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No, you first!

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Abram Hoffer and Brady Bennett Raw

Brady and Abram, two relatively new guys to BSB, have to decide who’s going to bottom. It doesn’t take long to decide as Brady has chosen to take one for the team (and for his wallet since it pays more). Hopefully, Abram will go gently on him!

They kiss, softly. Their hands wander and explore each others bodies. They take of their shirts and continue to taste each other’s lips. Abram helps Brady out of his shorts and briefs and finds a hardening dick waiting for him. Brady helps Abram do the same and is happy to find a fully erect cock. Brady takes it as an invite and goes down on it. Brady lays back on the bed and enjoys the attention he’s receiving from Abram.

Abram lubes up before pulling Brady to the edge of the bed. Brady holds his legs apart as Abram pushes his thick cock into his virgin abs. Feeling the pain, Brady begs Abram to go slow. Abram obliges, but that doesn’t stop him from getting every inch of his dick in that tight ass. Brady moans loudly with each deep but gentle thrust from Abram. Soon he calms down and is able to just enjoy the feeling of having his boy pussy stroked for the first time. Abram puts him on all fours and starts to treat him like a cock hungry slut. I’m happy to see Brady hot ass fucked from the back! The boys switch positions so that Brady is sitting right on the dick. It must feel good because he busts a load in no time. He bends over and allows Abram to cum on his ass.

Abram Hoffer and Brady Bennett Raw

The Dawn of Team Alpha

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Kaden and his new buddy Tyler have joined forces and have dubbed themselves “Team Alpha”. They’ve been away for a little while but I’m glad they’re back in the saddle. Kaden has a new girl but still hasn’t told her what he does for extra cash. I hope she’s cool with what he’s about to do to Tyler’s ass. Let’ get to work.

These boys are all over each other from the jump! They kiss and aggressively undress one another. Kaden asserts his authority by kissing his way down to Tyler’s cock. This boy knows how to devour cock! He sucks Tyler with fervor; obviously hungry for the dick. Tyler is instantly moaning and groaning in pleasure. Kaden eventually slides those juicy lips off of Tyler’s dick and lies on the ground so that Tyler can take his turn. Tyler sucks and jacks Kaden’s fat dick. Kaden’s biggie grows rock hard; but Tyler continues to fit almost all of it into his mouth.

Tyler, done with his snack, bends over the bed and offers his hot hole to Kaden who eagerly accepts by forcing his meat inside. I can’t tell you how much Tyler’s ass makes me drool and watching Kaden’s fat dick glide in and out of it is enough to make me and my dick explode. Tyler repositions on his side and Kaden continues to deconstruct it, literally bullying his booty. Kaden licks all over his neck while scissor fucking him. Hot! The boys finish up by blasting intense loads all over Tyler’s abs, chest and face! That’s what I can an “Alpha Load”! If that’s how the fucking is going to be then I want to see more people join Team Alpha.

Watch Kaden Bully Tyler’s Ass Here

Dimitri on top

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Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimintri

Dimitri is back and today he’s fucking a dude for the first time. BSB veteran and fan favorite Paul Canon will be taking if for the team. Dimitri is horny and so am I so let’s get cracking.

After they get naked the boys indulge is a very steamy kiss. They hold each other close and deliver a very realistic and intimate moment. They move over to the bed where Dimitri practices his fledgling cock sucking skills. He holds Paul’s big dick at the base and furiously inhales it. Paul grabs Dimitri’s hair and encourages him to keep going. Dimitri needs very little coaxing as he looks like he’s enjoying himself. Paul relieves Dimitri from his dick and brings him up for another passionate kiss. Dimitri stands up and Paul makes his cock disappear with his mouth. Paul certainly gets a mouthful with Damien’s big fat cock. He expertly sucks Dimitri off while jacking his own cock. I can’t believe Dimitri doesn’t cum because Pauls’ got some serious oral skills.

And then finally, it’s time for some fucking. Paul bends over while Dimitri lubes up. Once he pushes his cock in the instantly begins to pound away, fucking hard and fast. For someone that was nervous about topping he sure knows how to use a boy’s hole. He has Paul moaning loudly in pure ecstasy. Paul gets on his back where Dimitri slides in and gets right back to work. He buries his cock deep into Paul’s hot hole. Paul shoots a huge load on his chest and abs. He shoots enough to drown in. Dimitri pops a nice load of his own and then gets back to making out with Paul. That was an epic fuck and I can’t wait for Dimitri to bottom. Because of this level of chemistry perhaps Paul should be the one to do the honors.

See Paul Canon Bottom for Dimitri Here