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Shut up and Fuck!

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Ronan Kennedy and Zach Covington

“So, we’re just not going to talk?” No, Zach Covington, we’re not going to talk because we’re here to see you fuck! Once Zach gets the point he leans over and begins to suck on Ronan’s fat and juicy cock. The cock fills his jaws as he tries to take as much as he can. Ronan just lies back with a sly grin on his face as Zach works. The smile goes away when it’s his turn to put Zach’s prick in his mouth. The boys make out giving Ronan a chance to survey his ass with his hand. After Zach gives him some more head, Ronan flips him onto to his stomach and forcibly fingers his tight hole, preparing it for his cock.

Ronan pulls Zach’s hips upwards and pushes his raw cock inside. Ronan bangs his ass, delivering deep strokes as Zach moans for more. The boys switch positions with Zach landing on top. Zach’s ass slides up and down Ronan’s monster cock until he spews hot, creamy cum all over Ronan’s chest. Ronan pulls out and unloads his on milky concoction right on Zach’s boy hole. He’s not done though! He pushes the cum in his ass and lets his cock rest inside!

Ronan Kennedy and Zach Covington