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Go It Alone

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Introducing Damien Nichols

I’ve never really thought about it, but it seems that going solo for your first scene may actually be more nerve wrecking than having someone with more experience with you. It’s no wonder our newest boy, Damien Nichols is nervous; he’s going to be the center of attention.

The cameraman does a good job talking him out of his clothes. He’s got a hot body and some muscles which he’s all too happy to show off for us. Once he’s ready, he grabs the lube and begins to slowly stroke his meat. His cock nice and slippery as he strokes it, working that dick as it grows longer and fatter in his hands. He reclines back on the bed and he uses his free hand to play with his nipples and balls. His other hand continues to jack his cock. This boy works his pole as if he hasn’t cum in days! He gets up and kneels on the bed and picks up the pace even more before unleashing a massive load all over the bed! Yeah, we have to get this kid some more action!

Introducing Damien Nichols

A Little Country and a Big Cock

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John Henry Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

John has an affinity for country music, something his he shares with the cameraman. Danny doesn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm for country music, but he apparently has had a desire to get in John’s pants. Well he doesn’t have to wait any longer!

They lock lips and begin deeply kissing each other. John pulls him close in an effort to stick his tongue further down Danny’s throat. Danny certainly doesn’t mind, if fact he gives as good as he gets. John works his way into Danny’s shorts and finds his cock just waiting for him. John devours it. He bobs up and down on it getting it rock hard and slick with saliva. Danny gets on his knees and wraps his plump lips around John’s fat dick. Danny forces every inch into his mouth, you can tell he’s been hungry for this particular bone for quite some time.

Ready to feel John inside of him, he climbs on top of John and let’s him push his raw cock inside. Danny’s tight asshole slides up and down John’s shaft as John holds him up. These two are certainly into each other. They’re all but gazing into each other’s eyes as Danny rides him. Danny gets on all fours where John gets to tears into his fat bubble butt. Danny moans lustifully with each thrust. John has his way with Danny’s cakes, making them jiggle. Once Danny is on his back he’s free to play with his cock. With the cock he’s been waiting for in his ass and his own cock in his hand its no time before Danny cums all over his abdomen. John quickly pulls out and fires off his own load of jizz. He load not only lands all over Danny but even makes it to the wall!

John Henry and Danny Cannon

No Flex, Zone

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Vadim Black And Owen Michaels

So Vadim is shredding and Owen is bulking…that’s literally all that I take from the first few minutes because I’m too busy staring. In fact, I don’t know why I even continue to listen to the cameraman talk to the boys; oh yeah…because I have too! But today I can’t, let’s get right to the fucking.

Already in their boxer briefs the boys engage in some pretty steamy kissing. Vadim gets a little freaky with in and makes sure that Owen tastes every bit of his tongue. Owen not only accepts but returns in kind. The boys fall make onto the bed where Vadim removes Owen’s briefs and stuffs his sausage down his throat. Vadim has him hard in no time with his orals skills. As impressive as Owen’s ass is, I’m very taken with that juicy cock of his. Vadim must be as well because he can’t remove his lips from it. When he finally does he makes his way back up to Vadim’s lips. They make out for a bit before Owen gets a hankering to taste Vadim’s Russian cock. Owen seems to be a bit shy about taking all of the dick into his mouth so Vadim begins to thrust his hips a bit to help get it down further.

Once these muscle studs have had enough oral play they move over to the nightstand where Owen bends over and offers his ass to Vadim. Vadim lubes up and sticks his prick right up Owen’s ass. He wastes no time, he immediately starts to pound his bubble butt, which bounces with each stroke. Ok, I’ve changed my mind, Owen’s ass is far more impressive. These two fuck all over the room, leaving Owen’s hole a gaping cavity and his chest and abs covered in jizz.

Vadim Black and Owen Michaels

Straight out of the zoo

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Abram Hoffer and Ryan Fields

The cameraman gives Abram and Ryan a simple challenge, and that’s to fuck like sex crazed animals. He obviously hasn’t been paying attention, that’s what these two do best.

No time is wasted here. These boys quickly get things started. Seriously, it’s like Ryan’s clothes just disappear and Abram’s mouth is wrapped around his dick in the blink of an eye. He sucks his sausage like a pro, eager to please his scene partner. Ryan sits back and watches in breathless pleasure. Abram stands up and drops his boxers so that Ryan can return the favor. Ryan gobbles Abram’s cock, getting it sloppy and wet. He damn near deep throats the thing.

Abram sits on the bed where he allows Ryan to sit on his cock. Ryan rides it, taking every bit of it up his ass. Abram’s dick is still wet with saliva as he plunges Ryan’s guts. He fucks Ryan so hard from below that he makes me think he’s trying to break the boy’s tailbone. He then puts Ryan on his back where he continues to bang away and fuck like the animal he wants to be. Ryan, doesn’t object, he takes the pummeling like a pro.

Once on his knees, he braces himself against each booty bullying blow Abram’s dick delivers. Ryan’s ass jiggles violently as Abram just continues to attack it. Ready to release, Abram pulls out and cums all over Ryan’s ass and back. He then gives Ryan a hand job, causing him to shoot ropes of cum on his chest and stomach. I don’t remember trips to the zoo being anything like this when I was coming up!

Abram Hoffer and Ryan Fields