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Just Kiss Me

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Devon Felix Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Sometimes in life, words aren’t necessary. This is apparently one of those times. Kaden and Devon don’t waste anytime talking; we find them swallowing each other tongues while aggressively making out. They quickly make their clothes disappear and Devon begins to suck Kaden’s cock. He wants it hard and his oral skills makes it so. When it’s Kaden’s turn to give a blow job he doesn’t have to work hard to get Devon erect, this boy is ready for action. Kaden works on that big brown snake before getting in a 69 with Devon so that he too can taste cock.

When they’ve both had their fill of man beef, Kaden gets on all fours and offers his tight hole to Devon who pushes his fat dick right inside. Kaden turns bright red as his body adjusts to the feeling of rammed by Devon’s hot prick. He asshole clings to Devon’s dick as it moves in and out of his hole. Eventually, Kaden gets to ride the cock. At this point his body has acclimated and he can take every inch. He bounces up and down and even lets Devon fuck him hard from below. The hard fucking continues even as Kaden is put on his back and fucked until cum is launching from the tip of his cock. Inspired, Devon pulls out and dumps cum on top of Kaden.

Devon Felix Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Kyle Gets Ravaged

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Devon Felix Fucks Kyle Porter Bareback

Devon is all horned up but there’s nothing on the menu but boy pussy. He’s in luck because Kyle is on hand and is always ready for cock. After making out, Kyle helps Devon out of his clothes and begins to suck his nice brown dick. He starts of slowly so that Devon can feel every bit on his warm mouth. It works and soon Devon’s cock is full of blood and hard as a rock.

But before he can get what he wants, he has to return the favor. So he gets on his knees and sucks Kyle’s cock and play with his balls until it’s also hard. He then opens Kyle’s legs and enters him. Kyle’s body rocks back and forth with each deep thrust that Devon delivers. Kyle’s face is deep red and grows redder as Devon dips he cock in deeper and deeper. Kyle’s moans fill the air, evidence that he’s not in pain but instead in heaven with Devon’s rod buried in his guts.

The boys switch positions a few times until eventually Kyle is riding Devon. Devon holds Kyle in place while also jacking him off from behind. Kyle soon unleashes a milky load on his thigh. He may have cum but he’s not done getting fuck. Devon bends him over and resumes fucking his brains out until he’s cums, dumping jizz all over his back!

Devon Felix and Kyle Porter

Man Up! Take the D!

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Abram Hoffer Fucks Devon Felix Raw

What is it about straight guys getting so worked up over talking about exercise? Abram Hoffer and Devon Felix start off talking about their work out routines and before you know it they’re all over each other. Abram  climbs on top of Devon and the boys make out while slowly getting rid of their clothes. Once Abram’s cock is free its put down Devon’s throat. Abram fucks his face until finally Devon takes over, putting Abram on his back and resumes sucking his cock.

Once Abram’s cock is hard, throbbing, and ready for some ass he gets Devon in position on his back and forces he cock inside. He has to start off slow because Devon hole is still virgin tight. Devon face tells the story. The boy is in pain as Abram delivers slow but deep thrusts. Devon’s pain doesn’t stop him from trying new positions. He props himself up on his hands and allows Abram to fuck his ass in the air. After “hover fucking” Abram turns Devon over and fucks his muscle butt from behind! These two certainly put on a show that ends with sticky cum all over the place.

Abram Hoffer Fucks Devon Felix Raw

How You Doin?

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Devon Felix Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw

At BSB we don’t care if you’ve done porn before; either way the red carpet will be rolled out and you’ll receive one hell of a welcome. That is exactly what newbie Tyler Griffin is going to get today. He’s been paired with Devon Felix, who as we all know, is packing a serious weapon in his shorts. Now where I come from that’s a treat but Tyler seems to be a bit nervous. Let’s see how his experience in porn will see him through this challenge.

Things pop off as they always do around here, with a make out session. But Devon doesn’t want this to be a routine fuck. Oh no, he just pushes Tyler down and shoves his huge cock right up his sweet ass. Tyler is shocked but takes it despite not getting a proper warm up. Tyler’s sweet hole envelops Devon’s cock and holds on with each stroke. Eventually, Tyler is picked up and fucked in the air (reminds me of a bathhouse romp I had last week). Devon just manhandles Tyler, much to his and our delight.

Once Tyler is put on all fours I get to drool over his cute bubble ass and the way it responds to Devon’s thrusts. This kid has a lot going for him! Devon fucks him raw until he can’t take anymore, he pulls out and unleashes a milky load all over the boy’s chest. That’s the best way to say “hello, nice to meet you”.

Devon Felix Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw

Fuck Buddies 2

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Devon Felix Fucks Vadim Black Raw

It’s a well-known fact that Devon Felix and Vadim Black are best friends outside the studio walls, and today they’re going to take steps that will make them a bit more. They’ve been in a scene together before but now you’ll get to see them go all the way.

There’s no need for talking; these boys get right to making out. Vadim fondles Devon’s cock through his sweats as the boys continue to kiss. Unable to contain his hunger, Vadim helps Devon out of his pants and quickly puts his cock in his mouth. He swivels his head as his juicy mouth moves up and down Devon’s thick shaft. Vadim releases his friend’s cock from his jaws in order to undress. Before he can put it back in, Devon pushes him onto the bed and takes his turn at bat. Vadim’s dick doesn’t stay soft long as Devon’s oral skills quickly gets his attention.

Devon lubes up and Vadim straddles him and slowly slides Devon’s long shaft up his tight little ass!  Vadim bounces up and down, working Devon’s greasy pole until Devon flips him on all fours and pounds him. Devon pumps his thick cock in and out of Vadim’s ass, making the stud moan loudly. These to hotties can’t get enough of each other. Devon puts Vadim on his black and continues to fuck his friend until Vadim cums all over himself.

Devon Felix Fucks Vadim Black Raw

Everyone Sucks Dick Sometime

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Brice Jones Fucks Devon Felix Bareback

Oh yeah! The time has finally come for Brice to experience sucking cock. Devon will be the lucky bloke on the receiving end. That, however, isn’t the only thing this stud will be receiving today. There is a price for getting a blow job from Brice, and that’s a big fat cock in the ass. Let’s see how these boys handle each other.

After some lip acton and fondling, Devon helps Brice out of his clothes and demonstrates the proper way to give a blow job. He starts off slow, making sure to get every bit of Brice’s cock wet. He works on Brice’s member with his mouth until is sloppy wet. They finally switch places, and Brice tastes cock for the first time. Much to my and Devon’s surprise he’s not bad, at all. He has Devon hard and excited and seconds…damn! He so expertly uses his hands and mouth simultaneously, you’d think he’s done this before.

Ready to be rewarded for his efforts, Brice asks Devon if he’s ready to take his “anaconda”. Devon nervously responds with “I guess” and then turns on his side. Brice pushes his beefy cock insides and gets right to work. Devon can’t help but bury his face in the pillow as he fights through the pain. Brice’s dick is filling his hole beyond maximum capacity! Devon gets on all fours and allows Brice to penetrate his slightly hairy ass once more. Brice doesn’t ease up, he continues to push every inch of his big dick up Devon’s guts! Tune in to see just how much Devon has to endure before finally getting Brice off!

Brice Jones Fucks Devon Felix Raw

No More Waiting

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Devon Felix Fucks Chandler Scott Bareback

Devon and Chandler are hot. Fact. Devon and Chandler are finally going to fuck for our pleasure. Fact. This pairing has been on my personal wish list for quite some time. Fact. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been waiting to see these two go at it so I won’t keep you waiting.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones that have been wanting this to happen. Devon and Chandler waste no time going after one another. They kiss and quickly begin to loose their clothes. Chandler feasts on Devon’s rock hard body; he kisses on his neck and sucks on his nipples. Devon is instantly turned on. He removes Chandler’s pants and wraps his sweet lips around Chandler’s cock. His oral skills get Chandler’s cock up and ready for action. Chandler is hungry for dick as well, so he rips off Devon’s trousers and returns the favor. He has Devon’s thick manbeater nice and wet in no time.

When these two have had all the cock they can taste, Devon lays back on the bed and lubes up his cock. Chandler doesn’t wait for an invitation; he sits right on top of it and instantly begins bouncing up and down. Chandler wants that cock badly and shows that he has every intention of using it like its his own personal toy. His hole opens up beautifully for Devon, who gets his chance to be in control once his bends Chandler over. He shoves his beef stick right up Chandler’s ass and batters his insides. Chandler takes the beating in a few different positions  like a pro, until cum is shooting from his cock. Devon continues to fuck him until he’s ready to bust. When he’s ready, he paints Chandler’s hole with his man milk before fucking it inside of him!

Devon Felix And Chandler Scott Raw

Eat This, Swallow That

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Devon Felix Fucks Zeno Kostas

There’s been a lot of male bonding going on around BSB and Zeno and Devon are no exception. They like to work out together and have hung out a bit. They haven’t had sex yet, that will be remedied right now and for our viewing pleasure.

They get right down to business. They begin to make out, the sound of their lips smacking fills the rome. Zeno pushes Devon back onto the bed and climbs on top of him to get and dry humps him. He kisses and licks Devon’s neck and then moves slowly down his torso, tasting his abs. He finally makes it down to his cock and immediately gets it in his mouth. Overly excited for what’s to come, Zeno sits on top of Devon and begins to dry ride Devon’s prick. After 69ing, Zeno decides that he wants to taste Devon’s sweet ass. He laps at Devon’s cork like a dog at a water bowl!

Devon can’t wait any longer; he’s got to get some of Zeno’s hole. He flips Zeno over and after strapping up (Yay! Safe sex) he slowly pushes his large pecker inside. Zeno may be a pro around here but he still needs to get used to taking cock. Devon picks up the pace and fucks him harder and faster until Zeno makes him pump the brakes. They switch positions, allowing Zeno to get fucked on his back and Devon the chance to once again get at those lips. As Zeno’s ass gets used to being open, he allows Devon to put him in an assortment of different positions. Finally, Zeno ends up upside down getting plowed from above. When he cums, he gives himself a facial and even manages to get some into his own mouth! Having already tasted cum today, Zeno has no issue with swallowing Devon’s nut.

Devon Felix and Zeno Kostas