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College Boy Physicals – Tony Bucks


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Today I had a new candidate for a study we were running on the campus walk into the office. He saw a flyer and brought it into the office and presented it to me so I said,” Step right up and sit on the examination table. I explained the study geared towards gentlemen with extra large penises. He told me he would be more than welcome to show me what he was working with. So he dropped his pants and boy was I taken back with the size of his soft cock.


College Boy Physicals – Officer and Michael


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Michael was definitely no stranger to a life of crime. He was currently making a killing peddling stolen drugs and his next place to hit up was an on-campus clinic. He broke in in the dead on night and started looking for medication he could sell on the streets. He hit the jackpot when he found a bottle of prescribed painkillers but before he could put them away the door burst open and in came Officer Jackson. Jackson started grilling the frightened Michael about his trespassing on clinic premises and his possession of medical grade painkillers.


College Boy Physicals – Damian Cruz


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I walked into the examination room and waited patiently for the doctor to come in. I couldn’t wait to get home and I definitely need to blow my load. The doctor poked his head into the room and told me to just sit tight for another 15- 20 minutes. I sighed and was sexually frustrated beyond belief. So I sat back on the exam table and let my hands do the walking down toward my crotch. I figured since I had the time I would just get the job done and blow my load while I was waiting. I stepped of the table and got undressed then hopped on back onto the table and began to stroke my hardening meat.


College Boy Physicals – Travis


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Once Travis was done shooting his hot pent up load I figured it was time for him to repay the favor. I had him lean over the examination table and then began to insert my dick into his mouth. I began to face fuck him hard which he seemed to love. Driving my thick long dick deep into the back of his throat then removing it to the tip only to shove it balls deep again. He was swallowing my cock like a pro and I couldn’t be happier with this patient. I removed my dick from his mouth and then sat down on the exam table so I could be more comfortable while I got the blowjob of a lifetime.


College Boy Physicals – Dr Andrews and Travis


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Travis Cooper came back to the office looking for Dr. Phingerphuck only find that the resident that would be attending to him would be the fresh-faced Dr. Andrews. A bit disappointed, Travis contemplated leaving the office but had a gut feeling he should stay and see how this plays out. Dr. Andrews did a full physical on him even getting him completely undressed.


College Boy Physicals – Pierre & Nick


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Pierre and Nick on College Boy Physicals

Nick Kush and Pierre Palm waited in the examination room while the doctor played catch up tending to his other patients. The boys left alone began to make some small chit chat with each other. They began to open up about their last visits with Dr. Phingerphuck and how different these physicals compared to other doctors. Once they admitted they both enjoyed the experience they decided maybe they should whip out their dicks and get off before the doctor comes back. They both began to stroke away at their cocks, Pierre shocked at the mammoth Nick is sporting between his legs.

Cock sucking session

The boys ready to blow


College Boy Physicals – Travis Cooper


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The hot young fresh-faced jock Travis Cooper was waiting for me in one of the clinic waiting rooms today and I couldn’t be happier. I had seen the first year around the campus and admired him from afar but I wasn’t about to tell him that. When I walked in to the room my breath caught in my throat but I quickly gathered my self together and introduced myself. Travis was complaining about pain in his posterior. After hearing about his diet and the kind of pain he was feeling I could deduce that he was suffering from hemorrhoids.


College Boy Physicals – Pierre


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Pierre on College Boy Physicals

Pierre was one of the stars of the wrestling team and was worried about a pain in his right shoulder. Pierre had heard some weird things from other teammates about the campus doctor but he brushed the stories off and soon found himself sitting on the examination table of Dr. Phingerphuck. The doctor walked in and introduced himself and the exam began from there. He had Pierre take off his singlet after he ran through the usual routine and before he knew it Pierre was on all fours getting his prostate examined.

Flex your leg boy.

Doctor fingers Pierre.


College Boy Physicals – Mario & Maverick


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Mario and Maverick are in for their physicals

Dr. Phingerphuck was headed out of the office for his sabbatical to Bermuda. Before he left though he appointed the young and prominent Dr. Topandbottom to head the clinic and all up coming projects during his absence. He placed on his lab coat and brought in his first two patients of the day, Mario and Maverick. He excused Maverick to the bathroom so he could provide the doctor with a urine sample, while he paid special attention to Mario. He had Mario disrobe completely and lay on the exam table while he paid close attention to his dick.

Doctor sucking Mario's cock

Time for some HOT fun with the doc!


College Boy Physicals – Jacob fucks the nurse


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Jacob fucks the nurse on College Boy Physicals

I bent over the exam table as Jacob pressed his throbbing cock against my ass. I felt him slip in to my tight hole. His hard dick was pushing me open as inch after inch was slowly being buried in my ass. Once he was fully inside me he began to rock back and forth. His dick was hitting my prostate and it was making me precum. I turned over and had him resume his assault on my hole. He was fucking my hole hard by now and then with one last thrust he began to quiver as he shoot into the condom deep in my ass. I removed the condom and save it as a sample for future study.

Oh yeah! Take it in bitch!

Jacob moaning before ejaculating inside the nurse's ass


College Boy Physicals – Jacob


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Hot new boy on College Boy Physicals

After returning from an extended vacation Dr. Dick was looking forward to returning to the clinic. He was feeling nostalgic about returning to the field of medicine he loved so much but the first day back was turning out a tad bit slow. Then finally in came a boy by the name of Jacob who was a referral from one of the newer doctors transferred to the clinic. The patients ailment was very exciting to treat, he ejaculated prematurely. Dr.Dick knew of a few treatments suitable for such a case. He began giving Jacob the regular exam and when it came to checking his penis Jacob began to bust a nut all over the doctor but his erection never went away.

Dr Dick checking Jacob's cock

Cock stimulation.


College Boy Physicals – Aiden


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Hot new boy on College Boy Physicals Aiden

Once I got two hot loads from my young porn star patient I thought it was my turn to get a little relief. I took off my scrubs off and started teasing him with my cock by rubbing it against his lips and moving back before he got his mouth around the head of my dick. I could tell I was driving the kid wild as he kept trying to get my cock into his mouth. I finally let him have it and he worked my knob like a pro. I wouldn’t expect any less from a porn star though; I switched positions with Aiden and laid down on the examination table.

Aiden gobbing on the doc's cock

Aiden getting ready to recieve the load


College Boy Physicals – Kayo and Dr Jizzerman


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Kayo sucking on Dr Jizzerman's cock

After we had completed the first part of extracting the protein complex for Kayo’s sunburn we immediately proceeded into phase two. I took off my scrubs entirely and stood before Kayo sporting a massive hard-on which the kid was all to eager to suck on. He got on his knees and shoved the whole thing into his mouth forming one hell of a sucking on my dick. I was in doctor heaven at this point as Kayo was bobbing up and down the shaft of my cock. I decided it was time I got a bit more comfortable so I took my dick out of a disappointed looking Kayo and settled myself onto the examination table.

Dr Jizzerman fucking loves it!

As soon as laid down he was on my cock like white on rice, sucking and moaning as he took it down to the base and up to my throbbing knob. I had my hands on the back of his head, dominating him and making him take it all the way down and boy was he enjoying it. His good ass blowjob was bringing me closer to erupting one hell of a load. I pulled his head back and began shooting my hot cum. Exhausted I placed the next part of the treatment on his back and instantly I could tell he was feeling better. Happy with his service he said he’d definitely be coming back for all his medical needs.

Watch the doc cum!


College Boy Physicals – Vince Wilder


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Vince Wilder visits the doc

When an attractive young student stumbled into my office after hours and begged for my help with his stomach problems I saw it as my civic medical duty to heal his ailment. I had the tall, dark, green eyed stud set down his books and take a seat on the exam table. Once he was on I did the regular check up and then began focusing on his stomach. I had him remove all his clothes and lay down on the table. I checked his stomach for any tender spots and found the problem area immediately. Interestingly enough I had just formulated an experimental technique that would ease his stomach pains.

Scared college dude

I began to massage his dick which sprang to life before my very eyes. This kid had a club for a cock. It was a thick, rock hard, and veiny eight inch dick that felt good in my hands. I could also tell that Vince was enjoying himself to. He was thrusting his hips up to meet the rhythm of my handjob and before I knew it the young engineer to be was blowing one nice load all over himself. Vince laid back with a smile on his face and thanked me. It was just part of the job I told him and then excused myself to see to some other business that needed my attention.

Vince getting jerked off by the doctor

Watch Vince's cock explode


College Boy Physicals – Jake


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Diego is in the doctor's office for a checkup

Jake wasn’t just some boy walking into my clinic complaining about a hand injury. No this kid was one of the cutest boy with piercing eyes and crimson cock sucking lips you could every be lucky enough to lay your sights on. He was sitting on the examination table waiting for me to exam his wrist. I felt my cock twitch in my pants as I looked him up and down. After some background on his injury and pocking mixed in with a little prodding I concluded all he had was a bruised wrist.

Doctor decides to suck his patient's cock

I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him that though, the doc is going to milk this sucker for he’s worth. I told him he may need some x-rays which caused Jake to give me a look a worry. I told him that we could probably massage it out a bit to see if would could relieve some tension. Placing some numbing cream on his wrist I began working it out with my fingers. He gave me a sigh of relief and enjoyed the pleasure of me working his joints. I told him the next step before the x-ray would be to test out the reflexes in his arm. I began to take out my dick and placed his hand on my cock as he intensively began to jerk it back and forth.

After a hot spanking, Jake fucks the doctor


College Boy Physicals – Diego


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Diego with our doctor

The winter season had finally decided to focus its frigid eyes down south. I’ve had a deluge of boys coming into my office complaining about feeling a little under the weather. I was happy to help each and every one of them the best I could and Diego here was no exception. The boy must have been a good five foot eight inches. He had an adorable slim frame with a cute bubble butt that was asking to be played with. He came in today telling me what I had heard all week from so many other young men coming into the clinic that he had a sore throat and headache and was in desperate need of some relief.

Are you really a doc, doc?

Oh, I would give him some relief alright, I thought while I smiled to myself. I had him take off his shirt and shorts while I started the usual examination starting by testing out his reflexes. Then I checked his heart and lungs followed by having him get on the scale. Once I was done with all the fluff wanted to get right down to business. I had him get on all fours on the examination table so that I could insert a rectal thermometer in him. Diego seemed somewhat hesitant but he got on all fours and popped that ass back as the thermometer eased its way in.

Doctor sucking on Diego's cock


College Boy Physicals – Santiago


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Santiago meets our doctor

Santiago is the typical tall, dark, and handsome fellow any doctor would bend over backwards to treat at the clinic. He came in today complaining about a horrible sore throat that hurt even when he swallowed along with a slight fever. He wanted a miracle cure because he has a football game this Friday and needs to perform to the best of his ability. The doc went through the usual steps and had him get down to his boxer briefs while he checked his heart and lungs along with his throat. He thought of a great way to give him the relief he needed that would get him back to shape in no time.

Doctor getting his cock licked

The doctor had him get on his knees while he disrobed and shoved his cock in Santiago’s open mouth. He’s going to take every drop of cum he had to give. He bobbed up and down fast working over his head and running his tongue down his shaft and around his balls. The doc had Santiago moaning and groaning from the great oral service he was providing.

The doc ready to explode in Santiago's mouth


College Boy Physicals – Tristan


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Naked College Guy

Working at the College Boy Physicals office has been one of the hottest, most rewarding experiences of this doctor’s life. He loves sexy younger studs and there is an endless stream of them coming in and out of this office every day. Today the fit, tight Tristan came him. He had some aches and pains and wasn’t feeling quite right so the good doctor decided he needed to give him a full physical to make sure everything was okay.

The doc had Tristan strip off all his clothes then he checked his vital signs, listened to his heart and checked his throat. He laid him flat on his back and enjoyed the view. This hottie had a tight body and a cock that the doctor needed to touch. He did some stretches and saw just how limber this guy was. That just got him more turned on. Everything was looking pretty normal so far. The doctor decided that maybe what Tristan needed was a little natural therapy.

Doctor Sucks Patients Cock

While Tristan was laying on his back fully relaxed the doctor wrapped his mouth around Tristan’s cock and started to suck it. Not only did he not freak out, he moaned and started thrusting his hips, driving his dick into the doctor’s mouth and fucking his throat. The doctor sucked that cock deep and hard, he even went to his knees and let Trsitan put the full length of his dick down his throat. What Tristan did next shock the doctor.

Tristan laid back down on the exam table, tilted his head over the edge of it and told the doctor to fuck his mouth. He sucked cock like a pro. The doctor drove his thick dick into Tristan’s mouth over and over again. Tristan was so good at giving head the good doc couldn’t hold out long. He busted a hot nut right into Tristan’s mouth and all over his face. Suddenly Tristan was feeling better. This doctor knew exactly what this hottie needed.

Gay Medical Fetish


College Boys Physical – Eric & Mikey


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Guy Gets A Physical

Mikey came into the College Boys Physicals Clinic again today complaining of some knee and leg pain he had been having ever since his most recent karate practice. Doctor Phingerphuk was busy interviewing prospective new doctors for the clinic so Nurse Eric stepped in to check him out and see if he could find any obvious problems.

Mikey pulled off his shirt, showing off his nice abs and thin body. Eric checked him out and did some basic vital signs then had him strip and lay back on the exam table. Mikey is totally relaxed with his body. He isn’t shy so he doesn’t mind getting naked in front of Eric who then starts running his hands all over Mikey’s lets. Mikey has a fantastic cock that the horny nurse can’t keep his eyes off of.

Male Nurse Sucks Cock

As Eric gave him the exam he started rubbing Mikey’s cock which quickly got hard in his hands. Mikey didn’t say a word so the horny nurse leaned in and started to suck him. Mikey moaned a little as he got a gay blowjob from the male nurse, but he was loving how it felt so he wasn’t about to tell him to stop him.

Nurse Eric pulled off his clothes while he sucked Mikey’s cock then he crawled up on top of him and impaled himself on this college guy’s hard dick. He rode his dick, bouncing on him and taking every inch of his cock in his tight ass. He then crawled off and switched spots with Mikey so he could lay down. He pulled his legs back and let Mikey slam his cock in and thrust hard. He drilled Eric’s ass deep and true then just as he hit the wall he pulled out and sprayed hot cum all over Nurse Eric’s nice body.

Gay Sex With Doctor


College Boy Physicals – Aiden Ross


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Stud With Shirt Off

Aiden came in to the College Boys Physicals office to get his annual physical for school. The office was slammed with last minute emergency cases so they asked Aiden if he cared a male nurse did his physical. Aiden is a laid back kind of guy so he was totally cool with it. When nurse Erik came in he checked Aiden’s lungs and blood pressure, ears and throat. He did all the stuff you would normally do.

He then asked Aiden to strip nude. Aiden is totall comfortable being naked so he didn’t mind a bit. He pulled off his clothes and made himself comfortable. The nurse checked his belly and started running his hands all over Aiden’s nice body. He reached down and grabbed Aiden’s cock. When Aiden didn’t respond negatively Erik took the next step.

Gay Blowjob

Erik leaned down and took Aiden’s cock in his mouth. He started to suck and Aiden’s only response was a moan. Erik sucked his cock until it was rock hard then started to stroke it. Erik gives a gay blowjob like nobody else can. While he was getting blown Aiden pulled off Erik’s pants. He then slid off the exam table and had Erik get up on it.

Aiden clamped his mouth down on Eriks cock and sucked with a vengeance. It was unexpected, but felt so good he was instantly hard. He thrust up, while pushing down on Aiden’s head so he could fuck his mouth. Aiden was so skilled and sucking cock Nurse Erik wasn’t able to hold out long. As he came he pulled out and stroked it, decorating Aiden’s face with his hot, sticky ball gravy. Aiden had passed this physical with flying colors.

Gay Facial