Who Is The Hottest?

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Gage Tanner And Brandon Fuck Raw

A competition! Really? Who gives a fuck! Gage, Tanner and Brandon are way too sexy to need a competition. The only race I won’t to see these three engage is a race to get their pants off!!! Let’s go!

The boys begin to kiss and help each other out of their clothes. They swap spit and let their hands and lips explore the hot bodies before them. Nipples get sucked and crotches gets groped before the boys decide to lose their britches. Then the boys form some unholy cock sucking triangle, ensuring that each of them has a juicy piece of meat to keep their mouths busy. Brandon then gets some extra attention was Gage eats his sweet home and Tanner sucks his dick.

Once that ass is nice and wet, Gage spreads his legs apart and shoves his cock right inside as Tanner dips his cock down his throat. Gage pounds his hole forces Brandon to moan with a dick in his mouth. Brandon won’t be the only one getting fucked today! Tanner gets behind Gage and slips his dick in  his ass. He lets his prick explore the deepest parts of Gage’s guts before the boys get back to some cock sucking. Gage gets his turn at bat when Tanner leaves his ass wide open while 69ing with Brandon. Gage make that ass bounce until he’s can’t hold it in any longer and busts on Tanner’s back. Then Tanner plants a nice load on Brandon’s face, giving him a milk facial. Brandon finishes last by plastering his chest with his own jizz!

Gage Tanner And Brandon Fuck Raw