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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey

It’s time for a veteran showdown featuring Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey. The boys have been playing in the snow and are ready to warm up. Sha doesn’t need to direct these two, they have unfinished business from the pool table scene and have been waiting to back with each other.

They start off with some kissing that’s hot enough to heat them both up. They kiss deeply while fondling each other.They undress and continue to softly kiss each other until Ian finds himself on his knees with Ronan’s dick in his mouth. The boys transition onto the bed, where Ian continues to slobber all over Ronan’s meat sickle. I love how cock thirsty Ian can be. Ready for some ass, Ronan straps up and begins to slowly push his dick inside Ian’s tight hole. Ian spreads his legs wide open like the good, experienced, cock loving bottom he can be. He strokes his own big cock as Ronan uses his to batter Ian’s boy pussy. I can only imagine how good it feels to have your hole stretched by Ronan Kennedy but I can come close to guessing by just looking at Ian’s face as he takes it.

They switch positions, allowing Ian to sit right onto Ronan’s boy beater. Ian bounces up and down on him, enjoying every inch of it. Ian just lets his erect cock hang as he rides Ronan’s dick. I drool as it swings on my screen.  Ronan starts to fuck that ass hard from below, going balls deep in Ian’s guts. Ian continues to ride Ronan until he blasts cum on his chest. Ronan quickly pulls out and blows a mega load on Ian’s used ass. Wow! Can I be the clean up crew?

Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey