We Grow ‘Em Right Down South

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Vincent Russo Jerks Off

He may be part Italian but Vincent Russo was raised down south where we know what we’re doing. He’s a former rodeo boy so you know he can perform under pressure. He’ll have to call upon those skills today as he’s going to be jacking his dick for the first time on camera. Let’s see how he does.

He takes his shirt off and gives a guided tour of the tattoos that cover his sexy chest and back before removing his shorts and showing off his ass. Vincent then moves to the bed where he gets started on his solo scene by grabbing his cock, massaging it gently as he looks into the camera with a sexy smirk.

As he strokes that cock it gets harder and harder, playing with his balls a little in between as he begins to run his hand across his shaft faster.  He gives the camera some coy smiles as he works his dick, masturbating until he lets out a few quick moans and strokes his load out onto his abdomen.  He was saving up a nice load for us! I can’t wait to see this southern charmer paired up with one of our BSB hunks.

Vincent Russo Jerks Off