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Drake Tyler Brad Steele

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Seasoned veteran Drake Tyler helps to break in quiet newbie Brad Steele in this hot update.

Members love Brad toned and tanned bod, and it’s a great contrast to Drake’s toned and buffed bod.  They start with some straight boy kissing.  Then time for some sucking.  You have noticed straight boy Drake putting in extra effort when it comes to the oral.  He lets Brad have his way face fucking his throat till he’s in tears and slobbering all over his knob.

The fucking starts doggystyle.  Then Drake pushes Brad down onto his dick in a riding position for a deeper fuck.  You get to see both work up a sweat for you (nothing hotter!), and finish with a creampie breeding!  See it all HERE!

From One Bottom to Another

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Drake Tyler Fucks Kaden Porter

Drake Tyler and Kaden Porter are pretty much busting out of their jeans when we find them on the bed. As soon as the camera begins rolling, they start making out as Drake feels grabs Kaden’s crotch through his jeans.  Hungry, Drake frees Kaden’s dick and takes it in his mouth, deepthroating that huge prick and sucking Kaden’s balls. Afterwards, Drake lies back and Kaden get a taste of his meat. Kaden shows off his dick sucking skills by devouring all of Drake’s sweet cock. Drake, however is also an oral master, a point he riming Kaden’s tight little hole.

Once it’s nice and wet, he Drake pulls Kaden half off the bed, as he fucks him balls deep! Kaden moans with each thrust Drake delivers. Kaden gets back on the bed and Drake spreads Kaden’s legs apart, holding them open as he buries his cock in Kaden’s hole again, fucking him raw while Kaden plays with himself. Kaden strokes his dick while and cums hard as Drake continues to pound. Drake pulls out and drains his dick all over Kaden, licking up the jizz and leaning in for one last kiss before these two studs call it quits!

Drake Tyler Fucks Kaden Porter

The Bottom Guru

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Drake Tyler and Hunter Lopez

Got a newbie? Need to teach him how to bottom? Pair him with Drake Tyler, the best bottom BSB has to offer. Today’s student: Hunter Lopez. Although Hunter is new, he’s not too nervous and he’s down for whatever. Things kick off when Drake leans in for a kiss.  They make out, toss their clothes, and then all of a sudden Drake’s mouth is wrapped around Hunter’s cock. Drake shows Hunter how it’s done. He takes Hunter’s cock down to the hilt. Hunter reluctantly agrees to give it a try next as he takes Drake’s meat between his lips and slides it in and out, getting a good taste of Drake’s cock before he stands up to fuck him.

Drake kneels on the bed, ass in the air and lets Hunter enter him from behind. Hunter starts slow but getting harder and faster as Drake begs for more of that bareback prick. Drake likes dick, much to Hunter’s delight! Hunter climbs on the bed with Drake to fuck him harder, filling that tight ass up as Drake moans with each deep thrust of Hunter’s rock hard cock. Pop in to see Hunter have his way with Drake’s hot ass; leading to a couple of creamy cum shots.

Drake Tyler and Hunter Lopez

For Ass Lovers

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Chris Bends Over and Takes Drake’s Cock

Drake Tyler and Chris Taylor have some steamy chemistry; it only takes one look at how they kiss to see it. And boy do they go at! This is what good foreplay looks like. It only takes a couple of minutes before the boys are all but completely out of their clothes and Drake’s mouth is wrapped around Chris’ cock. Drake stands up and lets Chris get at his dick next, teasing that cock through Drake’s boxers before pulling them down and taking every inch of Drake’s cock in his mouth.

When Drake is good and hard he bends down to eat Chris’s juicy ass, making ass lovers all over jealous. He fingers and rims it a little to warm him up and prepare him for what’s to come. Once it’s ready, he pushes his raw dick inside. Drake tries to go easy on Chris but Chris only begs for it harder and Drake delivers, pounding him raw and deep. Chris climbs on top and rides Drake’s dick before lying down and getting fucked hard by Drake’s bareback dick until he shoots his load. When it’s time for Drake to nut it somehow ends up in Chris’ mouth. Sweet!

Chris Bends Over and Takes Drake’s Cock

A True Workout

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Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

Before Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino are all set to hit the gym, but as all gym heads know, a quick nut beforehand doesn’t hurt. The boys get things heated up when they begin to kiss. Tanner cock is already growing in his shorts before they remove their clothes. Once Drake lies own it, he can’t help himself, he gets on his knees and gets right to work sucking it down. The boys switch places and Tanner gets on his knees next giving Drake some hot oral.

They move to the bed where Tanner props his ass up in front of Drake. He slowly slides his raw cock inside and begin to dick him down. Tanner strokes his own hard dick while he gets pounded from behind, his toes curl as his hole is penetrated over and over. Tanner’s bubble butt has me foaming at the mouth as I watch it get worked over by Drake. They flip and it’s Drake who’s getting his ass stretched by Tanner’s fat cock. Drake straddles Tanner and lowers his ass onto Tanner’s dick, taking every inch of that meat up his tight hole and riding his reverse cowboy, bouncing up and down. Drake is a true bottom and he knows how to take dick. After switching positions, Tanner fucks until that ass has him ready to nut. He pulls out and cums all over Drake who soon follows suit with his own jizzy load.

Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

Tongue Service

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Tyler Griffin And Junior Fernandez

Tyler Griffin and Junior Fernandez are a sexy ass pairing. So I’m not surprised when their small talk is cut short by Tyler’s burning desire to kiss Junior. They make out for a bit before Junior follows the trail, taken by many men before, down to Tyler’s dick. He takes it in his mouth and sucks it, making it grow hard between his jaws. Tyler returns the favor by getting on his needs and putting those oral skills of his to damn good use. Tyler works that prick over using his mouth, tongue, and hand! Junior’s moans fill the air as Tyler puts in work.

They make out some before Tyler decides it’s time to fuck. He holds Junior’s legs up and buries his raw dick in his ass. He takes it slow and allows Junior’s ass to adjust before taking it to him, fucking him harder and harder!  Tyler’s balls drum  against Junior’s ass as his legs tremble in the air. Tyler flips Junior onto his hands and knees before reinserting his cock and fucking him doggie style. They go at it for awhile, allowing Tyler to take full advantage of being inside of Junior. Pop on in to see how much these to cum and who cleans it all up with his tongue!

Taste Test

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Antonio Ferrari And Tyler Griffin

Finally we get to see Antonio play with one of our favorite BSB boys, Tyler Griffin. After some small talk, Tyler suggests that Antonio take his pants off. Tyler has his mouth around Antonio’s cock almost as soon as his complies. He works over Antonio’s cock making him squirm with pleasure. Antonio soon returns the favor by going down on Tyler and showing his dick some real love. His skill conveys that even newbies know how to put in work while giving a blow job.

Tyler climbs on top of Antonio and slides his bareback prick up his ass and begins rides it reverse. As Tyler bounces up and down, so does his rock hard cock!  Antonio really wants to dig in Tyler guts, so he stands him up and bends him over and continues to pound him! Tyler moans with each thrust Antonio delivers. The boys head back to the bed where Tyler spreads his legs nice and wide, inviting Antonio to get some more. Antonio slides right back inside of him and continues where he left off, driving his dick deep into Tyler’s core. Tyler jacks off and he can’t hold back, he cums all over his chest. Tyler then scoop up a bit with his finger and tastes it! Yum! Even though Tyler came, Antonio continues to fuck until he’s ready to bust. He quickly pulls out and paints Tyler’s face with his jizz.

Antonio Ferrari And Tyler Griffin

Late Nights and Early Risers

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Levi Jackson Fucks Tyler Griffin

Our straight boys Levi and Tyler had their first experience at a gay bar and witnessed their first drag show. Broke straight boys grow up so fast, don’t they? They enjoyed themselves (maybe a little too much) but now its time for them to get down to business by getting the other off. Coffee anyone?

Tyler gets Levi’s pants off and takes Levi’s and quick finds his big dick. He pops it in his mouth, sucking and swallowing it whole as Levi just enjoys the sensation of having a warm mouth wrapped around his cock. They make out before swapping places and now it’s Levi on his knees giving Tyler head, massaging his balls and tickling Tyler’s head with his tongue.

When the boys are completely turned on, Tyler straddles Levi and allows his ass to envelope Levi’s dick.  Tyler begins riding that bareback shaft while his own cock bounces up and down freely, making mouths all over drool. Levi then picks Tyler up and fucks him midair. I’ve always said that only some really good ass could make me want to do that. At this point, Levi is moaning louder than Tyler so it must be the shit. Back on the bed, Tyler gets pounded until he nuts all over stomach.  Levi pulls out and strokes his dick fast and hard, shooting his huge hot load onto Tyler, covering him in cum!

Levi Jackson Fucks Tyler Griffin

Warm Me Up

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Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

The boys have come to the BSB house to escape some crazy ass, cold weather. These two could definitely use some warmth and they’ve got something in store for us today. Tyler is eager to show off his topping skills and Danny is more than happy to let him use his ass to that end.

They begin by kissing before slowly removing their clothes. With their garments completely removed, Danny opts to get on his knees and replaces Tyler’s tongue with cock. He makes sure to get all of that meaty stick into his mouth. When it’s hard and ready, Danny bends over on the bed and offers his juicy ass to Tyler. Tyler spits directly into his hole before pushing his cock  deep into his guts. If Danny’s moans are any indication, Tyler certainly knows what he doing! Danny’s fat ass absorbs each stroke Tyler delivers. He shows no mercy to that hole. He uses every inch of his impressive cock to punish Danny’s ass.

He then puts Danny on his back, hoists his legs into the air and continues to slides his throbbing cock in and out of that sweet hole. It’s no mystery to me why Danny never tops as BSB; whit quality dick like this around every corner, why would you? Tyler goes in and proves that he’s more than just a bottom. They fuck until they’re both covered in cum.

Tyler Griffin and Danny Cannon

Dude, it’s Cold in Here

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Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

Jason is warm and Jesse is cold…perfect mix, right? Jason, being the good friend he is is more than willing to warm Jesse up; especially his cock using his mouth and ass. So let’s let this two get into it.

The boys kiss some before Jason coaxes Jesse out of his clothes and lays him on the bed. Jason doesn’t even flinch we he see Jesse’s huge cock. He goes for it, making it grow and harden in his warm mouth. I can’t believe he’s not intimidated by it, my hole throbs just looking at Jesse’s prick. Jesse returns the favor and begins to blow Jason. Jesse takes his time, sucking on the shaft and licking his balls.

Jason lubes Jesse’s ass and practically impales himself by sitting on it. He doesn’t waste anytime letting his ass get used to Jesse’s cock, he immediately begins to bounce on it and then lets Jesse fuck him nice and hard from below. The boys transition and get Jason on his back so that he can look into Jesse’s eyes as he plows right through his guts. The cock fills him up nicely as Jason fills the air with his moans. Jesse gets him on his side where Jason jerks his cock while getting fucked. He jacks fast and hard until he milks his creamy load out. Jesse lick the cum right off of his stomach before continuing to pummel his hole. He fucks him hard until he’s ready to pull out and dump his own load right onto Jesse’s cock.

Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

To Fill a Wallet

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Tanner Valentino And Tyler Griffin

BSB wouldn’t exist if straight boys knew how to save money. Thank God for the frivolous spending habits of guys like Tanner Valentino and Tyler Griffin who are both back here because they need the cash. Tanner spent his money on fixing his car…and on lawyers? Oooookay. But anyway let’s get down to business and let these guys make some cash.

Tyler may be new to the site but he’s an expert bottom and he knows how to please a cock. This is something Tanner gains first hand experience of when Tyler goes down on him. I think they were supposed to 69 but Tanner is so distracted by the attention his dick is getting he can’t even concentrate. Tyler takes the entire length of Tanner’s dick and lets it slide down his throat. The BJ is great but it’ll take more than that to get this stud off.

Tyler bends over, offering his ass to Tanner. Tanner takes a moment to toy with his ass before pushing his thick cock up Tyler’s guts. It takes Tyler’s ass a few minutes to get used to Tanner’s size but once he’s comfortable he opens up and lets Tanner bully his bubble butt. He drills his cock in balls deep while he pounds away. I love watching how Tyler’s ass bounces in response to Tanner’s punishment. He puts Tyler on his back and fucks his brains out until he’s pulls out and shoots hot cum all over his belly. He puts it back in and continues to screw him until Tyler follows suit and busts; adding his load to the mix.

Tanner Valentino And Tyler Griffin

Drake in Control


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Chandler Scott and Drake Tyler

Drake is going to help us break in a newbie. Drake “The Bottomless Wonder” Tyler seems to be very happy to have a new cock to turn into his personal play thing. Drake wants Chandler to be passionate with him, I think we all do

Drake holds Chandler by the back of the head and kisses him deeply. He fondles and slowly undresses the newbie while continuing to lock lips and tongues with him. Drake forces Chandler to rub his cock and the boy complies. He should know that that’s a gateway to cock sucking. Chandler doesn’t break with tradition; soon he’s swallowing Drake’s cock whole. I usually don’t like having fresh meat suck my dick, but here’s one newbie that I wouldn’t mind having taste my pole. Drake pops up and relieves Chandler of his shorts and briefs in order to return the oral favor. His skills make Chandler breathe heavily as he watches the pro devour his dick.

Drake bends over the nightstand and makes Chandler rim him. Chandler obeys and uses his tongue to tickle Drake’s hole. He tongues and fingers Drake’s hole, getting himself mentally prepared to fuck him. Ready for his hole to be invaded, Drake hands Chandler a condom. Chandler quickly straps up and pushes his cock right inside. Drake moans loudly as he feels Chandler inside of him for the first time. Chandler may be new at this, but he has no problem plunging Drake’s tight hole. He picks up the pace, force his scene partner to gasp for air in-between blows. They get on the bed where Drake takes over. He sits right on Chandlers cock and rides every inch of it. Chandler hangs on as best he can as this stud rides him hard. Chandler puts Drake on his back and fucks the shit out of him, that is until Drake cums hard, exploding cum all over his abs and chest. Chandler pulls out and dumps his own load in Drake’s belly button. Oh my! Drake is quite the inspirational teacher.

Chandler Scott Fucks Drake Tyler

Believe it or not

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Trevor Laster Fucks Drake Tyler Raw

Yeah, Drake is the undisputed King of Bottom here at BSB. But today he’s going to get fucked by a guy that’s going to enjoy every bit of the experience, Trevor Laster. Trevor is a little astonished to meet a straight guy that can not only take dick but like them big. Let’s see how this pans out.

The boys practically attack each other’s lips. They quickly undress and kiss all over each other’s body. Trevor eagerly finds Drakes dick and puts it in his mouth. Drake moans as he watches his gay partner inhale his cock. Yes Drake, this is how it feels to get blown by a guy that enjoys the taste of a salty dick. Trevor lays back on the bed and allows Drake to return the favor. Even though Drake is straight, he’s still able to fit more that half of Tyler’s hulking cock down his throat.

With Trevor’s dick nice and wet, Drake wastes no time and bending over. Trevor pushes right inside of Drake’s walls and lets him have it. He shows no mercy, gives no quarter, he just fucks the eager bottom. And Drake takes the pounding. That juicy ass of his can take anything a top can throw at it. Drake sits on it and uses it like his personal toy. Drake takes every inch, allowing his ass to drop down to Trevor’s balls. There’s only so much that Trevor can take, he pulls out and cums, HARD. For Drake’s benefit, he puts it back until Drake’s dick is spitting cum all over the place. 

Trevor Laster and Drake Tyler

Drake Dominated

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Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler’s Hole

Ok, wow. So we’ve got BSB’s best top with one of the best bottoms this site has ever seen?! This is one chemistry set that liable to set your computer on fire. Please note, that BSB takes no responsibility for any fried computing or mobile devices. You know you’re in for a good time when the top says he wants to “dominate” the bottom and the bottom is more than ok with it. Let’s see how this goes.

Drake all but rips Cage’s pants off in order to get to his cock. He inhales it, taking it all the way down to the base. Drake is not only one of the best bottom but he is also one of the best cocksuckers. The kids doesn’t mind sucking till his eyes water. He also allows Cage to fuck the back of his throat. Seriously, it cage could fit dick and balls into Drake’s mouth, he would have tried.

Eager for some grade A ass, Cage quickly lubes and straps up. Drake lays on the floors and props his ass into the air. Cage busts right into his ass, pounding hard from the beginning. He wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted to dominate Drake. He bends Drake of the bed and continues to fuck the shit out of the bubble butt stud. Cage knows Drake’s sweet hole can take a beating so he doesn’t hold back. Drake enjoys it, his moans fill the air with each of Cage’s thrusts. Drake finally gets to use Cage’s dick when he’s on top riding him. He busts his nut all over the bed as Cage continues to use his ass from below. Drake flips over and Cage immediately paints his ass with his cum. I know BSB doesn’t repeat pairings often but these two deserve a rematch.

Cage Kafig and Drake Tyler

The Spirit of Competition

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Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Bareback

It’s funny how competition can find it’s way into the BSB club. Tyler and Ronan are undecided as to who has the biggest dick. Ronan is pretty sure that he’s gotten a lock in that department but Tyler isn’t convinced. I’d say let my asshole decide but no one listens to me. Fine, fine, rulers out!

To get a proper measurement the boys need to get hard first; and what better way to do that than a blow job? Ronan starts off by putting Tyler’s growing cock in his mouth and taking it down to the base. “Oh shit”, Tyler moans as Ronan gets his competition’s dick nice and slick. Tyler returns the favor and gives Ronan a sloppy blow job.

Ronan turns around and sits right on Tyler’s dick. The dick goes right in with hardly any lube. That’s what we call the wonder of spit. Tyler uses Ronan ass like a fuck toy. His rock hard abs contract and he pounds Ronan’s hole. Ronan soon takes over and begins to ride Tyler; its his turn to play with a toy. He may think that his dick is bigger than Tyler’s but that doesn’t mean that it’s small. Nonetheless, he bounces up and down it for his own pleasure. Tyler puts Ronan on his knees and plows him deeply before putting him on his back. Ronan cums hard while get fucked. Tyler pull out and dumps a steamy load right onto Tyler’s abs. Folks may think that Ronan has the bigger dick but nothing is official until my mouth and ass have weighed in.

Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Raw

Breaking Barriers

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Brice Jones And Drake Tyler

Drake Tyler has been with dudes before, so he’s a little more experienced than his partner Brice Jones, who has barely done an oral scene…but as they say, practice makes perfect!  Brice won’t take the bait to have a cock up his ass this scene, but we promises to do something else instead, and they get started with some cock-sucking.  Drake gets down on his knees and sucks Brice’s dick, massaging his balls gently as he tugs on that thick cock with his mouth, they lose their clothes at some point then end up on the bed, Drake struggling to deepthroat Brice’s monster cock.

He gives his mouth a break and works Brice’s dick with his hands, then mouth again until he’s hard and ready to fuck…and Drake takes his place at the end of the bed, ass up and ready to receive Brice’s prick.  Brice takes it slow, entering Drake cautiously, unsure of the new experience, but when he feels that tight grip on his cock he can’t help but up the tempo and start fucking like he means it!

He makes Drake’s ass bounce as he rams into him, and Drake’s face clenches in pain as he relaxes himself to make it easier to take that dick.  These two studs try a couple more positions, but Drake’s ass can’t take much more so Brice pulls out and strokes one out right above Drake’s ass, then he cums next…we can bet he’s not going to be able to sit down for a couple days!

Watch Brice Jones and Drake Tyler here!

Trade Off

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Zak Parker and Tyler White

The time has come for Zak to bottom, finally! We’ve seen that hole up on the air while fucking other boys, but today we’ll finally get to see him get violated. Tyler White will be doing the honors and also offering up his own ass in return.

As soon as they get on the couch, Tyler practically attacks Zak, kissing him and snatching his clothes of. Once all those pesky clothes are out of the way Tyler wraps his lips around Zak’s thick cock. Zak’s eyes roll deep into the back of his head as Tyler gets his dick dripping wet with saliva. Once he’s satisfied, Zak bends down into Tyler’s lap and puts his mouth to good use. “Oh shit!” Tyler moans while Zak munches on his cock lustfully. Tyler takes over and begins to gently fuck his mouth.

They quickly make their way over to the bed. Zak pushes his prick right inside with very little hesitation. Zak takes it like a pro, showing barely any pain! He calmly jacks his dick while Tyler set about pummeling his man pussy. Tyler moans loudly as his balls slap against Zak’s freshly de-virginized ass. Soon, Zak is flipped over and fucked hard from the back. I know it’s his first time but Zak takes dick like a veteran.

Speaking of taking dick like a veteran: Tyler pulls out of Zak’s ass and bends over to offer his hole. Zak accepts and squeezes his cock inside. He grips Tyler by the hips and continuously bangs into him, battering his insides. After a nice hard fuck the boys sit down on the couch to release their thick hot loads.

 Zak Parker and Tyler White

Three course meal

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Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 Way

Yum! Tyler White, Brody Lasko, and Vadim Black, altogether in one room?! These are arguable the three hottest guys BSB has to offer and they’re set to give each other the business.

The boys, sides by side on the bed, begin kissing and fondling one another. Vadim attacks Tyler and pulls his pants off while Tyler and Vadim suck face. Soon, Vadim and Brody are taking turns sucking Tyler’s thick cock. Tyler has the pleasure of having one hot guy devour his dick while another toys with his nipples. Tyler can’t help but to moan loudly as these two boys compete for his affection with their tongues and lips. Ready to return the favor, Tyler bends over and sucks on Brody’s cock while Vadim continues to play with his. Tyler switches and begins to gobble on Vadim’s meat.

After some steamy foreplay, Brody gets bent over the bed and Tyler all but shoves his cock in his as. If Brody has an objection we won’t’ be able to hear it because Vadim already has his meat rod in his mouth. Tyler fucks Brody hard but not hard enough to distract him from giving Vadim some awesome head action. Eager to feel Brody’s insides, Vadim drags him to the edge of the bed and takes over fucking. Tyler stands on top of the bed and stuffs his cock in Vadim’s mouth before tea bagging Brody.

Brody won’t be the only one getting fucked. Vadim lays Tyler down and sits right on his cock and begins to use it as his personal toy. He rides hard while Brody sucks Tyler’s dick. After taking as much wood as he can, Vadim lays down and lets his two partners rain cum down on him. HOT!

 Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 way

White on Black

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Tyler White Fucks Vadim Black

Tyler is a seductive little fuck! He’s got the sexy Vadim out by the hot tub and they’re talking about fucking girls. OF course that’s going to get Vadim riled up. Let’s see what these hunks get into.

Vadim initiates things by kissing Tyler. Tyler doesn’t let it stop there, he tells Vadim to give him a blow job. Vadim does as he’s told and inhales Tyler’s meaty sausage. He uses that pretty little mouth all over Tyler’s cock, making him squirm and moan. Unable to take anymore, Tyler pulls Vadim’s trunks off; unveiling that beautiful uncut cock. Vadim’s dick is big enough to break Tyler’s jaw but Tyler handles it like a pro. Even when Vadim grabs him by the hair and face fucks him.

Tyler pulls Vadim out of the pool and plays with his ass. Tyler indulges in some hot kissing while Tyler lubes and straps his dick. Tyler sits right on it and starts bouncing. Vadim rides dick like he was born to do it! Too bad he’s straight. Tyler fucks him hard from below, opening that hole up. Vadim gets bent over and Tyler pounds him from the back, hard!

After getting his hole bullied, Vadim blows a huge load. Tyler pops his cork right into Vadim’s mouth. That shit was hot! Things are definitely changing for the better at BSB.

Click here to see Tyler White Fuck Vadim Black

4 for the price of 1

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Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

Oh my! It’s time for another BSB orgy! Ryan and Skyler have never been in an orgy mix like this so I hope they’re as excited as I am. Tyler and Kaden have been through this before so I’m sure they’ll show these boys the ropes. Let the games begin!

The boys instantly pair off and begin kissing and rubbing all over each other. Tyler gets a little too excited and takes a hair out of Kaden’s arm pit with his teeth! Kaden returns the favor by kissing and sucking on Tyler’s pits. Yum! Meanwhile, Skyler has his hands full with Ryan, literally. These two are really into each other as they intimately rub and kiss. Ryan and Tyler get laid onto the bed and their respective partners begin to eat their asses. They really are into taste testing today! Kaden and Ryan put those tongues to good use and really work those holes over. Skyler digs deep into Ryan’s ass with his tongue. Kaden and Skyler pull their boys to the edge of the bed and they begin to digest their dicks. Tyler and Ryan enjoy the sight while making out with one another. Then they form a good ole’ cock slinging chow line. Kaden sucks Tyler, Tyler sucks Ryan, and Ryan sucks Skyler.

After some good cock sucking the boys really get things popping. Tyler fucks Ryan on the side of the bed. That boy has a nice juicy ass. Tyler slides over and feeds his dick to Ryan while Kaden moves behind Skyler and slides his dick inside him. Wow! Now we’ve got two asses getting fucked! Kaden sits on the bed and Skyler sits on Kaden’s’ dick. Ryan begins to suck Skyler’s dick while getting fucked from behind by Tyler. After being fucked all over the place, it finally time for Ryan to get some ass, he puts Tyler on his back and takes his turn. Skyler lies on his back beside Tyler and gets fucked by Kaden.

After all that fucking, sucking, and cock handling all four boys blow their loads. But it doesn’t end there. We get to see this sexy foursome take a steamy shower. BSB out did themselves this time!

Check out the New Orgy Video here.