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Energized and Ready to Fuck

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Zach Covington and Justin Dean

Zach Covington is almost 21! That means I’ll be able to get him drunk and…never mind. Ummm moving on, Justin Dean and Zach Covington are both vets in the BSB studio and know how to put on a steamy show. When we set these two sexy studs loose on each other, they make out passionately and undress one another, pulling those clothes off as they lock lips and run their hands over their naked bodies.  Zach makes his way to Justin’s crotch and gets a mouthful of Justin’s dick. He sucks that sweet cock until Justin wants his turn on the mic. He returns the favor and gets Zach good and hard by running his lips up and down the kid’s shaft.

When both their dicks are erect and they’re ready to fuck, Justin pushes Zach up against the wall and takes him from behind, filling his little ass up with his long shaft. You get a great view of Justin’s wood sliding in and out of Zach’s perfect hole. They move over to the bed where Zach rides Justin hard and gets his ass slapped in the process. These boys have one high energy fuck until Justin can’t take that tight ass anymore and shoots his load all over Zach, launching cum from his belly button to his face! Zach climbs back on that dick and rides it until he blows his own load!

Zach Covington and Justin Dean