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Johnny, Paul & Abel


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Abel Conrad, unfortunately, only did a solo for us. However, on the positive side the newbie has returned big time by sitting next to BSB stalwarts Paul Canon and Johnny Forza.”Throw him right into a threesome,” Johnny observes to the cameraman.”This is the best way to break some one in real quick,” Paul says as he snaps his fingers.
“Sink or swim,” the cameraman says.
“I can’t swim,” Abel counters.

Abel isn’t sure what’s going to happen, but he did need some money. Paul says not to worry.
“It’s not that hard,” Paul says. “The hardest thing is going to be our cocks.” And with that, all three studs strip. Paul has Abel stand up. Johnny gets between Paul’s thighs. Paul’s tongue action does the trick for Abel. As for Johnny, sucking off Paul gets his johnson nice and plump.
Heavy breathing and lip smacking sounds fill the studio. Abel looks like he’s about to pop any minute from all the work Paul does on that tool.
The lads cross it up, with Johnny in the middle. Paul goes to town on his meat, while Abel sits next to Johnny. Abel watches for a bit, taking notes. Then gets a chance to show off his skills. The newbie goes to town on that pole, focusing on the head.

Paul takes over again, showing the newbie that the slow way is always best. He also demonstrates how to deep throat. Johnny grabs Paul’s locks as his dick is getting some royal treatment. Paul gets on his hands and knees. Johnny lubes up his pickle and enters that boy hole. As for Abel, his job is too keep Paul quiet as he gets plowed. Who wouldn’t want that gig?  Johnny grabs Paul’s back as he fucks. Paul is getting a goodly pounding today.
“Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.
“Why don’t you fuck me now, big boy.”

Abel likes this idea. He also loves those cheeks, grabbing one as he gives Paul what he’s got.
“You like that,” Abel asks.
Paul can’t answer because his mouth is filled with Johnny’s dick.  Paul makes a tasty treat in an Abel and Johnny sandwich, no?
Abel’s thrusts gets more powerful. Paul gets on his back so Abel can dig deeper in that ass. Johnny is over Paul watching the show.

The show proves too good for Johnny. He shoots his load in Paul’s open mouth. Paul takes a taste, but spits it out. However, he does shoot a copious load as he gets fucked by Abel. Abel keeps pounding that Paul hole until he pulls out. His jizz lands all over Paul’s ass portal. Hopefully Abel comes back. Paul has to return the favor.

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Johnny, Paul & Abel

Abel shows off


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Abel’s smile will cause knees to buckle. The newbie has a sexy grin that more than likely gets him
everything he wants. The tanned boy wants extra cash for a deposit on a house, so he came to us.
His girlfriend has no idea what Abel is doing.

“What do you think she would think of this,” the cameraman asks.

“I don’t know,” Abel responds with that “let me make your pussy moist” grin. “Probably wouldn’t like
it, but I don’t know. She is a surprising girl.”

Abel’s sex life is active and that matches his extracurricular activities. He does everything from
baseball to jumping off mountains. No wonder Abel is tan all over.

When he takes off his clothes it’s easy to see how his body is toned from all that outdoor play. He
gets on the bed and starts stroking it. That tool gets ready to play, but damn! Look at those nuts.
Shaved and so tasty looking. Abel strokes his firm chest and those nipples stand out. Does his lady
friend lick them?

When he gets on his knees, Abel reaches for lube. His jerking technique is rather standard, but it
does the job. LOL! He peeks at the camera, but is too horned up to pay us much attention. Abel gets
on his stomach, giving a view of his perfectly tanned ass. He reaches back and strokes his meat, but
it will be hard not to be distracted by those fuzzy butt cheeks. When he spreads one of those cheeks,
there’s a peek of his virgin hole. Let’s call it now. It must be stuffed with dick!!!

The cutie gets on his back and jerks away. His big toes curl and those yummy thighs shake. His pace
picks up

“I’m going to cum,” Abel whispers.

Man juice lands all over his stomach. After he calms down, he offers us a contented smile.

Did Abel’s solo make you contented?