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Tanner Valentino and Sebastian Lee

Damn! The chemistry Tanner Valentino and Sebastian Lee share is what’s require to produce one of the steamiest kisses I’ve seen on this site. I repeat, damn! These boys are so into each other they can barely separate long enough to remove their clothes. When they finally manage the task, Sebastian goes down on Tanner before inhaling his sweet dick. Tanner pushes his cock deep down Sebastian’s throat but it doesn’t seem like Sebastian minds in the slightest. Sebastian is enjoying it so much that they only pause to kiss once more. I can’t lie, the way these two make out is hotter than their oral…and that’s saying a lot. Wanting to taste more cock, Sebastian goes back down on Tanner until Tanner lies back and invites him to sit on his dick.

Sebastian climbs on and slowly slides his ass on that thick dick. He rides it for a bit before Tanner wants it faster and deeper. He flips Sebastian over on the bed and pounds his hot bubble butt from behind. His ass stretches as that tight hole is battered by Tanner pole. Tanner pounds Sebastian from every angle and Sebastian takes it like he paid for it! This steamy scene ends is some hot orgasms from both guys!

Tanner Valentino and Sebastian Lee