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Fighting To The Top

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Tyler Griffin Fucks Zach Covington

Tyler and Zach are just like any other two guys, full of ego and cum. We find them debating who can kick the other’s ass. The winner, surprise surprise, will get to top today. The more aggressive Tyler gets the match started and eventually takes Zach down. Now that he knows he’s going to take dick, Zach wants to get a head start on getting Tyler off. He takes Tyler’s cock out and sucks that thick cock until its nice and thick. The boys then 69 and Zach gets oral while he rims Tyler’s sweet hole. Zach’s tongue gets Tyler’s boy pussy dripping wet.

Ready to fuck, Tyler shoves his long dick into Zach’s waiting ass. He fucks him raw and pounds his little ass hard, barely giving Zach’s ass a chance to get used to it.  Zach sits back and rides Tyler reverse cowboy style, bouncing up and down while he slowly jacks on his own cock, but they switch positions and Tyler’s in control now. He holds Zach’s legs far apart, spreading that ass wide open as he pushes his cock deeper and deeper into his guts. Zach has had all he can take. He cums hard, launching off a nice sized load.  Tyler licks the cum up and jerks his own dick until he’s shooting his jizz onto Zach. He then collapses from exhaustion. That’s how you know you’ve had ass worth fighting for!

Tyler Griffin Fucks Zach Covington