“You Guys Lied!”

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Mikey Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw

Tyler’s had a rough week and was looking forward to a smooth day at the office. He’s promised that Mikey isn’t that big and thus his ass should be just fine. Now, those of us that have been around for a while know better than that. But let’s not spoil the fun!

The boys embrace and begin to kiss. They remove each other’s shirts but things get scary Mikey takes off his pants. “Oh my God!”, Tyler exclaims when his eyes meet Mikey’s monster cock. He plays with it, his emotions a mixture of excitement and fear, before wrapping his lips around it. I’ve always said that nothing can help turn a bad day around like a big dick in your mouth. Tyler sucks Mikey’s huge cock for several minutes; he can’t get enough!

After getting cock sucked by Mikey, Tyler helps him lube up. (Note to all fledgling bottoms out there: if you’re dealing with a guy with a dick as big as a baby arm, you should lube him up yourself to ensure that’s it’s slick enough to avoid damage to your internal organs.) Tyler then bends over, relaxes his hole, and allows Mikey to enter. If I wasn’t already impressed with Tyler’s dick taking skills I would certainly be right now. He moans like an overworked man getting a massage as Mikey pounds his bubblebutt with zero mercy. Mikey pushes Tyler onto his stomach and reverse fucks him deep. Mikey’s mouth can’t stay closed, he’s loving the feeling of fucking that beautiful ass raw. You’ll have to peek inside to see just how much dick Tyler can take before he’s covered in both of their loads!

Mikey Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw