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Roomie Arrangement – Anthony Moore & Will Braun & Michael Jackman


When Will Braun discovers that his roomies have been sneaking around behind his back, he wonders why they never invited him to join the fun. Anthony Moore and Michael Jackman tell him they were worried that he was too much of a prude to approve, but now that Will’s got a firm grip on what’s happening- not to mention a firm grip on both of their hard dicks- they can see that they’ve been missing out by being so sneaky. It turns out, not only is Will down with the program, but he’s a veritable cock loving freak who ups the ante, turning their two man jerk session into an instant 3 man fuck party!<br></br>Enjoy!

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Roomie Arrangement – Anthony Moore & Will Braun & Michael Jackman

In Gratitude

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Vadim Black Fucks Brady Bennett

I love Brady and I’m so happy he’s back and paired with the Russian Assassin himself, Vadim Black. Quick editorial trip down memory lane: do you remember when Vadim as a shy rookie (with less tats)? A lot has changed since then, but he’s still unbearable gorgeous and a lot of fun to be around. And now he’s helping break the new gorgeous rookie in; you’ve got to love these full circle moments.

When given the green light, Vadim all but attacks Brady’s lips with his own. The boys embrace and like reunited lovers fall on the bed; still locked in each other’s arms. Vadim’s tasty mouth makes its way down to Brady’s awaiting cock and he begins to slurp on and devour it from root to head. Brady, feeling immense pleasure and anticipation, lays back on the bed and enjoys the moment. When they switch places I’m instantly amazed (and turned on) by how far Brady’s dick sucking skills have progressed. He’s talents have Vadim squirming and damn near begging for mercy.

Ready to fuck, Vadim lays Brady back on the bed and pushes his manhood into his guts. Vadim holds Brady’s legs apart as he wrecks the lads asshole from the inside. Vadim groans deeply as his torso drums against Brady’s ass, feeling the room with the sweet orchestra of and good fuck.  Vadim then forces Brady to sit on his dick; the rookie obliges and rides Vadim unlike any newbie I’ve ever seen. The kid is a quick, and dare I say, enthusiastic learner. That’s what getting to be fucked by Vadim will do to you! Vadim puts it on him, he only takes a brief break to eat Brady’s hole, which is still hot from the oven. Once he’s back in Brady’s man pussy it’s not long before he has the boy’s eyes rolling into the back of his head and his dick erupting with cum. Vadim adds his own load to the brew on Brady’s chest. Pleased and appreciative of Brady, Vadim can say nothing but “thank you”.

Vadim Black And Brady Bennett