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Inked Daddy Dick Down With Ari Nucci Bobby Owens

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Some members think Ari Nucci loves to bottom.  Some think he loves to top.  Both are correct!  The secret to Ari’s demeanor of enjoyment in every scene, is actually, no secret at all: He just loves to Fuck!

Bobby is quite the vocal straight boy performer already for you, but anyone paired up with Ari has a Huge bar to scale up to, just to match his energy alone.  Let alone try to perform and entertain you in a way that you haven’t already seen with Ari.

Bobby accepts the challenge and Delivers!!  You can see from the images alone, the unique and vocal fucking positions at entail-in tail!  Why waist more digital ink, spoiling all your fun?  I know THIS is what YOU WANT!!!

Spencer Todd Fucks Ian Dempsey


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Don’t worry. You don’t need glasses! That is Spencer “Red Rocket” Todd kissing Ian Dempsey. As the studs smooch, they take off their shirts and pants. Spencer continues to be a muscle stud with red freckles. The boys stand in their underwear, pulling johnsons and sucking face.
“Get on your knees and suck my dick,” Spencer commands. He hasn’t lost his straight boy edge, huh? The boys slip out of their underwear, their dicks nice and plump. Ian opens up and swallows RR. Looks up in the stud’s face. Man! Isn’t Ian a sexy dude?! He gets a taste of ginger pubes, as Spencer guides him to his prize “Oh, yeah,” Spencer moans.

He starts to gently face fuck Ian. Nothing brutal. Doesn’t gag him with meat. Ian slobbers all over the shaft, getting it slick. “You want me to suck your dick,” Spencer asks. Such a silly question! Ian gets on the bed and Spencer opens up. He might not have been in our studio for awhile, but Spencer remembers a few oral tricks. “Oh, God yes,” Ian whispers as he wipes an effort tear from his face. Sucking the Red Rocket takes some work.
Spencer goes up and down on Ian’s dong, choking on it. His mouth overflows with spit.

Keep it juicy, Spencer! Keep it juicy. His tongue swirls around Ian’s second head, making his scene partner throw his head back. There’s a brief kiss before Spencer tells Ian to get on his knees. Spencer’s pole is ready to play. He puts some lube on and once that big thing is in, Spencer goes full stroke.

He makes Ian grab the side of the bed as he pile drives that ass. “Oh, fuck,” Ian whispers.
The pounding makes Ian’s butt cheeks wiggle from the impact. Spencer’s eyes are closed, so he’s not paying too much attention to his partner’s grunts. Just making sure that Ian remembers who busted that booty a week from now.”Get on your back,” Spencer demands. Ian does so, and Ian gets a chance to go deeper than before. He holds Ian by the thigh and calf as he stuffs that man hole.”Oh, fuck me,” Ian begs.

Spencer begins to mumble “oh, yeah” on each down stroke. “You like that don’t you,” Spencer asks. Can’t fuck like this without someone blowing a load. Ian is first. His juice lands all over his abs. Spencer takes a few more jabs before pulling out. He starts stroking his meat over Ian’s open mouth. When he nuts, the first spurt hits Ian’s tongue. The rest coats Ian’s entire face, from his hair, cheeks, and chin. “Good job,” Spencer says.

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Spencer Todd & Ian Dempsey

Johnny Forza Barebacks Paul


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It’s touching when two people share a moment of hot sweaty passion and get the chance to reunite. We’re so pleased that Paul and Johnny, easily two of BSB’s most popular models, are doing their second scene together. The last time it was strictly cock sucking but this time Johnny’s getting a piece of Paul’s fat, juicy booty. If you ask Paul he can’t recall their first scene together.

“I forgot that even happened, actually,” Paul says.

Johnny seems focused and a bit excited.

“I’m here to do a job,” Johnny says.

In a flash they undress and Johnny drops to his knees and slowly sucks Paul to wake his slumbering sausage. Paul’s cock is only in Johnny mouth for about twenty seconds before it’s fully erect. Paul can’t help but moan and encourage his dutiful servant as he slurps and slobs on his fat cock.

Johnny does his best to take it deep but immediately gags. Paul’s dick is dripping with the wet warmth of Johnny’s mouth.

Soon after, Paul can’t take anymore pleasure and drops to his knees to slowly suck his partners. Paul sucks on Johnny’s cock like it’s the last cock he’ll ever get to taste. Not only can you see that Paul adores sucking Johnny’s cock, but you can hear it, as the sounds of him slurping echo in the studio.

The pair kiss for a second, Johnny warmly thanks him for his perfection head. It’s time to fuck. After the lube is slathered on the right spots, Paul sits his perfect ass on Johnny’s amazing dick.

“Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.

Johnny is a professional ass fucker and he shows no mercy. Paul leans in for a kiss as he begins to sweat and really take the pounding like a man. They switch positions and Johnny is balls deep with Paul on his side.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck,” Paul whimpers.

Paul tries to stop Johnny from going so deep but Johnny didn’t come here today for shallow pussy fucking, he goes even deeper. Johnny is so close, he reaches his limit and pulls out cumming on Paul’s thighs. They kiss some more as Paul jerks himself until he cums too.

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Johnny Forza & Paul Canon

Brandon Beale Fucks Skyler Daniels


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Every man feels brand new when he gets a fresh hair cut. I barely even recognized our sexy Texan friend Skylar, he looks like brand new broke straight boy. His smirk tugs at my cock strings, . The scene opens up with hot jock Brandon Beale and Skyler kissing on the bed. They’re kissing like they only have 45 minutes to fuck on their lunch break.

Skyler rips off Brandon’s shirt as they continue make out passionately. Nothing can tear their tongues apart. The room echoes with the sound of their lips smacking. Brandon pulls down his undies revealing a rock hard dick and a firm ass. He immediately sucks Skyler’s hard cock with no hesitation. His wet lips slide up and down Skyler’s thick shaft, you can hear Skyler’s dick touching the back of Brandon’s throat! He jacks it and spits on it. Skyler is in heaven. Now it’s his turn!

Skyler sucks on Brandon’s tool, and Brandon is impressed with the effort.

“Oh, yeah. Just like that,” Brandon coos.

Skyler deep throats the sausage, making it more bloated and ready to play.

“Oh, shit,” Brandon says in surprise at Skyler’s skills.

Skyler treats the man meat like an ice cream cone, using his pink tongue to lap up and down the shaft.

“Suck that dick,” Brandon demands.

Skyler mounts Brandon’s dick and starts to ride. He starts a little slow to get used to the sheer girth that Brandon is blessed with. Once it feels right he get’s into the groove.

“Ride that dick,” Brandon says.
Skyler does as he is told and enjoys every moment of it. Skyler gets on his side and Brandon fucks him hard from that position, his huge balls thrusting inside Skyler’s tight hole.

“Look at me,” Brandon orders.

They kiss more, they’re damn near making love! Brandon is close so he fucks Skyler harder. Skyler jerks his dick as Brandon slams inside of him. Soon Skyler shoots his load all over his chest. Brandon pulls out and cums on Skyler’s stomach.

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Brandon Beale & Skyler Daniels 

Ayden Fucks Skyler


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Ayden and Skyler, no strangers to the BSB cameras are back for more good times. Our buddy Ayden is pretty bummed. His driver’s license was suspended. Meanwhile, Skyler just bought himself a brand new ride. Ayden is in need of something warm and tight to cheer him up and it looks like a hesitant Skyler is almost ready to give up the goods.

Our bros quickly drop trou and commence with the fun. Ayden warms Skyler up with some nice wet head, a skill he’s recently mastered. Within moments, Skyler’s cock is rock hard. The boys switch sides and Skyler dives onto Ayden for some deep slow dick sucking. Skyler is very thorough, making sure he sucks from shaft to base. Needless to say Ayden and his wet, throbbing dick appreciate the special attention.

“You like that dick, huh?” Ayden asks while stroking Skyler’s dick.

Before he gets sucked senseless, Ayden quickly prepares to slide into Skyler’s tight little hole. He quickly rolls on a condom and slathers his cock with lube, in preparation for his deep plunge. Skyler’s hairy little hole takes the first few strokes in stride.  Soon, Ayden takes charge of Skyler’s ass doggie style with nice long deep strokes then he speeds up as the hole conforms to his big dick.

“Fuck yeah, you have a big dick” Skyler murmurs in between the pounding.

As he fucks Skyler harder and harder, Ayden is rendered almost speechless and can only manage to release a few deep groans in between thrusts. He grabs Skyler by the waist to make sure his dick is getting as deep as possible. Before he loses his load, he wants Skyler to ride him. Skyler eases himself onto Ayden’s dick and bounces his ass on the dick, his fat cock flapping in the air as he rides.

“Fuck yeah, fuck that tight ass” Skyler commands.

“How much do you love that dick? How much?” Ayden asks as Skyler rides mercilessly.

“Oh big dick, I love it” Skyler replies.

In a flash, Skyler is on his back, legs in the air and Ayden is fucking him missionary. Skyler jacks his dick and blasts a huge load as Ayden wears into his hole deeper. As Ayden nears his peak he snatches the condom off and shoots his load onto Skyler’s chest and cock.

“How was it Skyler?” Cameraman asks.

“Rough.”  Skyler replies.

Damn straight.

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Ayden & Skyler

Brandon Nails Tyler Blaze Bareback


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Hardcore scene between Brandon Beal and Tyler Beal. Tyler has never taken a cock bare before and but in the end he seems to enjoy it.

Time for Tyler to get on his back. Brandon slathers up his meat. When he enters, without a condom, Tyler can only curse. Hard to blame him. There’s no mercy in Brandon’s fucking. Balls deep and insistent.

“Dammit,” Tyler whines.

He grits his teeth as Brandon’s pace quickens.

“Take that dick,” Brandon demands.

The brutish top turns tender, sucking and jerking Tyler until he busts. Even keeps his mouth open, allowing some of Tyler’s man juice to land on his tongue and bottom lip. A sliver of Tyler’s nectar dangles from Brandon’s mouth.

Tyler is asked how it feels to be fucked.

“It was tough at first, but toward the end it wasn’t so bad,” Tyler observes. “It hit some sort of spot.”

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