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Legally Aged – Markie More & Tom Bentley

With the object of his desire back in town on school break, young and hot Tom Bentley has Markie More cornered with a secret. Tom doesn’t want to spill the beans on Markie’s indiscretions with his best friend, but he will do what he has to do to get a test drive of Markie’s sweet cock. Markie isn’t interested in going to jail, but when Tom shows him he’s had a birthday and is of legal age, Markie decides the only thing he can do to shut Tom’s little mouth is shove a cock inside of it, and in not time, that’s what he’s doing, as he and Tom get naked in his bedroom. Markie face fucks Tom’s mouth but the real prize he’s after is Tom’s tight young ass, so he bends Tom over and enters from the rear. Tom takes all of his cock like a vet, so Markie feels no harm in pounding Tom as hard as he wants, fucking him all over the bed in every position. Tom is ready to nut so Markie gives him one last hard pounding, and Tom erupts all over himself as Markie pulls out and blasts the newbie with his college load, coating Tom in a sticky secret that’s just for the two of them.

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Legally Aged – Markie More & Tom Bentley

Where’s the Rent? – Alex Tanner A & Bridger Watts

Alex Tanner is about to get a taste of the real world, as landlord Bridger Watts has served him with a 7 day notice to either pay or vacate the premises. Alex is taken unawares, as his parents normally fund his lifestyle, but Bridger has just informed Alex that his parents have instructed Bridger they will no longer be financing Alex’s debt, which leaves Alex between a rock and a hard place. Luckily for Alex, that hard place is located in Bridger’s pants, which is something Alex knows all about. As he slides his hand across Bridger’s thigh, he assures his landlord they can work something out, and as he unzips Bridger’s trousers, it seems as though reality isn’t the only thing young Alex will be tasting today. Bridger’s cock falls out of his pants, semi-hard and ready for action. Alex takes it into his mouth and downs it as Bridger begins to come out of his clothes. Alex checks out Bridger’s ripped arms and chest and gets horny just thinking about those big strong arms wrapped around him. But he doesn’t have to imagine it for very long, as soon after, Bridger is bending Alex over, pounding him from behind and making sure he gets his money’s worth. Alex takes every throbbing inch that Bridger has to dish out, mounting him and grinding his ass against Bridger’s thrusts, as Alex jerks himself off and spews his load onto the floor below, before Bridger pulls out and coats his face with a load that just earned Alex at least 30 more days of occupancy. Enjoy!

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Where’s the Rent? – Alex Tanner A & Bridger Watts

Handshake and then a Cumshake

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Vadim Black Fucks Jason Sterling Bareback

There’s no such thing as a stranger at BSB. One minute you could be shaking someone’s hand for the first time and then sucking their dick the next. This is a phenomenon that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. Vadim and Jason just met and are all set to get to know each other, biblically.

After pecking away at each other’s lips and necks, the boys begin to peel off their clothes. Jason strips down to his boxer briefs and stands in front of Vadim. Vadim licks at Jason’s dick print through the briefs before sliding them down and getting a taste of the real thing. He swivels his head as he takes Jason’s shaft deep into his mouth. Jason veiny cock gets rock hard as Vadim works on it. Jason goes down on Vadim but doesn’t get to stay there long as Vadim instructs him to get into the 69 position where they feast on each other’s member.

Vadim preps Jason ass for fucking by gently fingering before sliding his cock in deep. He gets right to pounding. Vadim talks shit and smacks Jason’s boy cunt as fucks him, he’s in complete control. Jason’s face is bright red from the discomfort of having his hole filled and bullied. He gets some relief when Vadim allows him to get on top. There’s only one problem, Vadim had no intention of relinquishing total control. He batters Jason’s sweet man hole from below as Jason holds on for dear life. Vadim abuses Jason until he’s covered from head to toe in their cum.

Vadim Black and Jason Sterling Raw

School’s Out, Time to Play

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Zeno Kostas Fucks John Henry

Zeno has been on his grind working and going to school. Thankfully for us, he’s stilll in need of some fast cash so we’ve got him for a little while longer. John Henry is also on a break from school and with some free time on his hands he’s decided to make a little extra money. Let’s see what happens when two sets of idle hands meet.

The boys rip their shirts off and attack each other’s lips. After some deep kissing, John kisses and sucks on Zeno’s pierced nipples. Zeno stands up on the bed and takes off his jeans, letting his free. John takes the opportunity to taste his cock. He swivels his mouth on Zeno’s dick while firmly gripping his meaty ass. Zeno lays John back on the bed where he snatches off his jeans and takes his turn at rocking the mic. Zeno does a great job of getting John’s dick nice and slick with saliva. John’s mouth is agape as he watches Zeno work his member over.

When it’s time to fuck, Zeno simply sits back and lets John sit right on it. Once he’s on, he grinds and winds his hips on Zeno’s cock before beginning to bounce on him. Zeno grabs John cheeks and fucks from below. John bends over, showing off his meaty booty. Zeno smacks it in appreciation before driving his cock right back inside. He takes full advantage of being in control of John’s ass. He pounds his hole with little to mercy, making John moan louder and louder. But the real fireworks start once he has John on his back. Zeno fucks him deep until cum erupts from John’s prick. Zeno pulls out and dumps his load all over him.

Zeno Kostas And John Henry

Put your weight into it

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Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy

David is already back and this time he’ll be getting that newbie ass fucked by the one and only Conner Chesney. David blew me away with his topping skills so I’m anxious to see how he takes to his first time bottoming for us.

These two waste no time. They shed their clothes quickly and begin to fondle on another. They sit back on the couch and Conner wraps those lusty lips around David’s hot dick. Conner takes almost all of it down his throat as David reaches around and jacks him off. David gets on his hands and knees and returns the favor while showing off the arch of his back and his ass. Conner cops a nice feel, grabbing and slapping David’s juicy buns.

David lies on his back and allows Conner to lube his tight hole. Conner also teases it with a dildo, priming that ass for a good fuck. Once his ass is prepped and ready Conner gives him the real thing. He slides his dick in nice and slow. David moan’s out in pleasure so Conner takes that as a cue to really start fucking him. Conner bangs that boy pussy hard while David begs for more. I’ve said it before and I mean it; Conner knows how to put his weight into every stroke. Just watching him makes my asshole throb! He holds David’s legs apart while constantly shoving his dick inside him. He flips David’s pretty ass around and continues to fuck the brakes off of him. This newbie is getting all he can handle and more from Conner. Conner is fucking that ass like it’s loose pussy, no holds barred. Soon, David takes over by riding Conner. He bounces up and down, tacking every inch of Conner’s meat stick. David is proving to be just as good a bottom as he is a top.

Conner bends him over one last time and soon they both send globs of sperm and cum all over David’s body. Okay! That scene was fucking hot! More please! Now!

Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy