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Don’t Study Too Hard

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Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

Oliver is headed back to school and will have quite the course load. The last thing he wants is to have to worry about money while he could be studying. That’s why he’s in the studio today with Kaden Porter. These two are ready to give us a show in order to make some quick cash so let’s get started.

Oliver gets things going by pulling Kaden in for a kiss. The boys get rid of their shirts but neither can break the lip lock. Oliver lays on of Kaden as the two continue to make out and engage in some frottage. Once they’re both horned up, Oliver kisses and licks a trail down to Kaden’s shorts. He pulls it outs and wraps his juicy lips around it. His mouth works the shaft before he lets his tongue have its way with the balls. Kaden’s cock is stiff in no time. They switch and Kaden returns the favor and damn near swallowing the dick whole! He’s not done; he flips Oliver over, lifts his leg onto the dresser, and eats his tight hole. He wants to make sure its nice and wet for what’s to come.

Once it’s nice and wet, Kaden buries his fat meat into Oliver’s booty. Oliver doesn’t need anytime to warm up. He opens right up as Kaden shovels his way into his guts. Kaden gets Oliver on all fours, which gives us the perfect view to watch Oliver’s ass bounce with each thrust Kaden delivers. These two deliver a passionate, lust filled scene that will have you wondered if they’ve both been turned out. Pop on in to see just how hot things get!

Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

Right Into the Mix

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Chaz Berling and Kaden Porter

We find Kaden Porter on his knees as soon as the video starts. He is starving for Chaz Berlin’s dick and Chaz is all too willing to feed it to him. Chaz whips out his big dick and Kaden gets to work, trying to swallow the entire thing. Chaz begins to thrust his hips and fuck Kaden’s hot mouth, moaning the entire time. Kaden wants more so he grabs Chaz’s butt checks and yanks him closer. When its time to switch, Kaden lies back on the bed and Chaz wraps his lips around his cock. Just like Kaden, Chaz deep throats it; making Kaden moan for more. “Ah, fuck yeah”, Kaden exclaims as Chaz damn chokes on his prick.

Kaden flips over and offers his ass to Chaz when his ready for his hole to get in on the action. Chaz dives right in and immediately begins to fuck the redhead. Kaden’s ass bounces with each thrust Chaz delivers. Chaz isn’t taking it easy on him either; he’s ball deep in Kaden’s boy pussy. Kaden gets on his back and allows Chaz to continue to bully his rectum. These two go at if for a while before Kaden finally blows a huge load all over his chest! At that sight, Chaz can’t help but pull out and cum!

Chaz Berling and Kaden Porter

Paging Kaden…

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The Two Kaden’s Fuck Raw

You can’t have two guys named “Kaden” walking around without finding out which one reigns supreme; you just can’t. I don’t even know how to tell you about the hotness in this scene without confusing you so we’ll just have to address them by their last names. We find the two Kadens, Alexander (the vet) and Porter (the new Kaden) lying on the bed. Alexander makes it clear what he wants by pointing at his crotch. Porter gets the point and helps Alexander out of his shorts before wrapping his lips around that sweet dick. He bobs up and down on it while simultaneously swiveling his head on it. Alexander sucks wind as Porter impresses him with his oral skills. Alexander then decides to take his turn on the mic. He rips Porter’s clothes off and takes that cock in his mouth and sucks it until it’s nice and hard. The boys 69 so that they can taste each other.

Ready to get fucked, Porter lies on his back, opens his legs, and lets Alexander stick his raw cock right into his ass. From the moment Alexander begins his stokes, Porter is moaning. Alexander can’t help but to exclaim and say how good Porter’s ass is as Porter’s hole grips his dick tightly. It loosens up a little when Alexander picks on the pace and begins to really blast his ass. Porter gets on all fours and Alexander spits inside his hole before continuing to fuck the shit out of him! Please come inside to see Porter’s ass get destroyed by Alexander in this hot scene!

The Two Kadens Fuck Raw

Ferrari Driving Through Cakes

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Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

Antonio Ferrari and Kaden Alexander are back in the studio and they don’t want to waste any time. They get things with a steamy make out session. Kaden holds Antonio close to him as they lips continue to collide. They barely separate as they undress each other. But once Kaden has Antonio completely nude and on the bed, Kaden goes right for his big cock. He twists his mouth on it and getting it to grow. Junior just watches Kaden work as his dick grows in his mouth. Kaden provides full service with his mouth, tongue, and hand. When they finally switch, Antonio gives an equally impressive blowjob, making Kaden moan loudly.

Ready to fuck, Kaden lowers his ass onto Antonio’s shaft, riding it reverse cowboy. He doesn’t just ride, he shakes and twerks on Antonio’s hot dick. Antonio grips Kaden’s sides as he fucks him raw and deep.  Antonio places Kaden face down on the bed before pushing his dick back inside and pounding Kaden beautiful bubble butt. Antonio fucks those round bouncy cakes while holding Kaden’s arms behind his back and destroying his hole. Kaden moans in response to each deep thrust that Antonio delivers. This scene is loud, nasty, and just downright fucking hot! You’ve got to see this one for yourself.

Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

The Monster is Back!

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Kaden Porter And Ronan Kennedy

It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve had Ronan in the studio. He’s back and looks better than ever with a new haircut. Surely Kaden has heard stories about the monster in Ronan’s pants. If he hasn’t, he will soon come face to face with it. The boys start by locking lips and feeling each other up. While Kaden’s lips are busy, his fingers are also working at Ronan’s zipper. The moment he frees the beast from the cage he shakes his head in disbelief…and Ronan isn’t even aroused yet. Ronan helps relax Kaden by going down on him, feeling his mouth with his member. He sucks him steadily until he’s rock hard. Then it’s Kaden’s turn at bat. He tries but has a difficult time getting it all into his mouth, who wouldn’t?

Once Kaden has had his fill of having his jaws stretched he puts Ronan on his back and stuffs his raw dick up his ass. Ronan’s ass has been fucked in a while but Kaden doesn’t care! He pounds Ronan hard, fucking his ass raw as Ronan plays with himself as he takes Kaden’s hard cock. Now it’s Kaden’s turn. He cautiously lowers his hole onto to Ronan’s monster dick. Somehow, every inch fits in his rectum and Ronan begins to pound him. He slaps his ass as his cock goes in and out of Kaden’s stretched hole. Ronan fucks until he’s ready to explode and these boys wrap up by giving each other a milky facial!!

Kaden Porter And Ronan Kennedy

Chef Chandler with the Cock

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Kaden Porter Fucks Chandler Scott Raw

Chandler has been doing a little baking in the BSB household. I’ve always wanted to taste his cakes but now he has some baked goods I’d like to get my hands on if the tales of his skill are true. But I won’t be the one getting my paws on either; today, Kyle will have that honor.

The boys lean in and kiss before quickly stripping down. Kyle hoists Chandler’s ass in the air and “what do you know?”, he immediately starts to eat his ass. I told you those cakes most be delectable and irresistible. He tongues Chandler’s hole deeply before moving  up to his cock. He swallows his second appetizer, getting Chandler’s cock nice and wet. The boys switch positions and now it’s Chandler on his knees showing Kyle how an expert dick sucker operates. Wanting to feel Kyle’s tongue more, he sits on Kyle’s face and lets the boy eat him out again.

With his ass dripping wet, he slides down and Kyle’s body and has his ass pierced by Kyle’s hard cock. Chandler rides him rough. He bounces up and down while pinning him to the bed. Soon, Kyle flips the script and takes over. He fucks him in a myriad of positions before they’re both cumming all over the place.

Kaden Porter Fucks Chandler Scott

Young and Horny

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Kaden Porter Tops Tanner Valentino

Two of our youngest boys, Tanner Valentino and Kaden Porter are all set to unleash on each other. Being that spry and horny is a distant memory for me, but I’m certainly ready to live vicariously through these two.

The boys start off by kissing and feeling each other up. Kaden’s hand sneaks down to Tanner’s shorts where if find’s a hard on just begging for some attention. Tanner releases it for it’s confines and begins nursing himself on it. “You like that dick?”, Tanner ask as Kaden’s mouth slowly moves up and down the shaft. Of course he does! After both boys get completely undressed, Tanner takes his turn at the mic and blows Kaden. These two can’t get enough of each other’s lips though so they resume making out before getting down to business.

Tanner lubes up Kaden’s cock before sliding onto it raw. He allows his tight asshole to get used to it before requesting that Kaden fuck him harder. Kaden happily obliges and starts to drive his dick deeper and deeper into Tanner’s ass from below. Kaden takes Tanner’s hide in a few different positions, but its not until he has him on all fours that you get to truly see Tanner’s ass bounce all over the place. Kaden’s makes waves as he pounds Tanner’s booty. By the time these two finish up Tanner’s belly button is full of cum!

Kaden Porter Tops Tanner Valentino

Same Model, Different Engine

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Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

Vadim has had his way with one twin, now he gets to have the other. Kaden will be a different challenge as he is all top and wants to plow Vadim’s tight little hole. They don’t waste much time talking; they instead let their lips and tongues do all the speaking. Vadim rubs on Kaden’s thick dick through his boxer briefs before laying him back and rescuing it from its confines. Vadim immediately wraps his lips around it and begins to suck. He swivels and bobs his head up and down as Kaden watches in delight. The boys slightly adjust their positions so that they can 69, allowing Kaden to get a taste of Vadim.

Kaden puts Vadim on his knees and slowly inserts his juicy prick inside. It takes a second for Vadim’s hole to adjust, but once it does Kaden proceeds to go to town. He smacks Vadim’s ass and grabs his toned cheeks as he slams his cock in and out of his ass. Vadim moans as if he’s in heat with every stroke that Kaden delivers. The boys switch positions, with Vadim ending up on his side. Kaden quiets his moans with some kisses as he continues to destroy his hole. Cum on in to see just how far these two studs go.

Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

Kaden’s First

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Kaden Porter Fucks Gage Owens

Kaden is ready to take the next step. He’s jacked his dick for all of us to see and know we’ve got him all set to get down and dirty with Gage Owens. There’s no need for discussion or instruction, he’s in very good hands.

Gage kicks things off by locking lips with Kaden, who is a damn good kisser. Gage comments on his skills as the boys undress. Gage then finds his way down to Kaden’s cock and shows him what it’s like to get blown by a guy. Kaden obviously likes but he’s not quite ready for what comes next; Gage tells him that it’s his turn to taste dick. Kaden agrees, but only if Gage blows him more. Gage does so with enthusiasm, deep throating Kaden’s pink beast. When it’s Kaden’s turn he starts off timidly by licking the head and the shaft. Gage instructs him to cup the balls as he sucks cock. Kaden’s a good student. He not only follows his instructions but somehow takes the entire dick down his throat! The kid is a natural.

Pleased with his student’s oral skills, Gage offers Kaden some wet ass. Kaden immediately forces his cock inside and ravage’s Gage’s hole. This boy doesn’t mess around and doesn’t care if Gage is ready or not. He wants to fuck. Even when Gage opts on ride it Kaden takes control by grabbing his hips and pounds him from below. Watch how Kaden fucks the cum right out of Gage.

Kaden Porter Fucks Gage Owens

Darting in that Ass

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Kaden Alexander Fucks David Hardy Bareback

It’s all fun and games until someone has a dick in the ass; then it’s just fun. We find Kaden and David playing what appears to be an innocent game of darts. That is until Kaden makes a bet with David, if he wins he will get to fuck David. Despite his best efforts, David misses. I’m sure Kaden won’t!

David gets on his knees and begins to suck Kaden’s cock. David has no problem devouring Kaden sweet uncut dick whole. David alternates from licking and beating his tongue with that sausage. Kaden then picks David up and throws him on the bed. He all but rips David’s pants off, eager to get his dick into his mouth. Once Kaden has it out he devours it; sliding his mouth all the way down to the base. And that’s no easy task as David has one of the biggest man bats around BSB. David toys with Kaden’s prick as he enjoys his mouth. Sensing that David wants to do more that just play with it, he straddles David’s face and gets in the 69 position. Watching two big cocks get devoured has my dick brick hard!

Kaden lies back on the bed and has David help lube that beast of a dick of his. David slides on slowly in reverse cowboy. “Oh yeah” Kaden moans once his cock is finally all the way inside. He immediately begins to pound David tiny hole. This kid takes dick well, allowing Kaden to completely have his way. That doesn’t last long though. Soon David takes control and begins to use Kaden’s cock like his own personal toy. Damn I want some of his ass! Kaden puts David on all fours before squeezing is man beater back into his guts. David’s beautiful butt responds by backing up into and bouncing off of Kaden. Kaden puts David through the ringer; fucking him from various directions until David finally cums; firing a load over his shoulder! Hot! Kaden pulls out and quickly sprays David with his own man seed. When all is said and done, David is indeed “a pool of cum”.

Kaden Alexander And David Hardy Raw

Introducing TJ Dewatt

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Tj Dewalt Audition, With Intense Cum Explosion

Tj comes off as a traditional man’s man. He likes to party and he loves sports. He is single, cute, and is in school so of course he could definitely uses some cash. And that’s always good for us.

Tj quickly strips down and begins to rub his cock through his boxers. It looks like his hiding a nicely sized beast so I can’t wait for him to whip it out. I don’t have to wait long for him to confirm my suspicions. Tj flops out his thick meat and begins to tug on it. My mouth is watering just watching him play with it. This guy has the equipment that will certainly bruise a lot of BSB bass. I’d love to see him fuck Ian, Kaden, or Zeno (if he’s willing).

He loses his boxers altogether ad reveals a nice hairy bush. This kid is all man. He strokes his cock while toying with his balls. I can only imagine what they must taste like. He leans back onto the couch, giving us just a tiny peek of his ass. From his nice lean frame, to that manly bush, his thick cock, and hairy ass I’m sure that I would enjoy every piece of this new boy.

After tugging on his cock hard, Tj blasts a huge load onto his abs and chest. Yeah, I’m sold. Let’s pair this guy up with some of BSB’s finest ASAP.

Tj Dewalt Audition, With Intense Cum Explosion

Ian in control

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Here’s a combo we haven’t seen in a while: Kaden Alexander and Ian Dempsey. But there’s a small twist, today it will be Ian doing the fucking. I love watching Kaden’s tight, muscular, mixed ass get fucked.

After some hot kissing Ian finds his way down Kaden’s dick and takes all of it down his throat. Kaden sounds pleased, but that doesn’t stop him from fucking Ian’s pretty little mouth. Once his cock is soaking wet with saliva, Kaden pushes Ian back onto the bed and wraps his lips around his pole. Kaden goes ham; sucking like a dick starved junkie. He must be anticipating a pounding form Ian. He gets spit all over Ian’s rod.

Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander

Speaking of pounding, once he’s had his fill of Ian’s sausage Kaden lubes it and slides right on top of it. Riding reverse cowboy style, Kaden takes every inch of that dick. Over the years Kaden has not only gotten used to taking dick but may be growing to like it. He grinds and winds on Ian’s pole, thoroughly enjoying himself. Once Ian’s is in control, Kaden is bent over the bed and deeply plowed. It’s nice to see that hole opened wide. Once he’s ready to cum, Kaden’s fat dick releases a thick wad of cum. Ian pops off a nice load himself, getting Kaden nice and wet.

Watch Ian Fuck Kaden

The Jock vs the Shy Guy

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Watch Kaden Alexander Fucks Ryan Fields

It’s BSB’s resident cocky boy with BSB’s shyest: Kayden Alexander and Ryan Fields. Let’s see what happens when we mix the two.

The boys begin with some heavy petting and kissing. Kaden loves to kiss all over his boys and I love it! They hop on the bed where Kaden has Ryan stand up so he can devour his cock. Kaden really goes after it; he sucks so thoroughly that I begin to think that Ryan’s dick is about to pop right off into Kaden’s mouth! Kaden lies down and allows Ryan to show off his own oral skills. Amazingly Ryan gets all of Kaden’s beef stick into his mouth. Wanting to feel Ryan’s throat, Kaden takes control and begins to face fuck the lucky boy.

Kaden lubes up and Ryan hops right onto his cock. He starts bouncing on it but soon Kaden takes control and begins to fuck him hard from below. He flips Ryan onto his stomach and really plows him from behind. He slows down just for a moment when Ryan begins to look like he’s in serious pain. That show of mercy doesn’t last long though. Kaden picks the pace back up and even smacks that ass a few times for good measure. Ryan flips onto his back and soon both he and Kaden cum! There’s enough cum on Ryan’s chest to feed an entire whorehouse. What a hot fuck! Good job boys.

Watch Kaden Alexander Fucks Ryan Fields

Just like the good ole’ days

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Kaden Alexander Fucks Skylar Daniels Raw

Kaden and Skyler have been paired up and here’s a fun little fact, Skyler was the first person to geive Kaden a blow job. Kaden is back because he wrecked his truck and needs some cash. I’ll definitely enjoy watching him earn his keep by fucking Tyler.

The fellas get right to business by tossing clothes and kissing one another. They are seriously all over one another. Skyler lies back on the bed and Kaden begins to suck him off. Kaden rubs all over Skyler’s chest as he licks and swallows his shaft. Kaden has certainly become a professional cock sucker, Skyler should be proud. Kaden stands up and allows him to take over the cock sucking duties. Skyler bobs up and down on that black cock. Skyler gets that brown veiny dick nice and wet.

Ready to get fucked, Skyler bends over the bed and Kaden begins to let him have it. Kaden fucks him mercilessly from behind and even slaps that ass a couple of times. Skyler doesn’t complain. Tyler lies on his side and Kaden continues to tear into him, only stopping to kiss him. Kaden then begins to fuck Tyler like he’s trying to be noted as the fastest fucker around! Skyler takes control by jacking this dick and Kaden’s at the same time. Soon, the boy nuts, sending gobs of cum onto Skyler’s abs and almost his face! That was such a hot and hard fuck.

Watch Kaden Alexander fuck Skyler Daniels Raw

The Dawn of Team Alpha

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Kaden and his new buddy Tyler have joined forces and have dubbed themselves “Team Alpha”. They’ve been away for a little while but I’m glad they’re back in the saddle. Kaden has a new girl but still hasn’t told her what he does for extra cash. I hope she’s cool with what he’s about to do to Tyler’s ass. Let’ get to work.

These boys are all over each other from the jump! They kiss and aggressively undress one another. Kaden asserts his authority by kissing his way down to Tyler’s cock. This boy knows how to devour cock! He sucks Tyler with fervor; obviously hungry for the dick. Tyler is instantly moaning and groaning in pleasure. Kaden eventually slides those juicy lips off of Tyler’s dick and lies on the ground so that Tyler can take his turn. Tyler sucks and jacks Kaden’s fat dick. Kaden’s biggie grows rock hard; but Tyler continues to fit almost all of it into his mouth.

Tyler, done with his snack, bends over the bed and offers his hot hole to Kaden who eagerly accepts by forcing his meat inside. I can’t tell you how much Tyler’s ass makes me drool and watching Kaden’s fat dick glide in and out of it is enough to make me and my dick explode. Tyler repositions on his side and Kaden continues to deconstruct it, literally bullying his booty. Kaden licks all over his neck while scissor fucking him. Hot! The boys finish up by blasting intense loads all over Tyler’s abs, chest and face! That’s what I can an “Alpha Load”! If that’s how the fucking is going to be then I want to see more people join Team Alpha.

Watch Kaden Bully Tyler’s Ass Here

Get some cash, I’m gonna get some ass

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Kaden Alexander Fucks Jaden Bentley

Jaden has been making his rounds as a newcomer but his next stop may hurt him a little. He has been paired up with Kaden Alexander who is ready to break him in the right way. Jaden is a little scared because he’s heard that Kaden has a pretty big tool. Now let’s see if he can handle it.

The boys start off with some really hot kissing and are all over each other. They seem really into each other, they barely stop kissing; not even while ripping each other’s clothes off. Kaden tosses Jaden on the bed and begins to ravish his cock with his mouth. After a nice active blowjob, Kaden stands and Jaden begins to suck him off. He gets a good feel for the big dick that’s about to be all up in that ass. He can barely fit the dick in his mouth. Kaden takes over and start to fuck his mouth; giving Jaden a true preview of what’s to come.

Kaden bends Jaden over, lubes up and pushes his man bat into Jaden’s ass, raw. Jaden grunts in pain but Kaden just keeps pounding, and who can blame him? Jaden has a very hot bubble butt. He gets tossed on his side where Kaden continues to destroy his hole. He kisses Jaden a few times but he doesn’t slow down. Soon Jaden is on his back having his guts hammered into nothing. He jacks his own big meat while panting in pleasure. And just when I think Kaden is going to cum inside of him he pulls out and drowns Jaden in cum. They taste each other’s cum and Jaden admits that he’s a little sore. He’s also surprised that he didn’t pass out and honestly, I am too!

Watch Kaden Alexander Fuck Jaden Bentley

There’s nothing to fear except BBC

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Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw

He’s back and it’s time. Dakota Ford is back and he’s here to bottom for the first time. And to make matters worse (for him) he’s paired with Kayden Alexander who is known for fucking people into oblivion. Let the cherry poppin’ begin.

Dakota opens up and admits that he tried to bottom before but it was just too painful. I have the feeling that today won’t be easier but there’s no backing out. They continue to discuss Kayden’s big dick…one Kayden surprisingly calls average…wow! Someone bring me some measuring tape so I can taste, I mean, measure it myself. After debating the not so average size of Kayden’s cock they undress and Dakota is asked to stand on top of the chair. Kayden tries to help him take his mind off the painful pounding to come with a blowjob. Kayden’s hungry mouth abducts Dakota’s dick. Dakota steadies himself by pressing one hand against the ceiling with using the other to push Kayden’s mouth further down his cock. This blowjob is so sloppy that I could easily just close my eyes and enjoy it just as much by listening to all the slurping and heavy breathing. But my eyes stay wide open. Kayden licks Dakota’s shaft, toying with him. Dakota looks down upon him, pleased with the attention he’s getting. As Kayden continues to blow him it looks like Damien could start climbing the wall any second now.

Dakota gets off of the chair and sits Kayden down so that he can return the favor. Kayden’s big veiny dick is handled nicely by Dakota. He switches back and forth between jacking and sucking. “Oh shit!” Kayden exclaims. When asked if he’s ready to get fucked Dakota responds with a definite “Nope!” “Better now than never, dog” Kayden suggests. And just like that we’re watching Dakota lube that nearly virgin hole up. Kayden tells him to stick a couple of fingers up his ass to loosen it right after assuring him that he’ll be “super gentle”. Why am I not convinced? Dakota bends over the chair and props his ass up. The time has come. “Ow! God” Dakota exclaims as Kayden’s raw dick penetrates him. “Damn your asshole is tight!” he says as he starts a slow fuck. He slowly picks up the pace and is soon fucking the new boy pussy like old boy pussy. Dakota arches his back and reaches behind Kayden in an effort to pull him deeper inside. Wow! If I didn’t know any better I’d swear this wasn’t his first time Dakota was getting split open by dick. His hairy ass gets used to the cock pretty damn quick.

Kayden pushes Dakota on the bed but then repositions him over the bottom edge. Dakota is really being put through the ringer today. Kayden jumps right back into that ass from above; with no mercy. Dakota is clearly in pain. He smacks the floor and reminds himself that he needs the money. Kayden is going to make him earn every cent. He continues to pop his ass and even slaps it a few times. What a workout!
They move to the side of the bed and Dakota is put on his back. Kayden reenters and must have hit a sweet spot because Dakota screams out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Kayden just slays away and soon Dakota loosens up again. “Oh god, give it to me!” Dakota belts moments before squeezing man juice from his dick. Jizz lands all over his chest. Kayden pulls out and squirts his own gooey batch onto Dakota’s stomach. Now that his cherry has been popped and he’s been baptized in cum, Dakota is officially a Broke Straight Boy; in every sense of the word.

Watch Kaden Alexander Fuck Dakota Ford Raw

Give Me That Mussy!

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Kaden Fucks Tristan Stiles

Kaden professes that he’s an energetic guy, so I’m looking forward to watching him energetically fuck Tristan Stiles. While catching up with the guys Kayden says that he fisted a girl just the day before. -_- I don’t whether to be a bit turned on or not, but Tristan Seems a bit sickened at the thought of it. Maybe, he’s nervous that Kayden may fist him…now that would be hot! Tristan countered with his own story about how he fucked a girl that he picked up form a gas station and apparently she was a screamer. I wonder what kind of noises he’ll make as Kayden fucks him. Let’s get to work.

The boys begin by tossing their shirts. Kayden displays his ability to bounce his pecs white Tristan shows off his tats. Then the pants come off and they show off their cocks. Kayden tries to go down on Tristan but, Tristan stops him, pulls him back up, and begins to kiss him. HOT! These two look like bonafide lovers in a lip lock. Kayden holds him close and continues the tongue tangle. He licks and sucks on Tristan’s neck. He then kisses him from his neck, down his chest, and finally reaches his originally destination; Tristan juicy cock. He slurps Tristan’s dick, gripping onto it like someone (namely me) may snatch it from him if given the opportunity. Kayden’s got some serious head game. At one point he pulls Tristan’s dick out of his mouth and beats his face with it. He blows Tristan with vigor while playing with his own uncut sausage. Ready to please, Tristan pushes Kayden into the chair and starts sucking on the caramel shaft. The veiny dick proves to be too much for him for a second and Tristan has to take a breather, literally. He tries to get back to work but moments later he’s choking on the black meat again. “What were you saying about me? That I’m the small dick?” Kayden taunts him. “Shut up!” Tristan laughs before wrapping his mouth on Kayden’s dick once more. He licks Kayden’s shaft and even gives the balls a little tickle of the tongue. He’s not choking now! Tristan’s tongue working him over, Kayden squirms in pleasure looking as if he’s about to burst.

More than ready to fuck, Kayden gets up and turns Tristan around. After lubing his rod and Tristan’s hairy ass, Kayden makes his entrance. “Are you okay?” he asks his buddy. After receiving an affirmative, Kayden starts to hammer that ass. Kayden says that he hasn’t had pussy in a while, so there’s no doubt that he’s taking some aggression out of Tristan’s hole. They move over to the bed and Kayden places Tristan on his side and resumes fucking him. Kayden fucks Tristan hard but also passionately makes out him. These two look like they’ve wanted to get at each other for a while! Kayden soon repositions Tristan on his back. Kayden lays some of his best moves on him as Tristan moans loudly. Tristan’s leg is pushed closer and closer to his chest as Kayden comes in for another kiss. Satisfied with the smooch, Kayden draws back and picks up the pace, betting Tristan’s “mussy” into submission with his dick. Tristan cums with ease; shooting a milky load onto his abs. Kayden replies by squirting a huge hot load all over Tristan. Relieved and relaxed the boys get up a start swinging their dicks around. Do all straight boys celebrate sexual triumphs like this? One thing is for certain, Tristan will think twice before commenting on Kayden’s dick size.

Watch Kaden and Tristan’s New Scene Here

Adam, Mick & Kaden


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It’s like that soup…”Mmm,Mmm Good.”
We’ve got Mick, Adam and Kaden in a delicious threesome. Adam introduces us and gives us a brief run down of the menu.

“Today everyone is getting fucked but me,” Adam says into the camera.

Adam instructs today’s bottoms to strip down. Adam blesses us with a theatrical strip tease, tossing his clothes off camera seductively. The trio reassembles on the bed. Teasing their soft dicks. Kaden leans over and sucks Adam and Adam leans over and sucks Mick. The sexiest little assembly line you’ll ever see. Kaden puts his juicy lips to work on Adam’s fat cock, stroking his own meat. Mick sits back comfortably as Adam deep throats his tool.

After a while Kaden stands up and prepares to get sucked by Adam and Mick returns the favor.

“I’ve never had a black dick in my mouth, but let’s do this shit,” Adam says.

He must love black dick because Adam sucks Kaden like his rent is due! Taking Kaden’s meat all the way down his throat, periodically looking up at him. Meanwhile Mick slurps and sucks Adam.

Before you know it Kaden is sitting on Adam’s thick cock. He slowly eases himself onto it. Adam is gentle but you can only go so easy when you have such huge dick. Kaden repositions himself on his knees and prepares for Mick.

Mick slides his meat into Kaden’s virgin slot. 4Kaden’s ass is being busted in two. But it ain’t over for the newbie. He gets on his hands and knees, and Mick saddles up. Mick is gentle to the virgin, slow dicking him. A few strokes are balls deeps. Those cause the loudest cries.

“I should not be enjoying this, but I am,” Kaden says.

The guys switch it up and Kaden enters Mick while Mick slobs on Adams knob. Kaden can’t stop moaning as he digs into Mick’s ass .

Kaden kisses Mick’s shoulders as he fucks him. Adam, the old pro, leans down and gives Kaden a sloppy kiss.

Adam wants one last taste of Kaden’s virgin hole, so Kaden get flat on his back as Adam fucks him. Mick sits on Kaden’s chest and feeds him his dick. Kaden is  filled at both ends! Before you know it, Mick explodes on Kaden’s mouth. Kaden cums next, shooting a fat load onto Mick’s ass and his abs. Finally, Adam shoots a big load, mixing his cum with Kaden’s.

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Kaden & Skyler


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Kaden has returned! It’s good to know that we didn’t scare him away. On today’s BSB adventure veteran, Skyler, joins our newbie Kaden. Not only does he have a charming smile, but Kaden also has a few important bills pending.

“Cops like me a lot so they like to give me these tickets, invitations to court,” Kaden says to the cameraman. “So I’m going to pay my cover charge to court.”

Kaden is understandably nervous. This is his very first taste of the delicacy known throughout the world. A meat so delicious that it’s flavor satiates the appetites of men and women alike; dick. Skyler reminisces about his first taste.

“I felt like crying, but didn’t,” Skyler says.

Kaden is optimistic when asked what he thinks cock will taste like.

“It will probably taste like skin,” Kaden responds. “Cock doesn’t have a flavor. Unless it’s chocolate.”

Skyler smiles and warns is new buddy.

“It tastes a little different than you think,” he insists.

The guys get things started, strip down to nothing and commence with getting those dicks nice and hard for each other. As their meat swells they give each other a hand, and slowly jack each other off. Skyler decides to show this new kid the true meaning of a blowjob. Kaden gives Skler a perfect ten!

“He gives a better blow job than a chick,” Kaden explains.

Skyler isn’t shy and he doesn’t hold back. He takes Kaden’s thick dick in his mouth, deep throats it, sucks the head, and licks the shaft. We hope Kaden was taking notes because soon it’s his turn at bat. Kaden grabs Skyler’s cock and begins to suck it like he’s been doing it for years. He slurps hard and sucks it like he’s trying to suck out the sweet nectar trapped inside. Skyler is pleased.

“Oh fuck,” Skyler moans.

Skyler decides he wants some more of Kaden’s cock and begins to slurp on it as he strokes his wet dick. Kaden reels from Skyler’s wet warm mouth all over his fat cock.

The pleasure is written all over his handsome mug. Skyler continues to jerk and soon he reaches his peak.

“I’m about to cum,” Skyler announces.

Skyler’s seed shoots far beyond his torso and lands on Kaden’s side. Kaden starts to jack himself, he’s very eager to release the cream inside. Soon enough he shoots a thick load on his sexy stomach.

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