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How Much Can You Take?

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How Much Can You Take?

Cage Kafig and Benjamin Dover are veterans here at BSB, which means you know you won’t get anything other than a fire scene. Cage gets things started by almost immediately going down on Ben, taking that thick juicy cock into his mouth. He deep throats it, giving that meat the attention it deserves. The boys trade places and now it’s Ben turns to put down some throat game. He starts by running his tongue and lips up and down Cage’s long shaft while fondling Cage’s balls taking that big prick as far down as he can.

Ready to fuck, Ben kneels on the bed and Cage quickly pushes his raw cock in his ass. Cage begins to drive his cock in harder and harder until Ben stops him. He needs a second to adjust before he can take the kind of pounding Cage is eager to deliver. Cage gives him a very short reprieve before he’s back at it, fucking Ben’s ass like a used pussy. Ben can’t stop moaning so Cage throws him a pillow and fucks him even harder. He turns Ben on his back and continues to let him having. This is one of the hardest fucks I’ve seen on this site. You’ll have to come inside and see how much Ben can take!

Cage Kafig and Benjamin Dover