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Code Word: Skittles

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Austin Andrews Fucks David Hardy Raw

Austin will be topping today and David has little to no problem relinquishing all control to him. Austin wants to make sure that David will listen to him and follow orders; David agrees but only if they can use a code word, “skittles”. With that out of the way the boys get after it with some deep kissing, fondling, and dry humping. By the way, dry humping is such a lost art, I’m happy to see it!

David finally frees Austin’s chubby cock for his jeans and starts slurping on it. David is a freak! He transitions for sucking on that juicy cock to licking the stud’s feet. The boys get in the 69 position where Austin fucks David’s mouth while suckling on his dick.

David flips over and offers his ass to Austin who starts off by rimming it, much to David’s delight. After he cleans it out with his tongue and opens him up with his finger, Austin lubes up and sticks his fat prick in raw. David’s ass has Austin moaning instantly! I can only imagine how awesome that hole feels. Austin holds him by his hips and drives his manhood deeper and deeper. The sounds of ass thumping and manly grunts fill the air as these two fuck like horny beasts. David slides off of Austin’s cock as sucks it for a few minutes, tasting his own ass in the process. They resume fucking and end up in several different positions. Eventually, the job that Austin does on his ass causes David to fire off a huge load, which Austin catches in his hand. Austin, also a fucking freak, puts David’s cum in his ass and forces David to suck and lick it out as he jacks off! When he’s done, he gives David a nice facial. MIND BLOWN.

Austin Andrews Fucks David Hardy