finds himself on top Kyle making out and giving him a nice lap dance. Kyle lies back while Zeno kisses on his chest and nipples. Zeno helps Kyle strip down to his boxers. He teases the boy’s growing cock by pulling on his underwear with his teeth. Stripping has really taught Zeno how to be a tantalize his partners!

Zeno finally relieves him of his boxers and starts to slowing suck on his cock. It grows in Zeno’s warm mouth as he bobs up and down on it. They switch positions, allowing Kyle an opportunity to suck dick. I’m impressed with Kyle’s skills; he hasn’t been here long but he can already take Zeno’s lengthy pole all the way down to the balls. Turned on by Kyle’s oral talents, Zeno begins to ruthlessly fuck the lad’s mouth.

Ready to fuck some ass, Zeno picks Kyle up and throws him down on the bed before sliding his raw cock inside. Kyle moans in pleasure as Zeno’s dick glides in and out. Eventually, Kyle ends up on top, riding Zeno hard. This boy really loves cock; he has no problem bouncing up and down on it while taking every inch. He’s lucked out with Zeno, who will fuck him in several positions before he finally blows his hot load all over his hungry hole.

Zeno Kostas Tops Kyle Porter Raw

Lifting and Squatting

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Tanner Valentino Fucks Zeno Kostas Raw

Our boys here at BSB like to stay fit for you. They know you want them with tight abs, big chests, and bulking biceps. So its no surprise that the cameras find Zeno and Tanner in the gym pumping a little iron (mainly because it was in the script). But anyway, watching these studs bust out so chest presses has my pants shrinking already.

Apparently Zeno is getting turned on as well. While Tanner is still lying on his back Zeno begins to rub himself. Tanner catches him and entices him into showing off. Once Zeno pulls it out Tanner gets in his mouth as soon as he can. Zeno tea bags him, allowing Tanner to taste every inch of it. Tanner doesn’t choke as the juicy cock gets down his throat. Zeno then squeezes under the bar so that he can 69 with his work out buddy. Zeno, to Tanner’s delight, deep throats his cock in between jacking him off.

Zeno helps Tanner lube up before bending over the weight bench to invite him inside. Tanner eases his cock into Zeno’s tight hole. He knows that Zeno doesn’t bottom a lot so he’s goes easy on him by only going in head first in the beginning. But once that booty looses up Tanner unleashes. He barrels all the way into Zeno while slapping his ass. He has that ass at his complete mercy. He gets Zeno from every angle he wants, giving us multiple angles of Zeno’s near perfect ass. At one point the camera closes in nice and tight showing how the lining of Zeno’s hole grips Tanner’s fat pipe. When these two are done “working out”,  all the work out equipment has been greased with lube and cum. And by work out equipment, I mean Tanner’s cock and Zeno’s ass.

Tanner Valentino And Zeno Kostas

Eat This, Swallow That

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Devon Felix Fucks Zeno Kostas

There’s been a lot of male bonding going on around BSB and Zeno and Devon are no exception. They like to work out together and have hung out a bit. They haven’t had sex yet, that will be remedied right now and for our viewing pleasure.

They get right down to business. They begin to make out, the sound of their lips smacking fills the rome. Zeno pushes Devon back onto the bed and climbs on top of him to get and dry humps him. He kisses and licks Devon’s neck and then moves slowly down his torso, tasting his abs. He finally makes it down to his cock and immediately gets it in his mouth. Overly excited for what’s to come, Zeno sits on top of Devon and begins to dry ride Devon’s prick. After 69ing, Zeno decides that he wants to taste Devon’s sweet ass. He laps at Devon’s cork like a dog at a water bowl!

Devon can’t wait any longer; he’s got to get some of Zeno’s hole. He flips Zeno over and after strapping up (Yay! Safe sex) he slowly pushes his large pecker inside. Zeno may be a pro around here but he still needs to get used to taking cock. Devon picks up the pace and fucks him harder and faster until Zeno makes him pump the brakes. They switch positions, allowing Zeno to get fucked on his back and Devon the chance to once again get at those lips. As Zeno’s ass gets used to being open, he allows Devon to put him in an assortment of different positions. Finally, Zeno ends up upside down getting plowed from above. When he cums, he gives himself a facial and even manages to get some into his own mouth! Having already tasted cum today, Zeno has no issue with swallowing Devon’s nut.

Devon Felix and Zeno Kostas

School’s Out, Time to Play

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Zeno Kostas Fucks John Henry

Zeno has been on his grind working and going to school. Thankfully for us, he’s stilll in need of some fast cash so we’ve got him for a little while longer. John Henry is also on a break from school and with some free time on his hands he’s decided to make a little extra money. Let’s see what happens when two sets of idle hands meet.

The boys rip their shirts off and attack each other’s lips. After some deep kissing, John kisses and sucks on Zeno’s pierced nipples. Zeno stands up on the bed and takes off his jeans, letting his free. John takes the opportunity to taste his cock. He swivels his mouth on Zeno’s dick while firmly gripping his meaty ass. Zeno lays John back on the bed where he snatches off his jeans and takes his turn at rocking the mic. Zeno does a great job of getting John’s dick nice and slick with saliva. John’s mouth is agape as he watches Zeno work his member over.

When it’s time to fuck, Zeno simply sits back and lets John sit right on it. Once he’s on, he grinds and winds his hips on Zeno’s cock before beginning to bounce on him. Zeno grabs John cheeks and fucks from below. John bends over, showing off his meaty booty. Zeno smacks it in appreciation before driving his cock right back inside. He takes full advantage of being in control of John’s ass. He pounds his hole with little to mercy, making John moan louder and louder. But the real fireworks start once he has John on his back. Zeno fucks him deep until cum erupts from John’s prick. Zeno pulls out and dumps his load all over him.

Zeno Kostas And John Henry

Taking Down John

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Owen And Zeno Fuck John Threeway

BSB must be trying to get on everyone’s good side. We’ve been treated to several three way specials as of late and today we have yet another. Owen and Zeno have had the pleasure of being party to the threesome feasts that have taken place, but John is brand new to this experience. Let’s see how are boys introduce our little John to the menage a trois.

The boys practically attack John. Owen pushes him down on the bed and makes out with him while Zeno removes his pants. Zeno and Owen both kiss the lad up and down, eventually making their way down to his fat cock. They share the meal, licking and sucking the shaft while taking brief moments to kiss each other. John must feel like the luckiest bastard on Earth as these two studs collectively worship his cock. The boys get on the bed and simultaneously suck each other off. I can’t be entirely sure, but maybe this is why God gave us the triangle. (Too far?)

Ready to put John’s hole to use, Zeno drags him to the edge of the bed and stuffs his slick dick right inside. He pushes every inch in with little hesitation. Owen doesn’t just sit by and watch. He lubes up and enters Zeno from behind, pounding him with deep hard strokes. All three fill the air with breathless moans as they fuck. Zeno is the loudest, as he has the privilege of being in the middle of these two hotties. They switch things up and spit roast John. Zeno destroys his hole from behind as John deep throats Owen’s cock. Zeno and Owen are enjoying themselves so much that they high five each other before swapping places. Neither boy last longs once they do. Zeno cums on John’s face while Owen pulls out in the nick of time and dumps a nice load of man milk all over John’s ass. I wonder if John will be able to go back to just having sex with just one person after that kind of treatment.

Owen And Zeno Fuck John Threeway

The Elite Threesome

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Vadim, David And Zeno Bareback

What a hell of a threesome! Today Vadim, Zeno, and David Hardy are on hand to fill our eyes with loads of cock, ass, and fucking. I don’t want to waste anymore more time updating you on the guys, let’s get to down to business.

On the word go Zeno leans over to kiss Vadim while David munches on Zeno’s pierced nipples. Soon they engage in a three-way kiss before Zeno lays back on the bed and is relieved of his briefs. Vadim and David both attack his cock with their mouths. Their lips and tongues practically fight over Zeno’s sweet shaft. David bows out and removes his shorts so that Zeno can suck him off. Vadim follows his lead, removes his clothes and takes David’s spot in Zeno’s mouth. David doesn’t mind as he just resumes sucking Zeno’s cock. These three are all over each other, they switch places a few times, making sure they sample (and get sampled by) the other two.

Hard and ready for some ass, Vadim gently pulls David to the edge of the bed and lubes him up by fingering his tight hole. Vadim pushes right inside once he’s satisfied it’s wet enough and gets right to work on pounding his hole. As he’s pounding away Zeno gets up and stuffs his cock in Vadim’s mouth. Vadim faithfully takes every inch down his throat but that doesn’t stop him from fully enjoying David’s hole. Turned on by the dick down David is getting, Zeno lubes himself and lays on his back to offer his hole to Vadim. Vadim doesn’t hesitate. He immediately begins to dig the boy out while David watches with lust in his eyes, still bent over. Vadim goes from hole to hole, turning both Zeno and David out simultaneously.

Zeno gets on all fours and allows David to penetrate his ass. David leaves his ass wide open for Vadim to continuing fucking inside and out. Zeno uses his bandana to bite down on as David pummels him from behind. David soon allows him to get his revenge though. He lays on his back and lets Vadim and Zeno tag team his gaping hole. These three go at it for our pleasure and theirs. When they’re done, David has cum all over his stomach and asshole.

Vadim, David And Zeno Bareback

Lessons will be Learned

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Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas

Zeno, always the willing teacher, has been paired up with newcomer Gage Owens. Sidebar: where do these kids come with their onscreen names? Anyway, Gage is going to learn to suck cock in the best way possible, by getting some head from Zeno. He won’t be the only person learning something, oh no. Zeno is going to get to redeem himself by trying to bottom once again. Let’s see how these boys get along.

The boys get right to the action. Zeno goes in for the kill, kissing and sucking on Gage’s neck before introducing their lips. Zeno gently instructs and coaxes Gage into sucking on his pierced nipples. Pleased by his pupil, Zeno returns the favor before making his way into Gage’s jeans. He releases Gage’s pierced cock and teases him, kissing all over his shaft and balls. He finally takes Gage into his mouth, loudly slurping as gulps down the cock. Zeno stands up and allows Gage to practice. After kissing, Gage gets down on his knees and teases Zeno’s cock as Zeno plays with his nipples. Gage starts to suck but only the head, that is until Zeno forces him to take the rest. That’s how you teach.

Now its time for Zeno to learn his lesson. He lays back on the bed and spreads his legs and Gage pushes right in. Zeno, in pain, has him take it out and only put the head in. He does so but slowly forces more and more inside and is soon pumping away. Zeno goes from wincing in pain to moaning from pleasure. Gage puts Zeno on all fours and soon him begging to be fucked. Zeno takes the dick until he’s shooting ropes of cum from his cock. Gage pulls out and dumps a large load of his own on Zeno’s back.

Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas

Zeno’s Return

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Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels

Yes, Zeno is back and he looks a bit different. He’s lost some weight and has grown his hair out a bit. He’s also lost some baggage; his ex-girlfriend. He’ll get to let out some of that post break up stress on College Dude regular Owen Michaels. You know what they say, “fuck the pain away”. Let the healing begin.

Owen bends over the bed and Zeno slowly and methodically help him out of his briefs. He smacks and kiss all over Owens firm bubble butt. The scene has barely started and Owen’s ass is already red. Zeno undresses and shares a deep kiss with Owen. While embracing, the boys trade stiff smacks on each other’s asses. Owen quickly gets on his knees to worship and suck Zeno’s cock. He’s damn near deep throating the thing as Zeno plays with his pierced nipples. The retreat to the bed where Owen sits right on Zeno’s face in the 69 position. Zeno drives his tongue deep into Owen’s sweet hole. Man, I can’t help but drool and turn green with envy while watching Zeno feast.

Ready to get fucked, Owen slowly sits on Zeno’s cock. He moans loudly as he bounces up and down on the dick; with his own cock wagging freely before the camera. That a whole lot of may and muscle to have on top of you but Zeno handles it like a real man. Owen stands up on the bed and braces himself against the wall where Zeno prepares to resume fucking him. Within moments, Owen is moaning once more as his ass bounces off of Zeno. Wow! This guys ass could feed starving children everywhere. Back on the side of the bed, Zeno continues to fuck Owen he deposits a huge load inside of him. Zeno gets on his knees and is soon given a creamy facial by Owen.

Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels

The beast within

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Straight Boys Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Bareback

A storm may have ruined their big plans for hiking today, but I’m sure these two can find something to do. Zeno was itching for a hike, there’s no doubt in my mind that fucking Blake’s nice juicy ass will more than make up for it.

After losing their clothes the boys grab a handful of each other’s cocks and gently begin to stroke each other. Their dicks get stiffer and stiffer until Blake’s has outgrown Zeno’s hand. Zeno relieves his hand of duty and begins to use his mouth instead. Zeno lets Blake’s entire monster find its way down his throat. And being the tease that he is, Zeno props his ass up and shows off his hot man hole while swallowing Blake’s shaft. Zeno stands up on the bed and Blake sucks his dick. Blake has Zeno panting in pleasure in no time. They get down on to the bed and get into the 69 position-giving each other mind blowing blow jobs.

Zeno lies back and Blake carefully slides on to his cock. Once he’s on, he begins to ride Zeno hard. Blake soon gets on his back and lets Zeno take over. He starts off with some slow strokes but once he gets his rhythm he begins to dig deeper and faster. Blake transitions and gets on his knees where Zeno spreads his cheeks and continues to fuck the shit out of him until he busts a nice creamy load on Blake’s ass. Blake flips over and fires hot cum all over his chest.

Watch Zeno Kostas Fuck Blake Savage Raw

Got milk?

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Zeno Fucks Vadim

Two of the hottest boys that BSB has to offer: Zeno and Vadim have been paired together. Vadim has moved to south Florida where it’s hot and sticky (in more way than one I’m sure). Zeno has a new girlfriend because his old one couldn’t quite cope with his career. But his new one seems to be fine with it. Hopefully she won’t feel too threatened by how he fucks Vadim’s hot little ass.

The boys start off with some intense kissing and dick play. Vadim sits on the chair while Zeno gets a mouthful of his juicy cock Vadim’s dick swells in Zeno’s mouth. Zeno munches on the cock and plays with Vadim’s balls. Zeno only takes a break to taste Vadim’s lips. Once Vadim is nice and hard, he begins to tease Zeno’s pierced nipples with his teeth and tongue. Vadim then gets on his knees and almost swallows Zeno’s cock whole. He really goes and almost swallows Zeno’s cock whole. He really goes after it. Vadim swivels and bobs all over Zeno’s big cock, making him moan softly.

“Are you ready to fuck?” Zeno asks. Of course he is!

Vadim bends over and let’s Zeno get him nice and lubed. Afterwards Zeno squeezes his entire shaft inside and instantly has Vadim wailing. Zeno’s man bat is perfect: big enough for a challenge but too big to induce unnecessary pain. Vadim’s moans are a testament to this. Zeno slaps Vadim on his ass as if to claim it as his property. Zeno drills Vadim’s hole from a couple of angles before they’re both ready to burst. Finally, Zeno rips off his condom and fires his load right into Vadim’s mouth, leaving cum all over his lips! This sends Vadim over the edge and he releases some nice milky spunk onto his abs.

Vadim is quickly becoming BSB’s new resident bottom slut. Hopefully we’ll get to see Zeno train that booty again.

Check it out here!

2 x 2= Cum on my computer screen

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And another BSB orgy! It’s about to go down. This time we’ve got Vadim, Brandon, Zeno, and Blake. This is an interesting mix of guys and I can’t wait to see who’s going to do what. Let’s get it in!

The boys quickly lose their clothes and pair off; Vadim with Brandon and Zeno with Blake. It’s a scene of opposites attract as the smaller boys are all over their taller counterparts. Brandon quickly gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s’ dick. He gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s dick. He is soon joined on the floor by Blake who wraps his juicy lips around Zeno’s thick cock. Vadim is audibly pleased; verbally letting Brandon know that he’s doing an excellent job. While getting their dicks slobbered on, Vadim and Zeno begin to kiss. The boys transition into a cock serving chow line: Blake on Brandon, Zeno on Blake, and Vadim on Zeno. I would say me on Vadim but I think my invitation got lost in the mail L

After some very filling, sausage swallowing the boys move over to the bed. Brandon bends over and offers his ass to Blake while Vadim sits right on Reno’s cock. I’ve seen a lot of great asses on BSB; but Brandon’s is quickly making it to the top of the list. That beautiful bubble ass bounces right off of Blake. While watching those fleshy gloves get worked, Vadim demands that Zeno fuck him harder. Zeno of course obliges and begins to pound those cakes from below. Wanting to join in on Vadim’s rough treatment, Brandon smacks and playfully chokes him while continuing to get his hole drilled.

Our BSB boys are always down to share. Zeno makes his way over to Blake while Brandon gives up his booty to Zeno. Vadim works Blake’s dick over with his mouth before getting bent over the bed and pummeled from behind. They transition to Vadim getting spit roasted by Brandon nad Blake, while Brandon happily sucks Zeno’s dick.

When it’s time to cum these boys CUM! They all fire their loads all over Vadim. All except for Brandon, who shot his hot jizz right into Vadim’s pretty mouth. Hell even my load hit Vadim, albeit on the screen.

Hot, hot, hot scene boys!

Check it out here!

Porn kills love

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Zeno Fucks Ian

Zeno is back. Since we’ve last saw him he’s picked up two new gigs; one as a stripper (hot) and the other as a boyfriend. Today his girl is going to have to step aside because Zeno will be fucking Ian Dempsey. I wonder how Ian’s ass will measure up to Zeno’s girl.

Kissing and groping each other’s hot bodies, the boys get themselves worked up and horny. Ian unbuckles Zeno’s pants and begins to rub all over his cock. Soon, they both lose their clothes and continue to share a very intimate kiss on the bed. I know Zeno’s girlfriend knows about his profession but if only she could see him now! Zeno goes from kissing Ian’s succulent lips to kissing his tight pretty hole. He fingers and spanks his ass while Ian tastes his cock.

After wrapping Zeno’s dick, Ian hops on and rides him hard. Zeno makes some of the hottest faces when his meat is begin pleased, I know he’s enjoying that ass. What happens next almost makes me bust. Ian takes the dick out of his mouth and puts it into his mouth. Hot! Ian stands up and Zeno resumes fucking that juicy ass like there’s no tomorrow. Overwhelmed by the booty bashing Ian starts to lose his breath. Zeno slows down and whispers “just breathe” into his ear. And then I bust! The boys transition; Ian gets on his back and then on his stomach. Ian’s as is amazing and I’d love to play in it all day. They stand up and Zeno fucks Ian from behind while jacking him off. Ian fires off a thick wad of cum in Zeno’s hand. Zeno pulls out and uses the boy batter as lube. He squirts his own load right into Ian’s ass.

This was the HOTTEST scene is a long time. Keep’em cumming.

Watch Zeno Kostas fuck Ian Dempsey

Each one teach one

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

Zeno is back and is ready for some more experimentation with boys. The last time he was with us he bottomed for the first time and it was “intense”. Today we’ve got him paired with Damien Kyle, who is all too willing to be on the receiving end for this stud. Let’s this experience is better for him. Zeno admits that he one day wants to experience having an orgasm while being fucked. Well It’s a good thing he’s with Damien then. Let’s see if he can give Zeno some pointers.

Zeno and Damien shed their clothes and immediately begin kissing. As they smooch, Damien plays with Zeno’s cock. He makes his way down to his pierced nipples, and gently bites on them, teasing Zeno. This gets Zeno’s dick rock hard. He decides to return the favor by blowing Damien’s cock. The cock grows stiff quickly as Zeno gives one of the best sloppy blow jobs I’ve ever seen; complete with spit. Zeno sits back in the chair and Damien quickly takes his rod in his mouth. Zeno face fucks Damien’s warm mouth with his pierced cock. The boys make out again and Damien once again finds Zeno’s nipples with his tongue and teeth.

Zeno lubes his dick and Damien’s ass at the same time. Damien sits back on Zeno’s cock and rides it like he owns it. He bounces on the cock hard and fast, making his own dick wag right in our faces. Zeno holds onto his hips, not willing to let Damien go anywhere. They move down to the floor where Zeno fucks him from behind. Now that Zeno is fully in control he pounds that hairy hole, sending Damien into a moaning fit. Zeno slaps Damien’s ass, taking full ownership of it. Damien gets on the bed and spreads his legs to let Zeno back in. Zeno wastes no time in digging back inside Damien’s hot hole. Damien busts a thick nut while being fucked and Zeno barely gets out of his ass in time to cum in his mouth. Wow! That was on hot fuck. I hope Zeno learned a lot. I expect him on the receiving end next time I see him.

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