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Leave it to the Novices

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Landon Wells and Connor Ridge

Landon Wells and Connor Ridge are both new but they’ve impressed us so much that we’re sure they can handle their first duo scene together. Spoiler alert: we were spot-on!They kiss while peeling off their clothes. Connor, eager blazes a trail down toward Landon’s crotch and begins to suck his cock. The boy shows off his skills, much to Landon’s delight. Landon soon returns the favor by going down on Connor and then munching on his sweet ass.

The boys get comfortable on the bed so that they can really get down to business. Landon slides into Connor’s waiting ass and fucks him raw, reaching around to play with Connor’s cock as he pushes his own shaft in and out of Connor’s hole. Connor gets on all fours on the bed and let’s Landon continues to pound him with his thick cock. Landon heats things up as his hips thrust against Connor’s ass as he pulls Connor’s hands behind his back and holds them there as he rams his bareback cock into him.  When Landon flips Connor onto his back he makes him cum all over and after a few more deep pushes into that ass, Landon pulls out and nuts, too!

Landon Wells and Connor Ridge