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Stroke for Stroke

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David Hardy And Paul Canon Flip Fuck Raw

David has been a little apprehensive about today’s scene. He’s been paired up with Paul canon who has in his opinion, a big penis. He should rest a bit easier knowing that this is going to be a flip scene so if Paul goes hard on him and can give it right back. Let’s get these boys in the sack and see how they behave.

The boys strip before lovingly kissing each other. After tasting David’s lips, Paul gets on his knees so that he can suck his cock. He slurps and licks up and down the shaft, getting it nice and slick. As soon as David’s dick is hard and to his liking Paul gets up and tells him that he’s ready to fuck and that he wants to do something different this time. So he pops into a hand stand and allows David to dig right in. David fucks the acrobatic Paul without missing a beat. Paul moans loudly, clearly enjoying this new position. “Ah, get it, get it!” he yells. David picks Paul up and slams him on the bed. He pushes his tasty dick back in Paul’s hungry hole and continues to pound him deep. What I wouldn’t give to trade places with Paul right now.

Completely horned up and ready to pummel some ass, Paul pushes David face down onto the bed and quickly penetrates David from the rear. David’s hot ass opens right up for Paul, accommodating every inch. He holds on tightly to the bed and braces himself for each of Paul’s long deep strokes. The boys take a brief break to kiss and fondle. They 69 for a while, enjoying the sweet warm mouth of the other. They begin a mutual jack off, causing Paul to bust a hot load on David’s chest. Paul’s hand soon does the trick for David. He shoots a huge load that lands over David’s shoulder. This kid is amazing.

David Hardy And Paul Canon Flip Fuck Raw

“Are you still there? Are you okay?”

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Paul Canon Fucks Justin Riggs Raw

Well, the time has come for Justin to experience the joys of bottoming. Paul Cannon will be breaking into that asshole himself. Justin doesn’t seem to be too nervous, but he’s not drowning in excitement either.

The boys slowly undress and show off their beautiful bodies. Paul puts on a workout exhibition in the nude, which puts everyone in the mood, including me. The boys sit back on the couch where Justin decides to show off his natural skills as a cocksucker. This guy is one of the most orally talented guys on the site, so the fact that he has Paul brick hard so quickly is not a surprise. Justin grips the cock at the base as he slurps his way up and down the shaft, Paul watches in ecstasy and delight. He rubs on Justin’s dick and ass while getting serviced. Paul lets Justin lay back as he reciprocates taking it down to the base. As Paul sucks, Justin thrusts his hips, effectively fucking Paul’s mouth. Paul uses his hand and warm moist mouth to send Justin into a fit of moaning. These two are certainly the best cocksuckers BSB has.

Ready to break in that virgin ass, Paul pushes Justin’s legs back, lubes up and tries to push inside. Justin’s hole is tight and it causes some pain for both of them. Paul gets some more lube and tries again. This time he’s able to get half of is cock in. “Go slow, dude”, Justin pleads. Paul obliges, but only momentarily before picking up the pace a bit. Justin breathes heavily, taking in both the pleasure and pain of his first time getting fucked. Once Paul is in his rhythm, there’s nothing stopping him. He begins to plow through him. Justin continues to deal with the feeling of begin ripped open as Paul digs deeper and deeper.

In order to give Justin a “break” Paul sits back on the couch and allows Justin to sit on his dick. Justin, whose ass is wide open, slides right onto Paul’s man beater and starts to ride the veteran like he himself has been around for awhile. Justin leans back and lays on Paul’s chest as Paul takes Justin’s cock in his hand and jacks him off. Paul squeezes a hot milky load right out of Justin before putting the newbie on his hands and knees and splattering cum on his ass.

Paul Canon Fucks Justin Riggs Raw

By George, I Think He’s Got It!

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Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon

Antonio is back! Antonio is back! Sorry for bleeding excitement, but Antonio is back! Today he’s going to have his first experience fucking a guy. Paul Cannon is going to take one for the team and help get this kid’s feet warm. Remember, Antonio has only received a blow job, rim job, and given a hand job. Let’s get him up to speed.

The boys undress, unveiling two beefy bodies. Paul orders Antonio to “come sit next to Papa”. Antonio does as he’s told and sits next to him, allowing Paul to suck his cock. Paul immediately takes Antonio’s shaft all the way down his throat. That thick bat of his gets stiffer and stiffer as Paul plays with it. “How’s that? You think you’re ready?”, he asks Antonio. “I’ll give it a shot” Antonio replies as he slowly takes Paul’s head into his mouth. Antonio may be new at this but you can’t tell by the way he gives head. This kid works his mouth all the way down to the base before releasing it. “That’s a lot of cock”, he says as he wipes a tear away. Antonio alternates between working on Paul’s dick and licking his balls. He has his head game tight right out of the gate. Impressed by Antonio’s performance, Paul takes over and begin to suck his cock once more, making sure that dick is brick hard for what’s to come.

Paul helps Antonio lube and strap up before teaching him how to enter his boy pussy. Antonio is a quick study and is quickly inside. He starts off with some slow strokes, allowing himself and Paul to get used to it. He then unleashes, fucking Paul hard from the back like he’s done it a hundred times before. He tugs on Paul’s hair while continuing to batter his booty. Paul’s moans fill the air, indicating that his student is truly hitting the spot. Antonio gets Paul on his back and continues to ram his body into his. Paul sprays his abs and chest with cum while Antonio is still inside. Even though Paul has climaxed, Antonio continues to fuck him until he finally dumps a load of baby batter onto Paul’s stomach. Yeah, I think Antonio has gotten ahold of things.

Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon

Easy on Bottom

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Paul and Ryan are on set and today someone’s ass is going to get plowed. Ryan just recently lost his ass virginity and is still getting used to getting fucked so Paul is going to try to go easy on him.

They start off with steamy kissing before Paul kisses his way down to Ryan’s dick. He immediately begins to feed on it. He sucks the shaft and licks the balls. Paul has a way of putting men under a spell with his blow jobs. Ryan becomes a mindless drone while his dick is in Paul’s mouth. He only comes back to reality once Paul lies back on the bed. Ryan wraps his lips around Paul’s dick and shows his skills. This boy gets better and better every time.

Fully turned on, Paul bends Ryan over and pushes his big dick right into that hole. He looks like he’s in pain at first but soon gets used to it. I don’t think I’ve noticed in the past just how fat Ryan’s ass is. It bounces nicely off of Paul’s torso as he pounds him. He puts the fuck boy on his side and continues to tear into him. Digging deeper, Paul makes Ryan holler! They move to his back and they both fire off hot loads. Ryan came while getting fucked so it had to feel good! Ryan may become the new resident bottom.

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“I suck cock…so what?”

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Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daneils

Paul is back and fresh from an event. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen this stud and I’m happy that he is paired up with Skyler today. Skyler still has his farmer’s tan but we’ll forgive him after seeing his ass plowed by Paul. Let’s get to it.

The boys strip down to their underwear and Paul tries to go right in for Skyler’s cock. Not so fast, where’s the kiss?! He pops up and starts intimately kissing Skyler. He then gets back on his knees and engulfs his dick. Paul has some serious deep throating skills and I wish I could switch places with Skyler. I love watching those big juicy lips of his wrapped around man meat. Paul lies back into the chair and Skyler gets to work on his huge shaft. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to get almost Paul’s entire rod into his mouth. Skyler treats that shit like a lollipop; licking, sucking, and drooling all over it.

After getting the dick nice and slippery, Skyler slips his ass right on it. He rides it. He bounces on it until Paul takes over and starts to fuck him hard from below. Paul really rams him, sending Skyler into a moaning fit. Paul bends him over and continues his assault on Skyler’s ass. Skyler’s rock hard dick bounces up and down as Paul digs deeper and deeper. The boys make their way over to the bed where Skyler is put on his back where Paul shoves his tongue into his mouth and continues to batter his ass. They both blast gigantic loads onto Skyler. Pau licks up the cum and make his way back up to Skyler’s lips.

Here’s the link to see Paul Canon Fuck Syler Daniels

Dimitri on top

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Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimintri

Dimitri is back and today he’s fucking a dude for the first time. BSB veteran and fan favorite Paul Canon will be taking if for the team. Dimitri is horny and so am I so let’s get cracking.

After they get naked the boys indulge is a very steamy kiss. They hold each other close and deliver a very realistic and intimate moment. They move over to the bed where Dimitri practices his fledgling cock sucking skills. He holds Paul’s big dick at the base and furiously inhales it. Paul grabs Dimitri’s hair and encourages him to keep going. Dimitri needs very little coaxing as he looks like he’s enjoying himself. Paul relieves Dimitri from his dick and brings him up for another passionate kiss. Dimitri stands up and Paul makes his cock disappear with his mouth. Paul certainly gets a mouthful with Damien’s big fat cock. He expertly sucks Dimitri off while jacking his own cock. I can’t believe Dimitri doesn’t cum because Pauls’ got some serious oral skills.

And then finally, it’s time for some fucking. Paul bends over while Dimitri lubes up. Once he pushes his cock in the instantly begins to pound away, fucking hard and fast. For someone that was nervous about topping he sure knows how to use a boy’s hole. He has Paul moaning loudly in pure ecstasy. Paul gets on his back where Dimitri slides in and gets right back to work. He buries his cock deep into Paul’s hot hole. Paul shoots a huge load on his chest and abs. He shoots enough to drown in. Dimitri pops a nice load of his own and then gets back to making out with Paul. That was an epic fuck and I can’t wait for Dimitri to bottom. Because of this level of chemistry perhaps Paul should be the one to do the honors.

See Paul Canon Bottom for Dimitri Here

Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

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Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

It’s the 1000th episode and Broke Straight Boys is celebrating by putting not two, not three, not four, but five hot broke boys into action. The lineup includes Damien Kyle, Dakota Ford, Paul Cannon, Kayden Alexander and the newbie Tyler White. I’ll pause to let you pick your brains up off of the floor… Now let’s get down to making history.

Kayden and Dakota get right at each other and begin kissing, as do Tyler and Damien. Soon enough BSB briefs are hitting the floor and Paul and Kayden drop to their knees and begin to pleasure the cocks before them. These boys are all over each other. They continuously rotate form kissing to blowing to receiving. At one point it’s Paul that has three juicy cocks dangling in his face. That is until Tyler and Dakota join him in servicing the boys. Dicks are going form mouth to mouth; it’s hard to keep up!
Damien forcibly pulls Tyler aside and onto the ground where Tyler begins to blow him. I can’t help but drool as Tyler arches his back and shows off his bubble butt. Meanwhile, Kayden is being blown by both Damien and Paul. This shit is so hot! Dakota leaves Paul and Kayden to make out as he enters Damien’s mouth. Feeling left out, Kayden and Paul join in. Now you’ve got Tyler blowing Damien, Damien blowing Dakota, Dakota blowing Paul, and Paul blowing Kayden. Wow!

And finally the fucking begins! Dakota’s lies back on the bed and is soon invaded by Kayden. Damien offers his ass to Paul who immediately slides deep inside of him. Tyler finds a place for his dick inside Damien’s mouth. The room is filling with the moans of Dakota who is struggling to take Kayden’s cock. Tyler must have thought that he was too loud so he decides to shut him up by sitting on his face. That’s right, you read that correctly. Damien gives Tyler a rim job while getting fucked. Now it’s Damien’s turn to scream out while getting raped from behind by Paul. Paul is fucking Damien like he wants to break him. Soon Paul and Kayden switch fucking partners and the intensity ramps up. Kayden shows Damien’s ass no mercy and Tyler stuffs his cock back into Damien’s mouth and engages Kayden in some spit swapping. Dakota is also lip locked with Paul who is battering his hot man pussy. This has to be the most energetic fucking to ever take place at BSB. Ready to get into the eye of the storm, Tyler lubes his ass up. Kayden does the honor of breaking into his ass and has the lad screaming. Those screams are soon muffled by a passionate kiss from Damien who is still on his back getting fucked by Paul and getting his dick sucked by Dakota. Dakota goes back and forth between sucking Damien and Tyler’s cock. That cock hungry boy is soon rewarded with a taste of Tyler’s hot steamy load as its shot directly into his mouth. Dakota then takes that load and deposits it into Damien’s mouth. That’s not the only present that Damien will be receiving today. Dakota, Paul, Kayden, and even a reenergized Tyler all shot massive loads onto him. Hot! They don’t leave the mess though, they lick it all off! And there you have it, the 1000th episode and it was the hottest ever. Now I’m officially looking forward to the 2000th episode.

You can watch the 1000th Scene by clicking here

No, you’re not gay ;)

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Paul Canon Fucks Tristan Stiles

Paul and our favorite bottom Tristan are together. Paul is dressed like someone dropped him off from the early 90s but with those looks he can get away with it. After a discussion about feet, Tristan’s car wash labor, cracked skin, and Pauls’ new place and puppy we’re ready to get down to business. Paul hasn’t busted a nut in a while so I’m sure has a nice steamy load brewing for us. They quickly disrobe and Paul gets on his knees and immediately begins to suck Tristan’s cock. Paul’s full lips make it all the way to the base of Tristan’s dick. What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of this bj. Paul is one of the best dick suckers in the game. He sucks aggressively at the head before going all the way down on the shaft. The camera pans down and we can see just how excited Paul is as he strokes his own rock hard cock. Tristan must have caught sight of it as well because he instantly decides that it’s his turn to devour some sausage. Paul releases and lies on the floor and Tristan dives right in; mouth first. Paul’s cannon is big enough to choke a whale but Tristan has no issue getting at least ¾ of it in his mouth. His face turns bright read as gets Paul’s cock wet with saliva. This is how 95% of lockjaw cases begin; trying to fit big cocks into your mouth. Let’s see Tristan can fit more than ¾ of Paul’s hammer into his ass. Paul straps and lubes up his cock and Tristan hops right on. And yes folks, that dick is swallowed whole by Tristan’s hairy man cave. He rides it hard! Between his bouncing and Paul’s ramming, Tristan just can’t get enough.

He hops up and positions himself on the chair so that he can once again offer his ass to Paul. Paul pops his neat stick right back into Tristan. He shows no mercy and continues to fuck the shit out of him. Tristan’s moans are just short of begin pleas for help. Something tells me that this is one of those occasions where bystanders just stand back, watch, and caress their crotches. Unconcerned and deep in his own pleasure, Paul continues to assault Tristan’s ass, which is bouncing all over the place. Paul is really getting a workout by banging Tristan.

Tristan gets a brief break from the pummeling when he moves over to the bed; but it doesn’t last long. Paul parks his cock once more in Tristan’s tight hole and starts remixing his insides. Tristan has to be enjoying it, because his cock is rock hard. Mine would be too if my legs were being held apart and my ass was being fucking by Paul Canon. While being pounded into ecstasy, Tristan jacks his rod. Paul fucks the warm man milk right outta Tristan right before squirting a massive load all over Tristan. We should measure how far Paul shot to see if he broke any BSB records. The camera man points out that Tristan’s dick got hard while he was getting fucked. He and Paul both try to reassure Tristan that it doesn’t mean he’s gay …and they’re right. But it does mean that he’s a true bottom boy that enjoys getting fucked by monster cocks.

Watch Paul Canon give it to Tristan Stiles

Attack of the Broke Cannibals

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Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Is he ripping dead skin off his hand with his teeth? Oh you straight boys! Paul doesn’t mind chewing his skin off but Dakota seems to be a little grossed out. Paul reminds him that it’s no different than tasting one’s own cum, something he assures Dakota will experience today.

The boys undress and Dakota proudly displays his BSB underwear. Finally! He sucked a lot of dicks and got his ass plowed enough; he earned them. After removing his prized undies, Dakota finds himself in a sexy lip lock with Paul. I love watching Paul kiss, he’s so passionate that his partners can’t help but get into it. After a tasty smooch Paul pushes Dakota back onto the bed and begins to blow him. We already know that Paul likes the taste of skin. He’s already had an appetizer so I’m guessing this is his entrée. Dakota’s big dick does look good enough to eat! Paul’s sucking action has Dakota moaning loudly. The look on Dakota’s face is something every cock sucker works for.

Dakota slides off of the bed and lands on his knees before Paul. Dakota has turned into a real pro at taking dick in the mouth. He teases Paul with his tongue before engulfing the dick whole. “You suck that dick” Paul says as Dakota slides his meat stick in and out of his mouth. The sounds of slurping and sucking fill the air; this is a good audible BJ! “That’s a lot of dick, man!” Dakota says after almost choking on cock and saliva. He gets right back to work though; he wants to get that rod nice and wet before he gets fucked. And soon it’s time for just that. Teary eyed from delivering some bomb ass head, Dakota lies back on the bed while Paul lubes up. He penetrates Dakota’s man pussy raw and immediately starts hammering away. “Aww, yeah” Dakota shouts. BSB and cash are turning him into a cock hungry little boy. His asshole eagerly accepts all of Paul’s third leg. Paul churns his insides into butter and Dakota loves every bit of it. “It’s so deep, it’s so deep”, he moans. Yes sir it is!

Anxious for cock himself, Paul pulls out and lubes up Dakota. He hops on the dick like a kid would Santa’s lap. Paul can take cock as good as he gives it; the hallmark of a true versatile fuck boy. He bounces and bounces on Dakota’s raw cock (for a second I thought he might spin on it), while Dakota jacks him from behind. The close up on Dakota’s magic stick tightly squeezed into Paul’s hot ass has me ready to explode. Paul’s cock bounces from side to side once Dakota lets it go. So hot! They move back to the bed and Dakota reinserts his pole and continues trying to split Paul in half. That hairy hole opens up nicely for that raw dick. The room is extra loud now with both boys moaning and breathing heavily. Moments later Paul joins me across the finish line by shooting a sticky load all over himself. Dakota’s not far behind; he blasts gooey cum all over the place.

The camera man points out that moments before he cums, Dakota seems to zone out and go somewhere. Yeah, that would be my bedroom. As promised, Paul has Dakota taste some of his own cum and he loves it. Hopefully, that won’t be the last time we see him eat baby batter.

Watch Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Paul Canon Fucks Johnny Forza


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Kissing, Johnny, and Paul. Can’t think of three better words. When today’s update starts, the two studs are on the the studio couch smooching it up. Shirts are tossed aside and pants unbuttoned. Johnny is rocking pink underwear, making a few of jealous of the fabric. LOL!

Paul slips out of his pants, and returns to sucking face. Even slips a hand under the New Jersey stud’s undies to get a feel. Soon enough Johnny is naked, and curly-haired Paul has his mouth open, swallowing all he can. Paul takes that big, old, nasty thing whole, getting it stiffer than it is. As for Johnny, he leans back for the ride. Grabs Paul’s curls and guides him to his prize. Not that Paul is lost.

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny moans. When Paul deep throats, Johnny moans even louder. There’s a brief kissing round, and Johnny gives dick sucking a go. His tongue swirls around Paul’s pink head. Paul face fucks him for a bit, but Johnny can only handle so much. He gets his scalp stroked as he slurps away. Paul grabs him and places smooches on the hottie’s wet lips. The two stand up, with Johnny grabbing the edge of the couch. Paul lubes up. His tool slowly finds its way into the Garden State stud’s hole. Once in, Paul makes each stroke balls deep.

Poor Johnny doesn’t even get a chance to get used to what’s inside him. Grits his teeth and cries out. Doesn’t know if it hurts or feels good. Maybe a little bit of both? Paul can’t be bothered with such trivial concerns. He knows that male tail feels good and plans on filling it up! Johnny gets on his side, and Paul resumes the hard pounding.

He grabs a pale thigh and opens the ass up some more! “Oh, fuck,” Paul whispers. Johnny strokes his tool. Man goo explodes out, coating both boys. Paul is a kind top, pulling out after Johnny loses it. Paul beats his meat, cum first hitting Johnny’s chiseled chest. Kissing brings the curtain down. So? What say ye? Good scene?

Click to see the entire scene with
Paul Canon & Johnny Forza

Bukake for the Holidays!


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A BSB Christmas video for the ages. Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford walk into the studio with slips of paper. Seems like the lads have been promised a gift of some sort.Tristan Stiles joins the group, all excited. “What you all get,” he wonders.”Blow jobs,” everyone exclaims in unison.”I got loads of presents,” Tristan announces as he holds up his slip. Poor lad.

Do you think he doesn’t understand the meaning of load? LOL! Tristan seems confused, but Cage says it perfectly. “Don’t act brand new,” he notes.Tristan gets on his knees and the lads surround him, their dicks pulled out for servicing. “I don’t think I like all these surprises,” Tristan moans. His lament doesn’t last long because he opens wide and swallows all of Duncan’s sword. A Christmas miracle considering the size of Duncan’s wang!Next he moves on to Cage. Ian is next, but Tristan jerks off Kaden as he takes care of Ian.”Suck that chocolate stick,” Kaden demands as Ian goes down on him. Paul is next.

Finally newbie Dakota Ford gets some lips on his impressive tool.”Get this white chocolate,” Dakota chuckles. Tristan starts the circle all over again, his gullet filled with Duncan’s meat. He moves on to Cage, who whispers encouragement. Then it’s Ian’s and Kaden’s turns. Paul’s johnson gets slick with Ian’s spit. Same with Dakota.

Tristan leans back on his haunches, and opens wide. Everyone begins to jerk over his face. The newbie is first, his load shooting past Tristan’s face. Paul leaves his seed right below Ian’s eye. Kaden’s jizz coats Tristan’s cheek. Duncan’s man milk hits the forehead and eyes. As for Ian, he leaves a deposit on the cheek. Then there’s Cage, whose cum shots are always copious. He shoots in the eyes, soaking both!

Thank goodness Tristan kept those eyelids closed! Tristan’s face drips with man goo, the type Santa drinks after he’s done delivering presents. LOL! “That’s what you call loads of gifts,” Dakota announces.

Click to see the entire scene with
Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, & newbie Dakota Ford

Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage


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At the start of today’s video there seems to be a little confusion of where people should sit. Damien Kyle takes the middle. That is an appropriate spot for the cute model
because he’s getting fucked today. Next to him are Paul Canon and Cage Kafig, the dudes who will get a piece of that ass. ”So I asked if you have ever done a train,” the cameraman says. None of the lads have had the pleasure. The cameraman and Paul get into a debate about Florida and its football teams (southern lads love them some pig skin). Cage just looks like he’s ready to go. The attention is returned to Damien, who looks slightly scared. ”These guys go rough, dude. Seriously,” he complains to the cameraman. There’s a request for a little gentleness, but Cage and Paul laugh. ”We”ll be friends later on tonight,” Paul notes. While Cage isn’t in the mood for chitchat, he does offer a bold prediction. ”This is going to be the number one video of the year,” he assures.

After Paul does a little dance move, the three studs take off their shirts. There’s some banter about who has the better body. Damien is proud of his abs and tells his scene
partners they need to catch up. LOL! Soon everyone is naked, on the bed, shaking their backsides to the camera. Paul’s booty has the most juice, jiggling as he shakes it. The boys finally decide on how to start. Paul sucks Damien’s meat and Cage has a go at Paul’s. The joking stops because now everybody is about the business of nut busting. Paul swallows everything Damien has, treating it like the meat candy it is. Cage’s mouth is stretched out by Paul’s pud, but Cage is a unhappy camper. ”I’m missing out,” he whines. LOL! That’s soon fixed. Paul gets on his back and takes care of Cage’s cock. As for Damien, he goes down on Paul. Paul deep throats Cage’s monster, getting it shiny with spit and pre-cum.

“Shit,” Cage exclaims. Damien’s oral work is getting Paul all excited, but we all know the main course is being prepared. Damien gets on his hands and knees. The others lube up and put condoms on. Paul has Damien move his sweet ass back a bit. In one slow motion, Damien’s man cave is filled to the brim. He moans as Paul slowly fucks him. Next thing you know Cage is behind Paul. Those perky cheeks get spread by Cage’s pole. ”Hold on for a second,” Paul asks as Cage starts to slow stroke him. ”Don’t you pull out,” Damien commands. Soon Cage is fucking Paul, and Paul is giving it to Damien. Paul doesn’t even have to move because the force of Cage’s strokes push him into Damien. Beads of sweat form on Paul’s booty. After a few more strokes, Cage pulls out.

“Suck this dick,” he demands of Damien. Damien is on his back, his mouth open for the pole. As for Paul, he gets back in that tighter hole. Damien is getting royally stuffed today. His moans are muffled by the length of Cage’s rod. Paul is balls deep on each stroke, making Damien yell out. ”Hell, yeah,” Cage says. He wants some of that Damien butt. Who wouldn’t? LOL! Damien is turned around, his hole corned by Cage. Damien slobbers on Paul’s sausage. Cage fucks fast and furious, going in as far as he can. ”Oh, fuck,” Damien whimpers. He can’t talk for long because Paul wants that tongue on his meat.

“Keep going. I’m going to cum,” Damien moans.His load coats his hand as he jerks it. Cage stays in for a few more hits before pulling out. Paul puts his tool down Damien’s warm throat. Cage’s jizz makes Damien’s pubes all wet and slick. Paul is next. His cum first lands on Damien’s tongue. The rest coats his cheeks and lips. After everyone calms down, Cage comes up with a perfect title for this scene: ”Spin the bottom,” he says. What do you think?

Click to see the entire scene with
Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage

Paul Canon & Alan North


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Look who has cut his locks? Paul Canon is rocking a new haircut as he interviews newbie Alan North. Mr. Canon finds out where Alan is originally from (Oakland, CA baby!) and what his hobbies are. Poor Paul is nervous because his job today is to guide the newbie. “Why don’t you tell me an interesting story as I’m about to suck your dick,” Paul says.
Alan tells a story of meeting a Chilean midget. She decided to give Alan road head. Who wouldn’t? However, she got on the driver’s side, under the steering wheel, and proceeded to take care of the hung stud.

All he had to to do was put the car in cruise control.”She could suck a mean dick,” Alan notes. Paul, wisely, doesn’t try to top that story. He does wonder why Alan is in the BSB studio. “Everybody’s motivator is money,” Alan says. An answer that Paul agrees with. “I suck dick, and I make money off of it,” he says.

Hard to argue with that. Paul adds it’s time for both both to get naked. While them talking is sexy as all get out, let’s get to the main event.  Paul keeps on his pants, while Alan gets naked. Alan takes a seat and Paul uses some mouth magic to get Alan’s tool hard. The magic does the trick because after some swipes, Alan’s tool is swollen.

“Swallow it,” he whispers. Paul does so. He then reaches into his pants to play with his own meat. Alan grabs the back of Paul’s head and pushes him down. Someone is getting a taste of pubes.  “You like that big assed dick,” Alan asks as Paul comes up for air. The newbie takes control, making sure Paul swallows everything. Paul finally get his pants off. Slurping and heavy breathing sounds fill the studio. Alan pays close attention to his scene partner, making sure that tongue covers the entire shaft.

Paul mouth is filled with spit and pre-cum. He barely comes up to breathe. Well, he can’t really with Alan pushing his head down.  Alan’s face is a mix of wonder and pleasure. Wonder if the Chilean gal sucked like this?  Paul works hard to make the newbie have a big old bang. He alternates from deep throating to jerking. “Just like that,” Alan whispers. Paul follows orders, slurping and lapping away. Alan’s toes start to curl. “I’m going to cum,” Alan groans. He stands up and jerks his tool in front of Paul’s open mouth. That uncut tool blasts a load all over Paul’s tongue. Paul gives the spent rod some licks, and strokes jizz out of his own sausage. Paul wonders where he ranks compared to the Chilean gal, and Alan says he’s fourth! Paul is a little miffed, but will probably get over it.

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Alan North & Paul Canon

Adam Fucks Paul Canon


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Get that lube out, baby!! Today’s update pairs two guys who could make BSB fans march on Washington, DC to shut the town down! LOL! Adam Baer and Paul Canon are smooching it up when the camera starts rolling. As they make out, clothes are tossed aside. Adam’s tool springs to the ceiling when he takes off his shorts.

Adam puts lube in his hand and reaches over to jerk Paul off. He must be doing something right because Paul leans back and moans. Adam gives Paul a romantic kiss; Paul puts his head in Adam’s lap and puts that thick tool in his mouth.

As he orally pleasures his scene partner, Paul puts a finger in his ass. Adam gives one of those perky cheeks a slap. He also fondles Paul’s scalp as his tool gets covered in spit and pre-cum. There’s more kissing before Paul grabs one end of the couch. Adam puts lube on his sausage and slowly enters Paul’s boy hole. Bare. ”Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.  Adam is slow at first. His dick is big and mighty and he wants Paul to get used to it. As for Paul, he whimpers and groans. His special spot is getting tagged.
Adam picks up the pace, that pole breaking Paul’s ass seal. The strokes are balls deep. ”Oh, fuck,” Paul whispers.

He gets on his side, his sweet tail on the couch’s edge. Adam gets back in, making Paul’s toe’s curl from all the pounding. The pace picks up and Paul cries out. Adam doesn’t pay much heed. That ass is too good. He does lean in for a kiss though. Paul gets on the floor, his well used hole pointing to the ceiling. He grabs his feet as Adam stuffs that hole like a turkey. Paul bites his lip and curses as his butt gets made anew. Adam pulls out and strokes his pud. The first stream hits Paul’s man hole. The second lands on Paul’s sweaty nuts.  It all ends with a kiss. Such sweethearts.

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Adam Baer & Paul Canon

Kaden and Paul Flip


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Paul and Kaden. Kaden and Paul. The loins get warm just thinking about the combo (except for Rick Santorum fans…grin). The two cuties start this update kissing. As they make out, the shirts are lost. Paul gets naked first, his stick straining to be played with. Kaden hits his knees and sucks.
“Watch your teeth,” Paul advises. Come on, Kaden. You ain’t no newbie! LOL!

Kaden licks the tool, going up and down the shaft. Even tries to deep throat, but isn’t too successful. LOL! However, he’s grooving to giving Paul some oral love because his own dick is plump. He comes off his knees, and Paul places a kiss on the Kaden’s mouth. He falls on the bed and now it’s Paul’s turn to show how teeth are not part of a good blow job.

Kaden begins to curse as Paul laps away. His dong is slick with spit and pre-cum. Kaden grabs Paul’s locks to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. Kaden has the look of a man who has to bust. The time for fucking has arrived. Paul lubes up Kaden’s sausage and takes a seat. He rides that johnson like a rodeo clown.”Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.

He leans in for a kiss, and the two change positions. Paul gets on his stomach and Kaden drives into that booty. Each stroke is balls deep. Poor Paul. He grabs the sheets for support.  Kaden grabs a cheek and tries to have his cock land in Paul’s stomach. Kaden kisses Paul’s back, then eats out that well used boy hole. Such a considerate top. LOL! If you’re going to be top, it’s only fair to bottom. So after more smooching, Kaden gets on his back. Paul lubes up and busts that sweet ass. After waiting a minute, Paul gives Kaden what he gave him. The drilling is fast and furious, minus the few moments when Paul leans down for a kiss. Kaden is getting stuffed today, but with an ass like his that’s only fair. Paul isn’t listening to Kaden’s cries.

He’s using him the way he needs to be. Paul puts Kaden’s feet behind his head. He strokes his junk and when his jizz shoots out, man milk fills up Kaden’s ass portal. Paul returns to blowing Kaden. All this stimulation pushes Kaden over the edge. He pushes Paul off and shoots cream all over Paul’s tongue. The two share all of this man juice with a sweet, juicy, kiss. Love. Exciting and new.

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Kaden and Paul Flip

Johnny, Paul & Abel


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Abel Conrad, unfortunately, only did a solo for us. However, on the positive side the newbie has returned big time by sitting next to BSB stalwarts Paul Canon and Johnny Forza.”Throw him right into a threesome,” Johnny observes to the cameraman.”This is the best way to break some one in real quick,” Paul says as he snaps his fingers.
“Sink or swim,” the cameraman says.
“I can’t swim,” Abel counters.

Abel isn’t sure what’s going to happen, but he did need some money. Paul says not to worry.
“It’s not that hard,” Paul says. “The hardest thing is going to be our cocks.” And with that, all three studs strip. Paul has Abel stand up. Johnny gets between Paul’s thighs. Paul’s tongue action does the trick for Abel. As for Johnny, sucking off Paul gets his johnson nice and plump.
Heavy breathing and lip smacking sounds fill the studio. Abel looks like he’s about to pop any minute from all the work Paul does on that tool.
The lads cross it up, with Johnny in the middle. Paul goes to town on his meat, while Abel sits next to Johnny. Abel watches for a bit, taking notes. Then gets a chance to show off his skills. The newbie goes to town on that pole, focusing on the head.

Paul takes over again, showing the newbie that the slow way is always best. He also demonstrates how to deep throat. Johnny grabs Paul’s locks as his dick is getting some royal treatment. Paul gets on his hands and knees. Johnny lubes up his pickle and enters that boy hole. As for Abel, his job is too keep Paul quiet as he gets plowed. Who wouldn’t want that gig?  Johnny grabs Paul’s back as he fucks. Paul is getting a goodly pounding today.
“Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.
“Why don’t you fuck me now, big boy.”

Abel likes this idea. He also loves those cheeks, grabbing one as he gives Paul what he’s got.
“You like that,” Abel asks.
Paul can’t answer because his mouth is filled with Johnny’s dick.  Paul makes a tasty treat in an Abel and Johnny sandwich, no?
Abel’s thrusts gets more powerful. Paul gets on his back so Abel can dig deeper in that ass. Johnny is over Paul watching the show.

The show proves too good for Johnny. He shoots his load in Paul’s open mouth. Paul takes a taste, but spits it out. However, he does shoot a copious load as he gets fucked by Abel. Abel keeps pounding that Paul hole until he pulls out. His jizz lands all over Paul’s ass portal. Hopefully Abel comes back. Paul has to return the favor.

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Johnny, Paul & Abel

Paul Canon Fucks Shane Ridge


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Guess what guys…Shane Ridge is getting that sweet ass tapped  by Paul Canon’s fat delicious cock!
The cameraman admits to being happy at seeing the newbie take it from

“Makes one of us,” Shane confesses.”I’m not excited at all.”

Paul is also pleased, but his excitement is from not being a bottom today. Apparently all it took for
Shane to agree to put his booty in the air was a meal.

“Wined and dined,” Paul wonders.

“Hell, yeah,” Shane retorts.

“He’s classy like that,” the cameraman observes.

As for advice for the about to be ex-virgin, Paul says the following:

“It only hurts for a minute.”

How many times, in world history, has a guy said that as he tried to slip his thing in someone’s butt

The two strip and Paul sucks first. Shane holds Paul’s head as the dude laps away. Curly-topped
Paul deep throats, and gets that sausage plump. Shane, a considerate scene partner, does reach
around and jerks Paul’s rod.

Paul wipes the spit from his lips and gives Shane a chance to suck on his tool. Shane can’t get all of
the meat down his throat, but does keep everything sloppy and juicy. Shane tugs at Paul’s nuts
like he’s hoping he’ll coat his tongue with man milk. Paul’s toes curl from all the attention.

It’s time for the fucking. Shane assumes the position, doggie style. Paul slathers his johnson with
lube. He tires to break that seal, but it’s too tight. He gets more lube and the second time is the
charm. Shane’s hole expands to accept the intrusion. The busted newbie grunts and grabs the
sheets. He can’t tell if he’s in incredible pain or bliss. And Paul isn’t treating him like a tender
virgin. He’s deep dicking him, balls deep with each stroke.

Shane gets on his stomach and Paul gets back in. That tight hole being made sloppy with each
down deep slam. Shane curses in the bed sheet, but takes the pounding. His fleshy butt cheeks
shake from the fucking.

“Oh, dude,” Shane moans.

When Paul puts Shane on his side, the bottom boy’s face is red and his dick is hard. Paul enters for
a final ride, splitting Shane open like a peach. There might be pain, but all that joy button pounding
gets Shane to shoot first. His load lands all over the black sheets. Paul immediately pulls out and
jerks a nut that covers the opening of Shane’s hole and his nuts.

“Holy shit, guys,” the cameraman says when there’s no more nectar flying about.

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Paul Canon & Shane Ridge

Johnny Forza Barebacks Paul


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It’s touching when two people share a moment of hot sweaty passion and get the chance to reunite. We’re so pleased that Paul and Johnny, easily two of BSB’s most popular models, are doing their second scene together. The last time it was strictly cock sucking but this time Johnny’s getting a piece of Paul’s fat, juicy booty. If you ask Paul he can’t recall their first scene together.

“I forgot that even happened, actually,” Paul says.

Johnny seems focused and a bit excited.

“I’m here to do a job,” Johnny says.

In a flash they undress and Johnny drops to his knees and slowly sucks Paul to wake his slumbering sausage. Paul’s cock is only in Johnny mouth for about twenty seconds before it’s fully erect. Paul can’t help but moan and encourage his dutiful servant as he slurps and slobs on his fat cock.

Johnny does his best to take it deep but immediately gags. Paul’s dick is dripping with the wet warmth of Johnny’s mouth.

Soon after, Paul can’t take anymore pleasure and drops to his knees to slowly suck his partners. Paul sucks on Johnny’s cock like it’s the last cock he’ll ever get to taste. Not only can you see that Paul adores sucking Johnny’s cock, but you can hear it, as the sounds of him slurping echo in the studio.

The pair kiss for a second, Johnny warmly thanks him for his perfection head. It’s time to fuck. After the lube is slathered on the right spots, Paul sits his perfect ass on Johnny’s amazing dick.

“Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.

Johnny is a professional ass fucker and he shows no mercy. Paul leans in for a kiss as he begins to sweat and really take the pounding like a man. They switch positions and Johnny is balls deep with Paul on his side.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck,” Paul whimpers.

Paul tries to stop Johnny from going so deep but Johnny didn’t come here today for shallow pussy fucking, he goes even deeper. Johnny is so close, he reaches his limit and pulls out cumming on Paul’s thighs. They kiss some more as Paul jerks himself until he cums too.

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Johnny Forza & Paul Canon

Remember When… Paul Fucked Damien?


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Lovers of green t-shirts and feet will cream over the start of this recent update. Paul Canon and Damien Kyle are sitting on the bed, both wearing green tops and their little piggies facing the camera. When the cameraman gives them props for color coordination skills, Paul admits it was part of their master plan.

“We definitely trying to get that vibe,” Paul says.

“Yeah, definitely,” Damien adds.

Apparently Paul has not been able to have any sex recently (minus jerking off). This is difficult to believe, but no need to question the lad. LOL! As for Damien, he’s been hitting it.

“I’m not complaining,” Damien says with a smile.

Damien might start complaining after Paul is done fucking that sweet ass. In fact, Damien isn’t looking forward to having his booty stuffed. However, he turns philosophical.

“But it’s worth the money, so you got to do what you got to do,” he opines.

The performers are naked and get on the bed. Both reach over and pull puds. They even kiss with some passion! Paul puts his head in Damien’s lap and sucks. He deep throats from the start, licking the entire shaft. Damien wants to offer a reach around but someone is close to popping.

“Chill out,” Paul says.

Damien gives a return BJ. He too deep throats, making Paul’s toes curl. Effort tears need to be wiped from Damien’s face. Too bad Paul didn’t use his dick to get rid of those droplets. LOL! He does, however, make sure to guide his sausage into Damien’s hot mouth.

“Fuck,” Damien exclaims when he comes up for air.

It’s time for the fucking. Damien gets on his stomach and is mounted by Paul. When that raw meat breaks the seal, Damien screams.

“Oh, fuck,” he yells.

Paul plays it deaf, making each stroke go balls deep. He turns Damien over on his back, and the fucking resumes. Look at Damien’s hand, trying to keep Paul from going so deep. Not working. One bit. Damien even looks up at Paul, as if eye contact will make the top slow down. Paul’s strokes are long and strong and cause Damien to curse and groan.

Paul is really laying the pipe down. Making that man hole his personal property.

“Oh, my God,” Damien whimpers.

Paul pushes those legs apart, trying to get in as far as possible. All of that prostate pounding causes the desired outcome. Damien dumps a load on his pubes.

Paul turns Damien back on his stomach. He stuffs Damien for the last time and fucks him until nutting time. And goodness gracious!! Paul’s juice lands everywhere, from Damien’s back to his well used booty. While Paul likes the look of nectar on Damien, our new bottom isn’t so pleased.

“It’s fucking gross,” Damien whines. “Get off me.”

Isn’t that what Paul just did?

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Paul Canon & Damien Kyle