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Broke Straight Boys Damien Kyle Looking More Sexy Than EVER!


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The porn actor Damien Kyle has become a bit unrecognizable with his new long hair and chiseled look. He has come a long way since this first XXX jerk off scene on October 22nd 2012, with his vibrant personality, toned body, and a face that could be looked at all day take a look at him now!

The drastic change is very evident and we cannot decide which version of him is hotter. Photo below from his behind the scene (And Then There Was Damien Kyle: Part 2)

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Introducing Matty Strong – Damien Kyle & Matty Strong

For anyone who missed his solo debut, Florida stud Matty Strong is back for his official introduction, as he has his first male experience on camera. Matty is visibly nervous, having never messed around with a guy before, even in his personal life, but luckily, Damien Kyle is here to take control and break him in slowly. Damien guides Matty through the preliminary movements, sucking him off and smiling when Matty gets hard and tells him it feels great. The feeling is mutual when Damien backs up on Matty’s cock, taking it all the way to the base as Matty pounds him from behind. And after getting fucked all over the bed, Damien is ready to spit his load, so Matty fucks the cum out of him before spitting his first gay load all over Damien, promising to come back soon if every shoot goes like this one. Enjoy!

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Introducing Matty Strong – Damien Kyle & Matty Strong

It’s fun, sex is sex.

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Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Ronan is already back and he’s going up against the one and only Damien Kyle. This will be his first time fucking a guy and he’s got the bottom master for an instructor. I sincerely hope he’s up for the challenge.

The boys start off with some playful kissing before removing their clothes. They rub each other’s cocks as they make out. I’m happy to see that Ronan isn’t shy about kissing dudes. They continue to kiss as they jack each other off on the bed. Ronan takes some initiative and begins to suck Damien’s meaty pole. The kid is able to get most of it into his mouth. He gives Damien just enough head to get him going. Damien takes control and takes Ronan’s monster into his mouth. Ronan roughly smacks Damien’s ass as Damien aggressively slobs all over his cock.

Afterward, Ronan straps up while Damien lubes his ass, preparing for the pain to come. Ronan tries to stick it in but finds that his cock is too big and that he will definitely require more lube. That’s a good problem to have! After getting it nice and slick, Ronan rams his fatty back in Damien’s ass. He pounds him good, causing him to grunt loudly. “Take that cock” Ronan commands. Damien repositions to his back and puts one leg into the air to allow Ronan’s dick full access to his insides. Just when I think Ronan’s doing one hell of a job, Damien contradicts me by saying “That’s all you got? Let’s Go!” At that Ronan picks up his fucking pace and starts battering Damien’s boy box. These are two verbal little fuckers! Damien finally releases a huge nut. Ronan soon follows suit, by firing a mega load of his own that reaches up to his chest. Being the cum hungry bottom boy that he is, Damien licks some of Ronan’s cum up and feeds it to him with a kiss. Good boy!

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From Dimitri, with love

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Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

Newcomer Dimitri has been paired up with Damien Kyle. Dimitri has never been with a guy before and he’ll be sucking dick for the first time today. But first he’ll get to experience what it’s like to have his cock mouth handled by a guy. He should feel lucky that his first time is going to be with Damien Kyle, one of the best cocksuckers this side of California. Let’s break this boy in.

The boys toss their clothes, hop on the bed, and Damien gives Dimitri his first taste of making out with a guy. They play with each other’s dicks, which glow harder and harder. Dimitri lies back and Damien begins to slobber all over his cock. Dimitri is definitely enjoying it as any man would when his dick is being cucked by Damien. Damien takes Dimitri’s entire big pole into his mouth, getting it good and wet. He alternates from tasting Dimitri’s cock and tasting his lips. Soon he concentrates solely on the cock and is bobbing up and down at breakneck speed. Dimitri’s cock erupts, squirting hot steamy cum all over his chest. Hot!

Now the time has come for Dimitri to taste cock for he firs time. He starts off slow but is soon sucking on Damien’s meat like a pro. He takes more and more of it until he is almost down to the balls. It obviously feels good because it only takes a few minutes before Damien busts a nice thick nut.

In the end, Dimitri has to admit that Damien is better than most girls at giving head. He had a pretty good time so I’m hoping they get him back so that cherry can get popped.

Watch Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas Here

Each one teach one

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

Zeno is back and is ready for some more experimentation with boys. The last time he was with us he bottomed for the first time and it was “intense”. Today we’ve got him paired with Damien Kyle, who is all too willing to be on the receiving end for this stud. Let’s this experience is better for him. Zeno admits that he one day wants to experience having an orgasm while being fucked. Well It’s a good thing he’s with Damien then. Let’s see if he can give Zeno some pointers.

Zeno and Damien shed their clothes and immediately begin kissing. As they smooch, Damien plays with Zeno’s cock. He makes his way down to his pierced nipples, and gently bites on them, teasing Zeno. This gets Zeno’s dick rock hard. He decides to return the favor by blowing Damien’s cock. The cock grows stiff quickly as Zeno gives one of the best sloppy blow jobs I’ve ever seen; complete with spit. Zeno sits back in the chair and Damien quickly takes his rod in his mouth. Zeno face fucks Damien’s warm mouth with his pierced cock. The boys make out again and Damien once again finds Zeno’s nipples with his tongue and teeth.

Zeno lubes his dick and Damien’s ass at the same time. Damien sits back on Zeno’s cock and rides it like he owns it. He bounces on the cock hard and fast, making his own dick wag right in our faces. Zeno holds onto his hips, not willing to let Damien go anywhere. They move down to the floor where Zeno fucks him from behind. Now that Zeno is fully in control he pounds that hairy hole, sending Damien into a moaning fit. Zeno slaps Damien’s ass, taking full ownership of it. Damien gets on the bed and spreads his legs to let Zeno back in. Zeno wastes no time in digging back inside Damien’s hot hole. Damien busts a thick nut while being fucked and Zeno barely gets out of his ass in time to cum in his mouth. Wow! That was on hot fuck. I hope Zeno learned a lot. I expect him on the receiving end next time I see him.

Watch Zeno Kostas Fuck Damien Kyle Raw

Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

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Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

It’s the 1000th episode and Broke Straight Boys is celebrating by putting not two, not three, not four, but five hot broke boys into action. The lineup includes Damien Kyle, Dakota Ford, Paul Cannon, Kayden Alexander and the newbie Tyler White. I’ll pause to let you pick your brains up off of the floor… Now let’s get down to making history.

Kayden and Dakota get right at each other and begin kissing, as do Tyler and Damien. Soon enough BSB briefs are hitting the floor and Paul and Kayden drop to their knees and begin to pleasure the cocks before them. These boys are all over each other. They continuously rotate form kissing to blowing to receiving. At one point it’s Paul that has three juicy cocks dangling in his face. That is until Tyler and Dakota join him in servicing the boys. Dicks are going form mouth to mouth; it’s hard to keep up!
Damien forcibly pulls Tyler aside and onto the ground where Tyler begins to blow him. I can’t help but drool as Tyler arches his back and shows off his bubble butt. Meanwhile, Kayden is being blown by both Damien and Paul. This shit is so hot! Dakota leaves Paul and Kayden to make out as he enters Damien’s mouth. Feeling left out, Kayden and Paul join in. Now you’ve got Tyler blowing Damien, Damien blowing Dakota, Dakota blowing Paul, and Paul blowing Kayden. Wow!

And finally the fucking begins! Dakota’s lies back on the bed and is soon invaded by Kayden. Damien offers his ass to Paul who immediately slides deep inside of him. Tyler finds a place for his dick inside Damien’s mouth. The room is filling with the moans of Dakota who is struggling to take Kayden’s cock. Tyler must have thought that he was too loud so he decides to shut him up by sitting on his face. That’s right, you read that correctly. Damien gives Tyler a rim job while getting fucked. Now it’s Damien’s turn to scream out while getting raped from behind by Paul. Paul is fucking Damien like he wants to break him. Soon Paul and Kayden switch fucking partners and the intensity ramps up. Kayden shows Damien’s ass no mercy and Tyler stuffs his cock back into Damien’s mouth and engages Kayden in some spit swapping. Dakota is also lip locked with Paul who is battering his hot man pussy. This has to be the most energetic fucking to ever take place at BSB. Ready to get into the eye of the storm, Tyler lubes his ass up. Kayden does the honor of breaking into his ass and has the lad screaming. Those screams are soon muffled by a passionate kiss from Damien who is still on his back getting fucked by Paul and getting his dick sucked by Dakota. Dakota goes back and forth between sucking Damien and Tyler’s cock. That cock hungry boy is soon rewarded with a taste of Tyler’s hot steamy load as its shot directly into his mouth. Dakota then takes that load and deposits it into Damien’s mouth. That’s not the only present that Damien will be receiving today. Dakota, Paul, Kayden, and even a reenergized Tyler all shot massive loads onto him. Hot! They don’t leave the mess though, they lick it all off! And there you have it, the 1000th episode and it was the hottest ever. Now I’m officially looking forward to the 2000th episode.

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Wobble Baby Wobble

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Damien Kyle Fucks Tristan Stiles

Damien and Tristan are back and as Tristan puts it, “they’ve got bills”. This episode starts off a bit strangely as Tristan is pressured into displaying his dancing abilities by doing “The Wobble”. Not bad for a white boy! Then the boys discuss Tristan’s way of greeting friends with “what up lady?” I’d be careful calling folks “lady” if I was about to get fucked. Speaking of which…

The boys undress and get on the bed. They show off their firm asses for the camera, giving them a niche shake for us. Damien pulls Tristan’s cheeks apart to put his hole on display. His tight hole is covered with soft fur. Tristan makes it “wink” for Damien. He flips over and Damien rewards him for his show with a blowjob. Damien is one of BSB’s best cock suckers and he has Tristan’s dick as hard as a brick in no time. He takes Tristan’s cock down to the balls over and over again. His skills are written all over Tristan’s face; he can’t even keep his mouth closed! Completely turned on by Damien’s’ head work, Tristan pulls him in for a kiss, and it’s a nice one. Damien goes form kissing Tristan’s lips to once again slobbering on his dick. Satisfied, Tristan begins to get Damien’s dick wet. This little cock sucker has come a long way. Damien’s dick stiffens after only a few moments of having Tristan’s mouth wrapped around it. And once it’s fully hard it’s go time.

Damien lubes, straps his dick up and then penetrates Tristan’s ass from behind. Most guys would start off slow, but not Damien; he immediately starts fucking Tristan like his trying to break a record. Tristan takes it like the good bottom boy his is. That hairy ass of his can take a real pounding now and Damien is certainly up to meeting the standard. He firmly grabs Tristan by the hips as his hammers that booty into submission. They roll over onto their sides and Damien continues to dominate that hole. As hot as it looks, Damien doesn’t seem to be getting as much as he wants. “Fuck this!” he says as he tosses the blonde fuck boy on his back, spreads his legs and digs deeper into his hole. “Ah yeah” Damien moans as Tristan feverishly jacks his cock. This position must be working for him too. “Cum for me” Damien demands, and Tristan does just that. Pools of milky cum cover Tristan’s torso. Damien pulls out and spills is own creamy load onto Tristan’s dick.

Damien mixes his cum with Tristan’s and makes him taste it. Man I hope these boys stay broke for a long time to come.

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Is this his first time?

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Damien Kyle Sucks Jaxon Ryder

We’ve got the edgy newcomer Jaxon Ryder sitting next to Damien Kyle. Jaxon Ryder is fresh off of his first solo scene and has quickly returned to explore some man on man lovin’. He admits that he’s had a blow job from a guy before but said that it was just ok and that girls do it better. -_- He may have had a guy do it before but has he had a broke straight boy do it? Damien, you’ve been challenged! The boys remove their clothes and Jaxon shows us those awesome tats once more. I love a man with ink. They put their cakes on display for the camera man, giving each other’s juicy cheeks a nice squeeze. They turn to each other and Damien pulls Jaxon’s head toward him and begins kissing him. Jaxon certainly doesn’t mind, he gets closer to Damien and gets fully involved in the lip smakin’. Damien tells the newbie to sit back and he puts Jaxon’s cock into his mouth. Damien is about to show him how a BSB gets down. He starts off steady and slowly; working Jaxon’s cock form semi hard to petrified. He picks up the pace and the behemoth that is Jaxon’s cock begins to emerge. It’s big but Damien’s got one cock holder of a mouth. He shows Damien how a pro inhales cock and has Jaxon fidgeting from the bomb ass head he’s receiving.

Pleased and willing to see if his own skills are on par he escorts Damien to the bed and begins to blow him. As we all know Damien has quite the fuck rod himself. Surprisingly; Jaxon holds his own and sucks with fervor. He alternates between jacking and sucking but he’s good at both judging by Damien’s response. Jaxon sucks Damien’s meat at break neck speed; seriously, he’s going so fast his neck might break off! He’s delivering some grade A head. I know he said that he’s received head from a guy before but I wonder if this is his first time giving head. Hmmmmm….Soon, Damien’s had all that he can take and he shoots boy cream all over Jaxon’s face. Jaxon relishes it, and why not? He worked for that nut.

Damien returns to his knees and starts to blow Jaxon’s tool once more. That beautiful uncut cock seems even bigger than it did just minutes ago. Damien takes as much of the monster as he can. He gets Jaxon’s dick super wit with saliva, trying his best not to miss an inch of it. Damien sucks faster and faster until its Jason’s turn to spread some sauce. Warm jizz squirts into Damien’s pretty mouth, and he eats it like every good cum boy should. Jaxon admits that he’s going to need to reconsider his earlier proclamation. #trudat! Damien “The Destroyer” does it again.

Watch Damien Kyle Suck Jaxon Ryder

Boy booty beat down!

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Damien Kyle Fucks Romeo James

Romeo is back with a new hair cut to show off and he doesn’t want it messed with. I don’t know why these boys get all styled up before getting fucked. Oh well, he’ll learn. He’s been pouring concrete since we last saw him and I must say that it’s been doing his body good. He’s paired with Damien Kyle who’s as handsome and as ready to fuck as ever. After a brief convo about Romeo’s first scene, the boys pull off their clothes and they’re both already hard as concrete. That makes three of us! Romeo sits back and begins to enjoy a nice blow job from Damien. We all know how good Damien’s head is so it’s no surprise that Romeo is breathing heavily within moments of his dick being put into Damien’s mouth. Damien goes from jacking and sucking, to just jacking, to sucking with no hands. The boy has range. Though Romeo has a nice sized cock, it’s no match for the talented and well broken in hole of Damien. He bobs up and down Romeo’s cock trying to tickle it with his uvula (that’s the dangly thing at the back of your throat for those of you who are about to leave this blog to head to google)! Seriously though, I’m surprised he didn’t choke on it.

Romeo lays Damien on the bed, and starts to display his own oral talents. He holds onto Damien’s balls while inhaling Damien’s meat. Romeo does a good job of taking it all the way down, his mouth almost reaching Damien’s pubes. Tasty! Romeo battles with the dick, pushing it further and further down his throat, until tears start flowing down his nose. Now, that’s some no holds barred head!!!

This superb performance gets Damien in the mood for some of Romeo’s boy pussy. “Get your ass up and ride this dick”, Damien declares. Romeo sits on it in reverse cowboy style and starts to bounce on the dick. That hairy hole of his takes all of Damien. “How does that feel?” Damien asks. “Good baby” I answer, “real good!”…only he’s not talking to me is he? Nonetheless Romeo’s dick riding has me ready to explode and I’m not even there; so I can only imagine how good it feels to Damien and that beef pole of his. Romeo grinds on the dick like a true power bottom, trying to milk it. Meanwhile his own dick just swings in front of our faces. What a tease!

He turns around to face Damien and continues to ride him. It’s not long before these two are kissing. Damien takes over and begins to assault his ass from below. He then flips onto his back, kisses him more, reinserts his man tool, and thumps away. He holds his legs open and lets Romeo hole have all the dick it can handle. And that hairy boy box can take plenty. But the stimulation is too much; Romeo unleashes a heavy load and cums all over his abs. He shoots so hard that it makes it to his chest and barely misses that hairdo of his. Inspired or just pushed to his limit by having the pleasure of fucking Romeo, Damien spills his own goo onto Romeo’s hand.

Damien comments that he busted a sweat. Beating boy booty takes work!

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Our little whore for the day

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Johnny, Cage And Damien

Damien Kyle stands between Johnny and Cage. “You’re going to get fucked!” Johnny tells him. And just like that, we’re off. They don’t waste any time, and who can blame them with so much hotness in the room. Johnny and Cage sit on the bed and Damien packs Forza’s dick into his mouth. He bobs his head up and down causing Johnny to moan in pure ecstasy. Johnny’s biceps and pecs contract as he receives a sloppy blowjob. Cage helps his buddy my pushing Damien’s head down on Johnny’s cock. Not one to leave a man behind or a friend dry, Johnny directs Damien’s lips over to Cage’s dick. Damien swallows it whole while continuing to jack Johnny off. Damien continues to battle both schlongs like he hasn’t had cock in his mouth for months. His expert performance has both Johnny and Cage breathing heavily. After going back and forth between their salty poles like a confused, cock hungry slut, Damien is flipped onto the bed. Cage eyes his pretty hole and slides his finger inside to prep the tight muscle for a real workout. Damien continues to blow Johnny while he gets some oral attention of his own from Cage. Cage eagerly fuck Damien’s ass with his finger while Johnny look on, I’m sure they’re both ready to fuck.

Expertly loosened by Cage, Damien’s ass is turned over and offered to Johnny. He slides into Damien’s fuck hole balls deep. Johnny pounds away while Cage encourages him. “Fuck the shit out of him”, he chants. Johnny doesn’t seem to need much coaching as he’s already fucking the muffled moans out of Damien. “Our little whore for the day”, Cage declares as he watches Johnny running through Damien. Johnny holds those legs in the air while screwing him; Damien is nothing more than his sex toy in this moment. What a lucky boy!

“Let’s flip him over”, Johnny suggests before invading Damien’s trap from behind. This is Cage’s first gay threesome and there’s no doubt that he’s enjoying himself as he watches Damien slurp on his dick and Johnny fuck like an angry convict. Finally, it’s his turn to pummel Damien’s man pussy. They flip him on his back and Cage forces himself inside. Damien’s grunts of pleasure are soon muffled again by Johnny’s piece massaging his throat. Cage fucks his little used cum boy with no mercy. He has the pleasure of fucking Damien raw and as a result he gets to feel the residual heat from all the friction that Johnny’s dicks created. His groans tell the story! Ready to pop he pulls out and joins Johnny, who is already jacking himself over Johnny’s face. All the attention and fucking has pushed Damien to his limits; he explodes while looking up at his owners. Moments later Johnny and Cage are making it rain (with cum that is) all over his face. Cage forces him to eat the bitter sweet load. That’s what it means to be a cum bucket!

Watch it for yourself here!

Males know what males want!

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Damien and Dakota in Oral Action

Enter Dakota and Damien. Having shown off his body and thick cock in his solo performance, Dakota is back but this time he has a playmate, Damien. This won’t be the first blowjob that Dakota has had from a guy. In regards to a past oral encounter with a man, Dakota states that “it’s normal, it’s alright”. One can’t help but think that Damien took this as a challenge because when given the green light he dives right in and starts bobbing on Dakota’s cock like a pro. He may never go broke again if he keeps sucking dick like that. Not one to miss a moment of his mouth’s hard work, Damien keeps his eyes wide open as he slobbers up and down Dakota’s shaft. “You like that?” He asks Dakota. Dakota’s moans out “yeah” as his eyes continue to roll into the back of his head. He begins to relax even more as Damien continues to deliver mind blowing head. Damien moves down further between Dakota’s toned legs and starts to service his balls, gently sucking on them. That’s what you call full service! After having Dakota force his dick towards the back of his throat, Damien admits that he can “barely breathe”! But he can take a deep breath as his impressive oral skills have brought Dakota to his climax. Dakota holds tightly onto his seat as cum explodes from the head of his dick.

Being the newbie that he is, Dakota thinks that he is done. But this straight boy needs to learn the number 1 rule about head and that’s suck, cum, give! He admits that he isn’t very good at it, but practice makes perfect. He begins to suck Damien’s cock and while the taste doesn’t agree with him at first he begins to get into the rhythm; forcing Damien’s dick to grow into the back of his throat. Damien lies back on the bed and Dakota continues to blow him into ecstasy. Damien’s dick slides in and out of Dakotas’ mouth with ease. Dakota seems to get use to the taste as he slurps Damien’s cock repeatedly and even slaps it against his tongue. The married newbie even attempts to deep throat! How quickly cocksuckers progress these days! Damien, lost in pleasure, forgets that this is Dakota’s first time sucking on man sausage and begins to fuck his mouth.

After having his mouth worked over good, Dakota begins to expertly jack Damien off. Damien cums hard within moments of having his junk in hands of Dakota. With both boys relieved they decide to go get some food. And who can blame them; straight cock is always a good appetizer.

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Brandon Beal Fucks Damien Kyle


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Brandon and Damien waste no time with introductory talk in this most recent update. If either hottie were in your bedroom, how much time would you spend with conversating? LOL! The pair are kissing, sharing some tongues. Shirts are removed, then pants. OMG!! Look at the curve of Brandon’s sweet ass! LOL! Brandon stops, looks at Damien, and gives him a slap. Brandon’s pimp hand isn’t brutal, but forceful enough to show Damien who is in charge.

He pushes Damien on the bed and straddles his face. That hard meat hovers for a moment before Damien opens wide. Brandon face fucks his partner, trying to have his balls touch chin. Damien gets some kisses for his his efforts. Brandon then pulls Damien to the side of the bed. He puts some lube on his finger, and starts to feel up that man pussy. Brandon then opens wide and sucks Damien’s rod. Damien loves his hole being teased and his dick getting sucked.

Damien is turned on his stomach. Brandon places lube on his meat, and parts those two ass cheeks. From the start the fucking is balls deep and poor Damien can only whimper. Brandon slaps a butt cheek to remind Damien who owns that booty.  “Fuck me harder,” Damien groans. When Brandon does so, the resident bottom just holds on to the bed. It’s like he’s hoping there will be relief from the pain. Brandon doesn’t want him to have any respite. He just wants Damien to feel every inch of his rod.  There’s another round of smooching, then Damien decides it’s time he do some riding.

Brandon gets on his back and Damien straddles the pole. He sits down and goes back up, his own cock bobbing all over the place. His cheeks are scratching Brandon’s pubes. “You like that,” Damien wonders. “Oh, yeah,” the top stud replies.  Moans and the sound of skin against skin fill the studio. “Ride that cock,” Brandon orders.

Damien gets on his side and Brandon resumes control. “Fuck me,” Damien moans.  Brandon does. Fast and hard. His face is starting to get shiny from all the effort. Damien’s special spot can stand only so much pounding. His man milk jumps out, landing on his stomach, chest, and the sheets.  Brandon pulls out and jerks his tool over Damien’s open wide mouth. Jizz hits Damien’s tongue, and he licks up the rest from Brandon’s wick.  Brandon leaves some kisses on Damien’s shoulder and the scene ends.

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Brandon Beal & Damien Kyle 

Spencer, Sonny, Damien


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Has anyone noticed how Damien has transformed into BSB’s pass around bottom? While he might not like the job, or title, the cute stud is at his best when his tight hole gets constantly used. In today’s vignette he’s the meat in a Spencer and Sonny sandwich. He and the Red Rocket kiss for a bit before the lads strip. When everyone is naked, Spencer turns all bossy.”Get on your knees,” he commands. “Suck my dick.”

Damien does what he’s told. Even if he didn’t want to, he has no choice because Sonny is holding his head.  The bottom turns his attention to Sonny’s rod. “You like that,” Spencer wonders.  Hard for Damien to answer with his throat filled. Damien returns to taking care of Spencer. “Fucking dick is huge,” Damien notes when he comes up for air.  That’s OK, Damien. We know you like things to be big. When he gets back to Sonny’s rod, Damien looks up to see if he’s doing it right. Sonny is more than pleased with the licks on his meat. Spencer wants more of that sweet mouth, and brings Damien back to him.

Our poor bottom boy is going to have some tired face muscles when it’s all done. Spencer puts on a condom. “Get on my dick,” he orders as he gets on the bed.
Damien slowly sits down. Sonny stands over him, making sure the more pliable opening stays occupied. Damien can only grunt and moan as he gets it on both ends.
“Suck that dick,” Sonny says. Damien is all about making sure these studs get what they want. “Get on the floor,” Sonny demands. He guides Damien to the new location. Sonny sits in the chair, Damien gets on his hands and knees, and Spencer saddles up to the man hole. He grabs Damien’s ankle as he pounds that booty.

Damien would cry out, but his mouth is busy.”Look up,” Sonny orders.”Fuck that ass,” Damien says to Spencer. Don’t you love a bottom who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it? “I want you to fuck me,” Damien says to Sonny. As the newbie dons a condom, Spencer puts kisses on Damien’s mouth. A good top always gives a bottom some romance. Just ask Old Blue Eyes (Google the phrase, you youngsters!). Damien is put on his back. Sonny gets that sausage where it should be. Spencer takes a seat so the pass around bottom can suck some. “Suck his dick,” Sonny says. He’s pounding that Damien booty good. Spencer spits in the bottom’s mouth and then lets him suck on a finger.

“Fuck me,” Damien moans. All the fucking gets to Damien and he shoots jizz that hits the bottom of his neck. Sonny pulls out and stands over his prize. As for Spencer, he holds Damien’s mouth open. When Sonny shoots, his cum lands in the open wide mouth.As for Spencer, he makes sure to deposit his seed all over Damien’s face. “That was horrible,” Damien announces when everyone has calmed down. “You liked it,” Spencer notes.  Hard to disagree, no? LOL!

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Spencer, Sonny,
& Damien

Cage Kafig Fucks Damien Kyle


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Last time Cage and Damien did a scene together Paul was with them. Now it’s just a duo and Damien is ready for it to be over.  ”I’m ready to get this done. Shit,” Damien says to the cameraman. Cage thinks Damien is not being completely honest. ”Don’t act like you want to get it over it,” Cage says. ”No. For real. I do,” Damien responds. ”You want to keep this going,” Cage notes. “I’m telling you. You’re going to fall in love.” Damien laughs this off and counters that Cage might be the one who really wants this scene to happen.”He is really way too excited,” Damien says, pointing to the dude in the BSB T-shirt. ”That’s right,” Cage responds.

“It’s not everyday I get to fuck you.” The cameraman wonders what the two lads have been doing, but they have no stories to share. There is a confession from John, the cameraman, that when he was 21 he  fucked a cantaloupe. Neither lad can admit to such an experience. John adds the fruit wasn’t ripe and that added to the experience. The two boys finally get to stand up. They take off their shirts and argue who has the most fat. LOL! There is an interesting moment when Damien admits he’s not a fan of tats. Cage, of course, is a tattoo magnet. Opposites attract. Damien takes a seat, and pulls off his pants. Cage gets on his knees and starts sucking.

“Wake that fucker up,” John encourages. After a minute or two, Damien’s dong does indeed wake up. ”You’re getting better at this,” Damien observes. ”Fuck you,” Cage answers.
Cage slobbers up and down, getting half the meat in his mouth. ”Is that as far as you can go,” Damien wonders. ”That’s as far as I can go,” Cage replies. “You didn’t teach me that well.”
Cage might not be able to go down all the way, but his eyes do water from the effort. Who said sucking dick isn’t an emotional experience? LOL! It’s Cage’s turn to sit back and relax.

Damien licks Cage’s tool, getting it primed.  ”You like that,” Damien asks. ”Hell, yeah,” Cage responds. “You act like you’ve done that before.” Spit and pre-cum coat Cage’s rod. Damien looks up to make sure he’s doing it right. Cage is more than happy.  ”You ready to get fucked,” Cage wonders. ”You already know,” Cage says.  The boys put lube in, and on, the important places. Cage slips a condom on. Damien gets on all fours and once Cage is in, he pounds away.  ”Fuck me,” Damien whispers. He puts his head down and lets Cage fill that ass up. As for Cage, he makes sure each stroke is balls deep. ”Fuck me harder,” Damien commands. Cage is a dutiful top and does what’s asked. The boys switch positions, without Cage taking his johnson out. Damien gets on his side, holding on to the sheets as he’s stuffed. ”Like that,” Cage asks.

The sound of skin against skin fills the studio.  ”I’m about to cum,” Cage says. He pulls out and jerks his meat. Both lads are next to each other, stroking their tools. Damien pops first. His load oozes out, coating his pubes and shaft. Cage is next. The first stream hits Damien’s neck, and the rest covers his bottom’s chest and stomach. So? What should these two do next?

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Cage Kafig & Damien Kyle

Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage


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At the start of today’s video there seems to be a little confusion of where people should sit. Damien Kyle takes the middle. That is an appropriate spot for the cute model
because he’s getting fucked today. Next to him are Paul Canon and Cage Kafig, the dudes who will get a piece of that ass. ”So I asked if you have ever done a train,” the cameraman says. None of the lads have had the pleasure. The cameraman and Paul get into a debate about Florida and its football teams (southern lads love them some pig skin). Cage just looks like he’s ready to go. The attention is returned to Damien, who looks slightly scared. ”These guys go rough, dude. Seriously,” he complains to the cameraman. There’s a request for a little gentleness, but Cage and Paul laugh. ”We”ll be friends later on tonight,” Paul notes. While Cage isn’t in the mood for chitchat, he does offer a bold prediction. ”This is going to be the number one video of the year,” he assures.

After Paul does a little dance move, the three studs take off their shirts. There’s some banter about who has the better body. Damien is proud of his abs and tells his scene
partners they need to catch up. LOL! Soon everyone is naked, on the bed, shaking their backsides to the camera. Paul’s booty has the most juice, jiggling as he shakes it. The boys finally decide on how to start. Paul sucks Damien’s meat and Cage has a go at Paul’s. The joking stops because now everybody is about the business of nut busting. Paul swallows everything Damien has, treating it like the meat candy it is. Cage’s mouth is stretched out by Paul’s pud, but Cage is a unhappy camper. ”I’m missing out,” he whines. LOL! That’s soon fixed. Paul gets on his back and takes care of Cage’s cock. As for Damien, he goes down on Paul. Paul deep throats Cage’s monster, getting it shiny with spit and pre-cum.

“Shit,” Cage exclaims. Damien’s oral work is getting Paul all excited, but we all know the main course is being prepared. Damien gets on his hands and knees. The others lube up and put condoms on. Paul has Damien move his sweet ass back a bit. In one slow motion, Damien’s man cave is filled to the brim. He moans as Paul slowly fucks him. Next thing you know Cage is behind Paul. Those perky cheeks get spread by Cage’s pole. ”Hold on for a second,” Paul asks as Cage starts to slow stroke him. ”Don’t you pull out,” Damien commands. Soon Cage is fucking Paul, and Paul is giving it to Damien. Paul doesn’t even have to move because the force of Cage’s strokes push him into Damien. Beads of sweat form on Paul’s booty. After a few more strokes, Cage pulls out.

“Suck this dick,” he demands of Damien. Damien is on his back, his mouth open for the pole. As for Paul, he gets back in that tighter hole. Damien is getting royally stuffed today. His moans are muffled by the length of Cage’s rod. Paul is balls deep on each stroke, making Damien yell out. ”Hell, yeah,” Cage says. He wants some of that Damien butt. Who wouldn’t? LOL! Damien is turned around, his hole corned by Cage. Damien slobbers on Paul’s sausage. Cage fucks fast and furious, going in as far as he can. ”Oh, fuck,” Damien whimpers. He can’t talk for long because Paul wants that tongue on his meat.

“Keep going. I’m going to cum,” Damien moans.His load coats his hand as he jerks it. Cage stays in for a few more hits before pulling out. Paul puts his tool down Damien’s warm throat. Cage’s jizz makes Damien’s pubes all wet and slick. Paul is next. His cum first lands on Damien’s tongue. The rest coats his cheeks and lips. After everyone calms down, Cage comes up with a perfect title for this scene: ”Spin the bottom,” he says. What do you think?

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Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage

Ian Dempsey Fucks Damien Kyle


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OMG! Look who’s back! Damien Kyle. He’s been away from BSB way too long. Well, he’s on our bed kissing it up with Ian Dempsey. He grabs Ian by the neck as he plants  kisses on those lips. Damien gets naked first and lets Ian suck his sausage. All of that oral work makes Damien’s legs twitch. “Fuck, yeah,” Damien says. “Suck that dick.”

Damien, however, knows not to be be selfish. “Lean back. Let me suck yours,” Damien says.  Ian quickly gets rid of his pants and lets Damien go to work. For all of his skills as a bottom, Ian has big old dick that plumps when you blow it. “Like that,” Damien asks.  Ian gives him some kisses for an answer. Damien returns filling his mouth with tasty man meat. “Yeah, suck that dick,” Ian whispers.

Damien gets on his back, his man hole pointed right in Ian’s face. Ian gets that crack slick with spit. He places more kisses on Damien’s mouth; he then lubes up a finger and plays with Damien’s ass. “Oh, fuck,” the stud moans as Ian finger fucks him and licks his toes. Ian gets that boy pussy ready for something a little bit bigger. The toe licking and finger fucking get Ian ready to fill Damien up. He gets on the bed, and lets Damien sit on his rod. Bare. Once he’s in, Damien rides like a crazed cowboy.

His own cock goes back and forth from all the pounding. “Fuck, yeah,” Damien whispers. Ian’s rod must be hitting the right spot because Damien doesn’t go soft. “Oh, yeah,” Damien begs. “Fuck me.” He returns to his back, and Ian fills him up one more time. Each stroke is balls deep. Ian alternates from slow fucking to deep drilling.  “Go harder,” Damien moans Ian does as asked.

Stuffing Damien like a holiday goose. The lads kiss briefly before Ian returns to pounding duty. “Feels so good,” Damien says. Ian gives Damien everything he has. This finally pushes Damien over the limit and he shoots all over his shaft and hand. Ian pulls out, and jerks a load that that makes Damien’s stomach sticky and wet. “Fuck, yeah,” Damien says. “A whole lot of cum.”

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Ian Dempsey & Damien Kyle

Blake Bennett Fucks Damien Kyle


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When this update begins, there are only stares and stroking. Blake Bennet and Damien Kyle are
kneading their own tools, and looking to see what the other is carrying. The glances are furtive, like
the two are embarrassed to be so interested in what the other might be packing.

Blake, the wily BSB veteran, reaches over. First he touches Damien’s thigh to check to see if it’s cool
to fondle the merchandise. LOL! His hand grabs Damien’s bulge and that causes Damien to do
the same.

The studs feel each other up, their dicks straining against their clothes. Damien pulls his pants and
underwear mid-thigh, and Blake gets to really stroke that sausage.

Damien gets fully naked first, and the two stand up. There’s that awkward moment when they’re not
certain about kissing, but lips are put together. Blake sits on the couch, and swallows Damien’s
johnson. Blake takes his time. Licking the head, slobbering with the shaft, and going to the base. You
can tell Damien likes it by the way he strokes Blake’s hair. He also face fucks his partner. Another
sign of enjoyment.

Blake gets that tool sloppy wet with spit and pre-cum. Damien leans down and gives him an effort

“Fucking suck my cock,” Blake says.

So bossy. LOL! Damien gets on the couch and lets his mouth be used. He swallows everything
Blake has, and the stud mutters encouragement. Damien needs to come up for air from time to
time, but only briefly. He wants that meat in his mouth.

There’s another brief smooch before Damien straddles Blake. He puts his hole above Blake’s bone
and takes a seat. He sits balls deep and then goes up and down. Damien is a bottom in control,
taking what he wants. He’s making Blake work for that sweet ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Damien groans.

Damien is put on his back, his legs held part. Blake gets back in the boy hole and pounds with

“Fuck, me,” Damien orders. “Harder.”

Blake does so, giving the boy everything he can. But a hard fuck isn’t complete without some
kissing, which the two do.

Blake gets back to giving Damien a meat injection.

“Look at me,” Blake commands.

The fucking picks up, with Damien moaning. He beats his meat and his first stream of cum hits the
bottom of his chest. Blake pulls out and works his bone to a nut. His man milk splatters the top of
Damien’s stomach and his pubes.

After calming down, Blake leans in for a final smooch.

“Fuck, he says,”

Which gets a sexy ass grin from Damien!

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Blake Bennett & Damien Kyle 

Romeo James Fucks Damien Kyle


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“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.” In this latest BSB update we’ve got Romeo James and Damien Kyle, in what can only be described as an epic love scene. The boys chit chat for a moment with the camera man but then they dive into the scene. The kissing is intensely passionate, their bodies grind and writhe in pleasure as their lips and tongues stay almost permanently connected. Something about this pair is special. Chemistry this magnetic cannot be denied!

They practically rip each other’s clothes off and continue to make out in the nude. Always the gentlemen, Romeo sucks his partner first. He’s teases Damien’s cock with his tongue and lips but is sure to deep throat it as often as possible. Damien’s blood is boiling and he can barely contain himself.

After ensuring that Damien’s dick was pleasured thoroughly, Romeo suggests something new.

“Here, suck this,” Romeo commands as he gets on his back.

Damien sucks Romeo’s dick like his life depends on it. It was already hard as rock but know Romeo cock could cut diamonds. Damien maintains eye contact the entire time. Romeo looks him in his eyes and he stuffs his cock deep down his throat. They’re taking intimacy to another level in this scene!

“Ride me,” he says to his “Juliet.” LOL!!

Damien lubes up the sausage, and his hole, and has a bare seat. Romeo starts to immediately pound balls deep. No need for Damien to get used to sensation. LOL!

Damien groans, but his tool is ready to pop. His spot is getting jammed to the max by Romeo’s spear.

“Get on your side,” Romeo suggests.

Damien does so, and Romeo gets back in.

“Pound me,” Damien orders.

“You like that,” Romeo asks.

“Fuck, yeah,” Damien replies.

They pick up the pace and hit a full on hardcore ass fucking. Damien can’t control himself.

“You like that,” Romeo inquires.

“I fucking love it,” Damien answers.
Romeo is pounding Damien like a piece of veal.  Romeo’s cock plunges inside him harder and faster with each stroke. Romeo is getting close to his nut.

“Come, on. Oh my, God,” Damien cries.

“Cum for me,” Romeo orders.

Damien cums. It’s a nice thick load. Romeo stays inside Damien and continues to fuck him hard until he cums.

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Romeo James & Damien Kyle

Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge


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It’s Damien Kyle! Whew! Damien is here to bring out sexy newbie, the delicious Shane Ridge, up to speed to the fine art of sucking cock. Shane is completely new to dicks and or sucking them. Damien is no novice and we think he has the skill to help out newbie excel tremendously at it.
“I really wasn’t convinced yet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

“Convinced about what,” the cameraman wonders.

“Sucking dick,” Shane responds, with that sexy grin.

Damien is modest about his incredible talent but we know that Shane is in capable hands…and mouths.

The guys riptheir clothes off quickly, and Damien quickly leans in and starts sucking on Shane’s beefcake.

“He definitely knows what he’s doing.” Shane explains.

Damien is sucking it hard, taking all of Shane’s thick meat in his wet warm mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. Shane stands up and we get a striking view of his thick masculine hairy thighs. His thick veiny dick stands straight out and Damien devours it some more. The pair sink comfortably back into the couch and Damien continues his sucking duty, putting in as much work as he can to get to the creamy ending.

Shane takes his dick out of Damien’s mouth and begins to jerk it, Damien keeps his lips close to Shane’s dick, patiently waits for the thick load that he worked so hard for. Suddenly, Shane erupts and shoots on Damien’s lips and mouth.

Now it’s Shane’s turn to utilized the skills he just experienced! Hope he was paying attention, LOL. Shane gets on his knees and puts Damien’s dick between his lips! HE starts off slow, as he is unfamiliar with how to really make Damien’s dick spit so early in the game. After a few minutes the dick sucking rookie makes his first attempt at deep throating and of course he gags.
“Breathe through your nose,” Damien advises.

Shane gets on the couch for a better angle.

“Fuck,” Damien whispers.

The newbie is doing something right.

“All the way down,” Damien says as he grabs the back of his scene partner’s neck.

Shane must be doing something right because soon Damien is close and begins to jerk. Shane continues to suck and suddenly a deluge of cum coats his tongue and teeth! Shane is in shock but doesn’t freak out, I think he liked it.

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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge