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Locks of Love

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Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields

Zeno Kostas is back and may I say he is sexier than ever. He’s gotten a haircut and has decided to put that face on full display. He’s in the studio along with Ryan Fields, and they are ready to get things started immediately. With the way Zeno looks, I’m sure Ryan wants to skip the talk as well! That’s exactly what they do. Zeno is already on top of Ryan when the scene starts. They’re kissing deeply as Zeno gently dry humps Ryan well straddling him. Zeno pulls Ryan’s pants off and takes his cock in his mouth, deep throating Ryan’s cock and getting it hard as he slobbers all over that it. The best blow jobs are the sloppy ones.

But it’s Ryan’s turn to make Zeno feel good and he gives some awesome head in return. He licks and sucks on Zeno’s balls and cock, washing them with his saliva.  He then bends over and Zeno uses his tongue and finger to fill his hole. That tongue works over Ryan’s hole, making him moan. Zeno replaces his tongue with his cock and then makes Ryan moan louder as Zeno thrusts deep into him. He fills Ryan up with raw dick and shows no mercy as he pounds and fucks him hard. Zeno smacks Ryan’s ass while he fucks it, switching positions to let Ryan straddle Zeno while Zeno pumps that cock into him until he unleashes his load between Ryan’s ass, giving him a creampie before sucking Ryan off. Despite biblical assertions, Loss of hair doesn’t equate to a loss of passion and stamina!

Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields