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By George, I Think He’s Got It!

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Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon

Antonio is back! Antonio is back! Sorry for bleeding excitement, but Antonio is back! Today he’s going to have his first experience fucking a guy. Paul Cannon is going to take one for the team and help get this kid’s feet warm. Remember, Antonio has only received a blow job, rim job, and given a hand job. Let’s get him up to speed.

The boys undress, unveiling two beefy bodies. Paul orders Antonio to “come sit next to Papa”. Antonio does as he’s told and sits next to him, allowing Paul to suck his cock. Paul immediately takes Antonio’s shaft all the way down his throat. That thick bat of his gets stiffer and stiffer as Paul plays with it. “How’s that? You think you’re ready?”, he asks Antonio. “I’ll give it a shot” Antonio replies as he slowly takes Paul’s head into his mouth. Antonio may be new at this but you can’t tell by the way he gives head. This kid works his mouth all the way down to the base before releasing it. “That’s a lot of cock”, he says as he wipes a tear away. Antonio alternates between working on Paul’s dick and licking his balls. He has his head game tight right out of the gate. Impressed by Antonio’s performance, Paul takes over and begin to suck his cock once more, making sure that dick is brick hard for what’s to come.

Paul helps Antonio lube and strap up before teaching him how to enter his boy pussy. Antonio is a quick study and is quickly inside. He starts off with some slow strokes, allowing himself and Paul to get used to it. He then unleashes, fucking Paul hard from the back like he’s done it a hundred times before. He tugs on Paul’s hair while continuing to batter his booty. Paul’s moans fill the air, indicating that his student is truly hitting the spot. Antonio gets Paul on his back and continues to ram his body into his. Paul sprays his abs and chest with cum while Antonio is still inside. Even though Paul has climaxed, Antonio continues to fuck him until he finally dumps a load of baby batter onto Paul’s stomach. Yeah, I think Antonio has gotten ahold of things.

Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon