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Red Alert

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Zach Covington Jerks Off

I can’t believe BSB has yet another sexy red head in the mix, and he’s ADORABLE. That’s probably not the best descriptor for an upcoming porn star but it fits! He’s in the military and fresh out of basic training; but now he’s in a new type of training that will involve him removing all of his clothes. Before we get to that part, Zach takes some time to describe some of his experiences in basic training and I’m immediately enthralled. He describes what sounds like epic time; one full of men, pushups, and raids. You’ll just have to enter to hear what I’m talking about.

After a thrilling story, Zach gets down to business and removes his clothes; leaving nothing on but he’s dog tags. He’s got a nice boyish body. I would love to see him bottom and get manhandled by one of our boys with a bit more muscle mass. As I fantasize, Zach begins to play with himself. His cock hardens quickly with just a few strokes. He moans throughout. He’s probably imagining some army chick sucking his cock as he jerks for the camera. Whatever it is, it works. Zach shoots out a healthy load after jacking off in one of the oddest positions I’ve seen. Good boy!

Zach Covington Jerks Off