Warm Me Up

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Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

The boys have come to the BSB house to escape some crazy ass, cold weather. These two could definitely use some warmth and they’ve got something in store for us today. Tyler is eager to show off his topping skills and Danny is more than happy to let him use his ass to that end.

They begin by kissing before slowly removing their clothes. With their garments completely removed, Danny opts to get on his knees and replaces Tyler’s tongue with cock. He makes sure to get all of that meaty stick into his mouth. When it’s hard and ready, Danny bends over on the bed and offers his juicy ass to Tyler. Tyler spits directly into his hole before pushing his cock  deep into his guts. If Danny’s moans are any indication, Tyler certainly knows what he doing! Danny’s fat ass absorbs each stroke Tyler delivers. He shows no mercy to that hole. He uses every inch of his impressive cock to punish Danny’s ass.

He then puts Danny on his back, hoists his legs into the air and continues to slides his throbbing cock in and out of that sweet hole. It’s no mystery to me why Danny never tops as BSB; whit quality dick like this around every corner, why would you? Tyler goes in and proves that he’s more than just a bottom. They fuck until they’re both covered in cum.

Tyler Griffin and Danny Cannon