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Pound for Pound

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Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback

Like the beginning of a wet dream, we find a Dakota, Ian, and Tyler in the gum lifting weights. They must get hot quickly because soon their loosing clothes left and right. When Ian tries to take his turn on the bench, Dakota takes full advantage and begins to tea bag him. Ian certainly doesn’t mind! Turned on by what he sees, Tyler joins the action by taking Ian’s stiffening cock into his mouth. As good as Tyler’s head game is Ian can’t afford to be distracted with Dakota’s pet boa bouncing in and out of this throat.

Tyler lifts Ian’s lets into the air, and pushes his dick into Ian’s hot hole, raw! He fucks Ian like it’s a part of his workout, hard and fast. Dakota continues to stroke Ian’s throat with his cock. While keeping his dick in Ian’s mouth, he bends over to suck his dick. Ian is officially 69ing while getting his hole banged out. Must be nice

Tyler slowly slides out of Ian, who gets up and allows Dakota to sit on the bench. Ian then tries to take both Tyler and Ian’s cocks at the same time but is only able to take Dakota’s completely in. He’s not quite that open…yet! He rides Dakota hard as Tyler enjoys the sight. Jealous of the hot hole Dakota is enjoying, Tyler flips Ian over and resumes pounding that ass himself. These boys put on a real exhibition on how to burn some calories. Dakota lies on the bench and allows his workout buddies to cum all over him before standing up and dumping his own load on Ian.

Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback