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Brody opened up

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Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ayden Troy. Since he’s been gone, he’s added a tattoo of his son’s name to his collection of tats. He’s going to add a new boy to his virgin ass collection today; Brody Lasko. That’s right, its time for this newbie to get the ribbon cut on that cute ass of his.

Stripped down to their underwear, the boys begin with some gentle kissing . Brody takes off his last bit of clothing, exposing his rock hard dick. Ayden takes the bait and wraps his lip around it. Devouring over half of it. He licks up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet. Brody sounds pleased, as he watches Ayden’s mouth glide up and down his cock. Ayden stands, allowing Brody to show him his own head skills. Brody hasn’t been around long but he’s already come to take Ayden’s dick in all the way down to the base. He gently fondles Ayden’s s balls while feeding on his fat dick.

Brody gets on the floor and willingly offers his ass to Ayden. Ayden wastes no time; he gently pushes his cock in. He starts off with some nice slow strokes, letting Brody’s tight hole get used to the pressure. Ayden loves every bit of this virgin man pussy. He moans and groans with every penetrating pump. They move over to the bed where Brody sits on his cock and starts bouncing. His virgin hole is loosening up quite nicely, so Ayden begins to pound him hard from below. Ayden bends him over on the bed and continues stroking his insides. That cute hairy asshole is taking everything Ayden’s big cock can give. Brody releases a juicy load while getting dicked from the back; not bad for a first timer. Ayden pulls out and cums on Ayden’s ass. Nice way to open up what I hope will be a well-used ass on BSB.

Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

Conceiving babies

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Ayden Troy Fucks Romeo James

Look whose back! It’s Ayden Troy! He’s been gone for a while and has had a baby since we last saw him. Congratulations! Today he’s going to see if he can impregnate Romeo. Knowing this stud and the way he fucks, it just may be possible.

The fellas show off their hot bubble asses before kissing. Ayden quickly gets on his knees and starts to suck and feast on Romeo’s cock. For a straight boy, Ayden sure can take a lot of it. He swallows Romeo’s cock while gently holding onto his balls. Damn! I’ve missed him. Satisfied, Romeo sits Ayden down into the chair and takes his turn sucking. Like Ayden, Romeo is able to get almost all of it into his mouth. I forgot how big Ayden’s baby maker is. Romeo does good to make most of it disappear into his mouth.

The boys hop up and migrate over to the bed where Romeo lubes his sweet ass and waits obediently for Ayden. He doesn’t have to wait long; soon Ayden is deep inside of him and fucking him hard. Ayden’s body slams into Romeo’s over and over, making that slapping noise we all love. Romeo gets put on his sides and is plowed deeply. The boys deliver on hot session that ends with Romeo on his back covered with Ayden’s jizz.

I don’t think we’ll get a BSB baby but that shit was hot nonetheless.

Watch Ayden Troy Fuck Romeo James Here

BSB Sandwich!

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Some of my favorite boys have been put together for an awesome threesome. Finally, Ayden Troy is back and he’s with Dakota and Damien. Ayden has never done a threesome so let’s get stated and know this time off his bucket list.

The boys get right at each other. They peel each other’s clothes off and Dakota immediately finds himself on his knees servicing both of the guys. Ayden and Damien make out while being blown. They all move over to the bed and things really get heated. Damien begins to blow Ayden, while Dakota blows Damien. I’d draw you a diagram but there’s video (go watch!). All three of them have impressive cocks and I’d love to taste one. The boys flip flop their pattern with Ayden blowing Damien, and Damien blowing Dakota. Why is no one blowing me?

The boys get up and prepare themselves for some fucking. Damien lubes his sweet ass and it’s Dakota that penetrates him. As he’s pushing his cock into Damien’s ass, Ayden forces his into Dakota’s! Wow, a BSB sandwich! Dakota holds his own in the middle, fucking Damien good while getting pounded by Ayden. Ayden’s long rod digs deep inside Dakota; I wonder which end he’s enjoying more. Damien shifts to his back and Dakota continues to slide in and out of his guts. Meanwhile, Ayden straddles Damien’s face, thrusting his cock down the boy’s throat. Now Damien’s stuffed from both ends and his muffled moans makes me sure he’s enjoying it. Ayden and Dakota switch places and its Ayden’s turn to tear into Damien’s asshole. Getting it from both ends always makes me cum hard so I’m not surprised when Damien shots a hearty load. Dakota pops a load in Damien’s mouth as Ayden shoots his onto Damien’s lower abs. Dakota cleans both boys up with his tongue. I love that little cum slut. This may be the hottest 3-way in BSB history and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Watch the Ayden Troy, Dakota Ford and Damien Kyle Three Way

Attack of the hot blondes

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Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White

I’m sure the guys on the forums are going to be very pleased to see Ayden Troy back. And to make matters even better, he is being paired up with Tyler White. Ayden is planning on breaking into Tyler’s ass and I just know he’s going to enjoy himself. Let’s get started.

The boys embrace and begin to kiss each other. They are all over one another and they quickly get rid of their clothes. Ayden gets things started by sucking Troy’s thick meat. Troy breathes heavily while Ayden gets his cock wet with saliva. The boys trade places and Troy begins to blow Ayden’s’ brains out. He starts off with some fast hoover action before he slows down and really starts to worship Ayden’s dick. I would too!

The boys lube themselves up and Ayden squeezes into Tyler’s tight hole, making Tyler pant. Ayden begins with deep slow strokes. He smacks Tyler’s ass a few times to let him know that he’s in control. Then he really gets to work! Tyler’s hot bubble ass begins to juggle when Ayden picks up the pace. All Tyler can seem to say is “oh fuck, oh fuck”! Well that is a lot of dick to take.

Tyler gets on his side and invites Ayden to push his rod back into his hole. This position must work better for him because he seems to be moaning from pleasure instead of pain now. “You like that dick?” Ayden asks as he fucks Troy’s ass and jacks his dick at the same time. Once Ayden gets Tyler on his back he really starts to fuck the shit out of him…oh and the cum too! Cum splatters on Tyler’s abs right before Ayden pulls out and adds his own hot load to the mix.

Tyler’s butt may hurt but he just made a lot of people happy. Thanks for taking one for the team! These blonde wonders really put on a show and I’d love to see them in action again.

Watch Ayden Troy Fuck Tyler White

It’s Troy’s turn to do some invading

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Ayden Troy Fucks Vadim Black

I’m in hunk heaven as soon as I press play. Vadim Black and Ayden Troy have been paired up and I’m already sporting wood. Vadim has a new job and a new tat and he’s as sexy as ever. I’m looking forward to watching the equally hot Ayden fuck him backwards. Ready, set, go!

They begin to undress and Ayden helps Vadim to take his pants off. They make out and kiss all over each other’s necks and chests. Ayden gets right to work, placing Vadim’s fat sausage into his mouth, and damn near swallows it whole. He winds and twists his lips all over it until Vadim decides that it’s his turn to taste dick. Ayden sits back onto the chair and watches as Vadim makes his dick grow with this tongue. Vadim has become excellent at giving head; his time at BSB University has done him some good. He’s certainly not the shy guy we met some time ago.

After getting rock hard, Ayden gets lubed and strapped while Vadim prepares his ass. Vadim bends over the bed as Ayden slowly slides inside of him. Ayden starts off with some nice, slow, deep strokes into Vadim hot ass and I’m immediately jealous of both of them. Vadim braces himself as Ayden picks up the pace and really starts to fuck the shit out of him. No stranger to good dick, Vadim begins to moan and cry out in pleasure. Damn! The boy starts to beg for more and Ayden doesn’t disappoint. Ayden flips Vadim on to his back, spreads his legs, and resumes mixing up his insides. Ayden begins to jack Vadim off while fucking him; showing that he’s a top that cares. Before long Ayden is forced to pull out and he spews a healthy nut onto Vadim’s abs. Equally satisfied, Vadim also cums right after. Please, please, please put these two together again!

Watch Ayden Troy Fuck Vadim Black

Behind the Scenes: Who is the Biggest Slut?


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Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of “Who is the biggest slut?”. Find out which one of your favorite broke straight boys has jerked off in a banana peel and which one hasn’t done much of anything in this late night game of titillating fun.

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
Who is the Biggest Slut?

Up Close & Personal with Sha: Ayden Troy

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Broke Straight Boys producer Sha goes 1 on 1 with sexy model Ayden Troy in an exclusive interview from the Broke Straight Boy Mansion. Learn what really turns Ayden on, what his family and girlfriend think about him doing porn, how he became a broke straight boy, and more.

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes w/
Ayden Troy

Skyler Daniels Fucks Ayden Troy


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Revenge is a dick best served hard. On this latest BSB update our favorite Texan, Skyler Daniels, will be fucking Ayden Troy. If you know anything about BSB, Skyler is typically taking cock and he’s had the pleasure of getting slammed by Ayden. Well, now it’s his turn to enjoy some tight hole. Ayden doesn’t look too excited. Skyler is pretty stoked about fucking one of his favorite BSB blokes.
After a little chit chat our studs strip down. Skyler drops to his knees and sucks Ayden, waking his soft cock from its slumber. Thorough and experienced, Skyler knows exactly how Ayden likes his dick sucked. Ayden towers of Skyler enjoying his service and admiring his wet lips sliding down his rock hard dick.

With one last slurp, Ayden and Skyler switch. Ayden gets down on the floor and begins to suck on the dick that will be fucking him in the not too distant future. Ayden’s slow and intentional head leaves Skyler speechless. Taking shallow breaths to enjoy to warmth of Ayden’s mouth, Skyler looks down on his soon to be bottom boy.

Skyler is ready for some ass. He slips on a condom as Ayden bends over on the bed in the doggie position. Skyler eases his hard dick inside Ayden’s asshole and begins to fuck him. Ayden can only moan and balance himself on the bed as Skyler slams his dick into his tight ass.

“Oh, my God,” Ayden moans.

Ayden is turned on his back, his salami hard and juicy.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me,” he whispers.

Skyler slows down his stroked but digs deeper inside Ayden. He grabs Ayden’s hard dick and strokes it as he fucks his hole. Ayden relaxes himself and takes the dick. Ayden is ready to bust his nut, he quickly strokes his dick while Skyler is still inside of him. Ayden erupts a huge load onto his stomach. Skyler pulls throbbing cock out of Ayden’s tight boy hole and shoots a load on top of Ayden’s load.

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Skyler Daniels & Ayden Troy

Ayden Troy Fucks Mick Torrence


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Two hot studs grinning ear to ear on a bed, sounds like a fantasy for most of us. This fantasy is about to come true. The scene starts out with these two studs discussing the finer points of staying busy and the current job market. After a brief discussion they quickly remove their clothes until all their wearing is their hard dicks.

Ayden takes the leads and begins to swallow Mick’s cock completely, taking the tip of his fat dick to the very back of his throat. Mick’s dicks swells quickly and throbs as he slowly fucks Ayden mouth. Ayden slowly jerks his hard cock and he pleasures his partner.

Mick soon takes his turn and begins to slowly sucking Ayden’s dick while he strokes his own meat. Mick takes his time on Ayden’s piece, he’s in no rush, and he wants it to last.

It’s time ass smashing time. Our big booty buddy, Mick, assumes the position, doggie, and Ayden puts on a condom. Ayden eases his thick dick inside. Once he’s inside Mick’s hole, he goes deep. Mick moans as he grabs the edge of the bed.

“Your ass feels so good,” Ayden whispers.

Mick bites his lower lip, taking his butt fucking like a man. Even if he had a complaint, it’s doubtful Ayden would stop.

“Oh shit,” Mick whimpers.

He’s getting split in half, the way that sweet booty was made to be treated. Mick gets on his back, and Ayden returns to that warm hole. The strokes are long and strong. Mick even puts a hand on Ayden’s thigh to keep him from going so deep.

“Oh, shit,” Mick groans.

Ayden grabs Mick’s throat as he thrusts his dick in deeper and harder. Mick’s toes began to curl, and his curses get a little louder.

Ayden pulls put and strokes his meat. His jizz coats Mick’s, pubes, hand, and lower stomach.

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Ayden Troy & Mick Torrence

Paul Canon Fucks Ayden Troy


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You’re never going to guess what we have in store for you guys today. It’s impossible; you could never guess this one in a million years so don’t try. One hint, it involves Paul Canon’s big cock and Ayden Troy’s asshole.  You might have figured it out by now, LOL.

“It’s good to have you both here today for an extra special treat,” the cameraman says.

“We going to lick the cherries off the field,” Paul says.

After holding out for more than a year Ayden Troy has agreed to get fucked for our BSB cameras and veteran asshole fucker Paul Canon has the honor of popping his cherry.

Our buds strip down to their birthday suits and wake up their mammoth cocks respectively. Once they are good and hard, Ayden leans over and begins to fellate his well endowed friend. Ayden’s warm wet mouth, his smooth lips and soft tongue send Paul into a moaning frenzy. He dick gets harder and harder as Ayden sucks and slurps his thick shaft and fat head. Ayden closes his eyes and imagines that he’s running through cherry fields. Paul grabs Ayden’s ass discreetly as Ayden wrangles his big dick with his wet throat.

After dishes out some intensely wet head Ayden sits back and Paul slams his mouth down on Ayden’s meat. He takes a different approach using his big hands and his mouth simultaneously, taking Ayden inside his mouth inch by inch. Ayden reaches around and begins to stroke Paul’s rock hard cock as he moans from the outstanding dick service he’s getting. Paul’s juicy red lips are in overdrive and his throat is open for business. He jacks Ayden’s thick dick gently while he slurps and sucks.

“I want to taste that sweet ass,” Paul says.

Ayden gets into the doggie position and Paul rims away. He even uses a finger to tease the hole.  He might not want to get fucked, but Ayden loves when his ass is treated right.

After easing Ayden’s hole with some deep tongue action it’s time for his journey inside. Ayden lubes up, Paul slides on a rubber and slowly eases himself inside Ayden’s unmarked territory.

“Oh fuck, oh my God” Ayden shouts.

Paul is just getting started. Paul grabs Ayden by the throat and slams his dick inside Ayden, hard, deep and slow. Paul switches the positions and puts poor little Ayden on his side and continues to fuck him good. Ayden can’t help but to stroke his own dick as Paul’s cock caresses his prostate. As the slowly climb towards their climax Paul put’s Ayden on his back and digs deeper.

“Oh that ass feels so good,” Paul proclaims.

“Oh, Paul,” Ayden cries.

Paul hold’s Ayden’s legs and kisses his toes as they get closer to cumming. Finally, Ayden shoots his huge load first and Paul’s man milk spews shortly there after.

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Paul Canon & Ayden Troy 

Ayden & Romeo


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Fitness is essential! On this latest BSB update we stumble upon BSB newbie Romeo and BSB veteran Ayden pumping iron in the gym. These two lean muscular studs never miss a day! From the looks of things they might need some extra protein to make through this particular workout.

Romeo hits the bars but his technique is flawed, so Ayden shows him how it’s supposed to be done. As Ayden prepares for another set, he notices his “bros” hard dick poking through his gym short. Romeo unleashes his dragon and the sexy pair start to 69 on the weight bench!

Romeo makes sure Ayden’s dick is nice and hard before he wraps his lips around and begins to deep throat Aydens cocks. Romeo’s sexy tan line and hairy thighs are the icing on the cake.

“How does that taste, bro,” Romeo wonders.

“Delicious, bro,” Ayden says.

The sucking is nonstop and from the looks of it both parties are giving just as good as they are getting. There is a change of positions. Ayden gets on his stomach, on the bench, and keeps up his blow job duties. Romeo takes the back of Ayden’s head and guides him to where it should be.

“Suck that cock,” Romeo commands.

Ayden is definitely in the moment, he slides his finger in his hole as he slurps and sucks on Romeo’s fat dick. He sucks hard imagining how it would feel is Romeo fucked him on the weight bench.

They switch positions and Romeo serves Ayden while he stands. Ayden spits in Romeo’s mouth as thing heat up and Romeo loves every drop. His mouth is covered with pre-cum and Ayden’s spit.

“I’m about to cum, bro,” Romeo announces.

He does. The load makes his stomach sticky with man goo.

Ayden starts jerking his own meat. Romeo’s face is close, but he doesn’t look like he wants a facial. LOL! Ayden’s initial stream of cum hits Romeo’s chest.

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Ayden & Romeo

Ayden and Ian


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Back so soon! Our boy Ian has returned for another BSB session. This time he’s in the capable hands of BSB veteran Ayden.  They lounge shirtless on the bed. Ayden shares his current hardships and recounts his first experience with sucking dick.

Not pleasurable in any way,” Ian describes. “It feels like you’re getting choked out, and that’s pretty much it. Dick in your mouth.”

Poor Ian is anxious and doesn’t really know what to expect.

They strip down and hop back on the bed. Ian is semi erect so Ayden gets right to sucking his dick. He’s slow and intentional, licking the shaft and sucking the head softly. Ayden described sucking dick as “not pleasurable in any way” but this time he looks like he might be enjoying it. He explores Ian’s body, licking his stomach, nipples and pits. Ayden is on fire! He really shows Ian how a master does it.

Ian dives into the deep end and swallows Ayden’s cock like a pro. His technique is great; Ian is a natural cocksucker. He slurps, licks, sucks and even takes it deep. Ayden gives his thumbs up.
“Oh, shit,” Ayden moans.

Ayden stands up and Ian gets on his knees. Occasionally looking up to see Ayden’s face, Ian is confident that he’s doing a good job. As he sucks Ayden, Ian jacks his own dick. He kisses Ayden’s shaft and balls. Soon he releases and intense load on the black sheets.

“Spit on it,” Ayden demands.

Ayden starts to jerk his dick in front of Ian, who keeps his mouth
open. Ayden’s load lands on Ian’s nose. All is well that ends with two good nuts.

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Ayden & Ian

Ayden Troy & Brayden Brax


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Remember our handsome country boy from Montana, Brayden? Well he has returned to BSB and this time with veteran Ayden in tow. Since Brayden is the newbie and he has such a sweet little ass, it is decided that today Brayden is definitely getting fucked.

With very little room for small talk our guys quickly disrobe and begin stroking their dicks on the bed. Brayden seems to be having the worst luck today. He lost the coin toss earlier so he has to suck dick first. He dives in lips first, sucking Ayden’s big dick from head to base. Apparently it looks as feels as it looks because Ayden has absolutely no suggestions or complaints.

After a few more minutes of wet head Ayden decides to show this newbie how a professional does it. Paying special attention to Brayden’s huge head, he swallows his thick cock with ease. Brayden watches in awe and ecstasy. Soon Ayden readies his cock for Brayden’s hole. Brayden straddles him and slowly Ayden’s dick eases inside Brayden’s tight wet hole. Within a few seconds Brayden begins bouncing up and down on Ayden’s meat.

After a bit Brayden gets on his stomach and Ayden mounts him. Ayden fucks balls deep and Brayden moans with pleasure. He holds on to the bed as his perky ass is filled with dick.

Brayden gets on his back, and Ayden returns. The newly discovered bottom begins to stroke his dick. With no warning, Brayden shoots a huge load all over his stomach.

Ayden pulls out and jacks his cock. After a few smooth strokes he shoots a thick load that covers Brayden’s pubes.

“It was different. Very different,” Brayden says when asked how it felt to be fucked.

“He has a tight ass,” Ayden offers.

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Ayden Troy & Braden Brax

Ayden Fucks Skyler


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Ayden and Skyler, no strangers to the BSB cameras are back for more good times. Our buddy Ayden is pretty bummed. His driver’s license was suspended. Meanwhile, Skyler just bought himself a brand new ride. Ayden is in need of something warm and tight to cheer him up and it looks like a hesitant Skyler is almost ready to give up the goods.

Our bros quickly drop trou and commence with the fun. Ayden warms Skyler up with some nice wet head, a skill he’s recently mastered. Within moments, Skyler’s cock is rock hard. The boys switch sides and Skyler dives onto Ayden for some deep slow dick sucking. Skyler is very thorough, making sure he sucks from shaft to base. Needless to say Ayden and his wet, throbbing dick appreciate the special attention.

“You like that dick, huh?” Ayden asks while stroking Skyler’s dick.

Before he gets sucked senseless, Ayden quickly prepares to slide into Skyler’s tight little hole. He quickly rolls on a condom and slathers his cock with lube, in preparation for his deep plunge. Skyler’s hairy little hole takes the first few strokes in stride.  Soon, Ayden takes charge of Skyler’s ass doggie style with nice long deep strokes then he speeds up as the hole conforms to his big dick.

“Fuck yeah, you have a big dick” Skyler murmurs in between the pounding.

As he fucks Skyler harder and harder, Ayden is rendered almost speechless and can only manage to release a few deep groans in between thrusts. He grabs Skyler by the waist to make sure his dick is getting as deep as possible. Before he loses his load, he wants Skyler to ride him. Skyler eases himself onto Ayden’s dick and bounces his ass on the dick, his fat cock flapping in the air as he rides.

“Fuck yeah, fuck that tight ass” Skyler commands.

“How much do you love that dick? How much?” Ayden asks as Skyler rides mercilessly.

“Oh big dick, I love it” Skyler replies.

In a flash, Skyler is on his back, legs in the air and Ayden is fucking him missionary. Skyler jacks his dick and blasts a huge load as Ayden wears into his hole deeper. As Ayden nears his peak he snatches the condom off and shoots his load onto Skyler’s chest and cock.

“How was it Skyler?” Cameraman asks.

“Rough.”  Skyler replies.

Damn straight.

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Ayden & Skyler



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Ayden Troy sitting next to a newbie? Do you really need anything else to be happy? LOL! Today’s update stars Ayden and Shane Trump.

“We are here to initiate Shane into the joys of cock sucking,” the cameraman says.

“The wonderful joys,” Ayden adds.

There are smirks all around. When Shane is asked how all of this makes him feel, there’s a pause and big grin.

“It will be all right,” he says.

Ayden has erased the first time he gave a dude some oral love, so he can’t offer any tips.

“You can just give him instructions in the middle of the video,” the cameraman suggests to Ayden.

As the boys disrobe we discover Ayden has a new tattoo on his thigh (a drunken monkey). They sit on the couch and take care of their individual tools. Shane loses underwear first, his thick tool ready to play. Ayden licks the head first, then opens wide. His mouth is stretched beyond the maximum. The studio is filled with Ayden’s slurping and Shane’s sighs of contentment. To show his appreciation, Shane gives Ayden a sensuous reach around.

Ayden can’t fully inhale Shane’s beast, but he knows licking its head will work wonders. He also understands a slow tongue is essential. When asked how Ayden is doing, Shane offers positive reviews.

It’s soon time for Shane to offer some tongue work. Ayden stands up, and Shane hits his knees. The newbie swallows Ayden’s spear. Whole.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Ayden whispers.

Shane is the type of newbie BSB needs. Well trained and willing to look up while sucking. And doesn’t Shane look cuter with those eyes facing skyward? As for Ayden, he doesn’t need to offer any advice. Just moan and groan as his sausage gets some oral loving.

Ayden grabs a seat and Shane keeps keeping on. Like Ayden, Shane likes to give slow blow jobs. Makes sense, no? Why rush things if you don”t have to. Plus, Shane must be having a good time. Notice how his pole sticks straight out?

“Oh, fuck,” Ayden whimpers as he tries to push Shane’s head all the way to China.

Shane picks up the pace. Is he trying to make Ayden cum in his mouth? Ayden repeats “oh fuck” as Shane wipes effort tears off his cheek.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Ayden begs.

Shane has no intention to. He’s not deep throating, but you can tell from the sounds his mouth is filled with saliva and pre-cum. Ayden’s grunts become louder and Shane pulls up. He stokes that spit covered johnson until Ayden shoots a load that lands all over his abs.


Ayden Troy & Skyler Daniels


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Skyler Daniels introduction to BSB life has been pretty good. Did a solo, and got head from pretty boy Liam. Today he’s going to take a few more steps by sucking off Ayden Troy. Unlike many of you out there, he’s not excited about the prospect. However, cash is always a good inducement.

“So I decided to jump on the game,” Skyler said.

Clothes are removed and both get on the bed. After giving their nervous ranking (Skyler is at 9, while Ayden is at 10), Skyler sucks first. For an anxious pup he takes to sucking rather well. Gets Ayden hard, deep throats with ease, no melodramatic gagging, and keeps everything juicy.

Something must be making Skyler happy because his own dick is hard. He gets a well deserved break as Ayden goes to town. Ayden is no newbie, sucking and slurping the pink shaft. All of the oral ministrations cause Skyler’s toes to curl.

The boys do a 69. Probably the best gift God gave to men. LOL! Ayden continues taking care of Skyler’s knob. The newbie returns the favor, allowing the hard sausage to smack against Ayden’s stomach. We even get a peek of Ayden’s hole. Alas, no one plays with it. At least on camera. ”Spit on it,” Ayden orders.

Skyler lets some mouth juice soak Ayden’s small head. Ayden jerks his meat as Skyler wraps his tongue around the tip.

“That’s good,” Ayden whispers.

Skyler kisses the tip, waiting for a jizz surprise for his lips. His tongue is so sexy flicking and licking, trying to coax something sweet out of Ayden. His own root is rock hard during this. All of the stimulation proves too much for Ayden. His own jerking and Skyler’s licking cause him to pop. Some of the jizz ends on Skyler’s chin, the rest on his cheek. To make sure there is no nectar left, Skyler sucks Ayden’s pole one last time.

Ayden works to get Skyler off. He strokes and sucks the newbie’s pole, causing the boy to moan. He shoots streams of cum that cover Ayden’s fingers.


Ayden Troy and Alex Case


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Today we have Ayden Troy and Alex Case sharing a bed. “We’re here to initiate Alex into dick sucking,” the cameraman says. Ayden turns to Alex and offers encouragement. “It’s going to be OK,” Ayden says as he pats Alex on the head. While we are talking about head, what happened to Ayden’s curly locks? Do you miss them It takes both lads a long time to strip because its cold outside. All those layers! There’s some talk about Ayden’s underwear, but all that ends when he reaches over to fondle Alex’s junk. “Deep breaths,” Ayden recommends.

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