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Axel Kane Pounds Out Drake Tyler

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Two of the hottest, real deal straight-gay for pay guys on the planet!  The chemistry between these two is a given, because the straight boys are all about that paper.

Axel Kand Drilling Straight Buddy Ass of Drake Tyler!

They may not be twins, but they both have beautiful smiles, and both guys have rock hard chiseled muscled bods, so I coaxed them into a little flexing showoff for you.  After starting with that pregame, it’s on to getting Axels dick in some more holes.

Both guys are naturally, also, two of the most vocal guys out of all the models. So this is a sure fire pleaser for you. Here’s the video!

The Joys of Bottoming

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Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

Yes, we know you’re all eager to see Ashton Taylor’s ass get pounded for the first time. Don’t worry; you’ll get that opportunity. He’s not ready to give that ass up quite yet so we’re going to allow him to get some more prime ass, Drake Tyler’s. If anyone can share the joys of bottoming with Ashton, it’s Drake. So let’s watch him work his magic.

They start with some kisses and heavy petting before Ashton finds himself on his knees giving Drake a hummer. Drake moans as his sizable cock is almost devoured by the newbie. The boys switch places and now it’s Drake’s turn to put in some oral work. Drake takes Ashton’s cock in his mouth and gives him head. He deep throats it and lets it grow hard in his mouth. Ashton fingers Drake’s hole while Drake sucks Ashton’s cock, getting it ready for some cock.

Once he’s satisfied, he shoves his raw dick into Drake’s pink asshole. Ashton gets right to pounding Drake, he knows he can take it, he knows that he likes it. He holds his legs apart of he fucks him deep. Drake moans as he gets pounded raw, taking every inch of Ashton’s hard dick. After a hardcore romp, Drake finally cums all over himself before until he’s stroking out a big load and Ashton isn’t far behind, shooting his cum all over as both guys finish the scene with a few more hot kisses!

Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

Drake Gets His

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Zander Floyd and Drake Tyler Raw

This is why you always have to be careful how hard you fuck the boys at BSB, every once in awhile they may get a chance at revenge. The last time we saw Drake and Zander, Drake fucked Zander hard and deep. Today, Zander will have an opportunity to do the same to Drake’s ass.

The boys pull each other close and engage in some deep kissing. They kiss like lovers as they slowly remove their clothes. But once Drake’s dick comes out, kissing gives way to blowing. Zander doesn’t flinch as Drake fucks his mouth. Zander takes the face pounding so well that Drake decides to reward him by putting him on his back and deep throating his cock. Zander moans loudly as his dick is massaged my Drake throat. Drake lies on his stomach and offers his ass for Drake to eat. Zander buries his face in Drake’s bubble butt. We all know that Drake has quite the anal fixation so its no surprise that Zander’s tongue has him groaning in pleasure.

Once his asshole his ready, Drake slides it on Zander’s stiff cock. He bounces on it before letting Zander fuck him hard from below. Drake enjoys the dick no matter how he gets it, which is a good thing because Zander shows him no mercy. Zander takes him over to the couch and continues to fuck him, upside down. While fucking him, Zander makes Drake’s ass red by slapping his ass. These boys fuck all over the room until Drake’s ass is painted with cum!

Zander Floyd and Drake Tyler Raw

Drake in Control


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Chandler Scott and Drake Tyler

Drake is going to help us break in a newbie. Drake “The Bottomless Wonder” Tyler seems to be very happy to have a new cock to turn into his personal play thing. Drake wants Chandler to be passionate with him, I think we all do

Drake holds Chandler by the back of the head and kisses him deeply. He fondles and slowly undresses the newbie while continuing to lock lips and tongues with him. Drake forces Chandler to rub his cock and the boy complies. He should know that that’s a gateway to cock sucking. Chandler doesn’t break with tradition; soon he’s swallowing Drake’s cock whole. I usually don’t like having fresh meat suck my dick, but here’s one newbie that I wouldn’t mind having taste my pole. Drake pops up and relieves Chandler of his shorts and briefs in order to return the oral favor. His skills make Chandler breathe heavily as he watches the pro devour his dick.

Drake bends over the nightstand and makes Chandler rim him. Chandler obeys and uses his tongue to tickle Drake’s hole. He tongues and fingers Drake’s hole, getting himself mentally prepared to fuck him. Ready for his hole to be invaded, Drake hands Chandler a condom. Chandler quickly straps up and pushes his cock right inside. Drake moans loudly as he feels Chandler inside of him for the first time. Chandler may be new at this, but he has no problem plunging Drake’s tight hole. He picks up the pace, force his scene partner to gasp for air in-between blows. They get on the bed where Drake takes over. He sits right on Chandlers cock and rides every inch of it. Chandler hangs on as best he can as this stud rides him hard. Chandler puts Drake on his back and fucks the shit out of him, that is until Drake cums hard, exploding cum all over his abs and chest. Chandler pulls out and dumps his own load in Drake’s belly button. Oh my! Drake is quite the inspirational teacher.

Chandler Scott Fucks Drake Tyler

Fetish R’ Us

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Vadim Black and Trevor Laster

So, the fans want to see more! And I’m completely on board with what they have in mind. While the camera man comes up with ideas for them, Vadim is a little hesitant but is soon coming up with some kinky ideas himself. Let’s see if the BSB boys can pull off a fetish based scene.

Fetish or not, nothing gets started at BSB without some hot lip actiong. Vadim and Trevor begin kissing deeply and their hands explore each other’s bodies. Drake gets on his knees and sucks Vadim’s balls and cock. Only one of our resident gay boys could truly enjoy the taste of salty balls! Trevor gets on the bed and allows Vadim to play the role of dom and tie him up with wife beaters. Once sufficiently tied up, Vadim kisses his way down to Trevors cock and then inhales it, taking it all the way down to the base. After sucking him good, he takes advantage of Trevor being tied up and decides to sit on his face. Trevor doesn’t mind, he digs Vadim’s hole out with his tongue.

Now it’s time to get kinky. Vadim finds a horse brush and uses it all over Trevor’s body, including his balls! Trevor’s moans tells me he likes it. After using the brush he then uses his tongue to suck on his tongue and balls. Vadim flips him over and spanks his ass with the brush before eating tying him up once more. Vadim can’t resist. With Trevor ass up in the air he plunges in tongue first and then he pops his cock in raw. Any bottom will tell you that getting fucked by a big dick stud like Vadim is the best brand of torture you’ll find. Trevor moans gratefully with each stroke Vadim delivers. He doesn’t last long though. Ready to bust, Vadim pulls out and rubs his load out while standing over Trevor. He licks his salty and sweet load up with his tongue before letting it spill into Trevor’s mouth. HOT DAMN! I like the way BSB does fetish so far. I can’t wait to see how they grow from here.

Vadim Black and Trevor Laster

Believe it or not

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Trevor Laster Fucks Drake Tyler Raw

Yeah, Drake is the undisputed King of Bottom here at BSB. But today he’s going to get fucked by a guy that’s going to enjoy every bit of the experience, Trevor Laster. Trevor is a little astonished to meet a straight guy that can not only take dick but like them big. Let’s see how this pans out.

The boys practically attack each other’s lips. They quickly undress and kiss all over each other’s body. Trevor eagerly finds Drakes dick and puts it in his mouth. Drake moans as he watches his gay partner inhale his cock. Yes Drake, this is how it feels to get blown by a guy that enjoys the taste of a salty dick. Trevor lays back on the bed and allows Drake to return the favor. Even though Drake is straight, he’s still able to fit more that half of Tyler’s hulking cock down his throat.

With Trevor’s dick nice and wet, Drake wastes no time and bending over. Trevor pushes right inside of Drake’s walls and lets him have it. He shows no mercy, gives no quarter, he just fucks the eager bottom. And Drake takes the pounding. That juicy ass of his can take anything a top can throw at it. Drake sits on it and uses it like his personal toy. Drake takes every inch, allowing his ass to drop down to Trevor’s balls. There’s only so much that Trevor can take, he pulls out and cums, HARD. For Drake’s benefit, he puts it back until Drake’s dick is spitting cum all over the place. 

Trevor Laster and Drake Tyler

Drake Dominated

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Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler’s Hole

Ok, wow. So we’ve got BSB’s best top with one of the best bottoms this site has ever seen?! This is one chemistry set that liable to set your computer on fire. Please note, that BSB takes no responsibility for any fried computing or mobile devices. You know you’re in for a good time when the top says he wants to “dominate” the bottom and the bottom is more than ok with it. Let’s see how this goes.

Drake all but rips Cage’s pants off in order to get to his cock. He inhales it, taking it all the way down to the base. Drake is not only one of the best bottom but he is also one of the best cocksuckers. The kids doesn’t mind sucking till his eyes water. He also allows Cage to fuck the back of his throat. Seriously, it cage could fit dick and balls into Drake’s mouth, he would have tried.

Eager for some grade A ass, Cage quickly lubes and straps up. Drake lays on the floors and props his ass into the air. Cage busts right into his ass, pounding hard from the beginning. He wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted to dominate Drake. He bends Drake of the bed and continues to fuck the shit out of the bubble butt stud. Cage knows Drake’s sweet hole can take a beating so he doesn’t hold back. Drake enjoys it, his moans fill the air with each of Cage’s thrusts. Drake finally gets to use Cage’s dick when he’s on top riding him. He busts his nut all over the bed as Cage continues to use his ass from below. Drake flips over and Cage immediately paints his ass with his cum. I know BSB doesn’t repeat pairings often but these two deserve a rematch.

Cage Kafig and Drake Tyler

Feeding the Hungry

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Ryan Fields And Drake Tyler

Drake, Drake, Drake. Who need that this stud likes to get fucked by his girlfriend with a strap on. Luckily for us, today we get to see him with a real dick up his ass. Ryan Fields will have the honor of pummeling Drake’s hungry hole. Let’s go.

The boys start off with some very heavy kissing. Wanting more than just lip service, Drake whispers “let me see that big cock of your’s”. Ryan obliges and whips out his cock for Drake to suck on. He immediately swallows it whole and has it rock hard and wet in no time. This boy loves cock. I don’t know who’s enjoying himself more; Ryan getting the blow job or Drake giving it. The boys switch, allowing Ryan to taste Drake’s fat dong. He also swallows the dick whole. Once they’re done swapping blow jobs, Ryan turns Drake around and begins to eat his ass like it’s the last supper. Drake moans loudly, appreciating the feel of Ryan’s tongue around his rectum. The more Ryan licks, the more noise Drake makes.

Ready for the dick, Drake quickly lubes up and sits on Ryan’s meat. Ryan beats that booty hard from below, shoving every inch into Drake’s guts. Drake can take it. He bounces and moans while feeling the pleasure of having his ass ravaged. Ryan gets up and escorts Drake over to the couch where he bends him over and resumes bullying his ass. And what an ass it is?! Drake’s muscle butt bounces off Ryan with each stroke. “That’s the spot” Drake yells as Ryan rams his prostate. They move back to the bed where Ryan fucks Drake until he’s shooting cum all over his chest. This pushes Ryan over the top. He pulls out, dumps his load on Drake’s hole, and then licks it off to feed to Drake. Good boys!

Ryan Fields And Drake Tyler

Breaking Barriers

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Brice Jones And Drake Tyler

Drake Tyler has been with dudes before, so he’s a little more experienced than his partner Brice Jones, who has barely done an oral scene…but as they say, practice makes perfect!  Brice won’t take the bait to have a cock up his ass this scene, but we promises to do something else instead, and they get started with some cock-sucking.  Drake gets down on his knees and sucks Brice’s dick, massaging his balls gently as he tugs on that thick cock with his mouth, they lose their clothes at some point then end up on the bed, Drake struggling to deepthroat Brice’s monster cock.

He gives his mouth a break and works Brice’s dick with his hands, then mouth again until he’s hard and ready to fuck…and Drake takes his place at the end of the bed, ass up and ready to receive Brice’s prick.  Brice takes it slow, entering Drake cautiously, unsure of the new experience, but when he feels that tight grip on his cock he can’t help but up the tempo and start fucking like he means it!

He makes Drake’s ass bounce as he rams into him, and Drake’s face clenches in pain as he relaxes himself to make it easier to take that dick.  These two studs try a couple more positions, but Drake’s ass can’t take much more so Brice pulls out and strokes one out right above Drake’s ass, then he cums next…we can bet he’s not going to be able to sit down for a couple days!

Watch Brice Jones and Drake Tyler here!

Virgin Passion

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Vadim Black Dominates Antonio Drake

The hottest newbie around, Antonio Drake has returned and has no clue what he’s in for. He does know that he’s paired with Vadim Black. Sha gives Antonio a hint as to what he will be doing today by asking Vadim what his hardest scene was a new boy…and of course it was his first time bottoming. Let’s see how Antonio handles it.

Vadim tosses his shirt to the side and Antonio practically worships Vadim’s toned body with his lips. Antonio takes off his shirt as the boys continue to engage in some heavy petting. They kiss each other all over, passionately enjoying the feel of other’s body. Antonio gets Vadim completely nude before taking the Russian’s dick into his mouth. “Oh fuck, that’s so good” Vadim exclaims as Antonio works his shaft over. Antonio has that dick brick hard in no time. He’s is able to take every inch, even as Vadim fucks his mouth. Vadim returns the favor. He helps Antonio undress and then lays him on the bed before popping his sausage into his mouth. His head bobs up and down Antonio’s long cock. Vadim turns Antonio over, getting him on all fours. Vadim pries Antonio’s ass open so that he can stick his tongue deep inside.  Vadim rims every bit of Antonio’s virgin hole, prepping it for what’s to come.

Vadim lubes up, and pushes right into Antonio. Antonio almost eats the pillow while bracing himself for each stroke. Vadim shows little mercy, he squeezes as much cock as he can into Antonio’s gripping ass. He flips Antonio onto his back and continues to try to saw the newbie in half with his huge dick. Vadim’s strokes until he take it any longer he pulls out and immediately spurts cum all over Antonio. Antonio soon hoses himself down his own load, in fact he almost hits himself in the face. Hot!

Vadim Black Dominates Antonio Drake