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Easy on Bottom

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Paul and Ryan are on set and today someone’s ass is going to get plowed. Ryan just recently lost his ass virginity and is still getting used to getting fucked so Paul is going to try to go easy on him.

They start off with steamy kissing before Paul kisses his way down to Ryan’s dick. He immediately begins to feed on it. He sucks the shaft and licks the balls. Paul has a way of putting men under a spell with his blow jobs. Ryan becomes a mindless drone while his dick is in Paul’s mouth. He only comes back to reality once Paul lies back on the bed. Ryan wraps his lips around Paul’s dick and shows his skills. This boy gets better and better every time.

Fully turned on, Paul bends Ryan over and pushes his big dick right into that hole. He looks like he’s in pain at first but soon gets used to it. I don’t think I’ve noticed in the past just how fat Ryan’s ass is. It bounces nicely off of Paul’s torso as he pounds him. He puts the fuck boy on his side and continues to tear into him. Digging deeper, Paul makes Ryan holler! They move to his back and they both fire off hot loads. Ryan came while getting fucked so it had to feel good! Ryan may become the new resident bottom.

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