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He Wants What He Wants

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John Henry and Ryan Fields

John Henry and Ryan Fields begin by making out and feeling each other up. The pull off and toss their clothes, exposing their hot bodies to each other. John goes down on Ryan and swallows his cock whole. Ryan ups the ante by bending John over and munching on his fat bubble butt. John’s toes curl as Ryan’s tongue darts in and out of his hot hole.

Once its nice and wet, Ryan pushes his raw cock deep in his ass, making John moan even more. John hangs tightly on to the pillow as his ass is pounded from behind. Ryan isn’t here to show mercy, he’s here to catch a nut. Each thrust betrays his true intent. With his ass getting sore, John takes control by getting on top of Ryan and riding his cock. He’s not on top long before he’s shooting out a sweet load! Ryan pulls out and releases his man milk right on John’s thigh.

John Henry and Ryan Fields