Welcome Back Tanner

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Tanner Valentino And Ronan Kennedy

Tanner Valentino has been MIA for a little while and I’m so happy to see him in the studio. I’m sure Ronan Kennedy is happy to see him as well and can’t wait to play with him. They waste barely any time before making out, kissing deeply. Ronan heats things up by reaching for Tanner’s cock and pulling it from his boxers. He’s angered the beast and the only way to calm it is to get it wet and warm. Tanner goes down on him and finds a way to fit most of it in his mouth. Ronan returns the favor thereafter, showing off his deep throating skills.

Ready to fuck, Ronan bends Tanner over the bed, straps up, and slowly slides his cock into Tanner’s ass. He starts fucking him nice and slow, allowing Tanner’s ass to get used to the massive monster invading his hole.  Ronan doesn’t keep the pace slow for long, he soon begins to pound Tanner’s ass, making it bounce in the process. Tanner flips over and spreads his legs, letting Ronan destroy his ass while he jacks his dickTanner goes hard until he pounds the cum out of Ronan and then pulls out and jerks his own dick until he busts a huge nut!

Rowan Adams and Kaden Porter have been getting to know each other while spending time at the house together, and this scene is about to bring them even closer!  They get things heated up with some intimate kisses, losing their clothes along the way as they make out and Kaden works his way down to Rowan’s cock, licking and sucking it through his boxers.

Tanner Valentino And Ronan Kennedy