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Johnny Forza Barebacks Liam


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Johnny Forza is massive. He’s tall with big arms, big hands, and huge feet. You know what they say about boys with big feet. Needless to say, his buddy Liam is a bit nervous. He’s not sure if his hole is ready. Johnny jokingly tells him that it isn’t but we’re not sure if he’s joking or serious.

At the cameraman’s request, Liam and Johnny give us a slow striptease. After undressing, they settle into the couch, jacking their dicks side by side.

Liam grabs Johnny’s rocket. He admires the girth, anticipating what’s to come. A few moments and moans later, Johnny leans in and gives Liam’s dick some one on one attention. He pays very close attention to the head, sucking and slurping with his warm wet mouth. Eager to return the favor, Liam explores Johnny’s shaft with his tongue before sucking and jacking it simultaneously. Liam’s jaw is unprepared for the workout it’s getting but he pushes on, sucking the head and pausing periodically to admire the beauty of Johnny’s huge cock. Johnny sits back and enjoys the show.

“Bout ready to hop on that dick?” the cameraman asks.

“Kind of scared.” Liam replies.

Johnny lubes his big raw cock and Liam slowly sits on it, inch by inch.  Johnny sits, thrusting his dick into Liam. Unable to move, Liam takes Johnny’s stokes as best he can, moaning with each pump.
Before you know it, Liam is flat on his back and Johnny is pile driving his tight hole. From the look on Johnny’s face, Liam’s wet little hole is tighter and feels better than he could have ever imagined. As he drives deeper inside, Liam strokes his own cock comfortably on his back while Johnny does all the hard work.

Johnny can’t get enough of Liam’s raw, wet ass so he puts him in missionary position, holds his legs apart and fucks him deep. Liam, flushed by the fury of Johnny’s cock inside his hole, closes his eyes and jacks his dick in a state of euphoria until unleashes a thick load of cum. Not wanting to be left behind, Johnny slides out and blasts a huge load on Liam’s chest.

Completely out of breath and drained, Johnny gives the cameraman the thumbs up, his personal seal of approval.  His work here is done.

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Johnny Forza & Liam Corolla



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Three is a magic number! This update has a trio of male pulchritude, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla and Skyler Daniels. Shockingly neither lad has done a three way in any form.

“So this is a real first,” the cameraman observes.

“You all are lucky,” Liam says to the folks out there in BSB land.

He strongly hints how the scene should be rated. Highly of course.

Adam will play the bottom in the vignette, which sort of makes sense. His booty is just so round and perfect. You can make a meal out of it. However, isn’t time for Liam to return to his natural position? Remember the joyful sob when Tim fucked him? As for Skyler, this will be his first time giving it to a guy.

“First time for everything,” Skyler observes.

Clothes are removed (Adam is rather quick with the disrobing). Skyler sits on the couch, Liam takes a seat in front, and Adam stands over Liam. Adam’s tool gets sucked first, Liam doing the work and Skyler pushing Liam’s head. Skyler reaches around and strokes Liam off. Adam is appropriately excited, but it’s hard not to be when Liam is working that sweet mouth. As for Liam, his pole is ready to cut some diamonds.

Skyler keeps looking up at Adam, and eventually gets noticed.

“All right,” Adam says. “Now it’s your turn.”

He gets on the couch and puts his sausage in front of Skyler’s face. Skyler opens his mouth and takes it in.

“Suck that dick,” Adam orders.

Skyler does so, treating it like the treat it is. Poor Liam looks on and jerks off Skyler. But soon enough, he can’t stay out of the action. Liam gets under the hose and licks the shaft.

“I want you to eat some ass,” Adam commands Liam.

Adam gets on all fours, with Skyler in front of him. As Adam sucks Skyler off, Liam tongues that booty. He spits all over the hole, spreading Adam’s pale cheeks. When there’s enough lubrication, Liam saddles up and fills Adam up. The blond bottom would shout, but Skyler’s snake is in his mouth. Liam slaps Adam’s ass as he gets what’s his. Adam isn’t given any orders now. Just muffled cries.

Liam is balls deep, making certain Adam’s special spot gets hit. Adam is trying to keep his attention on Skyler, but it’s hard when you’re being broken like a peach.

“Why don’t you try fucking that hole,” Liam wonders to Skyler.

Adam gets on his side. Skyler uses some lube and gets in.

“Feels good, don’t it,” Liam asks. “It’s a great hole?”

“Oh, yeah,” Skyler says.

He too is going balls deep. As for Adam, his other end is sucking off Liam. Adam’s milky thighs have never looked better, spread apart and used like they should be. And he must be liking it because his bush beater is stiff.

Liam gets another shot, this time with Adam on his back. Adam looks like he’s going to cry but Skyler’s candy cane wipes away any tears. Liam picks up the speed and Adam’s muffled moans get louder. His holes have never been stretched out like this.

“Oh, I’m about to cum,” Adam whispers.

His juice coats one of his nipples and right after that Skyler loses all his cum on Adam’s chest. Liam pulls out and jerks his load on Adam’s pubes. There are tired high-fives at the end.


Liam Corolla & Skyler Daniels


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Newbie Skyler Daniels makes a quick return to the BSB couch and sitting next to him is Liam Corolla. He’s been away from our studio way, WAY, too long. His hair is bushier than last time and there are more tats on his arm (he insists he got a bargain for the art). Outside of that, he continues to exude the old charm.

“I’ve got three dollars to my name and I miss Clay,” Liam explains on why he is back in front of the BSB camera.

His pocket problems are due to no work. There’s a story about sexual harassment, but let’s leave that alone. Skyler’s job prospects have not increased. To fatten his wallet, he’s willing to allow Liam to suck his dick.

The broke boys take off their clothes, and start beating their meat. Liam always gets hard first, so his tool is ready to play. He reaches over and strokes Skyler’s hefty dong.

“It’s OK. It’s decent,” Skyler says when asked how Liam’s hand is.

“Only decent,” Liam whines in mock horror, giving Skyler a playful tummy slap.

Skyler stands up and Liam hits his knees. Look how he looks up at Skyler. All horny and submissive. He opens his mouth and begins to suck Skyler’s pole. In a few seconds Skyler has his hand on Liam’s hair. A sign someone is enjoying a blow job.

Liam hasn’t lost a lick since we’ve last seen him. Lapping the dick gently, using his tongue, deep throating. He attempts the New Orleans bounce, shaking that ravishing booty. Alas, he fails miserably but that ass remains a scrumptious treat. If he stays around, hopefully he will let someone bust it good. You know that’s what he really wants! LOL!

The boys get back on the couch. Skyler’s johnson is standing straight up. Makes it real easy to fit into Liam’s mouth.

“What do you think about giving him a helping hand,” Clay suggests to Skyler.

The newbie isn’t sure at first.

“Only fair,” Liam says, his lips coated with spit and pre-cum.

Skyler reaches over and tugs at Liam’s woody. The strokes are tentative, but gather a rhythm. Skyler’s moans can barely be heard over Liam’s smacking. The newbie is getting the type of oral love only delivered by experts. Although Liam doesn’t deep throat, his tongue slathers all over the head and shaft. Everything is wet and juicy.

If Skyler were not a newbie, he would grab Liam and plant a sloppy kiss on those lips. It might shock Liam at first, but he would eagerly kiss back. Skyler will learn the cues as he goes along. LOL!!

“Fuck,” Skyler moans.

Liam gets on one knee, slobbering all over the pogo stick. He jerks Skyler while licking the pink head. You won’t believe your eyes but both dudes nut at the same time. Skyler’s load shoots straight up, plopping all over his chest. Liam, who has been jerking himself,nuts all over Skyler’s leg.

“That’s a lot of cum,” Liam notes.

It was. What should these two do next to lose some more man nectar?