What’s for Dessert?

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Antonio Ferrari And Zach Covington

Antonio isn’t big on boobs, but he enjoys a girl with thick legs and a nice ass…that sounds an awful lot like Zach. Zach shows off his assets and calves by getting on his tippy toes as Antonio looks on approvingly. They must both be turned on now because they get right to business. 

The boys start by helping the other get out of their clothes and locking lips. They embrace each other before Zach makes his way down to Antonio’s big fat cock.  His pink lips slides back and forth on Antonio’s meat, getting hard and wet. Antonio moans as he watches him work.

Ready to fuck, Antonio lubes up as Zach gets on all fours. Antonio pushes his long shaft inside his ass, filling him up inside and fucking him hard. Zach ass bounces in response before being grabbed firmly and squeezed by Antonio.  He shows no mercy as he claims that tight little ass!  As a reward for his willing bottom, Antonio gives Zach a break and begins to blow him before giving him a sloppy rimjob to get him warmed up for the next round of ass-pounding! Zach gets on his back and spreads his legs apart, letting Antonio penetrate him once more. Zach jacks his cock while Antonio drills his hole. Zach holds back as long as he can but he soon busts a nice load all over his stomach and chest. Antonio continues to play in his ass until he’s ready to unload himself. He does so right on Zach’s sweet hole. We’re not done yet though. He licks his own cum out of Zach’s ass and feeds it to him!

Antonio Ferrari And Zach Covington