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Our little whore for the day

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Johnny, Cage And Damien

Damien Kyle stands between Johnny and Cage. “You’re going to get fucked!” Johnny tells him. And just like that, we’re off. They don’t waste any time, and who can blame them with so much hotness in the room. Johnny and Cage sit on the bed and Damien packs Forza’s dick into his mouth. He bobs his head up and down causing Johnny to moan in pure ecstasy. Johnny’s biceps and pecs contract as he receives a sloppy blowjob. Cage helps his buddy my pushing Damien’s head down on Johnny’s cock. Not one to leave a man behind or a friend dry, Johnny directs Damien’s lips over to Cage’s dick. Damien swallows it whole while continuing to jack Johnny off. Damien continues to battle both schlongs like he hasn’t had cock in his mouth for months. His expert performance has both Johnny and Cage breathing heavily. After going back and forth between their salty poles like a confused, cock hungry slut, Damien is flipped onto the bed. Cage eyes his pretty hole and slides his finger inside to prep the tight muscle for a real workout. Damien continues to blow Johnny while he gets some oral attention of his own from Cage. Cage eagerly fuck Damien’s ass with his finger while Johnny look on, I’m sure they’re both ready to fuck.

Expertly loosened by Cage, Damien’s ass is turned over and offered to Johnny. He slides into Damien’s fuck hole balls deep. Johnny pounds away while Cage encourages him. “Fuck the shit out of him”, he chants. Johnny doesn’t seem to need much coaching as he’s already fucking the muffled moans out of Damien. “Our little whore for the day”, Cage declares as he watches Johnny running through Damien. Johnny holds those legs in the air while screwing him; Damien is nothing more than his sex toy in this moment. What a lucky boy!

“Let’s flip him over”, Johnny suggests before invading Damien’s trap from behind. This is Cage’s first gay threesome and there’s no doubt that he’s enjoying himself as he watches Damien slurp on his dick and Johnny fuck like an angry convict. Finally, it’s his turn to pummel Damien’s man pussy. They flip him on his back and Cage forces himself inside. Damien’s grunts of pleasure are soon muffled again by Johnny’s piece massaging his throat. Cage fucks his little used cum boy with no mercy. He has the pleasure of fucking Damien raw and as a result he gets to feel the residual heat from all the friction that Johnny’s dicks created. His groans tell the story! Ready to pop he pulls out and joins Johnny, who is already jacking himself over Johnny’s face. All the attention and fucking has pushed Damien to his limits; he explodes while looking up at his owners. Moments later Johnny and Cage are making it rain (with cum that is) all over his face. Cage forces him to eat the bitter sweet load. That’s what it means to be a cum bucket!

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Paul Canon Fucks Johnny Forza


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Kissing, Johnny, and Paul. Can’t think of three better words. When today’s update starts, the two studs are on the the studio couch smooching it up. Shirts are tossed aside and pants unbuttoned. Johnny is rocking pink underwear, making a few of jealous of the fabric. LOL!

Paul slips out of his pants, and returns to sucking face. Even slips a hand under the New Jersey stud’s undies to get a feel. Soon enough Johnny is naked, and curly-haired Paul has his mouth open, swallowing all he can. Paul takes that big, old, nasty thing whole, getting it stiffer than it is. As for Johnny, he leans back for the ride. Grabs Paul’s curls and guides him to his prize. Not that Paul is lost.

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny moans. When Paul deep throats, Johnny moans even louder. There’s a brief kissing round, and Johnny gives dick sucking a go. His tongue swirls around Paul’s pink head. Paul face fucks him for a bit, but Johnny can only handle so much. He gets his scalp stroked as he slurps away. Paul grabs him and places smooches on the hottie’s wet lips. The two stand up, with Johnny grabbing the edge of the couch. Paul lubes up. His tool slowly finds its way into the Garden State stud’s hole. Once in, Paul makes each stroke balls deep.

Poor Johnny doesn’t even get a chance to get used to what’s inside him. Grits his teeth and cries out. Doesn’t know if it hurts or feels good. Maybe a little bit of both? Paul can’t be bothered with such trivial concerns. He knows that male tail feels good and plans on filling it up! Johnny gets on his side, and Paul resumes the hard pounding.

He grabs a pale thigh and opens the ass up some more! “Oh, fuck,” Paul whispers. Johnny strokes his tool. Man goo explodes out, coating both boys. Paul is a kind top, pulling out after Johnny loses it. Paul beats his meat, cum first hitting Johnny’s chiseled chest. Kissing brings the curtain down. So? What say ye? Good scene?

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Paul Canon & Johnny Forza

Ian Dempsey Fucks Johhny Forza


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Ian Dempsey is getting retribution today. In a previous scene Johnny Forza remade Ian’s booty hole. Now Ian will get to do the same to Johnny. ”I told him to go extra hard as revenge,” the cameraman says to Johnny. “I’m sure you did,” Johnny answers. “You always do.” Ian just got his driver’s license back. Too many tickets. Don’t worry. No drunken driving. When the models get naked, it’s not hard to notice that Ian’s skin is tan while  Johnny is a whiter shade of pale. By the way: Annie Lennox’s version of that song is sublime.

Ian sits down and Johnny waves his hot rod in his face. Ian opens up and sucks away. Occasionally he’ll look up in Johnny’s face, to make sure the New Jersey stud is liking the
job. Johnny’s moans are more than proof of happiness. Ian pulls off and gets a sweet kiss. Johnny gets on his knees and slobbers all over Ian’s dick. The sounds of heavy breathing fill the studio. The Garden State dude keeps his  tongue focused on Ian’s head. The sausage shines from the salvia. All the sucking keeps Johnny’s cock sticking straight out.
There’s some more smooching. Ian puts lube on his rod, and Johnny puts his hole over the wet tip. He takes a seat, and his hole stretches to the max.

He grits his teeth as he goes up and down. Ian nibbles on Johnny’s chest and gives him a reach around. While Johnny is hurting, his pole is plumped. A joy button is getting hit right.
“Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans. His pale thighs go up and down the bloated pole. Honestly, Johnny has never looked sexier. LOL! Muscle studs need to bottom all the time!
Johnny gets on his back. Ian grabs an ankle and gets his dick back in that hole. The New Jersey bottom grunts and moans, but notice he never puts a hand on Ian’s thigh. He
wants that meat balls deep!

Ian slow strokes him, making certain each movement is felt. Johnny starts to jerk his meat because he’s ready to pop. His toes curl from all the sensations in his dick and ass.
His jizz, a bit more whiter than his skin, covers his abs. Ian pulls out and strokes is nut. It plops out and covers Johnny’s inner thigh. When asked how things went Johnny is still not happy.”Not a fan,” he says to the cameraman. That’s OK. His prostate is a fan of the pounding. LOL!

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Ian Dempsey & Johhny Forza

Sergio Valen Fucks Johnny Forza


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You feet lovers are probably creaming at the start of this video. Hard not to. First, Sergio Valen and Johnny Forza are sucking face. That would make anyone spring wood. However, the camera gives a great view of their tootsies as the studs make out. Who says BSB doesn’t cater to our fans? LOL! Johnny loses his white tank-top. Sergio gets rid of his green shirt. The two make out some more and then lose their pants. The kissing keeps up with the studs in their undies.

Johnny is naked first and Sergio follows. He swallows all of Johnny’s johnson, swirling his tongue around the pink tip. To show his appreciation, Johnny offers his scene partner a reach around. Lip smacking sounds fill the studio as Sergio makes Johnny’s toes curl. Sergio gives a kiss, and then Johnny goes down on him. The New Jersey stud closes his eyes and slobbers all over that head.”Oh, yeah,” Sergio groans. Johnny sucks and strokes that meat as it fills his pretty mouth. He comes up for a kiss, which Sergio returns. Sergio then slathers up his rod, and Johnny squats over it and takes a seat.

“There you go,” Sergio says as Johnny’s hole swallows up his stick. As he goes up and down, Johnny grunts and groans. That tool is spreading him open, but hitting his spot. ”Oh, God,” he whimpers. Sergio takes control and starts up thrusting. This gives the New Jersey stallion something else to moan about.”Oh fuck,” Johnny cries out. Sure there’s a little pain, but Johnny’s dick is standing at attention. ”Why don’t you get on your side,” Sergio suggests after a brief kiss.

Johnny does so. Sergio grabs an ankle and pounds away. Poor Johnny. All he can do is curse and take the stuffing. As for Sergio, sweat starts to form on his brow. He gives that pale booty a slap for making him work so hard. LOL! Johnny grabs the bed as he submits. There’s another kiss before he gets missionary. ”Give me that asshole,” Sergio says.

The strokes are deeper now, and Sergio is picking up the pace. ”Oh, my fucking God,” Johnny moans.”Take that fucking cock,” Sergio commands.Sergio spreads Johnny’s strong thighs apart and goes balls deep. This makes the bottom boy grit his teeth, but he takes it all.  Johnny’s cum explodes out, the first stream hitting his bicep and the black sheets. Sergio pulls out and his jizz hits Johnny’s cheek first. The rest covers his chest and stomach.

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Sergio Valen & Johnny Forza

Johnny Forza Fucks Tristan Stiles


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Look at Johnny Forza, shirtless, sitting next to Tristan Stiles (his shirt is on)! What a sexy duo. The boys are up late because Tristan’s bosses don’t know when to close up shop! While he might have a gig, Tristam still needs BSB funds. Why? $400 cell phone bills.  ”I broke my phone too many times,” he says the cameraman. Tristan might have BSB duties, but he’s always searching for the ladies. He met a lass before this shoot. ”Did you poke her,” Johnny asks. ”On Facebook,” Tristan wonders.

Oh, Tristan. So sweet. So innocent. LOL! There was no poking of any kind, but he did bring his lady friend some dinner. Oh, Tristan. So sweet. So innocent. After today’s scene, Tristan will be a little less wholesome because Johnny will bust that ass in. ”We will break him in properly,” Johnny says.”Big Johnny. Up my ass,” Tristan replies.The boys strip. Johnny is sporting hot pink color underwear, while Tristan has traditional black. The two begin to kiss, something that gets both hard. Johnny pulls away and puts his head in Tristan’s lap. He licks that tool like it’s candy, paying closing attention to the head. Tristan gives a reach around as he’s getting serviced. Such a polite young man. LOL

The Garden State stud spits on Tristan’s tool, making sure it’s wet. When Johnny comes up for air, Tristan gives him a kiss.Tristan then goes down on Johnny. Has a difficult time fitting that thing in his mouth. However, looks real cute trying. All of this blowing and sucking keeps Tristan’s rod nice and plump.”Suck it. Lick that cock,” Johnny orders.
There’s a quick kiss before Tristan assumes the doggie position. Johnny lubes up and enters Tristan’s hole. It takes a few times to get all of that meat in there, but once he does Johnny pounds away. Slaps Tristan’s ass cheek. The bottom holds on the bed and grunts. Johnny likes that because he can drill as hard as he wants.

Tristan gets on his back, and Johnny resumes the balls deep action. Tristan’s face is contorted in equal parts pain and pleasure. ”Oh, fuck yeah,” Johnny whispers. Tristan strokes his meat as he gets split in half. His moans get louder as Johnny’s fucking turns more forceful. The muscle top can’t take it no more. He pulls out and starts jerking his meat. Tristan come first, his load covering his belly button in white goo. Johnny shoots next, his load covering Tristan’s stomach. After everybody calms down, Johnny says he wants a rematch. Do you think Tristan can handle it?

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Johnny Forza & Tristan Stiles

Johnny, Paul & Abel


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Abel Conrad, unfortunately, only did a solo for us. However, on the positive side the newbie has returned big time by sitting next to BSB stalwarts Paul Canon and Johnny Forza.”Throw him right into a threesome,” Johnny observes to the cameraman.”This is the best way to break some one in real quick,” Paul says as he snaps his fingers.
“Sink or swim,” the cameraman says.
“I can’t swim,” Abel counters.

Abel isn’t sure what’s going to happen, but he did need some money. Paul says not to worry.
“It’s not that hard,” Paul says. “The hardest thing is going to be our cocks.” And with that, all three studs strip. Paul has Abel stand up. Johnny gets between Paul’s thighs. Paul’s tongue action does the trick for Abel. As for Johnny, sucking off Paul gets his johnson nice and plump.
Heavy breathing and lip smacking sounds fill the studio. Abel looks like he’s about to pop any minute from all the work Paul does on that tool.
The lads cross it up, with Johnny in the middle. Paul goes to town on his meat, while Abel sits next to Johnny. Abel watches for a bit, taking notes. Then gets a chance to show off his skills. The newbie goes to town on that pole, focusing on the head.

Paul takes over again, showing the newbie that the slow way is always best. He also demonstrates how to deep throat. Johnny grabs Paul’s locks as his dick is getting some royal treatment. Paul gets on his hands and knees. Johnny lubes up his pickle and enters that boy hole. As for Abel, his job is too keep Paul quiet as he gets plowed. Who wouldn’t want that gig?  Johnny grabs Paul’s back as he fucks. Paul is getting a goodly pounding today.
“Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.
“Why don’t you fuck me now, big boy.”

Abel likes this idea. He also loves those cheeks, grabbing one as he gives Paul what he’s got.
“You like that,” Abel asks.
Paul can’t answer because his mouth is filled with Johnny’s dick.  Paul makes a tasty treat in an Abel and Johnny sandwich, no?
Abel’s thrusts gets more powerful. Paul gets on his back so Abel can dig deeper in that ass. Johnny is over Paul watching the show.

The show proves too good for Johnny. He shoots his load in Paul’s open mouth. Paul takes a taste, but spits it out. However, he does shoot a copious load as he gets fucked by Abel. Abel keeps pounding that Paul hole until he pulls out. His jizz lands all over Paul’s ass portal. Hopefully Abel comes back. Paul has to return the favor.

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Johnny, Paul & Abel

Johnny Forza & Skyler Daniel


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Skyler Daniels and Johnny Forza start this update right out of the gate with some passionate tongue dancing. The two hug each other as they kiss and smooch. When they get naked, there is some wood to be seen. Kissing always does the trick!  Johnny blows first. He tries to swallow all of Skyler, but has a difficult time getting all the meat down his throat. Skyler isn’t complaining. He’s grooving to those soft lips on his tool.

Johnny must be having a good time too because his sausage is plumping. He comes up from his duties and places sweet kisses on Skyler’s face. Soon it’s Skyler’s turn to show his oral skills. He licks up and down Johnny’s pole like it’s an ice cream cone. Even looks up to make sure he’s doing right. Johnny is having a grand old time. Would you?

Skyler sucks and nibbles on that johnson, like he’s looking for a tasty liquid treat. ”Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans. He sits up and puts a condom on. Skyler straddles the Garden State stud, and takes a seat on that dick. The camera gives a great view of Skyler’s ass swallowing all Johnny can give. Skyler bounces up and down, making sure he can get used to the anal invasion.

Johnny let’s Skyler do all the work for now. Skyler’s moans are so sexy. There’s a moment when the tool slips out of Skyler’s hole, and both boys sound so disappointed. Skyler gets on his back, and Johnny takes over. Grabs Skyler by the thigh and ankle, and pumps away. Skyler takes each stroke because his joy button is getting mashed with each stroke.

Johnny is lost in the fuck, doing what he can to make himself and Skyler nut. The fucking is steady and persistent. Skyler brings his thighs to his chest, grabbing the soles of his feet. Johnny smacks one of Skyler’s pale cheeks to let him know who owns that ass. Skyler’s cum shoots up, and lands on his chest. Johnny pulls out and dumps his load all over Skyler’s pubes.
And we call it day with some kissing. Such sexy studs!

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Johnny Forza & Skyler Daniels

Jason Matthews Fucks Johnny Forza


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Nope, you didn’t read the title wrong. Jason Matthews and Johnny Forza!

“We’re going to teach Johnny Forza how to have a good time,” Jason says to the camera.

Who can disagree with that? LOL! The good time starts immediately with full lip locking. Jason even licks Johnny’s neck.

After the romantic kissing, the two pros get naked. Johnny sucks bone first.

“Lick my cock,” Jason whispers.

Johnny sucks that tool. Tries to deep throat, but only can get so far. He does know the power of the tongue, so he licks Jason’s head and shaft.

Jason puts some sweet kisses on Johnny’s lips. Then he has a go at that johnson. As Jason licks up and down that New Jersey meat, he looks in Johnny’s face. Jason even makes sure to tongue those cum heavy balls, which we can tell Johnny appreciates. LOL!

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny whispers.

All BSB newbies should be required to view Jason’s sword swallowing skills. Dude is a champ! He’s getting that sausage slick with spit.

Jason then pushes Johnny’s delectable thighs to his chest. That gives Jason better access to that sweet man hole. Jason rims that booty like it’s his last meal. There’s lots of tongue and spit. Poor Johnny is almost in tears over the sensations. Jason’s tongue explores the crevices of that booty, getting it ready for something a little bigger than a tongue.

It’s fucking time. Jason dons a condom, and gets on his back. Johnny straddles him and lowers his hole on the hard piece of meat. Johnny sounds so virginal riding Jason, like his chiseled ass has never been busted before.

Jason starts to punned away, taking control away from Johnny. The Garden State stud might be be cursing, but look at his dick. Hard. His joy button likes what Jason is doing. Wouldn’t you?

Johnny gets on his back, and Jason gets back home. He’s dicking Johnny so he’ll walk funny the next day. One of Johnny’s legs is on on Jason’s shoulder, the other to the side. Has Johnny ever looked better? LOL!

The fucking gets faster, Johnny grimacing with each stroke. But you can only pound a man so long until he pops. Johnny’s load explodes all over his hand.

Jason, a considerate top, pulls out and strokes his own nut. His man mils shoots out in multiple spurts.

He leans in for a kiss before everything goes black. The cameraman probably passed out. LOL!

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Johnny Forza Jason Matthews

Behind The Scenes: A Day with Johnny Forza

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We’ve seen the dreamy side of Johnny in Venus As A Boy, but now we get to see this down home country boy in all his glory. Fall in love with Johnny all over again as we go behind the scenes with Broke Straight Boys favorite Johnny Forza. Watch Johnny preparing for his scenes, filming one of his toughest scenes to date (underwater), and goofing off!

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes w/
Johnny Forza

Johnny Forza Barebacks Paul


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It’s touching when two people share a moment of hot sweaty passion and get the chance to reunite. We’re so pleased that Paul and Johnny, easily two of BSB’s most popular models, are doing their second scene together. The last time it was strictly cock sucking but this time Johnny’s getting a piece of Paul’s fat, juicy booty. If you ask Paul he can’t recall their first scene together.

“I forgot that even happened, actually,” Paul says.

Johnny seems focused and a bit excited.

“I’m here to do a job,” Johnny says.

In a flash they undress and Johnny drops to his knees and slowly sucks Paul to wake his slumbering sausage. Paul’s cock is only in Johnny mouth for about twenty seconds before it’s fully erect. Paul can’t help but moan and encourage his dutiful servant as he slurps and slobs on his fat cock.

Johnny does his best to take it deep but immediately gags. Paul’s dick is dripping with the wet warmth of Johnny’s mouth.

Soon after, Paul can’t take anymore pleasure and drops to his knees to slowly suck his partners. Paul sucks on Johnny’s cock like it’s the last cock he’ll ever get to taste. Not only can you see that Paul adores sucking Johnny’s cock, but you can hear it, as the sounds of him slurping echo in the studio.

The pair kiss for a second, Johnny warmly thanks him for his perfection head. It’s time to fuck. After the lube is slathered on the right spots, Paul sits his perfect ass on Johnny’s amazing dick.

“Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.

Johnny is a professional ass fucker and he shows no mercy. Paul leans in for a kiss as he begins to sweat and really take the pounding like a man. They switch positions and Johnny is balls deep with Paul on his side.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck,” Paul whimpers.

Paul tries to stop Johnny from going so deep but Johnny didn’t come here today for shallow pussy fucking, he goes even deeper. Johnny is so close, he reaches his limit and pulls out cumming on Paul’s thighs. They kiss some more as Paul jerks himself until he cums too.

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Johnny Forza & Paul Canon

Romeo James & Johnny Forza


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BOOM! The time has come! Johnny Forza and Romeo James! Fucking! Hardcore! Let’s get started. Things open with these two world class studs making out hard, feeling each other up, like two bi-curious high school seniors after football practice. They remove their shirts and things quickly escalate.

The making out is a solid warm up, their cocks are hard as rocks once they’ve removed their pants. Romeo stands on the bed and Johnny begins to suck his juicy cock. Romeos smooth cock slides in and out of Johnny’s wet lips like it was made for it.

Romeo leans in for a quick kiss and then gets down on his knees to return the favor.  Romeo really works Johnny’s cock with his full mouth (lips, tongue, and throat). Romeo gives Johnny boy another kiss in between slurps. Johnny positions his partner, lubes him up and sticks his raw New Jersey cock inside him.

“Oh, fuck,” Romeo moans.
Johnny pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper and harder!

“Fuck me, cowboy,” Romeo demands.

Johnny takes heed and picks up the pace. Then Romeo lubes up, Johnny gets on his back and Romeo begins to fuck.

“How that feel,” he asks.

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans.
Johnny begins to jerk his cock and soon he cums all over the place. Romeo pulls out and his cum explosion surrounds Johnny’s hole.

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Johnny Forza & Romeo James

Denver Pride Fest 2013


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The Broke Straight Boys go to Denver Pride and its a great time. Check out Denver Pridefest and see the boys enjoy the festival and the parade, watch as Kaden gives a few hot lap dances, and hear from a few fans who came out to meet the boys–some as far away as China!

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
Denver Pride Fest 2013

Johnny Forza Fucks Adam Baer


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Reunited and it feels so good! Looks like our buddies Johnny Forza and Adam Baer are hitting the skins again! If you remember their last romp was poolside and Adam gave Johnny’s tight ass a good fucking. This time Johnny is getting his turn at bat.

Our guys quickly strip down to their respective birthday suits and Johnny leans in on Adam’s dick to give it some much needed oral attention. Johnny licks and slurps on Adam’s hard dick. Johnny takes his time on Adam’s thick cock and jacks his own hard dick as well. They switch and Adam works on Johnny’s sausage. Adam is serious about sucking this cock, Johhny’s appreciation for Adam’s tireless attention to detail goes without saying but he gives him a kiss to show his gratitude.

It’s time for some ass! Johnny lubes up with wet cock, Adam assumes the doggie position on the bed, and they’re off. Johnny slams his meat inside Adam and begins to fuck him slowly, but he quickly speeds up. The sensation of his raw cock inside Adam feels too good to go slow, he fucks Adam mercilessly.

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny says.

Adam breathes loudly and curses when the fucking speed picks up.

“Oh, fuck,” he whimpers.

Johnny is slamming Adam like he is trying to slit him in half. Adam closes his eyes. Either he’s wishing that Johhny’s dick will magically get smaller or he’s hoping that Johhny will fuck him just a little harder. Adam’s bubble butt jiggles as he wishes with his eyes closed.

Johnny gets on his back, and Adam straddles him. The camera gives a closeup as Adam’s hole is re-stuffed. Those juicy cheeks ride Johnny slowly as Adam’s hole readjusts to Johnny’s monster dick.

Johnny decided he wants to take control so they switch positions.

“Oh, fuck,” Adam whimpers.

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny says. “Nice and deep.”
They kiss passionately, Adam gets on his back and Johnny slides in again. Adam’s dick is stiff as board and his hole is filled to capacity, he’s in heaven.
“Oh, shit,” Adam says.

Adam grabs the sheets as he strokes his meat. All that pounding has done the job.

“Here it comes,” Adam groans.

“And he’s right. The first stream of jizz lands right above his nipple. Johnny’s load is next and the first cum shot lands on Adam’s neck.

He leans in for a kiss. When that is over, Adam notes how covered in man nectar he is.

“It’s everywhere,” he says.

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Johnny Forza & Adam Baer

Johnny Forza Fucks Kaden Alexander


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Kayden, one of the BSB newbies, is in for a rude awakening from the one and only Johnny Forza. In this   latest BSB scene Mr. Forza is going to slam Kayden’s warm hole, bareback. From the grin on his face and his eagerness to get started, Kayden is pretty stoked to be getting round house fucked by this NJ stud.

“Can’t wait to get fucked in the ass,” Kayden exclaims sarcastically.

Our super sexy buddies undress, Kayden unveiling himself in n erotic strip tease. Not to be outdone by Johnny’s simple strip down. Kayden drops to his knees and gives Johnny’s dick a quick kiss and he begins to swallow it. Kayden slurps and suck on Johnny’s hard salami, licking the head with his tongue and stroking the shaft with his lips. Johhny’s body is tense with pleasure. Kayden wraps his hands around his dick as he continues to suck Johnny senseless.

Johnny wants to return the favor but Kayden can’t keep Johnny’s fat dick out of his mouth for too long so they 69. Johnny sucks Kayden’s thick cock and Jo

It’s time for the basketball loser to receive his “punishment.” Kaden gets on his stomach and Johnny saddles up behind him. Listen to how Kaden sounds when his booty is filled with raw NJ prime beef.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Kaden whimpers.

Johnny gives his bottom small strokes. However, Kaden is groaning and moaning. He grabs the sheets and his mouth is open from the shock.

“Shit,” Kaden yells.

Johnny knows a bottom in need when he hears one. So he gives Kaden what he craves. Balls deep, of course. Kaden has never felt this good.

“Oh, my God,” he whispers. “The shit is fucking good. Stick that dick in there.”

A bossy bottom in the making?

Johnny puts Kaden on his back and gets back in. The sausage splits that ass like a peach. And Kaden understands his duty is to let his top do what he will.

“Oh, my God,” Kaden moans. “It’s so good.”

Johnny makes certain each down stroke is felt. All of this stimulation proves too much for both. They jerk their dicks, with Johnny shooting first. His man milk lands on Kaden’s nuts and thighs.
As for Kaden, the first shot of his geyser lands on the bottom of his chest. The rest splatters all over his abs.

Johnny earns a peck on the cheek for giving the newbie a salami injection.

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Johnny Forza and Kaden Alexander

Happy 4th of July from BSB! Here’s an Oldie but Goodie!


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Happy 4th of July! In honor of this great day in American history we wanted to share two sexy All-American Broke Straight Boys!
Check out this oldie but goodie featuring Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal!

Who doesn’t like a revenge fuck? In today’s update Brandon Beal gets a chance to give Johnny Forza a meat injection.

“It’s my turn now,” Brandon said with an evil grin.

Johnny looks slightly nervous, but a fat wallet makes a straight guy do close to anything! Because these two are BSB pros, there’s not much chitchat. Clothes are removed, and the two stand naked for a few seconds. Johnny has more definition, but Brandon is no slouch in the muscle department.

They get on the bed and Brandon sucks first (ignore the storm sounds in the background…LOL). After a few slurps, Johnny is murmuring encouragement.

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny says. “Oh, god.”

Brandon’s mouth overflows with New Jersey beef. He’s doing something right because Johnny’s toes stretch out. Brandon deep throats that Garden State hose, causing Johnny to moan to the gods. Sounds of sucking and slurping mix in with the wind blowing outside.

Johnny has a go at licking Brandon’s beef. Brandon wants his NJ stud to swallow as much as possible, so he pushes his head down. The sucking, alas, doesn’t last for long.

“Ready for this,” Brandon asks.

Johnny just nods his head. He stands up as Brandon lubes up. Johnny straddles his scene partner and moans the moment that raw dick touches his hole. He grabs his cheeks and gently rides Brandon’s dick. Brandon gives him a kiss for all the effort.

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny groans as Brandon takes more control of the screwing.

There’s a closeup of Johnny’s pale cheeks as they are pierced by Brandon. You won’t find a better sight! LOL! Johnny gets on his side and Brandon returns to fucking. The strokes are slow and powerful. They are also balls deep. Poor Johnny. He grits his teeth and moans, but his dick is hard. The pleasure overcomes the pain.

Pain or no, Brandon grooves to that ass.

“You like that dick,” he wonders.

Johnny’s answer is muffled by the pillow he’s biting. Does anyone really think Brandon cares about his partner’s response?

Johnny gets on his back and Brandon rides on home. The stroking gets faster and Johnny begins to jerk his own dick. Skin smacking skin drowns out all other noises. Brandon even begins to grunt. Those jabs to his special spot prove too much for Johnny. His load explodes, landing on his chest and stomach. Brandon takes a few stabs in that man hole but pulls out. His cum shoots out and covers Johnny’s stomach.

Brandon has a surprise for his partner. He sticks his still solid dick in Johnny’s still wet hole. The shock causes the NJ stud’s body to shake.

Johnny still isn’t “digging” all this butt sex. That’s OK. We are. LOL!

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Johnny Forza & Bradon Beal

Johnny Forza and Ian Dempsey


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Springsteen, Dylan, McCartney; none of these legendary singers signature voices compare to the vocal styling’s of the one and only Johnny Forza. Why is he belting so passionately? Well, today he gets to fuck Ian Dempsey. That’s something to sing about!

“I don’t sing when I get fucked,” Ian says.

Hey Ian, let’s wait until this scene is over because you might be changing your tune.

The boys quickly drop trou and Ian immediately sticks Johnny fat “microphone” into his wet and willing mouth. Johhny’s thick cock is completely hard within a few moments of entering Ian’s throat. Ian sucks Johnny senseless. This guy barely comes up for air, meanwhile he slowly strokes his own dick.

After a few minutes of blessing the tip of Johnny’s massive meat, Ian stands up in preparation for his impending ass pounding. Johnny warmly rewards him with a kiss for his dick sucking.  Johnny slides inside him and begins to open his hole with some gentle rhythmic fucking.

After a few minutes Ian takes control! Throwing his ass back onto Johnny’s throbbing dick.

“Oh yeah! Fuck that dick,” Johnny commands.

“Get on the bed,” Johnny says as he gives Ian a smack.

Ian is obedient and Johnny begins to fuck him doggy style on the bed. Their moans almost sync up and create the sexiest little soundtrack. Ian arches his back and as Johnny takes control and pounds his wet hole. Johnny puts Ian flat on his tight belly and jams his dick inside, this time he’s going for the kill. He pounds him deep with quick short thrusts then slow long ones. Ian can only grip the bed and take the hard dick as best he can.

In their final fuck form, they go Missionary. Ian strokes while Johnny slams his cock in deeper and deeper. Johhny’s dick is so hard and Ian’s hole is so soft, wet and warm.
“I’m going to cum,” Ian announces.

He explodes on sexy belly. A moment later Johnny shoots his load in the same spot. HOT!

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Johnny Forza & Ian Dempsey

Johnny & Jason


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This time around we’ve got Jason Matthews and Johnny Forza! If Jason seems a little pepped up it’s because he’s got a new lady friend. Jason’s new girlfriend is a leggy dancer with expensive taste. She has no qualms about the way her beau earns a living, as long as he brings home the bacon.

“Her philosophy is you’ve already done it, so you might as well own it and make some money out of it,” Jason says.
After a little small talk our guys quickly strip down and get right to business. Jason takes Johnny’s piece between his lips and gets to work. Jason’s undeniable cock sucking skills are his best asset. Johnny’s throbbing cock swells within a few moments of entering Jason’s warm wet mouth. Eager to please Jason takes the cock to the back of his throat with ease and enthusiasm. Johnny moans. His eyes roll in disbelief. With one last kiss to the head, Jason prepares to take Johnny’s big dick in his tight ass.

A carefully rolled condom and a couple squirts of lube later and Jason is fucking Johnny’s cock at a full gallop. His own fat dick fully erect and flopping back and forth. The room echoes with an orgasmic orchestra featuring the sound of the Johnny’s wet cock slamming in and out of Jason’s tight hole, the leather couch, and their moaning.

Johnny repositions Jason on his stomach and begins to pound his ass like a piece of veal. Soon Jason takes control and begins to throw his ass back hard onto Johnny’s rock hard cock. Johnny grabs Jason by the back of the neck and fucks him like an animal.

In a flash Jason flips on his back and Johnny eases in to his warm hole. Johnny grabs him by the throat and fucks him so hard you can feel the room shake.

“Fuck, yeah Johnny,” he says.

Jason’s toes curl and his tool stays rigid as he gets drilled.

“Give it to me, Johnny,” Jason orders.

Jason’s man milk shoots out, landing on his face, chest and mouth. Johnny pulls put and strokes his load, which coats the hair around Jason’s member.

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Johnny Forza & Jason Matthews

Johnny Forza & Duncan Tyler


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Duncan Tyler, an old BSB favorite, has returned. Duncan found himself a regular job, so he hasn’t been a Broke Straight Boy officially for a while now.
“A weekly paycheck is cool,” Duncan says. “The daily work sucks.”
“I get paid to break stuff,” Duncan notes.
Fortunately for us, he doesn’t manage money well.

Our boy Johnny caught a glimpse of Duncan’s dick earlier and he’s really glad that he’s not getting fucked with what he called a “horse cock”. He also told Duncan to stay far away from his girlfriend.

The pair find their way to the bed, whip out their beautiful cocks and get the party started. Duncan may have been missing in action for a while but he sure didn’t forget how to suck dick. In less then a minute Johnny’s meat is at full salute and Duncan isn’t done with it. He sucks it deep and strokes it softly, sometimes playing with the balls. Johnny just leans back and watches the show.

Soon enough, Johhny shoves Duncan’s horse cock down his throat and begins sucking and licking like his life depended on it. Duncan strokes his dick while Johhny kisses, licks and sucks on the horse cock like he wants him to shoot a sticky load all over his sweet little mouth.

“Let’s fuck” Johnny suggests and the two quickly get situated. Duncan bends over in the doggie style position. Johnny slides in and begins fucking feverishly. Duncan is completely flushed but he takes the pipe like a pro. Johnny grabs Duncan by the waist and pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper.

These two studs switch positions and Duncan lays on his back while Johhny holds his legs and fucks him hard. Duncan nears his peak and starts to stroke his huge cock as Johnny wears into his hole. A few minutes later is horse dick is shooting a huge wad on his stomach. Johnny quickly pulls out and cums in the same spot.

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Johnny Forza & Duncan Tyler

Johnny Forza Barebacks Liam


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Johnny Forza is massive. He’s tall with big arms, big hands, and huge feet. You know what they say about boys with big feet. Needless to say, his buddy Liam is a bit nervous. He’s not sure if his hole is ready. Johnny jokingly tells him that it isn’t but we’re not sure if he’s joking or serious.

At the cameraman’s request, Liam and Johnny give us a slow striptease. After undressing, they settle into the couch, jacking their dicks side by side.

Liam grabs Johnny’s rocket. He admires the girth, anticipating what’s to come. A few moments and moans later, Johnny leans in and gives Liam’s dick some one on one attention. He pays very close attention to the head, sucking and slurping with his warm wet mouth. Eager to return the favor, Liam explores Johnny’s shaft with his tongue before sucking and jacking it simultaneously. Liam’s jaw is unprepared for the workout it’s getting but he pushes on, sucking the head and pausing periodically to admire the beauty of Johnny’s huge cock. Johnny sits back and enjoys the show.

“Bout ready to hop on that dick?” the cameraman asks.

“Kind of scared.” Liam replies.

Johnny lubes his big raw cock and Liam slowly sits on it, inch by inch.  Johnny sits, thrusting his dick into Liam. Unable to move, Liam takes Johnny’s stokes as best he can, moaning with each pump.
Before you know it, Liam is flat on his back and Johnny is pile driving his tight hole. From the look on Johnny’s face, Liam’s wet little hole is tighter and feels better than he could have ever imagined. As he drives deeper inside, Liam strokes his own cock comfortably on his back while Johnny does all the hard work.

Johnny can’t get enough of Liam’s raw, wet ass so he puts him in missionary position, holds his legs apart and fucks him deep. Liam, flushed by the fury of Johnny’s cock inside his hole, closes his eyes and jacks his dick in a state of euphoria until unleashes a thick load of cum. Not wanting to be left behind, Johnny slides out and blasts a huge load on Liam’s chest.

Completely out of breath and drained, Johnny gives the cameraman the thumbs up, his personal seal of approval.  His work here is done.

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Johnny Forza & Liam Corolla