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Upside down and sideways

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Upside down and sideways

Tyler White is finally back and he’s going to help us break in the new stud, Colt Dixon. Colt, much to Tyler’s delight, pronounces that he is 100% straight. So now that that’s out of the way, these guys are going to engage in some steamy oral action and I can’t wait. Let’s get down to business.

Colt lies back onto the bed and Tyler rips his pants off and pops his dick into his mouth. Colt’s thick dick already hard, giving Tyler more than a mouth full to deal with. He takes his time, teasing Colt’s dick with with tongue every once and a while. He gets his dick nice and wet before switching places. Colt gets on his knees and tastes dick for the first time. He’s new at this so it takes him a few seconds to get his rhythm down. Before long, he’s got Tyler nice and hard and begins to take more and more of in into his mouth. He starts to have a little fun, licking Tyler’s balls and shaft.

Colt decides to get a little aggressive. He picks Tyler up, flips him upside down and continues to suck Tyler’s cock in a standing 69 position. Before Tyler passes out, they move over to the bed and continue to devour each others’ meat. Soon both boys fire off hot milky loads. Colt may be straight, but he knows how to please a dick. Can’t wait to see him again.

Colt Dixon and Tyler White

Cage Kafig And Tyler White Bareback

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Cage Kafig And Tyler White Flip Fuck Raw

It’s no secret that Tyler White hates bottoming, but it’s only fair that he takes it sometimes instead of always giving, so he and Cage Kafig have worked out a solution to the problem: do a flip scene.  With Tyler resigned to his fate, they get started with some oral and Cage tackles Tyler’s massive cock first, struggling to suck that dick as it gets bigger and harder.

Then Tyler goes down on Cage, slurping and sucking that cock until he’s ready to fuck, then he pulls that cock out of his mouth and puts his dick into Cage’s ass.  He takes it nice and slow, letting Cage’s hole stretch a little before he starts thrusting into him harder and faster, but when Cage’s ass can’t take anymore, he sucks him off a little before bending over and preparing to bottom.

Cage dives right into that ass, fucking Tyler raw and hard enough to make his ass bounce with each thrust and Tyler takes that dick like a champ while Cage slams into him.  The flip again and Tyler tops Cage, holding one hand around his neck and his legs in place with the other hand as he rams him then pulls out and shoots his load all over Tyler’s sore ass and makes Tyler cum on himself!

Check Out Cage Kafig and Tyler White barebacking here!

Sutra, The BSB Way

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Ian Dempsey and Tyler White Raw

Boys will always be boys and BSB boys will definitely be BSB boys. That’s why it should be no surprise that Ian and Tyler will find themselves looking up gay sex positions and porn on Ian’s cellphone. Looks like they’re looking for trouble…again.

Tyler gets thing started by enticing Ian to lick his thick cock; Ian wastes no time. He pulls down Tyler’s shorts and gets right to work. He wraps his lips around Tyler’s cock and sucks him right down to his balls with no hesitation. Tyler lets out some sultry moans while watching Ian blow him. Tyler then pulls Ian to the edge of the bed and fucks his mouth while simultaneously sucking is cock. Ian takes every inch of Tyler’s dick while having his face smashed.

The boys move into a “wheel barrel” position, placing Ian on his hand with his legs elevated on the bed. Tyler slides his man bat right into Ian’s awaiting ass and fucks him hard. “Oh yeah” he moans repeatedly while trying to write his name on the walls of Ian’s anal cavity. Ian gets back onto the bed where Tyler continues to fuck his brains out. This is some of the most intense fucking I’ve seen in a while. Tyler is using his dick to dig deep into Ian’s body and by the sounds, Ian is enjoying every bit of it. With each new position, Tyler maintains his stroke game, effectively pummeling Ian’s booty. After damn near breaking Ian, Tyler pulls out an cums all over his ass and then shoves his cock back inside for good measure. Ian follows suit and explodes; sending jazz all over his abs.

Ian Dempsey and Tyler White Raw

Pound for Pound

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Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback

Like the beginning of a wet dream, we find a Dakota, Ian, and Tyler in the gum lifting weights. They must get hot quickly because soon their loosing clothes left and right. When Ian tries to take his turn on the bench, Dakota takes full advantage and begins to tea bag him. Ian certainly doesn’t mind! Turned on by what he sees, Tyler joins the action by taking Ian’s stiffening cock into his mouth. As good as Tyler’s head game is Ian can’t afford to be distracted with Dakota’s pet boa bouncing in and out of this throat.

Tyler lifts Ian’s lets into the air, and pushes his dick into Ian’s hot hole, raw! He fucks Ian like it’s a part of his workout, hard and fast. Dakota continues to stroke Ian’s throat with his cock. While keeping his dick in Ian’s mouth, he bends over to suck his dick. Ian is officially 69ing while getting his hole banged out. Must be nice

Tyler slowly slides out of Ian, who gets up and allows Dakota to sit on the bench. Ian then tries to take both Tyler and Ian’s cocks at the same time but is only able to take Dakota’s completely in. He’s not quite that open…yet! He rides Dakota hard as Tyler enjoys the sight. Jealous of the hot hole Dakota is enjoying, Tyler flips Ian over and resumes pounding that ass himself. These boys put on a real exhibition on how to burn some calories. Dakota lies on the bench and allows his workout buddies to cum all over him before standing up and dumping his own load on Ian.

Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback

Yeah, Just Like That

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Taylor White and Brody Lasko

Tyler is back and I don’t know about you but I’m happy to see that he’s got a haircut. Today we’ve got him paired up with Brody, and they’re expected to flip…RAW. This is a pairing that I’ve been looking forward to, let’s get started.

Kissing, Brody and Tyler are all over each other from the beginning. Brody’s hand finds itself fondling and rubbing Tyler’s dick through his jeans. They quickly get rid of his clothes and Brody uses his oral skills to show Tyler just how much he’s learned in the past few months. Brody takes every inch of it down his throat before Tyler drags him to the side of the bed and shows him his own oral skills. Tyler’s full lips glide up and down Brody’s stiff dick.

Wasting no time, Tyler spreads Brody’s legs and pushes his cock deep inside, making Brody scream out in pleasure. Tyler fucks Brody like it’s been years since he’s had any. Brody holds on tightly to the sheets, trying his best to brace himself against Tyler’s strokes. Brody flips over and gets on all fours where Tyler continues to bully his hole into nothingness.

Brody, ready for revenge turns Tyler around and lubes him up. He squeezes his thick cock into Brody’s tight boy pussy and starts stroking him hard and deep. Tyler’s ass isn’t huge, but the one he has is bouncing as Brody pounds him. Brody not only strokes Zeno’s insides, but he only strokes his cock while sending him into a frenzy. They transition into missionary position where Brody drills his insides, kissing his body all over Tyler while calls out in pleasure. Tyler cums on his stomach while Tyler is still inside him Tyler pulls out dumps a huge load on Tyler.

Tyler White And Brody Lasko

Back from La-La Land

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tyler fucks tate

Sexy Tate has made his way back to civilization to grace us with his presence and a hot fuck with Tyler. These two love to party so let’s see how well they do in the bed room.

The boys undress and compare asses. I don’t whose I want more, Tate’s furry man globes or Tyler’s fat bubble ass. After their little ass off, the boys make out and kiss all over each other’s bodies. I must say, Tate’s body is getting hotter and hotter. I wonder if he’s been working out in the mountains. Tyler lets his tongue lead him to Tate’s cock and tries to suck it dry. He’s a good little cock sucker and he has Tate very pleased. Tate puts Tyler on the bed and right when I think he’s going to give Tyler some gratitude head he instead starts to rim his pretty little ass. Only after giving it a good tongue cleaning does he inhales Tyler’s sweet rod. Tate shows Tyler just how cock sucking should be done. Damn, I’m jealous!

Tate lubes his furry hole while Tyler straps up. He squeezes his man poker in and immediately begins to fuck that hole good. I love watching Tate’s furry ass get fucked and Tyler knows just how to do it. Tyler puts Tate on his side and pounds that boy’s pussy. These two switch positions a couple of times and makes me explode more than once. They join me across the finish line, blasting globs of cum onto Tate. Tate squeezes their freshly juiced cocks together; milking the rest of the cum out. Give these boys their cash! They put some work in!

Watch Tyler White Fuck Tate Thompson

Busted nuts and assholes

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Tyler White Barebacks Ryan Fields

As soon as the scene starts I can tell that Ryan is very nervous. It’s going to be his first time bottoming, so that’s understandable. He is going to be with Tyler, who has been there before. Tyler promises that he won’t hurt him; but I don’t know how you can promise anything when it comes to opening a virgin hole. Well, that’s not true. I can promise that you’ll be entertained!

Tyler helps Ryan relax by kissing all over him. He makes his way down to Ryan’s cock and begins to suck all over it. Tyler gives an excellent blowjob and I’m sure the last thing on his mind is his asshole. Tyler gets that dick nice and wet. I can’t believe that Ryan doesn’t blow his load right then. Tyler licks his way back up to Ryan’s lips. Tyler stands up on the chair and Ryan gets right to work on his dick. He blows like a pro too. This kid is new but when he sucks dick like that I begin to think he’s done this before.

Ryan bends over the bed and Tyler delves right into that hole, so much for going easy. He fucks Tyler like he’s been used before. Tyler’s got some good merciless dick, just the kind I like! Ryan seems to enjoy it too as he isn’t in as much pain as I had anticipated. Tyler puts his fuck toy on his side and continues to pound away, leaving his initials in his asshole. Ryan squirts a nice gooey load onto his chest seconds before Tyler does the same. Man! That was a hot opening act for Ryan’s hole. Good job boys! Ryan go over his hesitation quick, I can’t wait to see him get fucked again

Watch Tyler White Fuck Ryan Fields

The everlasting hard on

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Tyler White Fucks Romeo James

Tyler and Romeo…together?! This should be hot. Although I’m not sure about this new hairdo of Tyler’s He says he’s going for a skater look…hopefully it’ll be just as hot as he is. It’s been a while since either Romeo or Tyler has gotten laid so I’m betting they’ve got some man juice saved up for us.

The boys get rid of their clothes and Romeo is already sporting wood. I guess it has been a while! They launch into kissing and fondling each other’s dicks. After some intense groping the boys move over to the bed where Tyler proceeds to polish Romeo’s dick with his tongue and mouth. He slightly teases Romeo by just taking the head at first. Then he takes all of it into his mouth. After putting his mouth to good work, Tyler lies back and allows Romeo to take his cock. Romeo bobs up and down on it, getting that dick nice and moist.

Tyler lubes his dick up and Romeo sits on it reverse cowgirl style. Tyler fucks that hole nice and hard from below. He mixes and blends that his insides till the point where I’m sure he’s going to cum. Instead of nutting though, Romeo heads over to the chair, bends over, and allows Tyler another go at that ass. And Tyler bullies that booty! The boys finish up on the bed with Romeo on his back. Romeo shoots nice load while Tyler is still inside of him. What a good little bottom! Tyler follows suit; shooting his sweet man juice right onto Romeo’s body.

Watch Tyler White Fuck Romeo James

Attack of the hot blondes

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Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White

I’m sure the guys on the forums are going to be very pleased to see Ayden Troy back. And to make matters even better, he is being paired up with Tyler White. Ayden is planning on breaking into Tyler’s ass and I just know he’s going to enjoy himself. Let’s get started.

The boys embrace and begin to kiss each other. They are all over one another and they quickly get rid of their clothes. Ayden gets things started by sucking Troy’s thick meat. Troy breathes heavily while Ayden gets his cock wet with saliva. The boys trade places and Troy begins to blow Ayden’s’ brains out. He starts off with some fast hoover action before he slows down and really starts to worship Ayden’s dick. I would too!

The boys lube themselves up and Ayden squeezes into Tyler’s tight hole, making Tyler pant. Ayden begins with deep slow strokes. He smacks Tyler’s ass a few times to let him know that he’s in control. Then he really gets to work! Tyler’s hot bubble ass begins to juggle when Ayden picks up the pace. All Tyler can seem to say is “oh fuck, oh fuck”! Well that is a lot of dick to take.

Tyler gets on his side and invites Ayden to push his rod back into his hole. This position must work better for him because he seems to be moaning from pleasure instead of pain now. “You like that dick?” Ayden asks as he fucks Troy’s ass and jacks his dick at the same time. Once Ayden gets Tyler on his back he really starts to fuck the shit out of him…oh and the cum too! Cum splatters on Tyler’s abs right before Ayden pulls out and adds his own hot load to the mix.

Tyler’s butt may hurt but he just made a lot of people happy. Thanks for taking one for the team! These blonde wonders really put on a show and I’d love to see them in action again.

Watch Ayden Troy Fuck Tyler White

Breaching the newbie’s hole

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Jj Masters And Tyler White Flip Fuck

JJ and Tyler have been paired up for a little newbie on newbie crime. Tyler has recently been broken in and now it’s time for JJ’s cherry to be popped. I don’t want to waste any more time as I’ve been waiting for this. Let’s get started.

They disrobe, revealing those ho so hot bodies. They have two of the sexiest bodies on BSB. They give each other a few she kisses before Tyler drops to his knees and starts giving some juicy head. He makes JJ’s thick meat stiffen as he licks and spits all over it. Before JJ completely blows his load they switch places and he begins to swallow Tyler’s cock whole. He bobs his head up and downs Tyler’s salty pole.

Tyler gets up a, warps his cock and lubes while JJ mentally prepares for what’s to come. “You ready?” Tyler asks. JJ, with his legs spread, whispers “yeah” and Tyler pushes into his virgin hole. Tyler starts off slow but gets a little excited and begins to fuck JJ like he’s been around the block. And to his credit JJ takes it like a pro. Ready for revenge JJ flips Tyler over and quickly gets inside of him. Tyler may have already had his cherry popped but he still needs some time to get used to JJ’s fat cock. JJ pounds him from behind before putting him on his side. That dick of his grinds deeper and deeper inside and obviously hits some magic spot because Tyler cums within minutes; landing a nice juicy load on his abs. JJ pulls out and fires a huge steamy load on Tyler’ chest.

Tyler is worn out and surprised that he came while getting fucked. He didn’t know that was possible. Welcome to the club buddy. JJ admits that getting fucked was painful and that he almost cried. Maybe next time he’ll be the one cumming while getting fucked…can’t wait.

Watch JJ Masters and Tyler White Flip Fuck

Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

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Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

It’s the 1000th episode and Broke Straight Boys is celebrating by putting not two, not three, not four, but five hot broke boys into action. The lineup includes Damien Kyle, Dakota Ford, Paul Cannon, Kayden Alexander and the newbie Tyler White. I’ll pause to let you pick your brains up off of the floor… Now let’s get down to making history.

Kayden and Dakota get right at each other and begin kissing, as do Tyler and Damien. Soon enough BSB briefs are hitting the floor and Paul and Kayden drop to their knees and begin to pleasure the cocks before them. These boys are all over each other. They continuously rotate form kissing to blowing to receiving. At one point it’s Paul that has three juicy cocks dangling in his face. That is until Tyler and Dakota join him in servicing the boys. Dicks are going form mouth to mouth; it’s hard to keep up!
Damien forcibly pulls Tyler aside and onto the ground where Tyler begins to blow him. I can’t help but drool as Tyler arches his back and shows off his bubble butt. Meanwhile, Kayden is being blown by both Damien and Paul. This shit is so hot! Dakota leaves Paul and Kayden to make out as he enters Damien’s mouth. Feeling left out, Kayden and Paul join in. Now you’ve got Tyler blowing Damien, Damien blowing Dakota, Dakota blowing Paul, and Paul blowing Kayden. Wow!

And finally the fucking begins! Dakota’s lies back on the bed and is soon invaded by Kayden. Damien offers his ass to Paul who immediately slides deep inside of him. Tyler finds a place for his dick inside Damien’s mouth. The room is filling with the moans of Dakota who is struggling to take Kayden’s cock. Tyler must have thought that he was too loud so he decides to shut him up by sitting on his face. That’s right, you read that correctly. Damien gives Tyler a rim job while getting fucked. Now it’s Damien’s turn to scream out while getting raped from behind by Paul. Paul is fucking Damien like he wants to break him. Soon Paul and Kayden switch fucking partners and the intensity ramps up. Kayden shows Damien’s ass no mercy and Tyler stuffs his cock back into Damien’s mouth and engages Kayden in some spit swapping. Dakota is also lip locked with Paul who is battering his hot man pussy. This has to be the most energetic fucking to ever take place at BSB. Ready to get into the eye of the storm, Tyler lubes his ass up. Kayden does the honor of breaking into his ass and has the lad screaming. Those screams are soon muffled by a passionate kiss from Damien who is still on his back getting fucked by Paul and getting his dick sucked by Dakota. Dakota goes back and forth between sucking Damien and Tyler’s cock. That cock hungry boy is soon rewarded with a taste of Tyler’s hot steamy load as its shot directly into his mouth. Dakota then takes that load and deposits it into Damien’s mouth. That’s not the only present that Damien will be receiving today. Dakota, Paul, Kayden, and even a reenergized Tyler all shot massive loads onto him. Hot! They don’t leave the mess though, they lick it all off! And there you have it, the 1000th episode and it was the hottest ever. Now I’m officially looking forward to the 2000th episode.

You can watch the 1000th Scene by clicking here