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Ben Damien and Chris Straight Boy Threeway

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You know we’ve been waiting to release this hot update for you!  Benjamin Dover, Damien Nichols, and Chris Taylor!  Three of your member favorites, and big fat daddy dicks to boot!

You will not want to waist time reading here for this Must See scene!  The boys definitely put on a show for you unlike any of their other videos.  They even give straight boy gone gay double penetration a shot for you!!  Be sure to also check out the twitter page for hot behind the scenes on this trio scene.

And by the way, hands down the most Explosive finish filmed to date, as ALL THREE boys shoot humongous loads of jizz Everywhere!  HERE’S the MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

The Hunter and the Hunted

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Ashton Taylor and Connor Ridge

Damien Nichols is back and is ready to help break in one of our new boys, Hunter Lopez by putting his ass on the line. Hunter lies back on the bed, totally naked and Damien wraps his hot mouth around his cock. He watches him work that big dick. He works it over good, getting it fat and hard as it slides in and out of his mouth. After some hot oral play, Hunter gets on his stomach and allows Damien to put that throbbing prick between his ass cheeks before pushing it into his tight hole. Damien’s fat juicy ass bounces in response to each of Hunter’s deep thrusts.

Hunter flips Damien over and fucks him hard, making him feel every inch of that raw rod. Damien grabs his own member and strokes it while Hunter continues to use his cock like a weapon, decimating Damien’s insides. The fucking is so good that Damien soon cums, getting hot cum everywhere. Damien then pulls out and adds his semen to the mix!

Damien Nichols gets fucked by Hunter Lopez

Introducing Matty Strong – Damien Kyle & Matty Strong

For anyone who missed his solo debut, Florida stud Matty Strong is back for his official introduction, as he has his first male experience on camera. Matty is visibly nervous, having never messed around with a guy before, even in his personal life, but luckily, Damien Kyle is here to take control and break him in slowly. Damien guides Matty through the preliminary movements, sucking him off and smiling when Matty gets hard and tells him it feels great. The feeling is mutual when Damien backs up on Matty’s cock, taking it all the way to the base as Matty pounds him from behind. And after getting fucked all over the bed, Damien is ready to spit his load, so Matty fucks the cum out of him before spitting his first gay load all over Damien, promising to come back soon if every shoot goes like this one. Enjoy!

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Introducing Matty Strong – Damien Kyle & Matty Strong

Come To Me

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Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor

Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor start their scene off with some kisses, making out while they take their clothes off. Their hands do a little exploring as well. Chris even sneaks his hand up Damien’s boxers to feel up that big dick. Once it’s unveiled, Chris wraps his lips around Damien’s dick and gives him an amazing blowjob! He deep throats that cock before taking his turn. He lies back and looks on, enjoying Damien’s mouth around his dick next!

After some oral play, Chris gets on all fours on the bed, ass spread and ready to receive Damien’s hard shaft. Damien doesn’t hesitate. He forces his thick cock deep into his warm tight hole and begins to destroy his ass. His balls slap against Chris ass as he pounds him deep and merciless. Damien reaches around and plays with Chris’s dick as he stands behind him and pounds him bareback and fucks the cum right out of Chris and then Damien nuts all over Chris’s sore ass!

Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor


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Damien Fucks Tanner Bareback

Damien Nichols is still pretty do and he’s still trying to stretch his boundaries and explore his limits. He’s not ready to bottom but he’s definitely up for taking some ass and Tanner Valentino is ready to take some dick. So let’s get cracking.

Damien starts off aggressively, reaching for Tanner’s dick as the two make out. He lays Tanner on the bed and pulls down his briefs down just enough so that he can devour his cock. Damien can barely fit the entire thing into his mouth but he does a great job getting Tanner rock hard. Tanner gives him oral in return before the boys begin to 69, each guy sucking and getting sucked! The oral fun doesn’t stop there. Damien bends Tanner over and buries his face between his cheeks before sucking his asshole. After working his hole over, Damien begins to face fuck Tanner before 69ing with him once more.

Tanner loves all of the oral attention, Tanner is ready to get fucked. He stands up and opens his ass for Damien to have his way with. Damien fucks him bareback from behind.  Tanner’s juicy ass bounces as Damien pounds the shit out of him. I swear his basketball ass can handle anything! Tanner sits on Damien dick and continues to show off his buoyant bubble butt before being put on his stomach to have his cum fucked right out of him! Damien doesn’t last much longer, he pulls out and spills his own seed all over Tanner.

Damien Fucks Tanner Bareback

Birthday Surprise!

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Benjamin Birthday Fuck From Damien

Benjamin Dover is one of our hardest working models at BSB and it’s his birthday, so we owe him…big time. As a gift, we’re going to let him break in one or our hottest newbies, Damien Nichols. The boys begin to make out while their hands explore each other’s bodies. Benjamin, in full birthday boy fashion, tells Damien to get on his knees and suck his cock. Damien follows instructions. He takes over half of Benjamin’s dick in his mouth like a good slut is supposed to. Next it’s Benjamin’s turn to show off his oral skills. He goes down and get’s of Damien’s meat stick, I bet it tastes better than cake.

You might have thought that Benjamin would want some ass for his birthday, but instead he’s opted to get fucked! Benjamin bends over and puts his ass high in the air, inviting Damien to have his way. Damien gets right to work. He inserts his cock in Ben’s ass slowly, allowing him to get used to the raw cock. Benjamin braces himself as Damien picks up the pace and begins to fuck the shit out of him. Damien fucks him on his side and eventually gets him on his back. Damien gives him all the dick he can handle until both boys finally let out a nice nut! Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Benjamin Birthday Fuck From Damien

Always Up for Some Dick

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Damien Nichols Pounds Drake Tyler

Damien Nichols, like all first timers, is a little nervous to be on set for his first scene with a partner. But at least he gets to fuck a nice ass like Drake’s for his first scene! I mean that would entice anyone, right? They begin by making out and rubbing each other’s crotches. Drake takes things to the next level by going down on Damien, taking his entire hardon into his mouth. When it’s Damien’s turn, he takes his time, slowly working his way further down Drake’s shaft. He does a good job and gets Drake fully erect and ready to get fucked.

Drake bends over on the bed and offers his ass to Damien. Damien may be new but he knows exactly what to do with a hot ass staring him in the face. He pushes his cock deep inside of him and begins to fuck him hard. He drives it in over and over. Drake moans as his hole is invaded and punished. Drake rides Damien’s dick next and shows his gratitude for a good pounding by bouncing up and down on the boy’s cock. Drake is a master at riding cock; all aspiring bottoms should take note. Drake gets on his back once more and Damien takes another round at his hole, fucking him deep until he cums all over Drake! That’s how it’s done lad!

Damien Nichols Pounds Drake Tyler

Hard Divorce – Mark Long & Damien Michaels A

Having waited nearly 2 months just to secure a meeting with a potential investor, inventor Mark Long has his pitch and product all set for presentation, but unfortunately, his audience is a bit distracted. Damien Michaels, or Mr. Michaels, as he is known around these parts, is having some personal problems at home that are preventing him from staying focussed on the meeting in front of him. He keeps looking out the window, staring off into space, and is not paying any attention to Mark’s pitch. Mark senses that his presentation is going down the drain but he’s determined to salvage some sort of working relationship with Mr. Michaels, so he engages him in a bit of personal conversation, where Damien reveals that he’s just been divorced this morning, with the paper work coming through not too long ago. Mark can see the glum look on Damien’s face and suggests maybe they ditch work and go loosen up over drinks.<br/><br/>Several hours and several drinks later, both Mark and new bestie Damien make it back to Damien’s place, where they both fall onto the bed talking. Damien thanks Mark for the night out, and Mark assures him that it’s nothing, as he eyes the pleat in Damien’s pants, running his fingers along the hem line and brushing against Damien’s fly. Damien looks down and finds Mark playing with his cock through his pants. He’s taken aback by it, but also must admit that it feels pretty good. Damien mildly protests but Mark quickly talks him out of his reservations, and the next thing you know, both guys are stroking their cocks on the bed. Damien eyes Mark’s gigantic dick and curiosity gets the better of him, so he asks if he can suck it, and Mark obliges. Damien downs Mark’s long dong and begins to finger his hole in anticipation of what might follow. Sure enough, Mark is down to pound, and Damien is more than willing to give it a go, so Mark bends over the big bossman and proceeds to fuck him silly, pile driving Damien into the floor before laying him down on his back and fucking the cum right out of him, then pulling out and blasting him with his own pent up load.<br/><br/>Enjoy!


Hard Divorce – Mark Long & Damien Michaels A

Breed On!

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David Hardy Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

Money may be the root of all evil but its the reason David Hardy is back, and for that,I’m thankful. The fans have been begging to see Damien and David together, and must admit so have I. I’m ready to see the fire that these two start.

Damien helps David out of clothes and lays him on the bed. In no time, Damien inhales David’s dick and has it standing erect and ready for anything. Damien shows off his cock gobbling skills by sucking at break neck speeds, while David holds the back of his head. David, gets on his knees to return the favor taking ever inch of Damien’s cock in his mouth. The boys can’t get enough of each other’s cock, so they get in the 69 position to enjoy blowing and getting blown at the same time. David loves the taste of Damien’s dick but soon finds a tasting trait in Damien’s hole. Damien happily rides his face while connoting to sober all over his cock.

Filing full on dick, Damien offers his as to David, who eagerly squeezes his fat cock deep into his hole. David holds Damien’s feet, using his legs as leverage to help him really drill Damien’s ass. he must really be hitting the spit because Damien’ face is turning red. It’s almost physically impossible for me to turn red, but watching David at work makes me want to let him try.

David puts Damien on his back, allowing us to see that big dick of his slide in and out of that juicy hole. Damien moans and groans as his ass is packed deep. He cums hard on his abs right before David pulls out, dumps his load right onto his hole and pushes his seed right into that ass. That’s just close enough to breeding to make me instantly nut. I can’t wait to see these two together again and to see some more breeding.

David Hardy Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

A van, two hot guys, and a baby giraffe?

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Damien Kyle Blows Salem Pierce

Damien has always been known for being the first to lend a helping hand. So it was no surprise when he decided to tag along to pick up one of the new boys. But once hunky Salem Pierce is in the van it’s clear that Damien has other things on his mind.

Damien coerces Salem into getting his feet (and dick) wet before even reaching the BSB house, and Salem obliges. Damien starts by fondling Salem’s budding boner through his sexy blue undies. It’s already apparent that it huge! My suspicion is confirmed as soon as it pops out. Damien’s mouth must be watering just at the sight of it. He wraps his lips around it and goes in! He only gives Salem a brief pause and that’ to get those pants off. Once they’re off, Damien gets back to work, steadily bobbing up and down. Salem’s dick gets bigger and bigger as Salem watches.

Then things get interesting. Damien stops and tries to get Salem to suck his dick. At first Damien says no, but he soon changes his mind when he’s offered $300 to do the deed. Salem starts off pretty slow but he gets some pointers from Damien and we see the results instantly; Damien’s cock gets brick hard. Salem goes deep enough on the dick to produce tears. The boys jack their dicks and Damien mentions that he wants to cum on Salem’s face but of course Salem’s no going to do that for free. He wasn’t 50 more dollars and a baby giraffe. Salem cums and he busts a nice load all over his chest and abs. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this stud in some hardcore action.

Damien Kyle Teaches Salem Pierce How To Suck Cock

The Stripper and the Veteran

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Adam Stripz Tops Damien Kyle

This is going to be Adam’s first time with a guy. He says that he has thought about it before but hasn’t gone through with it. Well he’s going to get more than a handful today with Damien Kyle. These two definitely seem into each other so let’s see what happens.

While undressing Adam shows off his stripper skills and teases us with his huge cock. Damien is just as impressed as I am. The two of them make out while toying with each other’s cocks. Damien lies back on the bed and Adam gets his first taste of dick. Adam gives slow but intense head. It gets Damien’s’ cock brick hard. Adam continues to play with and lick his new chew toy while Damien moans in pleasure. He soon commands that Adam stand up so that he can get a taste of cock. Damien swallows it whole! And Adam has a lot of dick to swallow. Damien bobs up and down on that veiny, uncut monster, getting it nice and slick.

Turned on by the size of Adam’s man bat, Damien asks if he wants to fuck. Of course he does! Bent over the bed, Damien braces himself for Adam’s huge cock. Once Adam get it in he gets right to work, battering his hole. I don’t know how Damien can take it. Damien not only takes it but even begins to toss his ass back. That’s what we call a power bottom! Damien gets on his back and Adam digs back into those guts. He drills Damien on his back and on his side; only stopping to plant a hot kiss on Damien. Soon Damien busts a nice nut while Adam continues to fuck him. Unable to contain himself any longer Adam squirts a massive load. So much cum comes out of that kid that for a second I thought he wouldn’t stop.

Adam says Damien’s hole is tighter than a girl’s pussy. I don’t know how long it will be if he keeps fucking him like that!

Head on over to see new boy Adam Stripz fuck Damien Kyle

It’s fun, sex is sex.

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Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Ronan is already back and he’s going up against the one and only Damien Kyle. This will be his first time fucking a guy and he’s got the bottom master for an instructor. I sincerely hope he’s up for the challenge.

The boys start off with some playful kissing before removing their clothes. They rub each other’s cocks as they make out. I’m happy to see that Ronan isn’t shy about kissing dudes. They continue to kiss as they jack each other off on the bed. Ronan takes some initiative and begins to suck Damien’s meaty pole. The kid is able to get most of it into his mouth. He gives Damien just enough head to get him going. Damien takes control and takes Ronan’s monster into his mouth. Ronan roughly smacks Damien’s ass as Damien aggressively slobs all over his cock.

Afterward, Ronan straps up while Damien lubes his ass, preparing for the pain to come. Ronan tries to stick it in but finds that his cock is too big and that he will definitely require more lube. That’s a good problem to have! After getting it nice and slick, Ronan rams his fatty back in Damien’s ass. He pounds him good, causing him to grunt loudly. “Take that cock” Ronan commands. Damien repositions to his back and puts one leg into the air to allow Ronan’s dick full access to his insides. Just when I think Ronan’s doing one hell of a job, Damien contradicts me by saying “That’s all you got? Let’s Go!” At that Ronan picks up his fucking pace and starts battering Damien’s boy box. These are two verbal little fuckers! Damien finally releases a huge nut. Ronan soon follows suit, by firing a mega load of his own that reaches up to his chest. Being the cum hungry bottom boy that he is, Damien licks some of Ronan’s cum up and feeds it to him with a kiss. Good boy!

Watch Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

From Dimitri, with love

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Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

Newcomer Dimitri has been paired up with Damien Kyle. Dimitri has never been with a guy before and he’ll be sucking dick for the first time today. But first he’ll get to experience what it’s like to have his cock mouth handled by a guy. He should feel lucky that his first time is going to be with Damien Kyle, one of the best cocksuckers this side of California. Let’s break this boy in.

The boys toss their clothes, hop on the bed, and Damien gives Dimitri his first taste of making out with a guy. They play with each other’s dicks, which glow harder and harder. Dimitri lies back and Damien begins to slobber all over his cock. Dimitri is definitely enjoying it as any man would when his dick is being cucked by Damien. Damien takes Dimitri’s entire big pole into his mouth, getting it good and wet. He alternates from tasting Dimitri’s cock and tasting his lips. Soon he concentrates solely on the cock and is bobbing up and down at breakneck speed. Dimitri’s cock erupts, squirting hot steamy cum all over his chest. Hot!

Now the time has come for Dimitri to taste cock for he firs time. He starts off slow but is soon sucking on Damien’s meat like a pro. He takes more and more of it until he is almost down to the balls. It obviously feels good because it only takes a few minutes before Damien busts a nice thick nut.

In the end, Dimitri has to admit that Damien is better than most girls at giving head. He had a pretty good time so I’m hoping they get him back so that cherry can get popped.

Watch Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas Here

Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

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Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

It’s the 1000th episode and Broke Straight Boys is celebrating by putting not two, not three, not four, but five hot broke boys into action. The lineup includes Damien Kyle, Dakota Ford, Paul Cannon, Kayden Alexander and the newbie Tyler White. I’ll pause to let you pick your brains up off of the floor… Now let’s get down to making history.

Kayden and Dakota get right at each other and begin kissing, as do Tyler and Damien. Soon enough BSB briefs are hitting the floor and Paul and Kayden drop to their knees and begin to pleasure the cocks before them. These boys are all over each other. They continuously rotate form kissing to blowing to receiving. At one point it’s Paul that has three juicy cocks dangling in his face. That is until Tyler and Dakota join him in servicing the boys. Dicks are going form mouth to mouth; it’s hard to keep up!
Damien forcibly pulls Tyler aside and onto the ground where Tyler begins to blow him. I can’t help but drool as Tyler arches his back and shows off his bubble butt. Meanwhile, Kayden is being blown by both Damien and Paul. This shit is so hot! Dakota leaves Paul and Kayden to make out as he enters Damien’s mouth. Feeling left out, Kayden and Paul join in. Now you’ve got Tyler blowing Damien, Damien blowing Dakota, Dakota blowing Paul, and Paul blowing Kayden. Wow!

And finally the fucking begins! Dakota’s lies back on the bed and is soon invaded by Kayden. Damien offers his ass to Paul who immediately slides deep inside of him. Tyler finds a place for his dick inside Damien’s mouth. The room is filling with the moans of Dakota who is struggling to take Kayden’s cock. Tyler must have thought that he was too loud so he decides to shut him up by sitting on his face. That’s right, you read that correctly. Damien gives Tyler a rim job while getting fucked. Now it’s Damien’s turn to scream out while getting raped from behind by Paul. Paul is fucking Damien like he wants to break him. Soon Paul and Kayden switch fucking partners and the intensity ramps up. Kayden shows Damien’s ass no mercy and Tyler stuffs his cock back into Damien’s mouth and engages Kayden in some spit swapping. Dakota is also lip locked with Paul who is battering his hot man pussy. This has to be the most energetic fucking to ever take place at BSB. Ready to get into the eye of the storm, Tyler lubes his ass up. Kayden does the honor of breaking into his ass and has the lad screaming. Those screams are soon muffled by a passionate kiss from Damien who is still on his back getting fucked by Paul and getting his dick sucked by Dakota. Dakota goes back and forth between sucking Damien and Tyler’s cock. That cock hungry boy is soon rewarded with a taste of Tyler’s hot steamy load as its shot directly into his mouth. Dakota then takes that load and deposits it into Damien’s mouth. That’s not the only present that Damien will be receiving today. Dakota, Paul, Kayden, and even a reenergized Tyler all shot massive loads onto him. Hot! They don’t leave the mess though, they lick it all off! And there you have it, the 1000th episode and it was the hottest ever. Now I’m officially looking forward to the 2000th episode.

You can watch the 1000th Scene by clicking here

Boy booty beat down!

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Damien Kyle Fucks Romeo James

Romeo is back with a new hair cut to show off and he doesn’t want it messed with. I don’t know why these boys get all styled up before getting fucked. Oh well, he’ll learn. He’s been pouring concrete since we last saw him and I must say that it’s been doing his body good. He’s paired with Damien Kyle who’s as handsome and as ready to fuck as ever. After a brief convo about Romeo’s first scene, the boys pull off their clothes and they’re both already hard as concrete. That makes three of us! Romeo sits back and begins to enjoy a nice blow job from Damien. We all know how good Damien’s head is so it’s no surprise that Romeo is breathing heavily within moments of his dick being put into Damien’s mouth. Damien goes from jacking and sucking, to just jacking, to sucking with no hands. The boy has range. Though Romeo has a nice sized cock, it’s no match for the talented and well broken in hole of Damien. He bobs up and down Romeo’s cock trying to tickle it with his uvula (that’s the dangly thing at the back of your throat for those of you who are about to leave this blog to head to google)! Seriously though, I’m surprised he didn’t choke on it.

Romeo lays Damien on the bed, and starts to display his own oral talents. He holds onto Damien’s balls while inhaling Damien’s meat. Romeo does a good job of taking it all the way down, his mouth almost reaching Damien’s pubes. Tasty! Romeo battles with the dick, pushing it further and further down his throat, until tears start flowing down his nose. Now, that’s some no holds barred head!!!

This superb performance gets Damien in the mood for some of Romeo’s boy pussy. “Get your ass up and ride this dick”, Damien declares. Romeo sits on it in reverse cowboy style and starts to bounce on the dick. That hairy hole of his takes all of Damien. “How does that feel?” Damien asks. “Good baby” I answer, “real good!”…only he’s not talking to me is he? Nonetheless Romeo’s dick riding has me ready to explode and I’m not even there; so I can only imagine how good it feels to Damien and that beef pole of his. Romeo grinds on the dick like a true power bottom, trying to milk it. Meanwhile his own dick just swings in front of our faces. What a tease!

He turns around to face Damien and continues to ride him. It’s not long before these two are kissing. Damien takes over and begins to assault his ass from below. He then flips onto his back, kisses him more, reinserts his man tool, and thumps away. He holds his legs open and lets Romeo hole have all the dick it can handle. And that hairy boy box can take plenty. But the stimulation is too much; Romeo unleashes a heavy load and cums all over his abs. He shoots so hard that it makes it to his chest and barely misses that hairdo of his. Inspired or just pushed to his limit by having the pleasure of fucking Romeo, Damien spills his own goo onto Romeo’s hand.

Damien comments that he busted a sweat. Beating boy booty takes work!

Cum Check out Damien and Romeo’s Newest Video here

Males know what males want!

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Damien and Dakota in Oral Action

Enter Dakota and Damien. Having shown off his body and thick cock in his solo performance, Dakota is back but this time he has a playmate, Damien. This won’t be the first blowjob that Dakota has had from a guy. In regards to a past oral encounter with a man, Dakota states that “it’s normal, it’s alright”. One can’t help but think that Damien took this as a challenge because when given the green light he dives right in and starts bobbing on Dakota’s cock like a pro. He may never go broke again if he keeps sucking dick like that. Not one to miss a moment of his mouth’s hard work, Damien keeps his eyes wide open as he slobbers up and down Dakota’s shaft. “You like that?” He asks Dakota. Dakota’s moans out “yeah” as his eyes continue to roll into the back of his head. He begins to relax even more as Damien continues to deliver mind blowing head. Damien moves down further between Dakota’s toned legs and starts to service his balls, gently sucking on them. That’s what you call full service! After having Dakota force his dick towards the back of his throat, Damien admits that he can “barely breathe”! But he can take a deep breath as his impressive oral skills have brought Dakota to his climax. Dakota holds tightly onto his seat as cum explodes from the head of his dick.

Being the newbie that he is, Dakota thinks that he is done. But this straight boy needs to learn the number 1 rule about head and that’s suck, cum, give! He admits that he isn’t very good at it, but practice makes perfect. He begins to suck Damien’s cock and while the taste doesn’t agree with him at first he begins to get into the rhythm; forcing Damien’s dick to grow into the back of his throat. Damien lies back on the bed and Dakota continues to blow him into ecstasy. Damien’s dick slides in and out of Dakotas’ mouth with ease. Dakota seems to get use to the taste as he slurps Damien’s cock repeatedly and even slaps it against his tongue. The married newbie even attempts to deep throat! How quickly cocksuckers progress these days! Damien, lost in pleasure, forgets that this is Dakota’s first time sucking on man sausage and begins to fuck his mouth.

After having his mouth worked over good, Dakota begins to expertly jack Damien off. Damien cums hard within moments of having his junk in hands of Dakota. With both boys relieved they decide to go get some food. And who can blame them; straight cock is always a good appetizer.

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