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Why are you so bouncy?

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We start with Tyler bouncing up and down on the bed. When asked why, he responds “because I’m getting fucked in the ass.” Indeed he is! I’d be bouncing up and down today too if I was going to get fucked by Skyler.

The boys take off their clothes and begin with some heavy petting and kissing. Skyler sits Tyler onto the bed and begins to suck his cock. Tyler’s blow job skills are some of the best that BSB has to offer. This takes Tyler’s full shaft down his throat and barely lets it out of his moth. Skyler stands up and Tyler returns the favor. He licks and swallows, leaving Skyler speechless.

Tyler gets on all fours on the bed and Skyler quickly finds his way to his hole. He wastes no time and starts pumping that ass fast. Tyler’s ass accepts Skyler’s entire rod and takes it. Skyler puts him onto the side and continues to drill his insides like he’s mining for something. The look on Tyler’s face says it all. He is a perfect mix of pain and pleasure. Once Tyler is on his back it doesn’t take long for him to release a huge load. Skyler pulls out and fires off an even bigger wad of hot man milk.

Watch Skyler Daniels Fuck Tyler White

I can’t hear you

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Skyler Daniels Fucks Anthony Hunt

Skyler is fresh off of a wild night. He had such a good time that he has lost some of his hearing Homeboy must have gone hard in the paint! His temporary loss may come in handy today since he has been paired up with Anthony Hunt, the loudest BSB fuck there is.

The boys undress and it’s clear that Skyler is ready to go, he’s got a stiffy just waiting to be played with. The boys kiss and fondle each other. Skyler finds his way down to Anthony’s cock and begins to feed on it. Anthony looks into the camera and says “oh my god!” That’s a clear indication that Skyler is doing damn good job. Anthony pushes Skyler onto the bed and gets his turn on the mic, slobbering all over Skyler’s dick. He handles the meat with his mouth and hand. He licks the balls and shaft, getting them both nice and wet.

Skyler bends Anthony’s sweet ass over and immediately digs right in, making him, you guessed it, HOLLER! “Oh my god, it’s so fucking huge”, he bellows as Skyler continues to rip his hole apart. Skyler delivers some nice hard and deep strokes and Anthony takes it like a good bottom slut. They switch positions a couple of times but Skyler doesn’t stop fucking him deep. Anthony blows a nice wad onto his abs and Skyler quickly pulls out and drenches Anthony in cum. I hope Skyler’s hearing returns soon, I’d love to whisper “me next” into his ear.

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Horny in the morning

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Romeo James fucks Skyler Daniels

The veterans Romeo James and the oh-so-handsome Skyler Daniels are on set and are clearly ready to fuck. AS soon as the scene starts and clothes come off its obvious that these two need a morning release. They begin by kissing each other’s lips and bodies. Skyler stands on the chair and changes on while Romeo blows him. Romeo pleases Skyler’s rock hard dick with those luscious lips and warm mouth. Skyler turns around and Romeo gives his sweet hole a good tongue lashing. Skyler’s ass is practically feasted on by Romeo.

Once on the bed; Skyler swallows Romeo’s dick whole. Seriously, he gives one of the best blow jobs I’ve seen in a while. Skyler licks and sucks all over Romeo’s meaty shaft. Romeo lubes up and Skyler slides his hot ass right onto the dick. Romeo jacks him while fucking him from below. He then puts Skyler on all fours and lets that ass have it! He strokes Skyler’s booty nice and deep. When the boys finally bust they squirt warm gooey loads all over Skyler’s body.

That’s what happens when dudes wake up horny.

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4 for the price of 1

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Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

Oh my! It’s time for another BSB orgy! Ryan and Skyler have never been in an orgy mix like this so I hope they’re as excited as I am. Tyler and Kaden have been through this before so I’m sure they’ll show these boys the ropes. Let the games begin!

The boys instantly pair off and begin kissing and rubbing all over each other. Tyler gets a little too excited and takes a hair out of Kaden’s arm pit with his teeth! Kaden returns the favor by kissing and sucking on Tyler’s pits. Yum! Meanwhile, Skyler has his hands full with Ryan, literally. These two are really into each other as they intimately rub and kiss. Ryan and Tyler get laid onto the bed and their respective partners begin to eat their asses. They really are into taste testing today! Kaden and Ryan put those tongues to good use and really work those holes over. Skyler digs deep into Ryan’s ass with his tongue. Kaden and Skyler pull their boys to the edge of the bed and they begin to digest their dicks. Tyler and Ryan enjoy the sight while making out with one another. Then they form a good ole’ cock slinging chow line. Kaden sucks Tyler, Tyler sucks Ryan, and Ryan sucks Skyler.

After some good cock sucking the boys really get things popping. Tyler fucks Ryan on the side of the bed. That boy has a nice juicy ass. Tyler slides over and feeds his dick to Ryan while Kaden moves behind Skyler and slides his dick inside him. Wow! Now we’ve got two asses getting fucked! Kaden sits on the bed and Skyler sits on Kaden’s’ dick. Ryan begins to suck Skyler’s dick while getting fucked from behind by Tyler. After being fucked all over the place, it finally time for Ryan to get some ass, he puts Tyler on his back and takes his turn. Skyler lies on his back beside Tyler and gets fucked by Kaden.

After all that fucking, sucking, and cock handling all four boys blow their loads. But it doesn’t end there. We get to see this sexy foursome take a steamy shower. BSB out did themselves this time!

Check out the New Orgy Video here.

“I suck cock…so what?”

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Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daneils

Paul is back and fresh from an event. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen this stud and I’m happy that he is paired up with Skyler today. Skyler still has his farmer’s tan but we’ll forgive him after seeing his ass plowed by Paul. Let’s get to it.

The boys strip down to their underwear and Paul tries to go right in for Skyler’s cock. Not so fast, where’s the kiss?! He pops up and starts intimately kissing Skyler. He then gets back on his knees and engulfs his dick. Paul has some serious deep throating skills and I wish I could switch places with Skyler. I love watching those big juicy lips of his wrapped around man meat. Paul lies back into the chair and Skyler gets to work on his huge shaft. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to get almost Paul’s entire rod into his mouth. Skyler treats that shit like a lollipop; licking, sucking, and drooling all over it.

After getting the dick nice and slippery, Skyler slips his ass right on it. He rides it. He bounces on it until Paul takes over and starts to fuck him hard from below. Paul really rams him, sending Skyler into a moaning fit. Paul bends him over and continues his assault on Skyler’s ass. Skyler’s rock hard dick bounces up and down as Paul digs deeper and deeper. The boys make their way over to the bed where Skyler is put on his back where Paul shoves his tongue into his mouth and continues to batter his ass. They both blast gigantic loads onto Skyler. Pau licks up the cum and make his way back up to Skyler’s lips.

Here’s the link to see Paul Canon Fuck Syler Daniels

Just like the good ole’ days

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Kaden Alexander Fucks Skylar Daniels Raw

Kaden and Skyler have been paired up and here’s a fun little fact, Skyler was the first person to geive Kaden a blow job. Kaden is back because he wrecked his truck and needs some cash. I’ll definitely enjoy watching him earn his keep by fucking Tyler.

The fellas get right to business by tossing clothes and kissing one another. They are seriously all over one another. Skyler lies back on the bed and Kaden begins to suck him off. Kaden rubs all over Skyler’s chest as he licks and swallows his shaft. Kaden has certainly become a professional cock sucker, Skyler should be proud. Kaden stands up and allows him to take over the cock sucking duties. Skyler bobs up and down on that black cock. Skyler gets that brown veiny dick nice and wet.

Ready to get fucked, Skyler bends over the bed and Kaden begins to let him have it. Kaden fucks him mercilessly from behind and even slaps that ass a couple of times. Skyler doesn’t complain. Tyler lies on his side and Kaden continues to tear into him, only stopping to kiss him. Kaden then begins to fuck Tyler like he’s trying to be noted as the fastest fucker around! Skyler takes control by jacking this dick and Kaden’s at the same time. Soon, the boy nuts, sending gobs of cum onto Skyler’s abs and almost his face! That was such a hot and hard fuck.

Watch Kaden Alexander fuck Skyler Daniels Raw

Out of the woods

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Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson

Skyler and Tate are back and they’re in our favorite state: broke and horny. Tate has been out in the woods roughing it for a while; becoming one with nature. Today he’ll become on with Skyler who is all set to fuck him. Let’s get to work.

Tate and Skyler start off with some hot and extension kissing and groping. I don’t think anyone on this site can kiss like Tate. To reward him for his lip service, Skyler sits Tate onto the bed and begins to suck his cock. Skyler may be new but he does give one heck of a blow job. He can’t quite deep throat yet, but that’s what Tate is here to teach him. Tate takes over and starts to inhale Skyler’s cock, showing him how it’s done. Tate gets Skyler’s beefcake nice, wet, and ready to be put to work.

Ready to take some dick, Tate bends over the bed and offers his ass to Skyler, who doesn’t hesitate to side right inside of him. He immediately starts to pound the shit out of him. Tate moans like a boy in heat while getting fucked from behind, on his sides, and finally on his back. Tate milks that dick of his and pops a juicy load all over himself. Skylar spills his nut onto Tate’s abs, adding to the mix.

Now, when is Skylar getting fucked?

Watch Skyler Daniels Fuck Tate Thompson

Behind the Scenes: Who is the Biggest Slut?


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Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of “Who is the biggest slut?”. Find out which one of your favorite broke straight boys has jerked off in a banana peel and which one hasn’t done much of anything in this late night game of titillating fun.

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
Who is the Biggest Slut?

Johnny Forza & Skyler Daniel


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Skyler Daniels and Johnny Forza start this update right out of the gate with some passionate tongue dancing. The two hug each other as they kiss and smooch. When they get naked, there is some wood to be seen. Kissing always does the trick!  Johnny blows first. He tries to swallow all of Skyler, but has a difficult time getting all the meat down his throat. Skyler isn’t complaining. He’s grooving to those soft lips on his tool.

Johnny must be having a good time too because his sausage is plumping. He comes up from his duties and places sweet kisses on Skyler’s face. Soon it’s Skyler’s turn to show his oral skills. He licks up and down Johnny’s pole like it’s an ice cream cone. Even looks up to make sure he’s doing right. Johnny is having a grand old time. Would you?

Skyler sucks and nibbles on that johnson, like he’s looking for a tasty liquid treat. ”Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans. He sits up and puts a condom on. Skyler straddles the Garden State stud, and takes a seat on that dick. The camera gives a great view of Skyler’s ass swallowing all Johnny can give. Skyler bounces up and down, making sure he can get used to the anal invasion.

Johnny let’s Skyler do all the work for now. Skyler’s moans are so sexy. There’s a moment when the tool slips out of Skyler’s hole, and both boys sound so disappointed. Skyler gets on his back, and Johnny takes over. Grabs Skyler by the thigh and ankle, and pumps away. Skyler takes each stroke because his joy button is getting mashed with each stroke.

Johnny is lost in the fuck, doing what he can to make himself and Skyler nut. The fucking is steady and persistent. Skyler brings his thighs to his chest, grabbing the soles of his feet. Johnny smacks one of Skyler’s pale cheeks to let him know who owns that ass. Skyler’s cum shoots up, and lands on his chest. Johnny pulls out and dumps his load all over Skyler’s pubes.
And we call it day with some kissing. Such sexy studs!

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Johnny Forza & Skyler Daniels

Brandon Beale Fucks Skyler Daniels


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Every man feels brand new when he gets a fresh hair cut. I barely even recognized our sexy Texan friend Skylar, he looks like brand new broke straight boy. His smirk tugs at my cock strings, . The scene opens up with hot jock Brandon Beale and Skyler kissing on the bed. They’re kissing like they only have 45 minutes to fuck on their lunch break.

Skyler rips off Brandon’s shirt as they continue make out passionately. Nothing can tear their tongues apart. The room echoes with the sound of their lips smacking. Brandon pulls down his undies revealing a rock hard dick and a firm ass. He immediately sucks Skyler’s hard cock with no hesitation. His wet lips slide up and down Skyler’s thick shaft, you can hear Skyler’s dick touching the back of Brandon’s throat! He jacks it and spits on it. Skyler is in heaven. Now it’s his turn!

Skyler sucks on Brandon’s tool, and Brandon is impressed with the effort.

“Oh, yeah. Just like that,” Brandon coos.

Skyler deep throats the sausage, making it more bloated and ready to play.

“Oh, shit,” Brandon says in surprise at Skyler’s skills.

Skyler treats the man meat like an ice cream cone, using his pink tongue to lap up and down the shaft.

“Suck that dick,” Brandon demands.

Skyler mounts Brandon’s dick and starts to ride. He starts a little slow to get used to the sheer girth that Brandon is blessed with. Once it feels right he get’s into the groove.

“Ride that dick,” Brandon says.
Skyler does as he is told and enjoys every moment of it. Skyler gets on his side and Brandon fucks him hard from that position, his huge balls thrusting inside Skyler’s tight hole.

“Look at me,” Brandon orders.

They kiss more, they’re damn near making love! Brandon is close so he fucks Skyler harder. Skyler jerks his dick as Brandon slams inside of him. Soon Skyler shoots his load all over his chest. Brandon pulls out and cums on Skyler’s stomach.

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Brandon Beale & Skyler Daniels 

Skyler Daniels Fucks Ayden Troy


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Revenge is a dick best served hard. On this latest BSB update our favorite Texan, Skyler Daniels, will be fucking Ayden Troy. If you know anything about BSB, Skyler is typically taking cock and he’s had the pleasure of getting slammed by Ayden. Well, now it’s his turn to enjoy some tight hole. Ayden doesn’t look too excited. Skyler is pretty stoked about fucking one of his favorite BSB blokes.
After a little chit chat our studs strip down. Skyler drops to his knees and sucks Ayden, waking his soft cock from its slumber. Thorough and experienced, Skyler knows exactly how Ayden likes his dick sucked. Ayden towers of Skyler enjoying his service and admiring his wet lips sliding down his rock hard dick.

With one last slurp, Ayden and Skyler switch. Ayden gets down on the floor and begins to suck on the dick that will be fucking him in the not too distant future. Ayden’s slow and intentional head leaves Skyler speechless. Taking shallow breaths to enjoy to warmth of Ayden’s mouth, Skyler looks down on his soon to be bottom boy.

Skyler is ready for some ass. He slips on a condom as Ayden bends over on the bed in the doggie position. Skyler eases his hard dick inside Ayden’s asshole and begins to fuck him. Ayden can only moan and balance himself on the bed as Skyler slams his dick into his tight ass.

“Oh, my God,” Ayden moans.

Ayden is turned on his back, his salami hard and juicy.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me,” he whispers.

Skyler slows down his stroked but digs deeper inside Ayden. He grabs Ayden’s hard dick and strokes it as he fucks his hole. Ayden relaxes himself and takes the dick. Ayden is ready to bust his nut, he quickly strokes his dick while Skyler is still inside of him. Ayden erupts a huge load onto his stomach. Skyler pulls throbbing cock out of Ayden’s tight boy hole and shoots a load on top of Ayden’s load.

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Skyler Daniels & Ayden Troy

Outtakes: Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels


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The process of making our BSB scenes is a dynamic process. We capture some intense moments on camera for your viewing pleasure, but the moments we catch in between takes is just a great. Check out this Behind The Scenes footage featuring Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels. Someone had to stop production after 3 minutes of fucking. Find out why! Check it out.

Outtakes: Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels

Jason Matthews & Skyler Daniels


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There’s nothing like a man who takes control of a situation! Our boys Jason Matthews and Skylar Daniels completely take over the introductions and get right to it. The sexy and assertive pair chat about their mutual love and admiration for the great state of Texas.

“Are things really bigger in Texas,” Jason wonders.

Skyler pauses for a moment and says they are. Would we expect any other answer from a proud Texan?

After a little more banter these two studs undress and Jason immediately inhales Skyler’s meat in his wet mouth. Skyler is immediately stiff and dripping pre-cum. Jason continues to suck, teasing Skyler’s cock with his tongue and deep throating it at just the right moments.

Before you know it Skyler is swallowing Jason’s long dick with passion. Jason grabs him and pulls him into a wet kiss so that he can taste his dick on Skyler’s mouth. Skyler’s dedication to dick sucking is admirable; he pays close attention to every part, head, shaft, base and balls. He makes sure to use all the tools at his disposal: lips, tongue, and throat.

Jason soon gets up and prepares his cock for his voyage inside Skyler’s warm hole.
Jason slaps his rock cock on Skyler’s sweet ass and then eases it in. He slams his dick in deep with each stroke so Skyler can get the full extent of what he has to offer. This man fuck is intense. Jason kisses and licks Skyler’s back as he fucks him hard and gives him some direction.

“Oh, yeah. Come back on my dick.”

Skyler backs his sweet ass on that meat, his hole stuffed.

“Oh, fuck me,” Skyler moans.

“You like that,” Jason asks

“Oh, yeah,” Skyler answers.

Jason’s handprint can be seen on Skyler’s soft ass. The two switch positions. Skyler hops on Jason’s dick and begins to ride it like a seasoned Equestrian.

“Yeah, ride my dick,” Jason commands.

Skyler does, going up and down. Jason pulls him down and offers another kiss.

They switch positions one last time. Jason lays him down and starts pounding his ass. He’s definitely hitting all the right spots because after a few soft strokes, Skyler’s shoots a creamy load on his belly. Jason pulls out and licks Skyler’s cum off of his chest and gives him a taste when he kisses him. Jason jacks his dick and he explodes. The load lands on Skyler’s smiling face.

“Good stuff,” Jason remarks.

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Jason Matthews & Skyler Daniels

Ayden Fucks Skyler


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Ayden and Skyler, no strangers to the BSB cameras are back for more good times. Our buddy Ayden is pretty bummed. His driver’s license was suspended. Meanwhile, Skyler just bought himself a brand new ride. Ayden is in need of something warm and tight to cheer him up and it looks like a hesitant Skyler is almost ready to give up the goods.

Our bros quickly drop trou and commence with the fun. Ayden warms Skyler up with some nice wet head, a skill he’s recently mastered. Within moments, Skyler’s cock is rock hard. The boys switch sides and Skyler dives onto Ayden for some deep slow dick sucking. Skyler is very thorough, making sure he sucks from shaft to base. Needless to say Ayden and his wet, throbbing dick appreciate the special attention.

“You like that dick, huh?” Ayden asks while stroking Skyler’s dick.

Before he gets sucked senseless, Ayden quickly prepares to slide into Skyler’s tight little hole. He quickly rolls on a condom and slathers his cock with lube, in preparation for his deep plunge. Skyler’s hairy little hole takes the first few strokes in stride.  Soon, Ayden takes charge of Skyler’s ass doggie style with nice long deep strokes then he speeds up as the hole conforms to his big dick.

“Fuck yeah, you have a big dick” Skyler murmurs in between the pounding.

As he fucks Skyler harder and harder, Ayden is rendered almost speechless and can only manage to release a few deep groans in between thrusts. He grabs Skyler by the waist to make sure his dick is getting as deep as possible. Before he loses his load, he wants Skyler to ride him. Skyler eases himself onto Ayden’s dick and bounces his ass on the dick, his fat cock flapping in the air as he rides.

“Fuck yeah, fuck that tight ass” Skyler commands.

“How much do you love that dick? How much?” Ayden asks as Skyler rides mercilessly.

“Oh big dick, I love it” Skyler replies.

In a flash, Skyler is on his back, legs in the air and Ayden is fucking him missionary. Skyler jacks his dick and blasts a huge load as Ayden wears into his hole deeper. As Ayden nears his peak he snatches the condom off and shoots his load onto Skyler’s chest and cock.

“How was it Skyler?” Cameraman asks.

“Rough.”  Skyler replies.

Damn straight.

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Ayden & Skyler

Skyler & Mick


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Look who is making a quick return to BSB land! Georgia peach Mick Torrence. He shares the studio
couch with Skyler Daniels. Skyler is slightly tired from all his birthday celebrating, while Mick is
working hard to keep his anxiety on the down low.

“You can tell the nervousness is radiating off me, I’m sure,” Mick says.

For some reason the two lads are sitting far apart from each other. That is rectified with Mick
getting close, and putting his arm around Skyler. Who doesn’t love straight man bonding?
LOL! Today Mick will give dick sucking a go, giving and receiving. Apparently his roommate (a gay
guy) asked Mick for the privilege of mouthing his meat, but it never happened. Today that unlucky
roommate will get to see what could have been!

The lads strip to their underwear and feel each other up. Skyler is ready to play after a few
strokes, but is anyone surprised by that? He puts his head in Mick’s lap and starts sucking. At
first Mick is non-committal, but soon enough he can’t help himself. His tool gets diamond hard. It
should. Skyler is making that meat all slick and wet. Taking it all, which is more than a mouthful.

Mick gets to give Skyler some head. At first, Mick is tentative. But he gets the hang of it. So much
so Skyler doesn’t have any words of advice.

“You’re doing good, Mick,” the cameraman notes.

Mick gives a johnson covered grin.

Mick lays down and Skyler returns to blowing. The sounds of sucking fill the studio as Skyler bobs
up and down. His toes curl from all the effort. As for Mick, he’s intrigued by Skyler’s work. Holds on
to the couch as the mouth magic is done. Even grabs the base of his hose and guides it to Skyler’s

Mick’s hips start to gyrate. Skyler gets on his side for better access and Mick leads Skyler to his
prize. As he pleasuring his scene partner, Skyler strokes his own sausage. This causes Skyler to
shoot a load that first hits his knee!

He keeps sucking and, without warning, Mick shoots in his mouth. Skyler gives a look of
displeasure as pearly white cum dribbles from his mouth. However, the lad never has looked
better than with man milk stained lips.

“How did it taste,” the cameraman wonders.

“Like shit,” Skyler replies.




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Three is a magic number! This update has a trio of male pulchritude, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla and Skyler Daniels. Shockingly neither lad has done a three way in any form.

“So this is a real first,” the cameraman observes.

“You all are lucky,” Liam says to the folks out there in BSB land.

He strongly hints how the scene should be rated. Highly of course.

Adam will play the bottom in the vignette, which sort of makes sense. His booty is just so round and perfect. You can make a meal out of it. However, isn’t time for Liam to return to his natural position? Remember the joyful sob when Tim fucked him? As for Skyler, this will be his first time giving it to a guy.

“First time for everything,” Skyler observes.

Clothes are removed (Adam is rather quick with the disrobing). Skyler sits on the couch, Liam takes a seat in front, and Adam stands over Liam. Adam’s tool gets sucked first, Liam doing the work and Skyler pushing Liam’s head. Skyler reaches around and strokes Liam off. Adam is appropriately excited, but it’s hard not to be when Liam is working that sweet mouth. As for Liam, his pole is ready to cut some diamonds.

Skyler keeps looking up at Adam, and eventually gets noticed.

“All right,” Adam says. “Now it’s your turn.”

He gets on the couch and puts his sausage in front of Skyler’s face. Skyler opens his mouth and takes it in.

“Suck that dick,” Adam orders.

Skyler does so, treating it like the treat it is. Poor Liam looks on and jerks off Skyler. But soon enough, he can’t stay out of the action. Liam gets under the hose and licks the shaft.

“I want you to eat some ass,” Adam commands Liam.

Adam gets on all fours, with Skyler in front of him. As Adam sucks Skyler off, Liam tongues that booty. He spits all over the hole, spreading Adam’s pale cheeks. When there’s enough lubrication, Liam saddles up and fills Adam up. The blond bottom would shout, but Skyler’s snake is in his mouth. Liam slaps Adam’s ass as he gets what’s his. Adam isn’t given any orders now. Just muffled cries.

Liam is balls deep, making certain Adam’s special spot gets hit. Adam is trying to keep his attention on Skyler, but it’s hard when you’re being broken like a peach.

“Why don’t you try fucking that hole,” Liam wonders to Skyler.

Adam gets on his side. Skyler uses some lube and gets in.

“Feels good, don’t it,” Liam asks. “It’s a great hole?”

“Oh, yeah,” Skyler says.

He too is going balls deep. As for Adam, his other end is sucking off Liam. Adam’s milky thighs have never looked better, spread apart and used like they should be. And he must be liking it because his bush beater is stiff.

Liam gets another shot, this time with Adam on his back. Adam looks like he’s going to cry but Skyler’s candy cane wipes away any tears. Liam picks up the speed and Adam’s muffled moans get louder. His holes have never been stretched out like this.

“Oh, I’m about to cum,” Adam whispers.

His juice coats one of his nipples and right after that Skyler loses all his cum on Adam’s chest. Liam pulls out and jerks his load on Adam’s pubes. There are tired high-fives at the end.


Ayden Troy & Skyler Daniels


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Skyler Daniels introduction to BSB life has been pretty good. Did a solo, and got head from pretty boy Liam. Today he’s going to take a few more steps by sucking off Ayden Troy. Unlike many of you out there, he’s not excited about the prospect. However, cash is always a good inducement.

“So I decided to jump on the game,” Skyler said.

Clothes are removed and both get on the bed. After giving their nervous ranking (Skyler is at 9, while Ayden is at 10), Skyler sucks first. For an anxious pup he takes to sucking rather well. Gets Ayden hard, deep throats with ease, no melodramatic gagging, and keeps everything juicy.

Something must be making Skyler happy because his own dick is hard. He gets a well deserved break as Ayden goes to town. Ayden is no newbie, sucking and slurping the pink shaft. All of the oral ministrations cause Skyler’s toes to curl.

The boys do a 69. Probably the best gift God gave to men. LOL! Ayden continues taking care of Skyler’s knob. The newbie returns the favor, allowing the hard sausage to smack against Ayden’s stomach. We even get a peek of Ayden’s hole. Alas, no one plays with it. At least on camera. ”Spit on it,” Ayden orders.

Skyler lets some mouth juice soak Ayden’s small head. Ayden jerks his meat as Skyler wraps his tongue around the tip.

“That’s good,” Ayden whispers.

Skyler kisses the tip, waiting for a jizz surprise for his lips. His tongue is so sexy flicking and licking, trying to coax something sweet out of Ayden. His own root is rock hard during this. All of the stimulation proves too much for Ayden. His own jerking and Skyler’s licking cause him to pop. Some of the jizz ends on Skyler’s chin, the rest on his cheek. To make sure there is no nectar left, Skyler sucks Ayden’s pole one last time.

Ayden works to get Skyler off. He strokes and sucks the newbie’s pole, causing the boy to moan. He shoots streams of cum that cover Ayden’s fingers.