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Bull Riding 101

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John Pounding Kyle Porter

John Henry and Kyle Porter waste no time. We find them kissing and necking as soon as the camera begins to roll. John kisses Kyle all over as he works his way down to Kyle’s crotch. Once he makes it he begins to deep throat John’s long prick, getting him hard and wet. Not wanting to be selfish, Kyle switches positions so that the boys can 69. The oral fun isn’t limited to just their cocks, John also takes time to work over Kyle’s ass, rimming his entrance and nibbling on his bubble butt as he gets his dick sucked.

Kyle climbs on top of John and slides is tight ass onto John’s thick cock. He begins to ride it whiling playing with his own prick. The ride gets rough as John starts to fuck him hard from below. But Kyle, hang in there like he’s riding a bull; he uses his hips to balance himself on John. Kyle slowly plays with his hard dick while he takes it raw, spreading his legs to let John in deeper.  John goes balls deep in Kyle’s hole, getting Kyle on all fours next and fucking him from behind. Kyle ass bounces in response to each thrusts John delivers. He pounds the cum right out of Kyle then pulls out and nuts across Kyle’s back, licking some of that cum up before hitting the shower and getting cleaned up!

John Pounding Kyle Porter