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Getting Wild With Derek Wulf – Elye Black & Derek Wulf

Derek Wulf is a studly new addition to the Next Door line up, and this eager hunk is ready to show off his assets. One look at Derek and you can tell he spends a lot of his time in the gym, but when he wraps his pythons around Elye Black, Derek shows the finesse behind the power. Still, when it comes to pounding ass, this newbie is a natural, as he fucks Elye all over the bed in every position. Elye takes the dick like a champion and Derek shows no hesitancy as he long dicks Elye raw dog style, sliding his hard cock in and out of Elye before fucking the jizz out of him. Elye spits his load all over himself as Derek pulls out and launches his first on-screen nut as Elye strokes himself dry. With his partner sufficiently coated, Derek exhales at a job well done. But don’t worry, you’ll surely be seeing more of Derek soon enough. Enjoy!

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Getting Wild With Derek Wulf – Elye Black & Derek Wulf

Lessons will be Learned

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Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas

Zeno, always the willing teacher, has been paired up with newcomer Gage Owens. Sidebar: where do these kids come with their onscreen names? Anyway, Gage is going to learn to suck cock in the best way possible, by getting some head from Zeno. He won’t be the only person learning something, oh no. Zeno is going to get to redeem himself by trying to bottom once again. Let’s see how these boys get along.

The boys get right to the action. Zeno goes in for the kill, kissing and sucking on Gage’s neck before introducing their lips. Zeno gently instructs and coaxes Gage into sucking on his pierced nipples. Pleased by his pupil, Zeno returns the favor before making his way into Gage’s jeans. He releases Gage’s pierced cock and teases him, kissing all over his shaft and balls. He finally takes Gage into his mouth, loudly slurping as gulps down the cock. Zeno stands up and allows Gage to practice. After kissing, Gage gets down on his knees and teases Zeno’s cock as Zeno plays with his nipples. Gage starts to suck but only the head, that is until Zeno forces him to take the rest. That’s how you teach.

Now its time for Zeno to learn his lesson. He lays back on the bed and spreads his legs and Gage pushes right in. Zeno, in pain, has him take it out and only put the head in. He does so but slowly forces more and more inside and is soon pumping away. Zeno goes from wincing in pain to moaning from pleasure. Gage puts Zeno on all fours and soon him begging to be fucked. Zeno takes the dick until he’s shooting ropes of cum from his cock. Gage pulls out and dumps a large load of his own on Zeno’s back.

Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas

The Long Moan Home

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Ryan Fields Fucks Zander Floyd Raw

Zander is going to once again find himself on the bottom. Something tells me that neither him or Ryan are going to have a problem with him. The boys have been in the cooped up in the house but at least there hasn’t been any drama, other than the boys hurting themselves.

The boys help each other undress while exchanging sweet kisses. Zander makes his way down to Ryan’s waiting cock and wraps his lips around it. Ryan watches as Zander skilled mouth gets his dick rock hard. Zander slurps and chokes his way up and down Ryan’s meat stick. He stands up before Ryan and allows him to reciprocate. Zander’s at full chub in no time.

Ryan lays Zander on his back, lubes up, and sticks his dick Zander’s tight hole, raw. Zander moans long and deep as strokes his insides. I’d be moaning as loudly as Zander if my hole was being treated to the deep loving that Ryan delivers. Ryan puts him in several positions, including on his head. Zander takes the dick like the professional he is, and what a pro! He takes every inch and every stroke, even after Ryan finally pulls out and paints his ass with jizz! Once Ryan has had all he can handle, Zander turns over and blows his own load.

Ryan Fields and Zander Floyd

I gotta put this thing in my ass?

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Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Ah, it always makes my day to know that Sergio is going to get fucked. Today he’s going to flip with Ronan so I’ll be getting a double treat. They are both nervous but they’ll get over it. Let’s see some fucking.

They begin by undressing and fondling each other. They both get a little freaked out by the size of the other; they should suck it up, some of us would love to be presented with such a big package. Instead of sucking it up, Ronan starts to suck o Sergio’s cock. Ronan has some great cock handling skills for a straight boy. He has Sergio relaxed before you know it. Sergio helps Ronan settle down by massaging his dick with mouth and gums. Ronan’s cock is huge! Sergio tries but can only fit about half of it in his mouth. He fondles his balls while slowing slurping on his dick. With both dicks nice and wet, it’s time to fuck.

Sergio lies on his back and lubes up. He asks Ronan ot go slow. I would too if my pretty hole was about to be invaded by that semi-truck. Ronan starts to push it in but doesn’t get far before Sergio is grunting from pain. Ronan strokes slowly, allowing Sergio’s hole to get used to it. He should have let me open him up first. Sergio gets off his knees and puts that glorious ass of his on display for the camera. Ronan fucks him gently from the back until Sergio makes him stop because of the pain. Ronan lubes up more and drives his cock right back insides. Sergio is in a lot of pain but takes it like a man.

Now it’s Sergio’s turn to break into some ass. Ronan takes the dick immediately, allowing Sergio to fuck the shit out of him. The boys don’t last long, they blow huge loads, both of which splatter on Ronan’s abs. The boys are both in pain, but I’ll lick their wounds and get them back in the sack.

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