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Abram Gets Some

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Abram Hoffer Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Abram is still new and trying to find his way around. Today he’ll have the added challenge of finding his way around the veteran, Ian Dempsey. Abram’s going to get a piece of some of the most coveted ass on this site.

The boys start off with some kissing and heavy petting. The remove all of their clothing and continue to kiss and rub one another. Ian’s, sees Abram’s cock rock hard and decides to use it as an appetizer. He sucks on it and allows it to stretch his mouth. Abram isn’t the only one with a thick dick, as he soon finds out when he tries to Ian’s down his throat. He’s able to take half of it, which is enough to please Ian.

Ian lubes his ass and then gets on all fours to offer his hole to Abram. Abram pushes his cock right in with no hesitation. And I mean every inch with no warm up strokes. Wow! You can tell that Abram is used to fucking pussy. Ian groans with every thrust Abram offers. Abram flips over and allows Ian to sit on his bare cock. Ian slides up and down Abram’s pole while Abram jacks him off from the back. This is a very lusty pair. Eventually, Ian ends up on his back covered in cum! I’m sure Abram feels much better about being a BSB now!

Abram Hoffer And Ian Dempsey

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey

It’s time for a veteran showdown featuring Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey. The boys have been playing in the snow and are ready to warm up. Sha doesn’t need to direct these two, they have unfinished business from the pool table scene and have been waiting to back with each other.

They start off with some kissing that’s hot enough to heat them both up. They kiss deeply while fondling each other.They undress and continue to softly kiss each other until Ian finds himself on his knees with Ronan’s dick in his mouth. The boys transition onto the bed, where Ian continues to slobber all over Ronan’s meat sickle. I love how cock thirsty Ian can be. Ready for some ass, Ronan straps up and begins to slowly push his dick inside Ian’s tight hole. Ian spreads his legs wide open like the good, experienced, cock loving bottom he can be. He strokes his own big cock as Ronan uses his to batter Ian’s boy pussy. I can only imagine how good it feels to have your hole stretched by Ronan Kennedy but I can come close to guessing by just looking at Ian’s face as he takes it.

They switch positions, allowing Ian to sit right onto Ronan’s boy beater. Ian bounces up and down on him, enjoying every inch of it. Ian just lets his erect cock hang as he rides Ronan’s dick. I drool as it swings on my screen.  Ronan starts to fuck that ass hard from below, going balls deep in Ian’s guts. Ian continues to ride Ronan until he blasts cum on his chest. Ronan quickly pulls out and blows a mega load on Ian’s used ass. Wow! Can I be the clean up crew?

Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey

Simply Manhandled

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Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

How is it that Vadim and Ian haven’t been paired together before? These two are so fucking hot that I can’t afford to waste any time on an intro. Let’s do this.

The boys embrace and begin kissing softly while peeling each other’s shirts off. While continuing to kiss, Ian’s hand explores Vadim’s chiseled body. The boys get completely naked and assume the 69 position in order to taste each other’s hardening cocks. They swivel and bob their heads on each other’s dicks, until they are both fully erect.

Ian pulls Vadim to the edge of the bed and slowly pushes his dick inside. He gets every inch inside and gives Vadim a moment to get used to it before really puts his cock to work. Ian hold Vadim’s’ legs apart while plunging his ass with that thick dick of his. He stops momentarily to kiss Vadim more. Unable to decide between slowing down and kissing those luscious lips or continuing to fuck that tight ass; Ian pulls Vadim even closer so that he can do both. He then picks Vadim completely off of the bed and fucks him while Vadim holds on tightly. Vadim moans and groans while being manhandled by Ian. Ina gets his fuck boy back on the bed and continues to stroke his hole deeply. Once on all fours, Vadim opens up nicely and allows Ian to really batter that booty. Ian does a very good job of walking the line between love making and fucking; that takes skill folds. His skill and ability as a top are written all over Vadim’s lusty face, and evident in his sultry panting. Ian shuts him up briefly by tying up his tongue with his own. These two are so into each other that when the cum there’s boy batter everywhere; all over Vadim’s back, ass, and abs.

Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

Fucked on the nightstand

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Conner Fucks Ian

Conner is sticking around and today he is going to be rewarded for his loyalty with some of Ian’s ass. If Ian is anything like me, then his ass must be aching in anticipation of feeling Conner’s hot dick inside of him.

Ian gets down on his knees and begins to suck Conner’s dick like a boy in heat. Anyone who has been a fan of BSB knows that Ian is definitely one of the best cock suckers around. So it should be no surprise that the way he blows Conner has my pants shrinking. Ian licks every vein on Conner’s shaft and consistently takes it deep. Once they switch places, Conner returns the favor; taking more than half of Ian’s large man bat.

Conner bends Ian over the bed and pushes his big prick right inside of his hole. Conner does not waste any time pounding away. This is one boy that knows how to put his weight into a good fuck. Ian sounds like he’s definitely enjoying it, moaning and grunting in pleasure. Conner tosses the lamp on the night stand aside and replaces it with Ian. That right. Ian gets fucked deep and hard on the night stand! Conner is a good rough fuck and I love it! By the time the boys switch positions they’re ready to burst. They both bust thick wads of cum all over Ian’s body.

Watch Conner Fuck Ian on the Nightstand here

Ian in control

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Here’s a combo we haven’t seen in a while: Kaden Alexander and Ian Dempsey. But there’s a small twist, today it will be Ian doing the fucking. I love watching Kaden’s tight, muscular, mixed ass get fucked.

After some hot kissing Ian finds his way down Kaden’s dick and takes all of it down his throat. Kaden sounds pleased, but that doesn’t stop him from fucking Ian’s pretty little mouth. Once his cock is soaking wet with saliva, Kaden pushes Ian back onto the bed and wraps his lips around his pole. Kaden goes ham; sucking like a dick starved junkie. He must be anticipating a pounding form Ian. He gets spit all over Ian’s rod.

Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander

Speaking of pounding, once he’s had his fill of Ian’s sausage Kaden lubes it and slides right on top of it. Riding reverse cowboy style, Kaden takes every inch of that dick. Over the years Kaden has not only gotten used to taking dick but may be growing to like it. He grinds and winds on Ian’s pole, thoroughly enjoying himself. Once Ian’s is in control, Kaden is bent over the bed and deeply plowed. It’s nice to see that hole opened wide. Once he’s ready to cum, Kaden’s fat dick releases a thick wad of cum. Ian pops off a nice load himself, getting Kaden nice and wet.

Watch Ian Fuck Kaden

The Savior and the Pleaser

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Blake Savage Screws Ian Dempsey

As soon as this video starts its clear that these two are ready for action. Both Ian Dempsey and Blake Savage have nice healthy bulges, protruding from their shorts. They start talking about what they’ve been up to but I can’t concentrate; those big juicy cocks have me dick-ma-tized and drooling.

The boys don’t keep me waiting for long; they drop those pesky shorts and dig into each other faces with some lip action. They gently play with each other’s dicks before Ian stands on the bed and invites Blake to suck his cock. Blake wraps his juicy lips around it and proceeds to stroke and suck. Blake lies back onto the bed and gets his cock sucked, played with, and deep throated. Ian completely swallows Blake’s large dick. So hot!

Blake gets lubed and strapped and Ian sits right onto his dick. Ian may be straight but he absolutely no problem riding cock. I don’t know many gay boys that know how to ride as well as Ian. His rock hard rod flops around as Blake fucks him form below. Ian get on all fours and gets battered from behind by Blake. Ian probably has the best ass on this site and I love watching him get fucked. And Blake does a damn good job of it, delivering nice deep strokes.

When it’s time for these two studs to cum they both release huge loads. Blake’s even hit Ian in the face. Damn!

Check it out here!

Everything’s a pussy

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Jaden Bentley Fucks Ian Dempsey

This is going to be an awesome scene. Ian and new comer Jaden have been paired up and apparently they’ve been talking for quite some time. Ian has never done anal before…with anyone, let alone a guy. He’s getting some high quality ass today from Ian so I can’t wait. Let’s get it in. They start kissing like long lost lovers and I can already see that they’ve got some intense chemistry between them. Their making out is abbreviated by tearing each other’s clothes off. They hold each other close, kissing passionately and deeply. Once Ian is completely undressed Jaden finds his way down to his cock. He manages to get Ian’s stiff, fat cock completely into his mouth. He plays with Ian’s balls while he continues to swallow his dick. Ian soon takes complete control and starts to fuck Jaden’s face, making the poor boy choke on it. After getting his fill, he lifts Jaden off of his knees, rips his jeans down to his ankles, and begins blowing his rod. Jaden takes his revenge and fucks Ian’s face. After giving Jaden a thorough blow, he straps and lubes Jaden’s cock. He sits on Jaden’s dick, taking all of it into his ass and immediately begins to ride him. Ian rides hard and only takes brief stops to make out with him. These two definitely have an intense bromance going. The boys get up and instantly are all over one another, kissing while Jaden gets more lube. Ian bends over the chair and Ian plants his cock right back inside of him. Jaden starts fucking Ian like he’s been around the block a few times. I’m starting to wonder if this really is his first time fucking some ass. They move over to the bed to partake in some hot missionary action with more kissing. Jaden spreads Ian’s legs allowing him to drill deeper into that ass. Ian sprays hot gooey cum onto his abs while still being pounded by Jaden. Jaden relieves Ian’s tight hole and fires off his own load. Ian had such a good time that he cannot even put into words how good it was. Well, that’s why we have cum my fried. No words are necessary. Watch Jaden Bentley Fuck Ian Dempsey

The Robin Hood of Porn

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Jaxon Ryder Fucks Ian Dempsey

Jaxon and Ian have returned and are as hunky as ever. These boys are back to make a little cash or as Ian likes to think “to help a brother out.” He believes that he’s doing BSB a favor by filming today…ok Ian. Whatever helps you sleep at night or makes it easier for you to get that beautiful tush fucked. Speaking of which, it’s time to toss the clothes and get down to “helping others”.

The boys quickly undress and show us their asses. Ian’s ass has red, strap like marks. Hmmm. He blames it on sitting down on uncomfortable furniture but it looks to me like someone has been spanking him. I prefer that latter for my own wicked fantasies. Jaxon grabs one of Ian’s cheeks and gives it firm squeeze. They exchange a few kisses before Jaxon takes Ian’s thick cock into his mouth. For a guy with such bad boy appeal, he definitely knows how to work his mouth. He laps and sucks Ian’s dick while gently caressing it. He’s trying to take as much as possible but Ian’s thickness just may be too much. Ian sits Jaxon on the bed, as it’s his turn to deliver. He gets right to work, sucking on Jaxon’s uncut cock. As he sucks, we watch Jaxon’s rod get bigger and stiffer. I love watching a dick get hard in a pretty mouth like Ian’s. Seriously, he’s got some really sexy lips! As Jaxon’s stick grows to full size, Ian continues to take all of it, fitting the entire veiny monster in his mouth. He swallows all the way down to the base. Damn! I love the way he gives head. He really is doing us a favor by being here!

Just as I’m getting rock hard myself, Jaxon begins to lube up. The rumors are true; he likes to fuck! Ian sits his juicy ass down on Jaxon’s stiff meat. The cock squeezes into his tight hole. Ian begins to bounce up and down, using that thick dick for his own pleasure. Jaxon soon turns the tables and begins to pummel Ian’s ass from below. Ian strokes his own fat wood while Jaxon continues to invade his ass with his. Ian lets go for a few moments and his cock swings freely in our faces. Talk about an incentive to jump through the screen!

Ian gets off of Ian’s fleshy pogo stick and gets on all fours. Jaxon wastes no time in getting back into Ian’s hot hole. He pushes his meat back where it belongs and continues to bang away. Ian’s fatty absorbs all of the abuse. From the side, I can see Jaxon’s balls slapping Ian’s booty over and over again. This boy knows how to fuck! Watching his tatted and pierced body in motion would be hot enough, but having the pleasure of watching him fuck the hunky Ian has me ready to burst! The two switch positions. Ian lies on his back and Jaxon just continues to use him like his own personal bitch boy. Ian doesn’t mind, he jacks his cock while Jaxon works. I don’t know what’s hotter; seeing Jaxon’s dick chisel his initials on Ian’s hole, watching Ian jack his juicy cock, or dreaming about kissing Ian’s slight parted lips which still have my attention. Wonderfully in sync, Ian and I cum at the same time (I read somewhere that that means that you’re meant to be together so he should call me!) He fires a steamy load onto his abs as Jaxon continues to fuck him. Soon after, Jaxon adds his own load of cum to the mix. How hot! I wonder when the “Robin Hood of porn” will strike again.

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Ian Dempsey Fucks Romeo James


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Ian and Romeo are the Bogie and Bacall of BSB. If they are near a bed, expect sparks to fly. Today’s update begins with what these two cuties do best: making out! After some kissing, shirts are lost. Then comes pants. Notice how both sport wood? Especially Ian. Being only in their underwear doesn’t stop the kissing. After they get nude, Romeo gets on top. This allows his meat to get oral loving from Ian. Romeo does the same. Both slurp those engorged tools, getting them slick with pre-cum. The boys turn on their sides for a more traditional 69.

The sounds of slurping and sucking fill the studio. There’s another round of romantic smooching. Ian even has a taste of Romeo’s neck.  It’s time for an ass to get a pounding. Ian lubes up and Romeo gets on his stomach, that hairy ass in the air. Ian fills that booty up and Romeo immediately curses. “Oh, fuck,” he moans. Ian goes slow at first, letting his partner get used to the anal invasion.

It must not be too bad because Romeo offers a hand when that tool pops out. Soon Ian picks up the pace, making each stroke balls deep. He plants a sweet kiss between Romeo’s shoulder blades.  The duo switch it up with Romeo taking a ride. He grits his teeth as he goes up and down on Ian’s rod.

Romeo’s acorn sticks straight out from all the stimulation. As for Ian, he lets his bottom boy do all the work. Romeo gets on his side, and Ian enters for one final round. The boys kiss as Ian rams like there is no tomorrow. He reaches around and strokes Romeo’s bloated pole. “Fuck me,” Romeo whispers. Ian pulls out and jerks a load that lands right under Romeo’s hairy hole.

He puts his tool back in and Romeo’s man milk shoots out, splattering the black sheets. Some lip lock ends this hot episode!

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Ian Dempsey & Romeo James

Bukake for the Holidays!


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A BSB Christmas video for the ages. Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford walk into the studio with slips of paper. Seems like the lads have been promised a gift of some sort.Tristan Stiles joins the group, all excited. “What you all get,” he wonders.”Blow jobs,” everyone exclaims in unison.”I got loads of presents,” Tristan announces as he holds up his slip. Poor lad.

Do you think he doesn’t understand the meaning of load? LOL! Tristan seems confused, but Cage says it perfectly. “Don’t act brand new,” he notes.Tristan gets on his knees and the lads surround him, their dicks pulled out for servicing. “I don’t think I like all these surprises,” Tristan moans. His lament doesn’t last long because he opens wide and swallows all of Duncan’s sword. A Christmas miracle considering the size of Duncan’s wang!Next he moves on to Cage. Ian is next, but Tristan jerks off Kaden as he takes care of Ian.”Suck that chocolate stick,” Kaden demands as Ian goes down on him. Paul is next.

Finally newbie Dakota Ford gets some lips on his impressive tool.”Get this white chocolate,” Dakota chuckles. Tristan starts the circle all over again, his gullet filled with Duncan’s meat. He moves on to Cage, who whispers encouragement. Then it’s Ian’s and Kaden’s turns. Paul’s johnson gets slick with Ian’s spit. Same with Dakota.

Tristan leans back on his haunches, and opens wide. Everyone begins to jerk over his face. The newbie is first, his load shooting past Tristan’s face. Paul leaves his seed right below Ian’s eye. Kaden’s jizz coats Tristan’s cheek. Duncan’s man milk hits the forehead and eyes. As for Ian, he leaves a deposit on the cheek. Then there’s Cage, whose cum shots are always copious. He shoots in the eyes, soaking both!

Thank goodness Tristan kept those eyelids closed! Tristan’s face drips with man goo, the type Santa drinks after he’s done delivering presents. LOL! “That’s what you call loads of gifts,” Dakota announces.

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Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, & newbie Dakota Ford

Vinnie Steel Fucks Ian Dempsey


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In this update Vinnie Steel will get to know what a tight male ass feels like. Ian Dempsey’s delicious booty will be the place where this test happens. “It’s only gay if you make it gay,” Vinnie says the cameraman. “That’s my catch phrase for the day.” As to be expected, Vinnie is nervous, but he has no need to worry. Ian will be his “shepherd.” How many of us would love to have Ian as a guide? LOL! When the two strip, Vinnie insists he and Ian didn’t plan to wear similar underwear. Sure, Vinnie. If you say so! LOL! Vinnie sucks first, opening his mouth for Ian’s piece. For a  newbie, Vinnie has the deep throat down. He should offer lessons. Doesn’t even choke or gag! LOL! “Not bad for a first time, huh,” Vinnie says to Ian.

“Not at all,” Ian answers back. It’s time for Ian to return the favor. “Yeah, suck that,” Vinnie murmurs. Ian likes to do what he’s told, especially if it involves some pole love. He slobbers all over it, like an ice cream cone. “All the way down,” Vinnie commands. Ian does so, his nose getting tickled by pube hair. Vinnie gives Ian a reach around for his efforts. It’s eating ass time, but Ian is doing the feasting.

He puts his face between those two pale cheeks and slobbers all over the hairy hole. “Yeah, that’s it,” Vinnie moans. He grabs Ian’s head so his scene partner won’t take his tongue away.  After getting his ass rimmed, Vinnie lubes up to fuck. Ian gets all on fours and Vinnie parts those ass globes. He slow strokes Ian, making sure everything is felt. This might be his first time fucking a guy, but Ian knows how to pleasure a bottom. He smacks those cheeks as he stuffs that booty. Ian gets on his back and Vinnie gets back home. The fucking is balls deep and deliberate.

“Oh, fuck,” Ian moans.”Take that dick,” Vinnie orders. Ian jerks himself as he gets filled. The two boys are moaning and groaning, more than ready to pop. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” Ian announces. His jizz explodes all over his side, making it wet and juicy. Vinnie doesn’t pull out at first. He keeps fucking that ass. He does eventually remove his dick from that boy cunt, and strokes until his cum coats the top of Ian’s smooth stomach.

When given props for his screwing skills, Vinnie gives an answer that might make a T-shirt: “It’s only gay if you make it gay.”

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Vinnie Steel & Ian Dempsey

Ian Dempsey Fucks Johhny Forza


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Ian Dempsey is getting retribution today. In a previous scene Johnny Forza remade Ian’s booty hole. Now Ian will get to do the same to Johnny. ”I told him to go extra hard as revenge,” the cameraman says to Johnny. “I’m sure you did,” Johnny answers. “You always do.” Ian just got his driver’s license back. Too many tickets. Don’t worry. No drunken driving. When the models get naked, it’s not hard to notice that Ian’s skin is tan while  Johnny is a whiter shade of pale. By the way: Annie Lennox’s version of that song is sublime.

Ian sits down and Johnny waves his hot rod in his face. Ian opens up and sucks away. Occasionally he’ll look up in Johnny’s face, to make sure the New Jersey stud is liking the
job. Johnny’s moans are more than proof of happiness. Ian pulls off and gets a sweet kiss. Johnny gets on his knees and slobbers all over Ian’s dick. The sounds of heavy breathing fill the studio. The Garden State dude keeps his  tongue focused on Ian’s head. The sausage shines from the salvia. All the sucking keeps Johnny’s cock sticking straight out.
There’s some more smooching. Ian puts lube on his rod, and Johnny puts his hole over the wet tip. He takes a seat, and his hole stretches to the max.

He grits his teeth as he goes up and down. Ian nibbles on Johnny’s chest and gives him a reach around. While Johnny is hurting, his pole is plumped. A joy button is getting hit right.
“Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans. His pale thighs go up and down the bloated pole. Honestly, Johnny has never looked sexier. LOL! Muscle studs need to bottom all the time!
Johnny gets on his back. Ian grabs an ankle and gets his dick back in that hole. The New Jersey bottom grunts and moans, but notice he never puts a hand on Ian’s thigh. He
wants that meat balls deep!

Ian slow strokes him, making certain each movement is felt. Johnny starts to jerk his meat because he’s ready to pop. His toes curl from all the sensations in his dick and ass.
His jizz, a bit more whiter than his skin, covers his abs. Ian pulls out and strokes is nut. It plops out and covers Johnny’s inner thigh. When asked how things went Johnny is still not happy.”Not a fan,” he says to the cameraman. That’s OK. His prostate is a fan of the pounding. LOL!

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Ian Dempsey & Johhny Forza

Ian Dempsey & Tate Thompson Flip Flop


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Here is a BSB axiom to consider: the newbies who make quick returns always turn out to be the best performers. Maybe it’s the cash, or possibly they learn the ropes real fast. Whatever the reason, newbies who get back on that BSB horse have a great track record. That long winded introduction is all about Tate Thompson, who is sitting next to Ian Dempsey. “I’m new. I’m new, but I’m going to try to figure this out,” Tate says to the cameraman.

The cameraman turns his attention to Ian, who he has never met before. “Tell me something cool,” the cameraman asks. Ian shares a story about his high school graduation. He gave an 11-minute speech based on “The Hangover.” It went over well, but the administrators were not pleased because it wasn’t approved. Apparently during auditions he was told that leaving the script would cause some problems. “Good for you man,” the cameraman notes. “Fuck the system.”

Don’t you love to hear some Yippie chant? LOL! Ian will be leading the scene today, but Tate is OK with that. He’s chill with what’s going to happen. The two take off their shirts, and eventually the pants are removed. We get a view of their asses, which are identical. After prepping Tate for what dick will taste like (“like a weiner” the cameraman observes), the blonde stud hits his knees. Give the newbie credit. He’s not tentative. Swallows Ian whole.

“He took to that OK, didn’t he,” the cameraman says to Ian. Ian grunts approval. As for Tate, he keeps his lips wrapped around that pole. This newbie doesn’t need any lessons on how to pleasure a man. In addition, his sex appeal increases when he looks up as licks the shaft. “Think it’s about your turn,” Tate wonders.
The newbie gets on the bed, his sausage plumped up. Ian sucks away and gets the ultimate compliment. “He’s better than my last girlfriend,” Tate observes. Ian’s eyes turn red from the effort. That’s a lot of meat to take care of.

Ian rolls a condom on that rod. After lubing it up, Ian gets on his back. He throws his head back when Tate works that dick in that hole. He needs to put more lube in his hole because Tate wants to fuck balls deep from the start.  Tate treats that hole like wet pussy, going in and out. Ian doesn’t even have a chance to get used to it, but that’s OK. His joy button is getting hit right. “OK. It’s my turn to fuck you,” Ian announces. He puts on a condom. Tate gets in the doggie position. It takes Ian a few times before his pole breaks the seal. When it’s in, Tate grabs the sheets. He grunts and breathes loudly. His butt looks so sweet getting busted. Pay attention to Tate’s rod. It’s never been this hard! Ian picks up the pace, making sure Tate feels the entire length of his shaft. Tate gets on his side and Ian puts his pud back in that tight opening. The new bottom boy is grunting and moaning, shaking all over the place. He jerks his piece and shoots a load that covers the bottom of his chest.
Ian pulls out and jerks his own rod. His man milk covers Tate’s tool and stomach.”Thanks for the mess,” Tate jokes after both boys calm down.”The kid can fuck,” the cameraman says. Tate stands up and he is covered in cum, but he looks good, no?

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Ian Dempsey & Tate Thompson

Behind the Scenes: Who is the Biggest Slut?


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Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of “Who is the biggest slut?”. Find out which one of your favorite broke straight boys has jerked off in a banana peel and which one hasn’t done much of anything in this late night game of titillating fun.

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
Who is the Biggest Slut?

Ian Dempsey Fucks Damien Kyle


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OMG! Look who’s back! Damien Kyle. He’s been away from BSB way too long. Well, he’s on our bed kissing it up with Ian Dempsey. He grabs Ian by the neck as he plants  kisses on those lips. Damien gets naked first and lets Ian suck his sausage. All of that oral work makes Damien’s legs twitch. “Fuck, yeah,” Damien says. “Suck that dick.”

Damien, however, knows not to be be selfish. “Lean back. Let me suck yours,” Damien says.  Ian quickly gets rid of his pants and lets Damien go to work. For all of his skills as a bottom, Ian has big old dick that plumps when you blow it. “Like that,” Damien asks.  Ian gives him some kisses for an answer. Damien returns filling his mouth with tasty man meat. “Yeah, suck that dick,” Ian whispers.

Damien gets on his back, his man hole pointed right in Ian’s face. Ian gets that crack slick with spit. He places more kisses on Damien’s mouth; he then lubes up a finger and plays with Damien’s ass. “Oh, fuck,” the stud moans as Ian finger fucks him and licks his toes. Ian gets that boy pussy ready for something a little bit bigger. The toe licking and finger fucking get Ian ready to fill Damien up. He gets on the bed, and lets Damien sit on his rod. Bare. Once he’s in, Damien rides like a crazed cowboy.

His own cock goes back and forth from all the pounding. “Fuck, yeah,” Damien whispers. Ian’s rod must be hitting the right spot because Damien doesn’t go soft. “Oh, yeah,” Damien begs. “Fuck me.” He returns to his back, and Ian fills him up one more time. Each stroke is balls deep. Ian alternates from slow fucking to deep drilling.  “Go harder,” Damien moans Ian does as asked.

Stuffing Damien like a holiday goose. The lads kiss briefly before Ian returns to pounding duty. “Feels so good,” Damien says. Ian gives Damien everything he has. This finally pushes Damien over the limit and he shoots all over his shaft and hand. Ian pulls out, and jerks a load that that makes Damien’s stomach sticky and wet. “Fuck, yeah,” Damien says. “A whole lot of cum.”

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Ian Dempsey & Damien Kyle

Sonny Fucks Ian Dempsey


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Apparently Ian got the short straw in the contest to see who would get stuffed by Sonny’s monster. Ian doesn’t look too pleased by the prospect, but could that be over acting?  Is there a bottom out there who wouldn’t want to ride Sonny’s stick? As for Sonny, he’s just thinking about one thing. “Try to stay hard,” he says to the cameraman when asked what’s on his mind.

The cameraman suggests one way to keep stiff is to fuck Ian hard. Maybe not good for Ian, but a visual treat for us!
The lads get nude and Ian gets on his knees. Ever since his first appearance, Ian has turned into a top-notch pole lover. He uses lots of spit, and likes to look in his scene partner’s face.

He works overtime to make Sonny happy. Ian’s own rod sticks out from all that sucking. Someone is excited. As for Sonny, he’s quiet. He does caress Ian’s locks as he gets serviced.  “It’s good,” Sonny says when the cameraman asks how things are going. Sonny sits on the bed and Ian gets back to work. His mouth is slightly open as Ian’s jaw muscles get a workout. The studio is filled with the sounds of Ian’s heavy breathing. Time for the main course. Sonny grabs a condom and Ian gets on the bed. He puts his legs in the air. Sonny saddles up and works his tool in. Watch Ian’s face. The poor lad is in shock. He bites his lip and grits the teeth. Sonny is too into that sweet ass to even care.

The strokes are balls deep, and the sound of flesh striking flesh gets louder. Ian’s hole is getting a makeover. He has to grab the edge of the bed to keep his balance.Our resident bottom boy is getting fucked right. “Oh, fuck that ass,” Ian whispers. He gets on his hands and knees and Sonny returns home. The stuffing is starting to get to Ian. He puts a hand on Sonny’s thigh to slow his top stud down. Sonny ignores the signal. He wants what’s his. Ian curses and grabs the sheets. There might be some pain, but his rod is sticking out. Ian’s joy button is getting mashed.

Sonny gets more lube, and Ian gets on his side. The fucking continues. Ian shoots, his cum covering the black sheets and his side. Sonny pumps away, depositing his load in the condom. “That was some good fucking,” the cameraman observes. Any disagreements?

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Sonny & Ian Dempsey

Tristan Stiles Fucks Ian Dempsey


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No chitchat to start this vid. Just two hot studs making out. Ian Dempsey and Tristan Stiles are the dudes kissing like there’s no tomorrow.

The two make out on the chair, standing up, on the bed, and standing up again. If you like a little romance in your porn, you will groove to this introduction.

Ian, who hasn’t been around for awhile, gets on his knees and opens that pretty mouth. He
swallows Tristan’s tool whole. He may have not been around, but Tristan hasn’t lost any of his
blowing skills.

There’s more kissing and Ian even nibbles on Tristan’s chest. By the way: you have noticed that
no one is naked yet, right? These are some horned up lads.

Ian keeps sucking away, making Tristan’s tool slick with spit. Ian comes up for a kiss and pulls his
pants down. Keeps the shirt on. He grabs the chair and offers that luscious ass to Tristan. He lubes up and takes what’s his.

Once in, Tristan makes certain each stroke is felt. Ian bites his lip and takes the filling like a
hungry bottom boy. Tristan’s pounding is steady, like he wants Ian not to forget this

There’s a brief intermission for kissing and more lube to be applied to Tristan’s cock. Ian gets in the
“fuck me” position and Tristan returns to his fucking duties.

They stop to make out and get rid of those restricting clothes. Ian gets on the table, on his
side. Ian finds that boy pussy again. Now the studio is filled with moaning and the
creaking from the table. Ian might be moaning, but his dick is thick and fat. Someone is happy.

Tristan leans in to give his bottom boy a kiss. Such a romantic. LOL! The fucking stops so Ian can
return to sucking his man off. You know it’s love when there’s ass to mouth action. Tristan
grabs Ian’s hair as he gets deep throated. Ian looks up, making sure there’s eye contact. His eyes
are red from all the work he’s done in this scene.

As he blows away, Ian beats his own solid sausage. His load shoots out all over the black sheets.

He keeps sucking, doing his best to make Tristan nut. Those sperm filled nuts finally let go of a
load that coats Ian’s tongue and bottom lip.

And it all ends right where we started. More kissing!

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Tristan Stiles & Ian Dempsey

Jason Matthews & Ian Dempsey


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Guess who is back!? Ian Dempsey and the always energetic comedian Jason Matthews. Yes our favorite quiet cutie and our rambunctious stud are flip fucking for your viewing pleasure on this edition of BSB. Ian recently bought a truck and unfortunately it turned out to be a lemon, needless to say he needs the cash.

After some light banter and a very awkward performance of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” our studs strip down to their underwear. Jason leans in and begins to seduce Ian with soft, sensual kisses. They tease each other’s cocks from inside their undies. Before you know it Jason whips hard throbbing dick out of his shoves it deep inside his warm wet mouth. Licking, teasing, slurping, and sucking Jason sends Ian into a sexual frenzy. Jason takes complete control and is aiming to please, holding nothing back.  Soon it’s Ian’s turn to suck Jason, we warmly greets Jason’s meat with his two pink juicy lips and invited them inside his throat for some warmth.  Jason sits comfortably, moaning, giving Ian an gentle reach around to make sure his fat dicks stays hard. Ian sends Jason over the edge with, deep throating him.

“Oh. OH FUCK,” Jason exclaims.

The two exchange a few more long, passionate kisses and then Jason reaches for a condom. He gives it to Ian. As he rolls it down his shaft, Jason makes sure to kiss and nibble on Ian’s neck.

“Let’s try something crazy,” Jason suggests.

Jason gets on his back, facing the wall. Ian gets between Jason, and the wall, and aims for that inviting hole. From the moment the sheath covered head makes contact, Jason is squirming and moaning.

“Oh, God,” Jason sighs. “Your cock is so thick.”

Ian begins pile driving Jason’s tight hole, going balls deep with each stroke. Jason is speechless, he can barely make the words to describe what he’s feeling. The pair switch off and Ian straddles Jason’s cock and takes a sincere pounding in a confortable, seated position. Ian’s thick dick is still rock hard as Jason pounds his cakes into submission.

Jason puts Ian on his back on the couch and begins to stroke him hard a fast, slamming his entire dick inside him rapidly. The two rapidly reach their peak. Ian first, spewing a thick creamy load onto himself. Followed by Jason who shoots a powerful load onto Ian’s torso.

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Jason Matthews & Ian Dempsey

Flip Fuck…

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Iam Dempsey is the sexy yet reserved BSB newbie. Welp, he’s about to meet our favorite wild card Jason Matthews in a good old fashioned flip fuck scene, coming this weekend! You don’t want to miss it. Don’t forget to stay connected to Broke Straight Boys via Facebook and Twitter!