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Abram’s Compromise

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David Hardy And Abram Hoffer Flip

When you can’t decide who’s going to top and who’s going to bottom the solution is simple, you flip! That’s what we’ve got on the menu today with David Hardy and Abram Hoffer. This is one of the most intriguing pairings I’ve seen in a while so let’s see if it lives up to my expectations.

Kissing ensues as the boys get warmed up. Their clothes peel away as they make out and grope each other. Soon David is completely nude and Abram can’t help but wrap his lips around David’s sweet prick. His oral talents get David fully erect with ease. Ready to get his own cock moist, Abram saddles David’s face allowing him to swallow it whole.

When the boys are ready to fuck, Abram just simply backs up, slicks David’s dick with some lube, and eases his ass down on it. He’s not used to bottoming so it takes him a couple of tries to get his hole comfortable. Once he’s on, he rides slowly as David gently caresses his body. They flip, giving the reins to Abram. David gets on all fours and Abram takes full advantage. He buries his cock deep into David’s ass while placing on foot on his head. Unlike Abram’s, David’s ass can take a pounding, if fact it needs it. Abram knows the deal so he just pounds away at David’s greedy ass. Abram fucks David until they’re both covered in yummy boy juice.

David Hardy And Abram Hoffer Flip