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Before You Leave – Elye Black & Johnny B

With his summer trip departure almost upon him, Elye Black goes over some final details with buddy Johnny B. Handing him the keys to his apartment, Elye tells Johnny that’s just about it, but Johnny has one more thing on his mind. Grabbing Elye by the hand, he lets him know he still has some unfinished business to attend to before he leaves, and with a look, Elye seems to understand exactly what Johnny means, as the two of them kiss passionately, quickly working themselves out of their clothes. Johnny hungrily sucks Elye off before letting Elye fuck him any way he wants. Elye slides his rock hard bareback cock deep into Johnny’s hole, fucking him from behind and then letting him take a ride before telling him they should switch. Making his way over to the edge of the sofa, Elye reclines back and spreads his legs, telling Johnny to fuck the cum out of him. Johnny smiles and does as instructed, pumping Elye full of hot, hard cock as Elye spits his load. Johnny pounds him til he’s ready to burst, pulling out and spraying his buddy down with a load to remember him by. Elye tells him it’s gonna be a long, hard trip without him.Enjoy!

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Before You Leave – Elye Black & Johnny B

Friendly Hands – Elye Black & Miles Matthews

With his back hurting him something awful, Elye Black has asked buddy Miles Matthews if he can work a little bit of his massage magic on his ailment. Miles is happy to help a friend, and as he begins to work Elye’s sore muscles, Elye feels the pain begin to dissipate. Telling Elye that all the muscles are connected, Miles continues to give Elye his rub down, but Elye is beginning to get a sensation in other areas of his body. He flips over and reveals his rock hard cock. Miles double takes but when Elye tells him it’s ok, Miles grips it and bends down for a taste. As he wraps his lips around the head of Elye’s cock, Elye closes his eyes and lets out a moan. Forgetting all about his sore back, Elye returns the favor before Miles offers a more prodding internal massage. Elye climbs aboard Miles’ cock and gives it a ride, bouncing up and down on Miles bareback dick as it stretches his hole wide open. Miles proceeds to fuck Elye in every different position until Elye is ready to cum. Flipping him onto his back, Miles fucks the cum out of Elye before pulling out and blasting his load all over Elye. As Elye rests his head back on the bed, he exhales with satisfaction, barely even remembering what was hurting him in the first place.Enjoy!

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Friendly Hands – Elye Black & Miles Matthews

Big Dick Fantasies – Tom Bentley & Elye Black

As soon as Elye Black sees the outfit Tom Bentley has when he answers the door, his dick stirs awake. Recognizing Tom’s teasing tactics, Elye can tell Tom is ready for a nice hard fuck. Luckily, Elye is just the guy for the job, so as soon as the two of them make it upstairs, Elye slips his hand between Tom’s legs from behind, fingering his crack through Tom’s tight little underwear. Elye rips them down and plunges his tongue deep into Tom’s hole, spreading his legs wide as he reaches through and strokes Tom’s cock. Elye his rock hard and can’t wait to pound Tom’s perfect ass, so he leads him into the bedroom and spreads him wide, sliding his bareback cock deep inside Tom’s waiting hole. Tom moans as he’s penetrated, stroking himself as Elye fills him with his thick meat. Elye pounds Tom from behind, smacking his tight little ass before letting Tom mount him. He climbs aboard and grinds against the base of Elye’s cock, taking the full length of it as deep as it can go as he cums all over himself from the sensation. Eyle feels the spray of Tom’s load and loses his edge, pulling out and emptying himself into Tom’s raw dogged hole, as the two of them laugh at their new found secret.Enjoy!

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Big Dick Fantasies – Tom Bentley & Elye Black

SWAT Bottom – Markie More & Elye Black & Nicholas Ryder

As he talks relentless shit online, Elye Black never seriously considers that authorities might be closing in on him, but when he is surprised by agents inside his home, he realizes his threats online will have real consequences. As far as agents Markie More and Nicholas Ryder are concerned, Elye is small time, and hardly worth the paperwork. But he is pretty cute, and judging by the porn they found on his laptop, he’s also into some pretty kinky shit. Agent More asks Elye if he’ll do what’s necessary to make this all go away, and Elye seems to be game, even as both agents cuff him and unzip their pants. Whipping out their dicks, Elye suddenly realizes what he’s gonna have to a lot of blowing before this all blows over, so he gets to work, downing Markie’s cock as Nicholas strokes his in anticipation. They take turns face fucking him and then throw him down on the sofa. Each agent has their turn at Elye’s hole, fucking him raw dog as Elye services the other with his mouth. Having each had his fill of Elye’s hole, Markie tells him he wants Elye to fuck him. Nicholas smiles and says he wants to see this, as Elye plunges his bareback cock deep into Agent More’s waiting hole. He fucks him hard from behind as Nicholas strokes himself, spitting his load onto his stomach as he watches Markie take the dick. Elye sees Nicholas’ load and it takes him over the edge as he seeds Markie’s hole right then and there. Markie flips over and strokes himself off as both guys watch, and when it’s all over, Elye is not sure he’s really learned any sort of lesson. If this is how the bad guys get treated, he may very well decide on a future life of crime.

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SWAT Bottom – Markie More & Elye Black & Nicholas Ryder

Buddy Wild Richie West

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The new ebony adonis, and the new redhead boy toy!  Opposites have been attracting at BSB lately!

“Buddy rims Richie’s hole and sticks a finger up his ass, sucking Richie’s cock while he fingers that tight ring of muscle…Richie lowers his ass onto Buddy’s eager dick, sinking his taut hole over Buddy’s cock and taking him to the root before Buddy starts fucking him hard.”  Here’s the Video!

Vadim Takes a Dip in the Lake

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Vadim Black Fucks Mikah Lake

It’s time to watch yet another newcomer experience an onscreen deflowering. Today’s fortunate newbie is Mikah Lake who will be in the very talented hands of Vadim Black. He’s so fucking lucky! Let’s see how these boys get on.

Vadim gets things started by leading in with a kiss. They kiss slowly as Mikah clothes start to disappear. Once Mikah’s clothes are out of the way, Vadim goes down on him. He shows off his oral talents by deep throating Mikah’s cock and taking the shaft down to the hilt. Vadim then strips down and allows Mikah to take over. Mikah may not be so new to this! He does a damn good job deep throating Vadim’s meaty cock.

Once it’s slick with saliva, Vadim’s ready to penetrate Mikah’s tight ass!  Vadim slides his dick into Mikah’s hole and fucks him raw and deep. He finds time the kiss him while continuously plunging into his hole. Vadim lifts one of Mikah’s legs into his air so that he can get even deeper into his ass before flipping in him over and making his ass bounce with each thrust. Vadim pounds Mikah’s ass from all angles until both boys get off and blow huge loads.

Vadim Black Fucks Mikah Lake

All Star Fucking

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Vadim Black And Chandler Scott Raw

It’s time for two of my all time favorite models to meet under the sheets, Vadim Black and Chandler Scott. It’s like my own personal All Star match up. These two must have been looking forward to this as much as I have because they get things started rather quickly with some making out and fondling. Chandler lies back on the bed, Vadim teases him,  slowly making his way down to his dick. Once he reaches his destination he plops it into his mouth and begins to suck on it, much to Chandler’s pleasure.

The boys switch places, allowing Vadim’s cock to get some much needed attention. Chandler abducts it with his jaws and takes it all the way down his throat and making Vadim hard in seconds as he works that long shaft. Vadim is still hungry and needs something else to munch on so he bends Chandler over and eats his sweet ass. He spreads his bubbly cheeks apart, licking and fingering it to get him warmed up for what’s comes next. He has Chandler right where he wants him. Vadim lubes up and slides his cock into Chandler’s ass and begins to thrust and pound away. Chandler holds onto the sheets for dear life while Vadim slams into him over and over again.

Now it’s Chandler’s turn. They flip and Vadim climbs on top of Chandler, sitting on his dick and riding it while he strokes his own prick, bouncing his ass up and down while Chandler enjoys the feeling of Vadim’s ass around his cock.  They flip again and this time Vadim fucks the cum out of Chandler and then pulls out and lets his own load drip down all over Chandler’s sore ass!

Vadim Black and Chandler Scott Flip Raw

Fuck Buddies 2

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Devon Felix Fucks Vadim Black Raw

It’s a well-known fact that Devon Felix and Vadim Black are best friends outside the studio walls, and today they’re going to take steps that will make them a bit more. They’ve been in a scene together before but now you’ll get to see them go all the way.

There’s no need for talking; these boys get right to making out. Vadim fondles Devon’s cock through his sweats as the boys continue to kiss. Unable to contain his hunger, Vadim helps Devon out of his pants and quickly puts his cock in his mouth. He swivels his head as his juicy mouth moves up and down Devon’s thick shaft. Vadim releases his friend’s cock from his jaws in order to undress. Before he can put it back in, Devon pushes him onto the bed and takes his turn at bat. Vadim’s dick doesn’t stay soft long as Devon’s oral skills quickly gets his attention.

Devon lubes up and Vadim straddles him and slowly slides Devon’s long shaft up his tight little ass!  Vadim bounces up and down, working Devon’s greasy pole until Devon flips him on all fours and pounds him. Devon pumps his thick cock in and out of Vadim’s ass, making the stud moan loudly. These to hotties can’t get enough of each other. Devon puts Vadim on his black and continues to fuck his friend until Vadim cums all over himself.

Devon Felix Fucks Vadim Black Raw

Same Model, Different Engine

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Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

Vadim has had his way with one twin, now he gets to have the other. Kaden will be a different challenge as he is all top and wants to plow Vadim’s tight little hole. They don’t waste much time talking; they instead let their lips and tongues do all the speaking. Vadim rubs on Kaden’s thick dick through his boxer briefs before laying him back and rescuing it from its confines. Vadim immediately wraps his lips around it and begins to suck. He swivels and bobs his head up and down as Kaden watches in delight. The boys slightly adjust their positions so that they can 69, allowing Kaden to get a taste of Vadim.

Kaden puts Vadim on his knees and slowly inserts his juicy prick inside. It takes a second for Vadim’s hole to adjust, but once it does Kaden proceeds to go to town. He smacks Vadim’s ass and grabs his toned cheeks as he slams his cock in and out of his ass. Vadim moans as if he’s in heat with every stroke that Kaden delivers. The boys switch positions, with Vadim ending up on his side. Kaden quiets his moans with some kisses as he continues to destroy his hole. Cum on in to see just how far these two studs go.

Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

Porter Ravaged

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Vadim Black Fucks Kyle Porter Bareback

Kyle hasn’t been with us long but the legend of him and his twin has made it around the ranks of BSB. It’s even reached the top of the BSB echelon, finding its way to Vadim who is curious and excited about these boys. He’ll get to satisfy 50% of that curiosity today with Kyle. Let’s see what happens.

They begin by making out and slowly peeling off each others’ clothes. Vadim kisses his way down Kyle’s torso eventually coming face to face with his crotch. He handles Kyle’s cock through his boxer briefs before freeing it and teasing it with some soft kisses. He finally puts it in his mouth and begins to suck him off. Vadim swivels his head and works on Kyle’s dick, making it grow and stiffen in his mouth. After making out more, Vadim lays back on the bed and Kyle tries to swallow the Russian’s dick whole. Vadim moans as Kyle puts his fledging oral skills to the test. The proof of his talents is in how quickly Vadim gets rock hard!

Vadim snatches off his pants and lays Kyle on his back. He takes a moment to finger and lube up the newbie before sliding his raw cock inside his tight ass. He pushes inside his guts and starts to bang away! Vadim holds the the twin’s legs apart while fucking him with long and deep strokes. Kyle absorbs every blow, even when he’s flipped over and his tiny ass is pummeled from behind! Vadim takes no prisoners when he fucks, even if its a barely used boy pussy. He only slows down when he has Kyle in the missionary position and makes out with him. Kyle is enjoying every bit of his time with Vadim. Cum spills out of his cock while Vadim continues to drill his hole! Vadim doesn’t stop fucking him until he’s good and ready! Luckily for Kyle, that doesn’t take too long. Vadim pulls out and shoots his load all over his new buddy. I wonder when we’ll get to see Vadim conquer the other twin.

Vadim Black Tops Kyle Porter Raw

Flipping Out

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Vadim Black And Jaxon Ryder Flip Fuck Raw

Vadim and Jaxon haven’t seen each other in a while so they’ve got some catching up to do. And no one does “catching up” like the boys here at BSB. Handshakes are replaces with blowjobs and platonic pats on the backs are replaced with smacks on the ass.

The boys quickly get their hellos out of the way before Vadim helps Jaxon out of his pants and finds his cock. He fills his mouth with Jaxon’s flesh stick and gets right to work. He swivels his head and works the entire thing down his throat. He sucks Jaxon’s cock as long as it takes to get all of the lad’s blood flowing in that direction. Once he’s succeeded, the boys switch places and Jaxon displays his dick sucking prowess, only stopping to make out with the sext Russian.

Jaxon wants more than to taste cock, he wants his ass plowed (at least I’d like to believe that’s what he wants). Jaxon lays on his side where Vadim fingers his hole before pushing his big dick inside. Vadim’s cock slides in and out of Jaxon’s hole with relative ease; Jaxon may not love dick but his ass loves it!  He won’t be the only one bottoming today though, he’ll have to share. Vadim gets on all fours and offers his ass to Jaxon. He hasn’t bottomed for some time, so Jaxon has to ease his prick in slowly…at first. Once he’s in he brutalizes Vadim’s ass. He smacks it bloody red and viciously pounding his asshole. Vadim yells in both pleasure and pain as Jaxon takes total control. Head to BSB now to see which of these two gets completely covered in the other’s man milk.

Vadim Black And Jaxon Ryder Raw

Handshake and then a Cumshake

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Vadim Black Fucks Jason Sterling Bareback

There’s no such thing as a stranger at BSB. One minute you could be shaking someone’s hand for the first time and then sucking their dick the next. This is a phenomenon that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. Vadim and Jason just met and are all set to get to know each other, biblically.

After pecking away at each other’s lips and necks, the boys begin to peel off their clothes. Jason strips down to his boxer briefs and stands in front of Vadim. Vadim licks at Jason’s dick print through the briefs before sliding them down and getting a taste of the real thing. He swivels his head as he takes Jason’s shaft deep into his mouth. Jason veiny cock gets rock hard as Vadim works on it. Jason goes down on Vadim but doesn’t get to stay there long as Vadim instructs him to get into the 69 position where they feast on each other’s member.

Vadim preps Jason ass for fucking by gently fingering before sliding his cock in deep. He gets right to pounding. Vadim talks shit and smacks Jason’s boy cunt as fucks him, he’s in complete control. Jason’s face is bright red from the discomfort of having his hole filled and bullied. He gets some relief when Vadim allows him to get on top. There’s only one problem, Vadim had no intention of relinquishing total control. He batters Jason’s sweet man hole from below as Jason holds on for dear life. Vadim abuses Jason until he’s covered from head to toe in their cum.

Vadim Black and Jason Sterling Raw

No Flex, Zone

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Vadim Black And Owen Michaels

So Vadim is shredding and Owen is bulking…that’s literally all that I take from the first few minutes because I’m too busy staring. In fact, I don’t know why I even continue to listen to the cameraman talk to the boys; oh yeah…because I have too! But today I can’t, let’s get right to the fucking.

Already in their boxer briefs the boys engage in some pretty steamy kissing. Vadim gets a little freaky with in and makes sure that Owen tastes every bit of his tongue. Owen not only accepts but returns in kind. The boys fall make onto the bed where Vadim removes Owen’s briefs and stuffs his sausage down his throat. Vadim has him hard in no time with his orals skills. As impressive as Owen’s ass is, I’m very taken with that juicy cock of his. Vadim must be as well because he can’t remove his lips from it. When he finally does he makes his way back up to Vadim’s lips. They make out for a bit before Owen gets a hankering to taste Vadim’s Russian cock. Owen seems to be a bit shy about taking all of the dick into his mouth so Vadim begins to thrust his hips a bit to help get it down further.

Once these muscle studs have had enough oral play they move over to the nightstand where Owen bends over and offers his ass to Vadim. Vadim lubes up and sticks his prick right up Owen’s ass. He wastes no time, he immediately starts to pound his bubble butt, which bounces with each stroke. Ok, I’ve changed my mind, Owen’s ass is far more impressive. These two fuck all over the room, leaving Owen’s hole a gaping cavity and his chest and abs covered in jizz.

Vadim Black and Owen Michaels

Bulking Season

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Zander Floyd And Vadim Black Fuck Raw

Ok, seriously…what is Vadim doing in the gym (or bedroom) that’s helping him bulk up. It’s bulking season and I’m willing to try the program he’s on, unless it has anything to do with exercise or eating right. Both he and Zander have grown out a little chest hair and they look great. Enough talking, lets see these bodies in motion.

These horny boys begin kissing and I have an immediate erection due to the hot chemistry between them. They quickly undress and Vadim commands Zander to suck his dick. Zander, in a teasing mood, takes his time and kissing his way down to Vadim’s cock. He toys with it, using his tongue to play with the head before slowly sucking on it. Vadim decides to show him how it’s down. He rotates that Russian mouth up and down Zander’s fat rod.

Ready for some hot ass, Vadim lubes up and bends Zander over the side of the bed. As soon as his dick penetrates the hole Zander is moaning in ecstasy. “You like that?” Vadim asks. Zander answers with more moans unable to say what we all know he wants to say, “FUCK YES!”. Vadim feeds him his hard wood like there’s no tomorrow. Zander takes the dick in every position Vadim puts him in. Once Zander is back on his knees, Vadim only last a few more strokes before he has to pull out and shoot ropes of warm man milk on Zander’s ass and back. Zander flips over and blows a mega load of his own. Now that’s the kind of workout I can get with.

Zander Floyd And Vadim Black

Highlight Reel

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Vadim Black And Ricky Evans

Ricky hasn’t had a chance to work out today, but that’s ok because Vadim is going to give him more than he can handle. I hope he’s ready to break a sweat. This is a hot couple of guys and like Ricky, I can’t wait to get started.

The boys start off with some heavy kissing. Ricky’s hand makes it into Vadim’s pants before he knows it. Ready to give him what he wants, Vadim just takes them off and allows Ricky full access. Ricky stuffs the Russian dick into and mouth and swallows the entire shaft. Vadim’s eyes roll back into his head, he loves it. Vadim sits on the back of the couch and continues to fuck Rickey’s mouth, only breaking to kiss the cock hungry lad. I’m hoping that Ricky gets tired so that I can tag in but he just continues to take every bit of Vadim’s shaft down his throat.

Ricky lies back on the couch, opening his legs before Vadim. Vadim quickly pushes his cock inside and has Ricky moaning instantaneously. He beats Ricky’s booty hole up, ramming his insides over and over. Vadim flips him over and makes Ricky’s juicy ass bounce right off of him. I can’t quite tell what’s making me drool more, Vadim’s fucking or Ricky’s hot boy pussy. I don’t think my dick cares because this scene already has it ready to blow. Vadim lies down and Ricky sits right down onto his wood and begins to bounce up and down. He straight up uses Vadim like a toy until he spews hot man juice everywhere. Vadim bends him over one more time and busts his own load of jizz all over Ricky’s back and ass. That shit needs to be on everyone’s highlight reel, it’s definitely on mine.

Vadim Black and Ricky Evans

We’re all Professionals Here

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David Hardy And Vadim Black

I’m so happy the powers that be at BSB aren’t going to make me wait too long to see David Hardy again. And who is going to be with him? The one and only Vadim Black. It’s not often that we get to see two seasoned vets play with each other so I’m going to relish this!

They must be as excited as I am because they practically begin to attack and fondle each other. They kiss and strip down to nothing. David sits back on the bed and Vadim sticks his cock into his mouth with no hesitation.  He has David fully erect within seconds. The boys transition into the 69 position so that they can taste each other. David pauses a few of times, a couple of times to kiss Vadim and another time to play with the Russian’s muscles.

David barely has time to strap up before he hops on his dick. Once on, he bounces up and down, getting every inch pushed into his hole. Moans fill the air as Vadim rides David hard. David flips Vadim onto his back and continues to plow the kid’s pretty hole while licking his feet. Vadim holds tightly onto the bed as David drives his cock into his ass incessantly. As he holds on for dear life, David jacks his cock off while fucking him. The dick must be good because it reduces Vadim’s vocabulary down to just a few words, “oh, fuck” being two of them.

The boys finish up with some sweet 69ing. Vadim cums first, right into David’s mouth. Yum! Vadim continues to work David over with his mouth and soon has cum exploding from his dick. Normally we’d stop right here, but not with these two. They decide to swap loads with some steamy kissing. Boy oh boy!

David Hardy And Vadim Black

Top Ten

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Cage Kafig Is Back To Flip Fuck Vadim Black Raw

BSB has obviously been in the process of hunting down some of our fan favorites; guys we haven’t seen in a while. Cage Kafig has returned with a beefier body, longer hair, and some brand new tattoos. He’s going to be with Vadim Black who also has some new ink. These boys are a perfect pairing, both are tatted up with hot bodies and huge sexual appetites. Oh, and let’s not forget that they’re two of BSB’s top ten models.

They start off with some sweet lip action, deeply kissing one another. Cage simply tells Vadim that he wants him to suck his dick and Vadim agrees with no hesitation. It must be nice to simply request someone as hot as Vadim to suck your  dick and have it happen. Vadim sucks on Cage’s dick, working it over to get it hard. With those excellent oral skills of his, he succeeds is no time. I almost forgot how perfect Cage’s cock is. Watching that perfect cock worked on by Vadim’s sexy mouth is stirring to say the least. Vadim gets on top of Cage, straddles his face and begins to fuck his mouth. Vadim’s body is fucking beautiful! This boy is art in motion as his rides Cage’s face.

The guys transition into the 69 position before Cage lubes his cock up and allows Vadim to slide right on. Vadim bounces up and down, taking as much of Cage’s long pole as he can. That’s quite the weapon Vadim is playing with. Cage gently strokes Vadim’s dick while enjoying the feeling of Vadim’s hole wrapped around his man bat. Vadim gets Cage on all fours and tries to get his cock inside. It takes a couple of tries, after all it’s been a while since Cage has had pork in his hole. Once Vadim is inside, he begins to thrust his fat cock deeper and deeper into his ass. Cage is clearly in some discomfort, but he takes it like a pro with each blow. Cage is accustomed to pain, he’s a fighter after all. His face bright red, Cage switches places with Vadim. He stuffs his hot cock right back into Vadim’s open hole. He fucks Vadim hard, giving as good as he got. Vadim gets his revenge soon though. He flips Cage right onto his back and fucks a hot milky load right out of him. Ropes of cum land on Cage’s chest. Vadim quickly pulls out and pops his own wad. Wow! This was quite the bout of fucking.

Cage Kafig Is Back To Flip Fuck Vadim Black Raw

Simply Manhandled

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Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

How is it that Vadim and Ian haven’t been paired together before? These two are so fucking hot that I can’t afford to waste any time on an intro. Let’s do this.

The boys embrace and begin kissing softly while peeling each other’s shirts off. While continuing to kiss, Ian’s hand explores Vadim’s chiseled body. The boys get completely naked and assume the 69 position in order to taste each other’s hardening cocks. They swivel and bob their heads on each other’s dicks, until they are both fully erect.

Ian pulls Vadim to the edge of the bed and slowly pushes his dick inside. He gets every inch inside and gives Vadim a moment to get used to it before really puts his cock to work. Ian hold Vadim’s’ legs apart while plunging his ass with that thick dick of his. He stops momentarily to kiss Vadim more. Unable to decide between slowing down and kissing those luscious lips or continuing to fuck that tight ass; Ian pulls Vadim even closer so that he can do both. He then picks Vadim completely off of the bed and fucks him while Vadim holds on tightly. Vadim moans and groans while being manhandled by Ian. Ina gets his fuck boy back on the bed and continues to stroke his hole deeply. Once on all fours, Vadim opens up nicely and allows Ian to really batter that booty. Ian does a very good job of walking the line between love making and fucking; that takes skill folds. His skill and ability as a top are written all over Vadim’s lusty face, and evident in his sultry panting. Ian shuts him up briefly by tying up his tongue with his own. These two are so into each other that when the cum there’s boy batter everywhere; all over Vadim’s back, ass, and abs.

Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

You break him, you buy him

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Sergio Valen Fucks Vadim Black

Soooo, I’m wet and the video hasn’t even started yet. Sergio and Vadim…in a scene together? Yeah, this one is going to be a tough one to get through without me prematurely blowing my load on my keyboard. So let’s just get started.

The boys lose their clothes, hop on the bed, and immediately begin to make out. I mean, they really make out! Sergio makes his way down to Vadim’s dick. Vadim lets out a cute little giggle from being tickled some but Sergio just starts sucking and soon Vadim is in sheer delight. I’ve been watching Sergio for quite some time and I can honestly say that this is one of the best blow jobs he’s ever given. He gets all of Vadim’s big cock into his mouth and barely comes up for air. “This dick tastes so good”, he says as he continues to inhale it. Sergio leans back and Vadim begins to blow him. This kid has come a long way too. I watch him twist his mouth and hands all over Sergio’s giant cock and my own dick start throbbing. Vadim methodically pleases Sergio with his hot tongue and lips making him moan; barely able to contain himself.

Completely turned on, Sergio straps up and puts Vadim on his side. He tries to slide in but that hammer is just too much for Vadim. Sergio pulls out and gives Vadim a few seconds to adjust. Sergio goes in for a second attempt and this time he succeeds, squeezing that fat sausage into Vadim’s tight fuck hole. Vadim is still in pain but he takes it while Sergio slowly eases more and more of his boy beater into him; until every inch is safely nestled inside. His slow passionate grinding has me drooling. Vadim starts to get used to it and is soon yelling out from a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Sergio stands up and reinserts his cock back in Vadim’s gut. This has to be the biggest dick he’s had plowing through him because he looks like he’s being broken into two. And Sergio begins to fuck him like that’s his intent. He digs deeper and deeper, fucking harder and harder. Soon, Sergio has him on his knees. He instructs him to arch his back and begins to really plow him. “Oh my God” Vadim repeats over and over. None of his moaning and groaning is slowing Sergio down. As we all know, Sergio fucks until he’s ready to bust. And bust he does, all over Vadim’s back. Vadim turns over and immediately blasts his own load. Sergio rewards the young lad with a nick juicy kiss. I hope Sergio didn’t break him!

Check out this hot scene featuring Vadim and Sergio here

Who’s invading whom?

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Romeo James and Vadim Black Flip

Worlds are about to collide. The time has come for Vadim to get his cherry popped! Just the thought of the Russian stud getting fucked should make you pitch a tent. And to make matters 10 times sexier it’ll be Romeo doing the BSB community a favor and cut the ribbon on that tight hole.

Things start off with a rather sobering but brief convo about Russian’s less than human treatment of gays. In honor of the oppressed in his native country Vadim half-jokingly dedicates his performance to them. AND with that the boys lose their clothes and Vadim proudly shows off his Russian tattoo. They get on the bed and begin to kiss. Romeo is one hell of a kisser and I love to see him do his thing. Romeo then moves down and begins to make out with Vadim’s cock. He starts sucking and like magic Vadim’s cock just gets bigger and bigger. Romeo’s lips are enough to make me hard so watching them wrapped around Vadim’s tool is just icing on the cake. Vadim begins to make out with Romeo once more before stuffing Romeo’s big dick into his mouth. For an amateur, Vadim’s cock sucking has come a long way. He swivels his mouth all over that meat pole. He gets a good half of it into his mouth. His deliberately slow synchronized tongue and hand motions have Romeo squirming.

Now, its cherry popping time! Romeo uses plenty of lube on his dick, but for good measure, Vadim personally lubes his ass up. He lies back on the bed and spreads his legs. Romeo begins to penetrate his hole and barely has his head in before Vadim is wailing in pain. Vadim turns red from the chest up. “Ohhhh fuck!” he exclaims as Romeo pushes his dick in another inch. The first timer swears repeatedly as his hole becomes more and more acquainted with Romeo’s cock. Slowly but surely, Romeo picks up his pace. Vadim tires to plays with dick to distract himself from his asshole; which has to fell like its being broken. And it seems to work as Vadim’s grunts of pain morph into moans of pleasure. Romeo’s got more than half of his dick in now and Vadim is screaming his name!

Impressed and undoubtedly turned on Vadim’s tenacity and durability; Romeo relieves him by pulling out and then offers his ass up for a pounding. Vadim’s man pussy may still be throbbing but so is his rock hard cock. He slides into Romeo’s hot (but not so virgin) ass. Romeo’s ass always makes my mouth water some. His fat booty bounces off Vadim’s torso as Vadim begins to revenge pound him. That hairy hole of Romeo’s accepts al of Vadim’s Russian intruder. Romeo flips onto his back and Vadim continues to ram into his insides. There’s nothing but pleasure on both ends now. Vadim requests to see Romeo cum and in seconds he does. He fires a load all over his stomach and Vadim follows up by cumming on Romeo’s hand.

Vadim admits that taking dick “hurt like a motherfucker” at first but it got pleasurable. All in all he enjoyed him and thanks to Romeo’s professional deflowering we will be seeing Vadim’s’ ass plowed again.

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