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Work Loads – Ricky Ridges & Quin Quire

Overhearing Ricky Ridges talking on the phone, it becomes clear to Quin Quire that his boss is in need of a little relief on the job site. Ricky’s blue balls are making it impossible to focus on his duties, but luckily Quin aims to please his superiors and has no problem going the extra mile to complete the task. This is all music to Ricky’s ears, but Quin backs up his sweet talk with even sweeter action, immediately setting to work on Rickey’s hard on, sucking him off at Rickey’s desk. Ricky’s hard on grows two sizes as Quin’s magic mouth goes to work, but Ricky’s urges are going to need a little more to be satisfied, so he bends Quin over his desk and plunges his raw cock deep into his employee’s sweet hole. Quin takes the dick like a veteran, letting his boss fuck him every way he desires. Ricky appreciates Quin’s flexibility and versatility, and as he fucks him in every corner of the office, he realizes that Quin is more than qualified for whatever position Ricky envisions. When he finally loses his nut, Quin is sweaty and smiling, glad to have eased Ricky’s concerns. Looks like there’s a cumming promotion for one good little worker!<br></br>Enjoy!

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Work Loads – Ricky Ridges & Quin Quire

Step-Secrets – Justin Matthews & Rickey Ridges

With no parents around to bother them, step-brothers Justin Matthews and Rickey Ridges have all the time they need to indulge in their favorite shared activity. Justin waits for moments like these, when he can finally have a taste of Rickey’s sweet cock once again. It’s definitely not the first time they’ve messed around, and probably won’t be the last, but Justin savors every second as Rickey long dicks him in the guest room. Justin takes it every which way he can get it, and Rickey holds nothing back, as he fucks the cum out of Justin before giving him a sibling splash down, unloading all over his hole as the two of them laugh and promise to keep their secret.Enjoy!

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Step-Secrets – Justin Matthews & Rickey Ridges

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Vadim Black And Ricky Evans

Ricky hasn’t had a chance to work out today, but that’s ok because Vadim is going to give him more than he can handle. I hope he’s ready to break a sweat. This is a hot couple of guys and like Ricky, I can’t wait to get started.

The boys start off with some heavy kissing. Ricky’s hand makes it into Vadim’s pants before he knows it. Ready to give him what he wants, Vadim just takes them off and allows Ricky full access. Ricky stuffs the Russian dick into and mouth and swallows the entire shaft. Vadim’s eyes roll back into his head, he loves it. Vadim sits on the back of the couch and continues to fuck Rickey’s mouth, only breaking to kiss the cock hungry lad. I’m hoping that Ricky gets tired so that I can tag in but he just continues to take every bit of Vadim’s shaft down his throat.

Ricky lies back on the couch, opening his legs before Vadim. Vadim quickly pushes his cock inside and has Ricky moaning instantaneously. He beats Ricky’s booty hole up, ramming his insides over and over. Vadim flips him over and makes Ricky’s juicy ass bounce right off of him. I can’t quite tell what’s making me drool more, Vadim’s fucking or Ricky’s hot boy pussy. I don’t think my dick cares because this scene already has it ready to blow. Vadim lies down and Ricky sits right down onto his wood and begins to bounce up and down. He straight up uses Vadim like a toy until he spews hot man juice everywhere. Vadim bends him over one more time and busts his own load of jizz all over Ricky’s back and ass. That shit needs to be on everyone’s highlight reel, it’s definitely on mine.

Vadim Black and Ricky Evans