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Mission accomplished…

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Shane Ridge Fucks Tristan Stiles

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Tristan or Shane. Welcome back boys! We won’t have Shane for long because he’s going to get deployed to Kuwait. Hopefully, Tristan will give him a proper send off! Tristan has been working at the carwash still so I know he needs to blow off some steam. Let’s get to it.

The boys let loose and show off their bodies. Shane has one hell of an ass on him! I wish they were flipping today so I could see him get fucked but I’ll have to settle for just imagining me burying my face in it. Tristan pulls him close for a nice juicy kiss while simultaneously jacking both of their dicks. The kiss is long and hot! Shane makes his way down to his knees and begins to suck Tristan’s cock. Tristan’s dick grows in Shane’s mouth. Tristan is clearly please with Shane’s oral talents and soon he decides to return the favor. Shane gets on the chair and Tristan immediately gets to work. He accidentally scrapes him once with his teeth (ouch) but makes up for it with a nice sloppy blow. Tristan gets all over Shane’s nice think cock.

Shane straps and lubes up while Tristan sits back into the chair and spreads his legs. Shane wastes no time. He gets in and starts ramming his cock deep inside Tristan’s guts. It doesn’t take long for Tristan to get used to the dick; his ass seems hungry for it. Shane puts Tristan on all fours and continues to fuck the shit out of him, forcing that ass to bounce off his torso. Shane truly fucks Tristan’s hole like its pussy. They transition over to the bed where they make out some more before Shane continues to tear his insides up. Shane really shows no mercy but Tristan is in too much ecstasy to care. Tristan pops his load on his stomach and chest and soon thereafter Shane adds his cum to the mix.

BSB thanks Shane for his service and Tristan for sending our boy off happy.

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Wobble Baby Wobble

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Damien Kyle Fucks Tristan Stiles

Damien and Tristan are back and as Tristan puts it, “they’ve got bills”. This episode starts off a bit strangely as Tristan is pressured into displaying his dancing abilities by doing “The Wobble”. Not bad for a white boy! Then the boys discuss Tristan’s way of greeting friends with “what up lady?” I’d be careful calling folks “lady” if I was about to get fucked. Speaking of which…

The boys undress and get on the bed. They show off their firm asses for the camera, giving them a niche shake for us. Damien pulls Tristan’s cheeks apart to put his hole on display. His tight hole is covered with soft fur. Tristan makes it “wink” for Damien. He flips over and Damien rewards him for his show with a blowjob. Damien is one of BSB’s best cock suckers and he has Tristan’s dick as hard as a brick in no time. He takes Tristan’s cock down to the balls over and over again. His skills are written all over Tristan’s face; he can’t even keep his mouth closed! Completely turned on by Damien’s’ head work, Tristan pulls him in for a kiss, and it’s a nice one. Damien goes form kissing Tristan’s lips to once again slobbering on his dick. Satisfied, Tristan begins to get Damien’s dick wet. This little cock sucker has come a long way. Damien’s dick stiffens after only a few moments of having Tristan’s mouth wrapped around it. And once it’s fully hard it’s go time.

Damien lubes, straps his dick up and then penetrates Tristan’s ass from behind. Most guys would start off slow, but not Damien; he immediately starts fucking Tristan like his trying to break a record. Tristan takes it like the good bottom boy his is. That hairy ass of his can take a real pounding now and Damien is certainly up to meeting the standard. He firmly grabs Tristan by the hips as his hammers that booty into submission. They roll over onto their sides and Damien continues to dominate that hole. As hot as it looks, Damien doesn’t seem to be getting as much as he wants. “Fuck this!” he says as he tosses the blonde fuck boy on his back, spreads his legs and digs deeper into his hole. “Ah yeah” Damien moans as Tristan feverishly jacks his cock. This position must be working for him too. “Cum for me” Damien demands, and Tristan does just that. Pools of milky cum cover Tristan’s torso. Damien pulls out and spills is own creamy load onto Tristan’s dick.

Damien mixes his cum with Tristan’s and makes him taste it. Man I hope these boys stay broke for a long time to come.

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No, you’re not gay ;)

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Paul Canon Fucks Tristan Stiles

Paul and our favorite bottom Tristan are together. Paul is dressed like someone dropped him off from the early 90s but with those looks he can get away with it. After a discussion about feet, Tristan’s car wash labor, cracked skin, and Pauls’ new place and puppy we’re ready to get down to business. Paul hasn’t busted a nut in a while so I’m sure has a nice steamy load brewing for us. They quickly disrobe and Paul gets on his knees and immediately begins to suck Tristan’s cock. Paul’s full lips make it all the way to the base of Tristan’s dick. What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of this bj. Paul is one of the best dick suckers in the game. He sucks aggressively at the head before going all the way down on the shaft. The camera pans down and we can see just how excited Paul is as he strokes his own rock hard cock. Tristan must have caught sight of it as well because he instantly decides that it’s his turn to devour some sausage. Paul releases and lies on the floor and Tristan dives right in; mouth first. Paul’s cannon is big enough to choke a whale but Tristan has no issue getting at least ¾ of it in his mouth. His face turns bright read as gets Paul’s cock wet with saliva. This is how 95% of lockjaw cases begin; trying to fit big cocks into your mouth. Let’s see Tristan can fit more than ¾ of Paul’s hammer into his ass. Paul straps and lubes up his cock and Tristan hops right on. And yes folks, that dick is swallowed whole by Tristan’s hairy man cave. He rides it hard! Between his bouncing and Paul’s ramming, Tristan just can’t get enough.

He hops up and positions himself on the chair so that he can once again offer his ass to Paul. Paul pops his neat stick right back into Tristan. He shows no mercy and continues to fuck the shit out of him. Tristan’s moans are just short of begin pleas for help. Something tells me that this is one of those occasions where bystanders just stand back, watch, and caress their crotches. Unconcerned and deep in his own pleasure, Paul continues to assault Tristan’s ass, which is bouncing all over the place. Paul is really getting a workout by banging Tristan.

Tristan gets a brief break from the pummeling when he moves over to the bed; but it doesn’t last long. Paul parks his cock once more in Tristan’s tight hole and starts remixing his insides. Tristan has to be enjoying it, because his cock is rock hard. Mine would be too if my legs were being held apart and my ass was being fucking by Paul Canon. While being pounded into ecstasy, Tristan jacks his rod. Paul fucks the warm man milk right outta Tristan right before squirting a massive load all over Tristan. We should measure how far Paul shot to see if he broke any BSB records. The camera man points out that Tristan’s dick got hard while he was getting fucked. He and Paul both try to reassure Tristan that it doesn’t mean he’s gay …and they’re right. But it does mean that he’s a true bottom boy that enjoys getting fucked by monster cocks.

Watch Paul Canon give it to Tristan Stiles

Give Me That Mussy!

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Kaden Fucks Tristan Stiles

Kaden professes that he’s an energetic guy, so I’m looking forward to watching him energetically fuck Tristan Stiles. While catching up with the guys Kayden says that he fisted a girl just the day before. -_- I don’t whether to be a bit turned on or not, but Tristan Seems a bit sickened at the thought of it. Maybe, he’s nervous that Kayden may fist him…now that would be hot! Tristan countered with his own story about how he fucked a girl that he picked up form a gas station and apparently she was a screamer. I wonder what kind of noises he’ll make as Kayden fucks him. Let’s get to work.

The boys begin by tossing their shirts. Kayden displays his ability to bounce his pecs white Tristan shows off his tats. Then the pants come off and they show off their cocks. Kayden tries to go down on Tristan but, Tristan stops him, pulls him back up, and begins to kiss him. HOT! These two look like bonafide lovers in a lip lock. Kayden holds him close and continues the tongue tangle. He licks and sucks on Tristan’s neck. He then kisses him from his neck, down his chest, and finally reaches his originally destination; Tristan juicy cock. He slurps Tristan’s dick, gripping onto it like someone (namely me) may snatch it from him if given the opportunity. Kayden’s got some serious head game. At one point he pulls Tristan’s dick out of his mouth and beats his face with it. He blows Tristan with vigor while playing with his own uncut sausage. Ready to please, Tristan pushes Kayden into the chair and starts sucking on the caramel shaft. The veiny dick proves to be too much for him for a second and Tristan has to take a breather, literally. He tries to get back to work but moments later he’s choking on the black meat again. “What were you saying about me? That I’m the small dick?” Kayden taunts him. “Shut up!” Tristan laughs before wrapping his mouth on Kayden’s dick once more. He licks Kayden’s shaft and even gives the balls a little tickle of the tongue. He’s not choking now! Tristan’s tongue working him over, Kayden squirms in pleasure looking as if he’s about to burst.

More than ready to fuck, Kayden gets up and turns Tristan around. After lubing his rod and Tristan’s hairy ass, Kayden makes his entrance. “Are you okay?” he asks his buddy. After receiving an affirmative, Kayden starts to hammer that ass. Kayden says that he hasn’t had pussy in a while, so there’s no doubt that he’s taking some aggression out of Tristan’s hole. They move over to the bed and Kayden places Tristan on his side and resumes fucking him. Kayden fucks Tristan hard but also passionately makes out him. These two look like they’ve wanted to get at each other for a while! Kayden soon repositions Tristan on his back. Kayden lays some of his best moves on him as Tristan moans loudly. Tristan’s leg is pushed closer and closer to his chest as Kayden comes in for another kiss. Satisfied with the smooch, Kayden draws back and picks up the pace, betting Tristan’s “mussy” into submission with his dick. Tristan cums with ease; shooting a milky load onto his abs. Kayden replies by squirting a huge hot load all over Tristan. Relieved and relaxed the boys get up a start swinging their dicks around. Do all straight boys celebrate sexual triumphs like this? One thing is for certain, Tristan will think twice before commenting on Kayden’s dick size.

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Hold up! There’s a chance of Sergio bottoming?

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Sergio Valen fucks Tristan Stiles

I know I have a job to do, and I will. I’ll get to the sucking and fucking momentarily but I would be neglectful if I didn’t talk about the jaw dropping moment that happens moments before Tristan and Sergio get down to business. After being asked what gay actions he hasn’t performed Sergio responds and says that he’s never bottomed. He’s playfully asked to bottom for Tristan and to my dismay he declines.

But there’s hope…

“When the day comes when I’m bottoming, I’m either renegotiating or I’m done.” I say call Olivia Pope and let’s make a fucking deal! As a fan I say it’s well worth it! Ok, now that I’ve made my personal plea let’s get to the hot sex.

Tristan and Sergio are asked to push their limits by kissing. The first attempt is pretty awkward, but fun to watch nonetheless. They go in for another at the request of the director, and for about three seconds the awkwardness fades and they enjoy each other’s lips. Nice! This gets them in the mood and it’s time for “some good ole’ dick sucking”. Sergio goes first. He gets on his knees and puts his mouth to task. Tristan grabs the back of Sergio’s head as he enjoys the feeling of his piece stiffening in the Italian’s mouth. Sergio may not like to kiss but it looks like he doesn’t mind giving a good blow.

When it’s time to trade places, Tristan helps Sergio remove his pants unveiling his perfect package. Tristan’s skills with his moth obviously extend beyond kissing. The way he slurps and slobbers on Sergio’s cock is breathtaking. Sergio, obviously pleased, bites his bottom lip continuously while Tristan carries on with getting that dick wet. Tristan’s mouth and tongue easily glide over the veiny dick, leaving not one bit of it dry. It must taste good. Right as yours truly begins to pitch a tent, Sergio stops and says “Alright, I think that’s enough, I think I need to fuck!”

The very next thing we see is Tristan’s beautiful and hairy hole exposed and proudly put on display; ready for Sergio’s fuck rod. Sergio puts a little lube on it before entering Tristan like a freight train. Tristan looks like he’s going to explode, but Sergio just fucks away. Legs spread wide open; Tristan mans up and takes the pounding. Sergio bounces around in Tristan’s man box. For a second there, I thought he was going to split the poor boy in half. But before he goes from Tristan to Tristan split in 2, Sergio flips him over and puts him on all fours. Sergio reenters Tristan and once again starts to fuck his ass like pussy. Tristan‘s face turns beat red as Sergio plows his rectum; making Tristan’s ass bounce off his pelvis. After pummeling that booty from behind, Sergio tosses him back on his back. Finally, getting used to the feeling of sausage in his ass, Tristan begins to really enjoy himself. So much so that he unleashes a nice, healthy wad on his abs right before Sergio pulls out and begins to stroke his shaft. Sergio launches a massive load of his own; shooting cum toward Tristan’s head and getting some in his hair. From now on I’m sure Tristan will wait to style his hair until after he’s been properly fucked.

Hopefully, with negotiations, we can see Sergio’s cherry get popped soon.

For now, Check out Sergio fucking Tristan here

Jason Matthews Flips with Tristan Stiles


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At the start of this update Tristan Stiles and Jason Matthews are sitting on the studio bed, laughing at an inside joke? How many of you popped wood just by looking at these two?  The cameraman wants a story from one of them, and Jason shares his new tattoo. “It’s my first and only tattoo,” Jason observes. It’s a portal, but there’s no special significance.

“It doesn’t really mean anything to me,” Jason says. “I was real drunk and I was like, ‘You know what? I want a tattoo!’” Booze makes all decisions better. LOL! The cameraman is confused by this, but Jason adds his girlfriend has the same tat. He goes on to list her good qualities (cooking and sex). Apparently Jason once dated a  woman who was going to culinary school, but couldn’t boil pasta. “Even I can’t mess up a pasta,” Tristan says. The guys remove their shirts and get on the bed.

The cameraman gives them props for looking good. Jason gets completely naked first. His dick is still soft, but he knows how to make it ready to play. “Put your tongue in my mouth,” Jason commands. The two lads kiss and make out. Swapping spit is so sexy. This tongue dance has done the trick to Jason’s johnson. Tristan leans down and sucks away. He deep throats that rod, getting it wet with spit. Jason leans back and lets Tristan do what he does best. “Oh, yeah,” Jason whispers.

He decides to offer Tristan some of the same oral loving. He gets him out of his pants and swallows everything Tristan has. He works some mouth magic, making sure to nose nuzzle Tristan’s pubes. There’s another round of kissing before the fucking. Jason will get fucked first. After Tristan puts on a condom, Jason lubes it up. “Have to get it nice and juicy,” Jason says in a faux British accent.
He pushes Tristan on the bed and straddles him. It takes a few attempts, but the sausage finally gets in. Jason goes up and down, taking control. “Fuck, yeah,” he moans, Tristan doesn’t have to do anything but be still.

But soon he wants to get a workout. Jason gets on his back, and Tristan returns to that warm, dark, place. Each stroke is balls deep, hitting Jason’s spot. “Fuck, yeah. Give me that dick,” Jason orders. How can Tristan refuse? Would you? However, giving and receiving is no fun. So after smooching, Tristan gets on his back. Jason works his meat into that man pussy, making Tristan all moist. Jason is a gentle top, so he gives Tristan a kiss between strokes. This pushes Tristan over the edge and he shoots a load that covers his pale stomach. Jason pulls out, kisses Tristan, licks some of the lost man juice, and gives Tristan a taste. This causes Jason to bust cum all over Tristan’s stomach. Two man milk loads coating Jason’s yummy tummy!

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Jason Matthews & Tristan Stiles

Johnny Forza Fucks Tristan Stiles


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Look at Johnny Forza, shirtless, sitting next to Tristan Stiles (his shirt is on)! What a sexy duo. The boys are up late because Tristan’s bosses don’t know when to close up shop! While he might have a gig, Tristam still needs BSB funds. Why? $400 cell phone bills.  ”I broke my phone too many times,” he says the cameraman. Tristan might have BSB duties, but he’s always searching for the ladies. He met a lass before this shoot. ”Did you poke her,” Johnny asks. ”On Facebook,” Tristan wonders.

Oh, Tristan. So sweet. So innocent. LOL! There was no poking of any kind, but he did bring his lady friend some dinner. Oh, Tristan. So sweet. So innocent. After today’s scene, Tristan will be a little less wholesome because Johnny will bust that ass in. ”We will break him in properly,” Johnny says.”Big Johnny. Up my ass,” Tristan replies.The boys strip. Johnny is sporting hot pink color underwear, while Tristan has traditional black. The two begin to kiss, something that gets both hard. Johnny pulls away and puts his head in Tristan’s lap. He licks that tool like it’s candy, paying closing attention to the head. Tristan gives a reach around as he’s getting serviced. Such a polite young man. LOL

The Garden State stud spits on Tristan’s tool, making sure it’s wet. When Johnny comes up for air, Tristan gives him a kiss.Tristan then goes down on Johnny. Has a difficult time fitting that thing in his mouth. However, looks real cute trying. All of this blowing and sucking keeps Tristan’s rod nice and plump.”Suck it. Lick that cock,” Johnny orders.
There’s a quick kiss before Tristan assumes the doggie position. Johnny lubes up and enters Tristan’s hole. It takes a few times to get all of that meat in there, but once he does Johnny pounds away. Slaps Tristan’s ass cheek. The bottom holds on the bed and grunts. Johnny likes that because he can drill as hard as he wants.

Tristan gets on his back, and Johnny resumes the balls deep action. Tristan’s face is contorted in equal parts pain and pleasure. ”Oh, fuck yeah,” Johnny whispers. Tristan strokes his meat as he gets split in half. His moans get louder as Johnny’s fucking turns more forceful. The muscle top can’t take it no more. He pulls out and starts jerking his meat. Tristan come first, his load covering his belly button in white goo. Johnny shoots next, his load covering Tristan’s stomach. After everybody calms down, Johnny says he wants a rematch. Do you think Tristan can handle it?

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Johnny Forza & Tristan Stiles

Sonny & Tristan Stiles


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Tristan Stiles is sitting next to Sonny. You all remember Sonny. He’s the newbie with the 8 inch piece of meat swinging between his legs. Tristan needs to practice his sucking skills. As for Sonny, he needs to discover that dudes do it best when it comes the blow job. LOL! ”I’m going to have to learn somehow,” Tristan says Apparently his blow job skills are not up to snuff. Dude uses too much teeth. You would think straight boys would know that molars on meat are never good. ”I have big teeth,” Tristan notes.

Both boys have their money spent already. On bills. Because Sonny is a bit new to all of this, Tristan takes charge. He pulls the newbie’s shirt off and licks those tasty nipples. Sonny takes a seat, and Tristan hits his knees. He puts that tube in his mouth, even laps at the balls. Sonny’s sausage plumps from all the oral attention. Tristan has to breathe through his nose because all of that johnson is filling his throat.

Sonny strokes Tristan’s hair as his partner laps away. ”He needs to go faster,” Sonny says when the cameraman wonders how Tristan is doing. Hard to be quick with all that meat in your mouth. LOL! Tristan’s tongue swirls all over Sonny’s bloated head. He needs to come up for air. Sonny lays on the couch, and Tristan gets naked. His eyes are wet from the effort. ”That’s good,” Sonny says when Tristan returns to his duties.

He keeps his attention on the head, and jerks his own staff. Tristan busts a load all over his thigh with Sonny’s sausage in his mouth. He now is working overtime to make the newbie bust too. His mouth sucks on the meat and fingers Sonny’s little ass. Soon enough, all of this pushes Sonny to the point of no  return. He cums in Tristan’s mouth. The load lands on Tristan’s tongue and bottom lip. Tristan doesn’t swallow, but Sonny is pleased. ”That was awesome,” Sonny says. Any disagreements?

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Sonny & Tristan Stiles

Tristan Stiles Fucks Ian Dempsey


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No chitchat to start this vid. Just two hot studs making out. Ian Dempsey and Tristan Stiles are the dudes kissing like there’s no tomorrow.

The two make out on the chair, standing up, on the bed, and standing up again. If you like a little romance in your porn, you will groove to this introduction.

Ian, who hasn’t been around for awhile, gets on his knees and opens that pretty mouth. He
swallows Tristan’s tool whole. He may have not been around, but Tristan hasn’t lost any of his
blowing skills.

There’s more kissing and Ian even nibbles on Tristan’s chest. By the way: you have noticed that
no one is naked yet, right? These are some horned up lads.

Ian keeps sucking away, making Tristan’s tool slick with spit. Ian comes up for a kiss and pulls his
pants down. Keeps the shirt on. He grabs the chair and offers that luscious ass to Tristan. He lubes up and takes what’s his.

Once in, Tristan makes certain each stroke is felt. Ian bites his lip and takes the filling like a
hungry bottom boy. Tristan’s pounding is steady, like he wants Ian not to forget this

There’s a brief intermission for kissing and more lube to be applied to Tristan’s cock. Ian gets in the
“fuck me” position and Tristan returns to his fucking duties.

They stop to make out and get rid of those restricting clothes. Ian gets on the table, on his
side. Ian finds that boy pussy again. Now the studio is filled with moaning and the
creaking from the table. Ian might be moaning, but his dick is thick and fat. Someone is happy.

Tristan leans in to give his bottom boy a kiss. Such a romantic. LOL! The fucking stops so Ian can
return to sucking his man off. You know it’s love when there’s ass to mouth action. Tristan
grabs Ian’s hair as he gets deep throated. Ian looks up, making sure there’s eye contact. His eyes
are red from all the work he’s done in this scene.

As he blows away, Ian beats his own solid sausage. His load shoots out all over the black sheets.

He keeps sucking, doing his best to make Tristan nut. Those sperm filled nuts finally let go of a
load that coats Ian’s tongue and bottom lip.

And it all ends right where we started. More kissing!

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Tristan Stiles & Ian Dempsey

Romeo James and Tristan Stiles


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This will be a day of firsts for the ever-smiling Tristan Stiles. He’s going to fuck a guy, namely Romeo James. And the Shakespearean character will make Tristan bite the pillow by plowing his ass. When the cameraman asks what he thinks it will feel like getting filled with dick, Tristan doesn’t have much hope.

“Hurt. Unpleasant. Excruciating pain,” Tristan offers.

He’s certain he won’t have a lick of fun, but Romeo offers a different perspective.

“I think he’ll enjoy it,” Romeo says.

Romeo remembers the first time his BSB cherry was popped, and there was pain. But the stud has come back…..LOL

Clothes are tossed aside and both are semi-hard. Always a a positive sign. Romeo sucks first and after a few laps comes up to place a kiss on Tristan’s mouth. After the brief smooch, Romeo returns to blowing. He grabs those cum heavy nuts as he sucks away. Tristan’s eyes are closed, and his mouth is agape. Someone is in blow job heaven.

Soon it’s time for Tristan to show off his oral skills. He gobbles up Romeo’s rod.

“Yeah, suck that dick,” Romeo encourages.

Tristan needs some more kisses before he continues, which Romeo gladly offers. Have there been sexier kissers than these two? A video of them just making out would probably cause the internets to explode! LOL!

Tristan gets on his back, those thighs in the air. When Romeo tries to enter the man hole, bare, Tristan flinches. Too much meat. But Romeo must have his prize, so he holds Tristan down. Poor Tristan grunts and groans as his hole is stretched. Romeo fucks balls deep, but goes slow. Even gives his bottom boy a kiss. The pace slowly quickens as Romeo nibbles on Tristan’s foot and ankle.

“Tight hole,” Romeo says.

He rubs Tristan’s chest and gives him one more kiss. Romeo pulls out and sucks Tristan’s tool. You can’t fuck with a soft dick

Tristan puts lube on his schlong. Romeo slathers some on his hole, and gets in the doggie position. Tristan enters and starts pounding from the first stroke. Balls deep in that hairy ass. Before he gets on his back, Romeo and Tristan make out. When he’s back in, Tristan is slamming that hole. Each stroke makes Romeo curse and groan. He even puts a hand on Tristan’s thigh to keep him from reaching so deep.

But a man’s joy button can only be toyed with so many times. Romeo nuts jizz all over his chest and stomach. Tristan continues to pump away until he’s ready to bust. His load slathers his hand and dribbles on Romeo’s pole.

Such vigorous fucking deserves more lip lock, which is what the boys do!

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Romeo James & Tristan Stiles

Tristan Stiles & Kyle Johnson


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Poor Kyle Johnson, this kid can’t stop blowing his money at the casinos. Now he’s going to have to blow cock to get cash.

“I lost all my money from the last scene at the casino,” Kyle says to the cameraman.

Meanwhile his fellow newbie Tristan bought himself a new wardrobe and unfortunately he’s back in the financial hole he started in. It’s funny how a lack of cash flow will change your entire perception of man on man action.

“You’re pretty open now, that you need money, to the idea of doing something with another guy,” the cameraman notes to Tristan.

Tristan has never tasted the delicate meat that hangs between a man’s legs. Kyle’s a newbie as well but he just recently sucked his first cock so hopefully he can guide is scene partner to a better oral understanding. Our guys strip down and Tristan is the lucky guy who gets to suck first. He wraps his sweet lips around Kyle’s cock and begins.

“It feels pretty good,” Kyle observes when asked how his partner is doing.

“You should lick the tip,” Kyle suggests.

Tristan takes heed and swallows Kyle’s fat dick, the moisture from his throat coating the shaft and the head. Kyle stands up and Tristan sucks it the old fashioned way, on his knees.

“Like that,” Kyle asks.

Tristan grins because he’s ready from some head action of his own. They switch off and Kyle dives onto Tristan’s rock hard cock, throat first! He jerks his own dick as he give Tristan the wettest head of this life. Soon Kyle shoots a huge load onto his thigh but he continues to suck. Once Tristan is ready to come, Kyle sucks on his nipple until he shoots a huge load onto his belly.

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Tristan Stiles & Kyle Johnson

Introducing Tristan Stiles


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They say a winning smile and beautiful eyes will are all that you need to make your dreams come true. Well our dreams have definitely come alive with one look at Tristan Stiles. This BSB newbie is the freshest cut off beef we have and we can’t wait to see every inch of his tube steak. Fortunately for us he ran into a few life issues. He lost his job and his roommate is joining the armed forces so he’s here to make some cash.

Tristan is no stranger to self stroking, he started early, age 8.

My brother got me into watching pornography and that’s how I started jerking off,” Tristan says to the cameraman.

Tristan is a ladies man so he’s single since he plays the field. Sidenote, this guy might have a thing for cougars. He shares how he fucked one in just about every place one could imagine. This guy is turning me on.

Tristan strips down and grabs his cock and starts waking it up. A little nervous he uses both his hands to get in tune with the motion of his man meat. Soon his sausage is plump and fully cooked.

“I want to cum on the bed,” Tristan says.

He gets on his back and continues to jack off. He’s doing it just the way he likes it because soon Tristan closes his eyes and we can see the slightest curl in his toes. He starts to finger himself upon the cameraman’s request.

He pulls his fingers out and starts to jerk faster. This newbie is ready to bust a nut. His thighs tense up, his body quivers and he shoots a huge stream onto his belly. Good stuff, newbie.

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Tristan Stiles