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Gotta Get Some

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Ashton Taylor and Romeo James

These two aren’t here for lip service. So, it’s no wonder that they don’t spend too much time making out before Romeo has a mouthful of Ashton’s cock. Our BSB veterans really know how to put on a show when sucking dick! When it’s Ashton’s turn, he gets down on his knees to give Romeo head, sucking his sweet cock until Romeo is begging to get fucked. He bends his sweet has over and invites Ashton to invade his tight ass. Ashton doesn’t hesitate. He eagerly pushes his bareback dick inside.

Romeo gets fucked hard from behind as Ashton fills his ass and stretches that hole around his shaft. Ashton makes Romeo’s juicy hairy ass bounce and jiggle. Romeo flips over onto his back and continues to let Ashton fuck him some more as he moans with each deep thrust.  The harder Ashton pounds him, the closer Romeo gets to busting a nut until he finally strokes the cum out of his cock and then watches Ashton pull out and do the same. He sprays hot jizz all over his screen partner.

Ashton Taylor and Romeo James

Take Him!

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Tanner Valentino Fucks Romeo James

Tanner Valentino sits his sexy ass right beside Romeo James and they get right to kissing. The make out passionately before Romeo travels down to Tanner’s crotch and takes his fat dick into his mouth. He swivels his mouth on Tanner’s prick, forcing it to grow rock hard between his lips. Tanner takes his turn. He kisses his way down to Romeo’s dick and wraps his mouth around it.

Romeo is already on his back with his legs spread so Tanner takes advantage of the situation and pushes his big cock right into his waiting ass. Tanner has obviously wanted some ass because he lays into Romeo with no mercy. He pounds the hot boy’s hole with Romeo’s legs wrapped around his shoulders. Romeo takes it from behind next, letting Tanner pound his hot hairy ass over and over. Romeo takes control by climbing on top of Tanner and riding him reverse cowboy. I love seeing his hairy ass put in work on Tanner’s cock. Before long, Tanner puts Romeo back on his back and fucks him hard, forcing Romeo to cum all over himself. Tanner pulls out moments later and then busts a nut all over Romeo next!

Tanner Valentino Fucks Romeo James

Full Circle

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Kyle Porter Fucks Sebastian Lee

Romeo James and John Henry are unmistakably into each other. The way these two kiss gives it all away. They kiss hard yet passionately before Romeo uses those soft lips on another part of John’s anatomy. Romeo slobs all over John’s thick cock before putting his oral skills to work on his hole. John puts his oral work in next. He wraps his mouth around Romeo’s shaft and let all of it slide down his throat.

John does such a good job that soon his cock is craving more than a warm mouth; it wants a warm hole. John pushes into Romeo’s ass and begins to let him have it. He drilling him hard and rough, fucking him like he hasn’t some ass in a long while. John moans as he takes it deep before climbing on top of Romeo and riding that dick. He grinds his hips against Romeo showing off his cock riding skills. Romeo flips John onto his back and fucks him hard, pounding the cum out of him and then nutting all over John as he finishes himself!

Kyle Porter Fucks Sebastian Lee

Just a Tip or Two

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Romeo James Breaks In Sebastian Lee

Today one of our vets will be showing a newbie the ropes. Romeo James may have been out of the game for a little while but he knows exactly what to do for the camera and he’s all too eager to show Sebastian Lee the ropes. They move in for a kiss and after a short make out session Romeo gets to down to business by giving Sebastian a nice blowjob. Much to Sebastian’s delight, the blowjob turns into a rimjob as Romeo sticks his slick tongue into his ass. Sebastian gives Romeo oral next, kissing his way up Romeo’s hairy thighs before sucking on his hard prick.

Sebastian lies on his back and spreads his legs, inviting Romeo inside. Romeo straps up slowly slides his cock inside of him, filling him up as Sebastian jerks his own member.  Once Sebastian’s ass is loosened, Romeo picks up the pace and begins to deliver deeper and deeper strokes. Sebastian turns over on all fours and Romeo fucks him from behind, making Sebastian’s ass jiggle which each thrust. Romeo slows it down a little, giving Sebastian’s hole a minute to stretch around that cock. But surprisingly, Sebastian begs to be fucked harder; a wish Romeo grants! Romeo batters his ass! He pounds the fuck out of him and looks down as that big booty bounces off of him. When he’s ready to cum, he pulls out and releases his jizz between Sebastian’s cheeks.  Sebastian jerks his own dick while Romeo plays with his boy hole, until he finally strokes out a huge load all over the bed.

Romeo James Breaks In Sebastian Lee

Drowning in cum: The 3 way

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Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

Oh boy! Another group scene! They’re starting to spoil us. Tyler, Romeo, and Kaden are on set and ready to fuck. These dudes waste no time. Tyler gets things cracking by pulling Kaden and Romeo toward him. I don’t know what’s gotten into Tyler lately but he loves to taste armpits. He gives Kaden’s and Romeo’s pits a good cleaning.

Soon the cock sucking fest begins with Tyler sucking Kaden and Romeo sucking Tyler. This is how BSB boys mingle. The boys move over to the bed where Tyler lies down and begins to give Romeo head while experiencing some mouth on dick attention from Kaden. All of these boys know how to use their pie holes!

Kaden decides to really get things popping by sitting on Tyler’s dick. We cannot really hear him moan because his mouth is filled with Romeo’s cock. After having his hole thoroughly stroked; Kaden gets up and lets Romeo have a turn. Tyler fucks Romeo from the back good while Romeo swallows Kaden’s man bat. They flip Romeo on his back and fuck him stupid until all three of them blow nice loads. They completely hose Romeo down with cum!

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Horny in the morning

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Romeo James fucks Skyler Daniels

The veterans Romeo James and the oh-so-handsome Skyler Daniels are on set and are clearly ready to fuck. AS soon as the scene starts and clothes come off its obvious that these two need a morning release. They begin by kissing each other’s lips and bodies. Skyler stands on the chair and changes on while Romeo blows him. Romeo pleases Skyler’s rock hard dick with those luscious lips and warm mouth. Skyler turns around and Romeo gives his sweet hole a good tongue lashing. Skyler’s ass is practically feasted on by Romeo.

Once on the bed; Skyler swallows Romeo’s dick whole. Seriously, he gives one of the best blow jobs I’ve seen in a while. Skyler licks and sucks all over Romeo’s meaty shaft. Romeo lubes up and Skyler slides his hot ass right onto the dick. Romeo jacks him while fucking him from below. He then puts Skyler on all fours and lets that ass have it! He strokes Skyler’s booty nice and deep. When the boys finally bust they squirt warm gooey loads all over Skyler’s body.

That’s what happens when dudes wake up horny.

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It’s been a long time coming

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Romeo James fucks Anthony Hunt

Anthony is still with us and today he’s going to get fucked by the one and only Romeo. The boys have been getting around but they haven’t had much time to get laid. Well that’s what we’re here for; to get these boys laid and paid!

Anthony stands on top of the bed and has his juicy cock inhaled by Romeo. Romeo spits and licks all over that big shaft. I’ve always said that Romeo is one of the best cock suckers around and he proves me right ever time with his deep throating skills. Soon Anthony takes his turn at bat by taking Romeo’s man bat into his mouth. I drool as I watch Anthony’s saliva crawl down Romeo’s dick. How fucking hot!

Romeo bends Anthony right over and plows right into him. Having that tight hole plowed, Anthony moans and groans. “Oh you fucking bastard!” he shouts. This is one kid that knows how to talk dirty. The more Anthony talks the more Romeo batters that delicious ass. Romeo puts Anthony on his side and continues to dick him down. What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of this fuck! From this angle we can see every inch of Romeo’s fat juicy pole drilling into Anthony’s ass. The boys finish up with Anthony on his back. Anthony fires off a nice load at Romeo’s command. Romeo fucks him right until it’s time for him to bust. There’s man grease everywhere! These boys have been working and partying hard. They deserved that hot release.

Watch Romeo James Fuck Anthony Hunt

And the winner is…

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Tate Thompson And Romeo Flip Fuck Raw

Tate and Romeo have been throwing jabs at each other lately. Apparently, they’ve got a competition going on. They want the cameraman to decide who the more hardcore fucker is. Let’s see how this shakes out.

They lose the clothes and Romeo starts by blowing Tate’s cock. It must feel good because Tate’s mouth drops open instantaneously. Romeo’s mouth glides up and down his shaft and releases only to lick Tate’s balls. That cock gets good and wet before Tate stops him; claiming that it’s his turn. Before getting on his knees he and Romeo begin to kiss, making me hope that there’s more than just a friendly competition going on between them. Oh, the places my imagination will go! I’m brought back to reality by Romeo’s loud moans. Tate’s warm mouth is doing a number on his dick. Romeo plays in Tate’s golden hair as he receives tonsil service. I’m sure it’s good but Romeo can’t wait any longer. He orders Tate onto the bed. He gets Tate on his side, lifts up his leg and starts rimming his asshole. Once it’s nice and slick, Romeo slides his cock right inside. Tate has some obvious pain at first but Romeo has a point to make. He digs his rod deep into Tate. While pounding his hole, Romeo licks Tate’s chest, and pits. He holds him close and brings Tate in for another hot kiss. Tate must be fully enjoying himself now because his dick is rock hard. Romeo repositions Tate onto his back and turns up the heat by sucking on Tate’s toes while he fucks him. Romeo’s nastier than I thought!

IF this is truly a fucking completion than Tate is going to have his work cut out for him. Romeo pulls out and sits on Tate’s face. Tate begins to feast on that ass; sticking his tongue in as far as it will go. He pulls Romeo’s cheeks apart to help his tongue journey as far down that hairy hole as it can. Satisfied with the lube job, Tate begins to squeeze his cock into Romeo. Romeo begs him to go slow; but they clearly have different definitions of the word because Tate just begins to pound away. Romeo’s hairy booty bounces off of Tate’s torso. Romeo definitely has one of the sexiest asses of the entire BSB team. Tate’s pole slides in and out and I can’t help but to jealous of both of them. Tate flips Romeo onto his back and begins to batter that hole even harder. Romeo’s moans gets louder and louder and then he spews cum all over his chest. Tate fucked the cum right out of him! Romeo slides off of the bed and onto his knees right before allowing Tate to cum directly into his mouth. And just when I thought this scene couldn’t get any hotter; Romeo pushes Tate onto the chair then deposits the cum directly into Tate’s mouth! The director can’t call a winner in this competition and I can’t blame him, that she was hot!

Watch Tate Thompson And Romeo Flip Fuck Raw

It’s a good day to get fucked

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Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

We’ve got three broke boys in the room today; Romeo James, Kaden Alexander and Cage Kafig. If this blog had sound effects you’d be hearing applause, sirens, explosions, and dogs barking. This threesome is going to be too hot for words. Let’s get fucking

The boys get started by lubing up…not their dicks but Kayden’s legs. He’s a little ashy but apparently lube is a great moisturizer. Once Kayden’s legs are up to code the boys undress. Romeo is already hard! I think any man with a pulse would be in this room. “Hard dicks and helicopters” Kayden taunts. They lube up and this time its their dicks. Romeo stands on the bed and gets a blowjob from Cage, while Kayden blows Cage. Cage and Kayden are both excellent cocksuckers! They fully inhale the dicks in their mouths while Romeo has a bird eye’s view of all the action. The camera zooms in on Kayden, spotlighting the way he hungrily swallows Cage’s big cock while jacking his own uncut meat. Cage slurps and pacifies himself on Romeo dicks while sounds of moaning fill the air. This is already one hot threesome! That flavored lube must be really good. Romeo climbs off the bed for a taste test. He pops Kayden’s big dick in his mouth and begins to blowing away. His skills immediately have Kayden moaning loudly. Meanwhile, Cage’s volume is increasing as Kayden’s blows his brains out. Romeo takes as much cock as he can but he soon finds himself gagging. That’s what happens when you get to the Cock Sucking Olympics. Romeo isn’t deterred. He gets right back to sucking and licking Kayden’s juicy meat pole.

Ready to be fucked, Kayden lies back and offers his ass to Romeo. Romeo invades his caramel hole, pressing his dick in raw. Cage doesn’t care if Kayden is preoccupied or not, he stuffs his baby leg right back into Kayden’s mouth. I try to contain my jealousy and live vicariously while Kayden acts out one of my personal fantasies; getting pig roasted by two hot straight boys. Kayden hums out muffled moans as Romeo plows his ass and holds those lubed legs apart.

Cage, ready to get his own dick warm in some man booty, lays Romeo down on his back and slides inside him. That hairy ass of Romeo’s has had many guest appearances in my dreams. Cage’s raw cock glides in and out of it. Kayden stands on the bed and implants his dick in Cage’s mouth. I wonder if Cage is practiced enough to fuck and suck at the same time. My question is soon answered. Kayden holds Romeo’s leg out of the way, allowing Cage to get at his dick with his mouth. Not one to be outdone at multitasking Romeo grabs Cage’s arm and starts to suck on his finger. Hot! Cage fucks past Romeo’s hairy entrance, going in and out at breakneck speed. All three boys are calling out in pleasure.Kayden moves down to Romeo and dips his dick back into Romeo’s warm mouth. He watches Cage batter Romeo’s booty until he’s jealous and ready for his turn. Kayden pulls Romeo to him and stuffs his big black cock inside. Cage finds a place for his own pole; and that’s back in Kayden’s mouth. “That feels so good” Romeo belts out form below. He’s not the only one crying out; “Fuck yeah, suck that dick”, Cage commands while having his big sausage devoured by Kayden.

Romeo is in . He squirts man milk all over his belly. Kayden and Cage add to Romeo’s sperm collection by blasting their loads all over him! I could populate an entire nation with thousands of BSB bastards from all the baby batter on Romeo’s chest! In an attempt to help Kayden stay moisturized, Romeo rubs some of the cum on his legs. I have some more if he needs it!

Check out Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

Boy booty beat down!

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Damien Kyle Fucks Romeo James

Romeo is back with a new hair cut to show off and he doesn’t want it messed with. I don’t know why these boys get all styled up before getting fucked. Oh well, he’ll learn. He’s been pouring concrete since we last saw him and I must say that it’s been doing his body good. He’s paired with Damien Kyle who’s as handsome and as ready to fuck as ever. After a brief convo about Romeo’s first scene, the boys pull off their clothes and they’re both already hard as concrete. That makes three of us! Romeo sits back and begins to enjoy a nice blow job from Damien. We all know how good Damien’s head is so it’s no surprise that Romeo is breathing heavily within moments of his dick being put into Damien’s mouth. Damien goes from jacking and sucking, to just jacking, to sucking with no hands. The boy has range. Though Romeo has a nice sized cock, it’s no match for the talented and well broken in hole of Damien. He bobs up and down Romeo’s cock trying to tickle it with his uvula (that’s the dangly thing at the back of your throat for those of you who are about to leave this blog to head to google)! Seriously though, I’m surprised he didn’t choke on it.

Romeo lays Damien on the bed, and starts to display his own oral talents. He holds onto Damien’s balls while inhaling Damien’s meat. Romeo does a good job of taking it all the way down, his mouth almost reaching Damien’s pubes. Tasty! Romeo battles with the dick, pushing it further and further down his throat, until tears start flowing down his nose. Now, that’s some no holds barred head!!!

This superb performance gets Damien in the mood for some of Romeo’s boy pussy. “Get your ass up and ride this dick”, Damien declares. Romeo sits on it in reverse cowboy style and starts to bounce on the dick. That hairy hole of his takes all of Damien. “How does that feel?” Damien asks. “Good baby” I answer, “real good!”…only he’s not talking to me is he? Nonetheless Romeo’s dick riding has me ready to explode and I’m not even there; so I can only imagine how good it feels to Damien and that beef pole of his. Romeo grinds on the dick like a true power bottom, trying to milk it. Meanwhile his own dick just swings in front of our faces. What a tease!

He turns around to face Damien and continues to ride him. It’s not long before these two are kissing. Damien takes over and begins to assault his ass from below. He then flips onto his back, kisses him more, reinserts his man tool, and thumps away. He holds his legs open and lets Romeo hole have all the dick it can handle. And that hairy boy box can take plenty. But the stimulation is too much; Romeo unleashes a heavy load and cums all over his abs. He shoots so hard that it makes it to his chest and barely misses that hairdo of his. Inspired or just pushed to his limit by having the pleasure of fucking Romeo, Damien spills his own goo onto Romeo’s hand.

Damien comments that he busted a sweat. Beating boy booty takes work!

Cum Check out Damien and Romeo’s Newest Video here

Johnny, Romeo, & Ian


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Who doesn’t love a triple treat? Today’s update has Ian Dempsey, Johnny Forza, and Romeo James. Ian is in the middle, getting kisses from both studs. He’s even the first to go shirtless. There’s more smooching as the studs strip. Ian’s tool is plump and ready to play. Romeo leans in and nibbles on Ian’s chest. Johnny then grabs Ian’s meat and puts kisses on those sweet lips. Ian is such a lucky fella to be getting all of this attention.

The three naked performers make out, with Ian getting most of the attention. Notice how turned on he is? His toes are curling in. LOL!
Johnny and Romeo stand up, with Ian on his knees. The lucky devil gets two sausages to service. He goes back and forth, deep throating as much as possible. Johnny and Ian are pleased with Ian’s skills. Plus, doesn’t Ian’s cute factor increase by 20 with dick in his mouth?

Ian gets on his back. He keeps Johnny’s johnson in his mouth. Romeo sucks on Ian’s rod and fingers that little butt. It’s about time Ian got some oral loving. His meat is close to bursting. Romeo’s finger spreads open that man hole, getting it prepped for a royal stuffing. As for Johnny, he makes sure Romeo’s lips cover his entire shaft. After all that fingering, it’s time for Ian to get plowed. He gets on his hands and knees, and Romeo enters in one motion. From the start, Romeo fucks balls deep. Ian’s grunts are stifled because his throat is constricted with Johnny’s tool. Romeo gives those pale a cheeks a slap to let Ian know who owns that ass.  The trio realize that Johnny has been left out of the fun. Sure his little big Johnny has been sucked, but who doesn’t want some tight male tail?

Ian gets on his side, with Romeo getting back in. Johnny gets behind Romeo, his pud breaking Romeo’s seal. Each time Romeo pounds Ian, his own booty gets busted by Johnny. Getting it in the front and back. Poor Romeo. He looks so conflicted. Blissed and pleasantly hurt at the same time.

Ian busts first, his man milk filling up his belly button. Romeo pulls out and lets Johnny drill him. This causes Romeo’s load to splatter the black sheets. Johnny is next, his cum coating Romeo’s hairy thighs. The scene closes with sighs and kissing. The three amigos are spent!

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Johnny, Romeo, & Ian 

Romeo Fucks Skyler


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Two of the finest Texans to walk this planet are about to collide, all for the love of money. Skyler and Romeo are going to fuck. This is Romeo’s very first time fucking another guy. The first time I saw him doing his solo, I knew the moment would come. Skyler has some concerns, he feels like he’s been getting fucked a lot lately and he’s not sure how he feels about that. Romeo is a bit anxious to actually stick his fat cock inside something that isn’t a mouth or a pussy.

“I don’t know what to expect,” Romeo says.

Our southern studs strip down to nothing and start to jerk each other off. Romeo then leans over and takes Skyler in his mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, Skyler’s dick is rock hard.

“That’s pretty quick,” the cameraman says to Romeo. “We’ll have to hire you as a fluffer.”

After some good old fashioned deep throating Skyler gives Romeo a break and begins to slurp and swallows Romeo’s dick. He takes no prisoners as he uses his lips, mouth, and throat to dominate Romeo’s throbbing cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Romeo moans.

Skyler deep throats with gusto, making sure his nose nuzzles Romeo’s pubes. All of this sucking
gets Romeo ready for the main course. Skyler hands him a condom. As he puts it on, Skyler places
lube in his canal. He gets in the doggie style position, and Romeo saddles up.

Our new top doesn’t give Skyler a chance to get used to anything. He slams inside, balls deep from the start. Skyler whimpers and grits his teeth. When told he backs up his fine ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Skyler whimpers.

“You like that,” Romeo asks.

Skyler doesn’t respond, but Romeo doesn’t care. He wants to mark that hole. Skyler gets on his back, and Romeo continues to pound away. The fucking gets faster, pushing  Skyler over the edge. His load explodes and coats his pale stomach. Romeo pulls out jerks a big old load that mixes with Skyler’s man milk.

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Romeo & Skyler

Ayden & Romeo


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Fitness is essential! On this latest BSB update we stumble upon BSB newbie Romeo and BSB veteran Ayden pumping iron in the gym. These two lean muscular studs never miss a day! From the looks of things they might need some extra protein to make through this particular workout.

Romeo hits the bars but his technique is flawed, so Ayden shows him how it’s supposed to be done. As Ayden prepares for another set, he notices his “bros” hard dick poking through his gym short. Romeo unleashes his dragon and the sexy pair start to 69 on the weight bench!

Romeo makes sure Ayden’s dick is nice and hard before he wraps his lips around and begins to deep throat Aydens cocks. Romeo’s sexy tan line and hairy thighs are the icing on the cake.

“How does that taste, bro,” Romeo wonders.

“Delicious, bro,” Ayden says.

The sucking is nonstop and from the looks of it both parties are giving just as good as they are getting. There is a change of positions. Ayden gets on his stomach, on the bench, and keeps up his blow job duties. Romeo takes the back of Ayden’s head and guides him to where it should be.

“Suck that cock,” Romeo commands.

Ayden is definitely in the moment, he slides his finger in his hole as he slurps and sucks on Romeo’s fat dick. He sucks hard imagining how it would feel is Romeo fucked him on the weight bench.

They switch positions and Romeo serves Ayden while he stands. Ayden spits in Romeo’s mouth as thing heat up and Romeo loves every drop. His mouth is covered with pre-cum and Ayden’s spit.

“I’m about to cum, bro,” Romeo announces.

He does. The load makes his stomach sticky with man goo.

Ayden starts jerking his own meat. Romeo’s face is close, but he doesn’t look like he wants a facial. LOL! Ayden’s initial stream of cum hits Romeo’s chest.

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Ayden & Romeo

Romeo & Skyler


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BSB newbie Romeo is back! This time he’s going to learn an important life skill; cock sucking. Our bro Skyler is no stranger to a fat dick in his throat so he shares a few words of wisdom, from one straight boy to another.

“Just put it in your mouth,” Skyler says. “Go up and down. And suck like it’s a straw.”

Our sexy buds get shirtless, pull their dicks out and begin to play with them. Skyler leans in to get the party started and starts sucking Romeo. Romeo looks extremely taken aback, he is pleasantly surprised by Skyler’s pole sucking prowess. Skyler strokes his meat as he deep throats Romeo’s like the rent is due.

They slide their jeans off and get a little more comfortable on the couch. Romeo begins to stroke Skyler as appreciation for the excellent service. Soon it’s Romeo’s turn at bat and the moment his sweet lips touch Skyler’s throbbing cock it is clear that he knocked it out of the park. Skyler pulls him up for an unexpected kiss.  Romeo continues to slob and slurp on Romeo’s cock.

“Your jaw hurt,” Clay wonders.

“Yeah. My eyes are watering,” Romeo answers.

He returns to the servicing Skyler.

“Fuck,” Skyler whimpers.

Skyler decides the highly skilled amateur needs a break and begins to suck and slurp on Romeo’s meat again. Skyler sucks on the head, strokes it, then deep throats it. Before you know it Romeo utters those famous last words.

“I’m about to cum,” he pleads.

Moments later Skyler shoots a piping hot load all over Romeo’s chest. The boys move things to the shower to recap their liaison and evaluate their cock sucking skills. Romeo proclaims that Skyler sucks dick better than a girl. When asked is he’s interested in doing more scenes, Romeo gets a little quiet but says that he’s open to it. Looks like we might be seeing more of this one.

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Romeo & Skyler

Romeo Shows Off


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Looks like Romeo ditched Juliet in this scene and decided to get off on his own. Meet our new BSB recruit, Romeo. This guy is no son of Montague. He doesn’t even look Italian! However, he loves his wine and spirits, maybe a little too much.

“I’m on my third DWI, and I lost my license. So I have no transportation to work. So I’m jobless and broke.”

He casually undresses and gets down to his t-shirt and undies. Romeo the first time he fell in love–with his cock. He said he first jerked off at his grandparent’s home when he  was ten years old. He doesn’t have to jerk off as much as he did back in the day. He gets a lot of play from the ladies apparently. He and his friend double-teamed a cougar once.

Romeo strokes his cock slow and gently. It takes him a moment but he gets into the groove soon enough forgets he’s being filmed. You can’t miss that nice ball sack and those hairy legs.

He admits to playing with his hole from time to time. He pulls his legs up and gives a peek. Romeo fingers it and gets even more excited. I wonder if he’s ever taken anything bigger than a finger…

Romeo puts those fine legs back on the floor and shoots huge load. It slathers his stomach and pubes. When asked, he takes a taste of his own man milk.

“Taste pretty good,” Romeo observes.

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