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Give It All Up!

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Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover

Ashton Taylor is brand new but has already put himself in a position to film with one of our hottest models, Benjamin Dover. Ben has been allowing the new guys to fuck him and that trend will continue today. Ashton is one lucky bastard!

After a quick make out session, Benjamin goes down on Ashton. His veteran cock sucking skills have Ashton hard in no time. Benjamin swallows Ashton’s prick while his hands massage his balls. Now its time for Ashton to suck cock for the first time. He gets on his knees and fills his mouth with some premium dick. This boy has some good instincts. He drags his tongue up and down Ashton’s shaft and licks all over his balls.

Ready to give up his ass, Benjamin sits Ashton on the bed and sits right on his dick. He bounces that bubble butt ass up and down on Ashton’s cock. Ben’s ass is a beauty and straight up mouth watering. Benjamin assumes his next position, face down and draped over the bed. Ashton moves right in on his boy pussy and begins to pound away. Ben’s face turns beat red as his ass is forced to jiggle and bobble. Ashton goes in on Ben’s ass until he finally shoots a hot load all over Mr. Dover’s leg.

Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover


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Zeno Kostas Fucks Chandler Scott

Zeno is happy to be away from his workout schedule and other obligations. I guess he doesn’t see being in the BSB house and having to fuck beautiful guys like Chandler to Scott to be work…who would? The boys remove their shirts in order to show off and talk about their tats. Zeno, being the sneaky horny devil he is, seduces Chandler by delivering some soft kisses to his neck in the process. And we’re off. The boys begin to make out. Soon Zeno makes his way down to Chandler’s crotch and quickly puts the boy’s cock in his warm mouth. Zeno uses his veteran skills to deep throat Chandler, making him moan for more. Zeno gets sloppy with it, but Chandler doesn’t complain. The boys switch places allowing Chandler to sample Zeno’s cock. Chandler’s not sucking for long before Zeno is ready to get at his ass.

Zeno starts by gently fingering it, using his saliva for lube. He eventually replaces his finger with his tongue. When his hole is primed and ready, Zeno shoves his cock inside and immediately begins to pound away. Chandler takes the anal beating with enthusiasm. Chandler has to love the feeling that cock. Even when he’s on his knees, he takes the pummeling from behind with sheer ecstasy etched on his face. Zeno doesn’t stop; not until Chandler has blown his load all over himself. This sight, makes Zeno cum almost simultaneously. Talk about being in sink! This is the way to vacation, fuck a cute guy and get paid to for it.

Zeno Kostas Fucks Chandler Scott

Abram Gets Some

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Abram Hoffer Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Abram is still new and trying to find his way around. Today he’ll have the added challenge of finding his way around the veteran, Ian Dempsey. Abram’s going to get a piece of some of the most coveted ass on this site.

The boys start off with some kissing and heavy petting. The remove all of their clothing and continue to kiss and rub one another. Ian’s, sees Abram’s cock rock hard and decides to use it as an appetizer. He sucks on it and allows it to stretch his mouth. Abram isn’t the only one with a thick dick, as he soon finds out when he tries to Ian’s down his throat. He’s able to take half of it, which is enough to please Ian.

Ian lubes his ass and then gets on all fours to offer his hole to Abram. Abram pushes his cock right in with no hesitation. And I mean every inch with no warm up strokes. Wow! You can tell that Abram is used to fucking pussy. Ian groans with every thrust Abram offers. Abram flips over and allows Ian to sit on his bare cock. Ian slides up and down Abram’s pole while Abram jacks him off from the back. This is a very lusty pair. Eventually, Ian ends up on his back covered in cum! I’m sure Abram feels much better about being a BSB now!

Abram Hoffer And Ian Dempsey

It Tastes Like Fruit?

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Jake Tipton And Paul Canon

The veteran Paul Canon and my favorite newcomer Jake Tipton are together. Today will be Jake’s first time topping and I simply cannot wait to check out this studs stroke game.

The boys undress, unveiling their hot sculpted bodies. They begin to make out while fondling each other’s cocks. Paul takes a seat and forces Jakes’ mouth toward his dick. Jake has gotten a little better at giving head as evidenced by Paul’s’ moaning. He’s even able to get almost half of it into his mouth. Ready to teach the newbie how it’s done. Paul gets on his knees and immediately takes his entire cock into his mouth. That dick grows hard and fast. Jake begins to give Paul directions on how to suck him off. I must say that I’m impressed by his take charge attitude. He’s going to make an excellent top.

After receiving an awesome blow job, Jake lubes his dick while Paul does the same to his ass. Jake slowly slides it in and it’s immediately apparent that it’s bigger than what Paul is used to. But always up for a challenge, Paul instructs Jake to fuck him harder. Jake not only begins to pound him harder but he digs deeper too! Paul readjusts to his side but that doesn’t break up Jake’s rhythm. He’s a rowdy little fuck. Once Paul is on his back Paul cannot help but to blast a few streams of cum onto his abs. Yes a few! Jake pops a milky load of his own soon after. He then bends down and plants a nice juicy kiss on Paul. He’s not shy about kissing anymore. He then decides to push himself further and tastes Paul’s cum. And to his amazement, and mine, he says that “it tastes like fruit”. Oh…ok, great!

Now that Jake has topped and thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s ass, I hope that he will some get to experience the joys of bottoming.

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