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“A” Game

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Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter

Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter is a pairing the fans have been asking for. Well, we like to make dreams come true. It seems like these two have been itching to be paired together as well. You can tell by the way that they kiss and grope. Making out leads to Ryan finding his way down to Kyle’s cock. He swallows it down before letting Kyle get a turn at giving a deep blowjob.

Ready to get fucked, Kyle lubes his ass up and readies it for Ryan’s cock. He lies on the bed and spreads his ass, moaning as Ryan fills him up slowly with raw dick. When he’s deep in that tight ass, Ryan picks up the pace and really begins to plow Kyle. Kyle moans loudly as Ryan decimates his boy hole. He quickly turns Kyle over so he can fuck him hard from behind. Ryan’s cock slides in and out and all Kyle can do in brace himself for each thrust. When Ryan gets Kyle on his back and buries his dick between Kyle’s legs, he continues to pump him full of his thick cock while Kyle jacks off. Ryan fucks him until he can sense Kyle is about to explode. He pulls out and watches Kyle cum before adding his own milky load to the mix.

Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter